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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 27, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston. wbz news starts now. tonight a family mourns the death of a mother and her baby oxford. it happened on route 20. >> we've learned officials will take a closer look at the stretch of roadway. >>reporter: this local stretch of roadway to people who drive it all of the time is infamous. since 2003, 30 serious accidents at this very spot. >> as investigators scrutinize the scene family members remained stunned.
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have to go through that, it is just awful. >> 31-year-old christina was killed here and her son noah died at the hospital later. >> she died instantly and she's up there with noah. he's with her mom. >> 2-year-old carter survived alone, russin survivorred into oncoming traffic and she tried to gain control. >> but she couldn't before a concrete truck plowed into her sending her car into his suv. >> it's hard to think about it over and over again. you can't assume that she was on the phone or distracted, you know, it's a bad corner and accidents happen. >>reporter: nobody knows that
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>> on this same exact spot she is became a widow and her son paralyzed for life. >> no family should suffer the way our family has, and this family is suffering. >>reporter: and tonight, wbz news has confirmed the department of transportation is going to convene a special meeting to figure out what can be done to make the stretch of roadway safer. >> tim thanks, we're following 2 developing stories. first boston police searching for this man. he's wanted in connection with a murder in brighton. 25-year-old musa is armed and dangerous. call police if you see him. also developing, one person is dead after a lehi bus collided with a car in eastern pennsylvania. a person in the car was killed. the bus was carrying the
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students were taken to local hospitals. no serious injuries reported among the students and no word on what caused crash. >> a car hits a 5-year-old boy as he gets off the school bus and as he recovers the bus driver is off the job. >> the little boy never should have been allowed off the bus. live with our story now, julie. >> what happened, just in front of the bar, it's against school policy. >> it was a car parked here and his head was just kind of laying against the car that was here. >> she said she felt powerless as she kneeled down for a young boy badly in need of help. >> first his eyes were closed and then we just kept talking to him and saying open your eyes and he did and then he was trying to get up and we said
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>> he had an egg on his head like a half a baseball side and he was bleeding from the mouth. it was awful. >> they said a car hit the 5- year-old monday and that was after he got off the school bus alone. >> how it possible that this boy is it out here with no guardian. >> it shouldn't have happened. they admit that much, and they said it's against school policy. students are supposed to be picked up by a parent or guardian. the bus driver thought the bus driver was the boy's parents. >> the officials said the boy is expected to recover. welcome news for good news. >> no little kid should get off the bus on a street like this without someone there to get
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>> he surfed a broken leg and minor head trauma. he's expecting to make a full recovery, as for the driver that hit him, the driver stopped and will not be cited. >> thanks, another story, we have our eye on the storm. strong winds and heavy rain hitting the area. >> it should be over before the patriots game. in for warmer temperatures. >> it's all about priorities. >> 20s this morning and 70s on the way by thursday. we're watching tonight, clouds are working their way in and will cap our temperatures. plenty of rain on the map right on down to florida. the wet weather moves in tomorrow. no issues tomorrow. and temperatures will top out in the 50s during the day and couple of showers in the afternoon and rain starts to increase during the evening but i think the heaviest is going to start to move in tomorrow and on thursday.
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by thursday morning, we're in the 70s and it's humid and downpours out there. before we start to dry out heading towards the afternoon, lingering showers on thursday. highs way above average. wind, another part of the story. and there's issue with coastal flooding. the fbi and justice department are investigating this video. it's a violent arrest of a student inside a south carolina high school. here's the latest developments. >> this video is disturbing, said the sheriff and the female student was not are hurt. she was charged with disdisturbing the class and released. the whole thing started when the girl refused to put her cell phone away. >> the federal justice department is now investigating an incident caught on video in a south carolina school.
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rich land county is seen wrapping his arm around her neck flipping her and her desk over and dragging her across the floor. other students were horrified. >> it seemed violent and it was really hard to watch. >> deputy fields was called in and instructed to remove the student after she wouldn't put away her cell phone. the girl was wrong for disrupting the class but he's concerned with fields. >> it started with her and it ended with an officer. did. >> school said the thing that happened was outrageous. >> we will work with the sheriff's department to work at the screening process and which officers are in our schools. >> fields is suspended and the sheriff said he'll complete the investigators 24 hours. >> parents are speaking out in
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some are saying this is not about race but how parents and teachers learn to deal with defiant students. >> wbz news. >> hard to watch, thanks. campaign 2016 and a shift in the race for the presidency. ben carson has knocked donald trump from the polls. cbs news national poll gives him a 4 point lead, they will meet tomorrow in the third debate. >> . >> a local man accused of choking a 5-year-old is under arrester. 19-year-old solomon is facing felony assault charges. he was visiting a 5-year-old relative when he put his hands around her neck. he's held on $10,000 cash bail. >> stoneham police are seeking 2 robbers who hit a coin shop.
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company and zip-tied them. they stole 300 thousands dollars in merchandise this. >> a new edition as new metal detectors are installed. bruins fans are the first to go through them. they're going to be used at all events going forward. if you're going to the garden in the future, allow extra time to get in. two massachusetts sports fans have filed lawsuits against draftkings and fanduel. they're saying they were lied to, saying that skill will help you win. the games are jerry-rigged, they said. but the patriots quarterback is not taking this lightly.
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that record stays perfect. this is the-- and they have the utmost respect for the dolphins. they're taking it pretty easy, sore from sunday still. >> they've racked up 82 points so they know the offense better be ready to score lots of points come thursday. >> they're an explosive offense and they have guys that make plays. we have to counter that. we got to play well early and be aggressive. but they're playing well. >> if they were, the dolphins are confident, but so are the patriots. coming up he'll stake about what he needs to do to stay undefeated. we have kickoff at 8:25 thursday night.
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join us right here on wbz after the game for the news at 11:00. >> the number of the night, steve burton stole our thunder. 8 wins and 0 losses in the games. it's a good stat, we say it twice. >> coming up, just in time for halloween, it it's one creepy discovery in boston. what was unearthed at government center and how long there. >> i'll show you costumes that offensive. >> the race to rescue a horse
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bizarre discovery. creepy costumes found by crews working on the new government center. is it a halloween prank.
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costumes have been there for decades. we have a closer look. >>reporter: lisa, a bricklayer made this discovery here, as you can see it's closed and it's been closed for a while. it's under construction but now people want to know who put it there and why. >> deep inside the renovation center, this was hidden ina concrete section rolled in a ball, a piece of boston's past. >> amazing, this place is notorious. >> very ragged beat up costumes, cloaks with scary masks, one is red with stars and the other blue with stars. this bricklayer made the find and they know it was poured more than 60 years ago.
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>> i've been here since i was 3 and honestly, it's wacky. >> really, 60-years-old? >> you never know what you'll find in a city as old as boston. >> i thought it was a practical joke. >> but on this, the week before halloween, there's something about the timing. >> all of the spirits and haunted buildings, it's really creepy. >> let's hope they're not real corpses. >> the mbta doesn't want to talk about it. they're still with the construction company, but it's worth digging into. >> i hope they put them on display. >> happy halloween, everybody. >> that won't stop the construction. it's set to re-open again in the spring, but we'll have to wait for the owners of the
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we can get answers why they were there. live at government center, wbz news, happy halloween! >> that might remain a mystery, thanks. >> why didn't he want to talk? >> well, in keeping with the season, parts of the blvd. may flood t tomorrow. they had fun with the warning. we have rain coming. >> eric something to worry about? >> it's going to be minor flooding so places like morrissey where you need a stiff wind and you see flooding, so there will be water there tomorrow. coastal advisories are the north shore to the south coast and we'll do this again tonight. one of the reasons is the super moon, full moon, high tide. jeff sent this picture in, gorgeous out there tonight.
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chill in the air, 30s, not as cold as last night. might see temperatures fall a degree or two. high pressure is losing control. next storm system from the south and west. the biggest storm system all month, that's not saying much, but we could use the rain. >> temperatures mainly in the 40s during the afternoon. showers start to increase towards evening. but the real meat and potatoes is tomorrow night. temperatures creep up with those downpours, by thursday, we're near 70 degrees, and plus it's humid. and there will be strong wind gusts. by lunchtime thursday, most of the activity is offshore. a chance to enjoy those milder temperatures and get in a round of golf. a chance for one last batch of showers in the evening and that
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it takes a while to have cooler air filter back in. >> won't cause any flooding p rain deficits over 8 inches in boston and nearly 8 and the rivers are low. wind is more of an issue. heading to tomorrow night, it picks out to the southeast. strongest winds across cape cod and towards the main coast. couple of gusts could top 50 miles per hour. gusty outside inland and towards the morning strongest winds offshore and still gusty on thursday but not damaging. so wind advisories for eastern massachusetts. a few limbs coming down and isolated power outages for cape cod. the rain arrives early as we head to wednesday.
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thursday morning is more one to watch especially the early drive. patriots game, drying out. kickoff, 60 degrees at 8:25 in late october, that's not bad, it will be gusty but mild. the night pressure builds in and we like to see that for halloween. temperatures will be in the 50s and a ton of sunshine. so if you've go the your costume that's warm you chose wisely. by sunday we fall back an extra 60. show you. the horse got stuck in a field main street. but the animal was able to walk away once freed. tonight hundreds of people
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i had the pleasure of doing this with bob shaffer. and he retired from cbs and "face the nation" 5 months ago. >> do you miss it? >> well, i guess if i knew it donald trump was going to run i would stay. i mean who knew? i always said that every presidential campaign is different. and i think this one is probably the most different. >> all kidding aside, the political system is broken and ground to a halt, it gives him optimism for the future to talk to the students at harvard. >> he seems like a kind man.
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he wants his team to focus on. can the bruins scare the
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welcome back, they came in undefeated and that's a problem until tonight. they exploded against arizona. second period, his backhand stopped and bangs on the rebound.
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he came into the night struggling but a nice night. and later in the second, great individual joe, splits two and then risks a perfect shot making it 3-0 bruins after 2. brad leaves it and snaps home the 3rd of the season. 4-0, he scores his own moments later and then there's another. they win their first home game in style. 6-0 is the final. >> patriots continue to cram for the test against the dolphins. if you wonder about injuries. they didn't practice today and dionne lewis were limited. they took it easy on them. once thursday comes around, tom
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brady is geared up and ready and they're beaming with confidence. >> it was blown up at third quarter against tennessee and houston. we got to stay on track and execute well so that we keep it, keep things under control. you can't be one- dimensionallal. these guys are a talented group. >> for a preview, catch all access at 7:00 right here on wbz. as for thursday, we start you off at 7:00. kickoff at 8:25 and immediately filed on the post-game show. >> and you can stay tuned, wbz for the 11:00 news. >> and right now it's 4-3 mets in the 9th inning. they took a relief and they're
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celtics, held one last practice before tomorrow night's season opener. it was his 27th birthday and he's looking forward to reaping the rewards. >> i get like gifts, like people buy me stuff, i'm being dead serious. they are giving me underwear and socks and like deodorant. i get loaded up on that so i look forward to that. and t-shirts and stuff. >> apparently, he enjoys the simple things in life. that's sports, back to you. >> i like the for real, for real. >> thanks. halloween is next, what not to wear. we take a closer look at what not to wear and costumes that
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so, have you picked out a halloween costume yet? if not, you better brace yourself for a range of choices that include taco outfits from the politically incorrect to the flat out tasteless. superheros with bacon on the side. some of the halloween garments on display. you won't find a caitlyn jenner outfit and a sexy nurse costume this one.
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>> it's going to be an evil kitty indicate. >> some little girls may wind up wearing the fallen angel outfit, unless they have proper adult supervision. you need to reflect before you dress up. >> we're going to be charlie's angels this year. >> they're sending the wrong message. >> so you got to expect a lot of trump this year. shelves. if it comes to my front door i'll have plenty of candy. >> i think i like the evil hippy kitty cat. >> i hope she comes by, i have something extra for her.
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