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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 28, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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tomorrow morning some downpours even some thunder possible and that absolutely should be having an impact. we'll take a wet night start to get into heavier rainfall. the heaviest of all we start to get thunder is after midnight tonight. approaching tomorrow morning's commute heading out the door we could actually develop a squall line earlier on in the morning that could create some lightning stronger win gusts in the middle of the morning drive before it moves its way offshore by midday. we'll see sunshine after that with a linger shower or two popping up in the afternoon. much drier heading into tomorrow evening. the other part of the story is the wind. it's starting to kick up 20 to 30 miles per hour gusts. that will increase tonight some of these gusts upward 50 miles per hour cape cod. we'll talk about coastal flooding if this is all gone by the patriots game tomorrow night. the rain and wind making a mess of the evening commute. here's a live look at the bridge you can see it is not
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looks like on the mass pike also slow going left-hand side of your screen all the folks who are headed west out of the city. look at the maps there's an awful lot of red out there and red is not good on these maps. don't forget you can check your weather any time with the cbs boston app. search google or apple app store for cbs boston make sure you watch wbz tomorrow morning starting 4:30 latest weather and traffic conditions. breaking news right now the case of little bella bond. >> the state's child advocacy department finds dcf began dropping the ball in the case when bella was a few honest old. reporter: it is a highly critical report providing new insight into bella bond's unstable life with her mother. an agency that closed to cases of neglect against the mother with too much conflicting information not being shared help her. >> everyone in every community shares responsibility.
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office of the child advocate says bella bond was failed on many levels by the department of children and families. from lack of good risk assessment, to follow-up with social workers and take two cases of neglect against her mother rochelle should have never been closed in 2013. >> the decision to close was based on insufficient current information. reporter: oca says given rochelle bonds arrest and substance abuse should have c of oversight. >> by the time the little girl's washed up open the shore at deer island rochelle bond had had no contact with caseworkers or social services for 8 months because she was out of jail with permanent housing. >> i think it's very clear that the department of children and family needs to have lower clarity around what to do when there are suspicions of or indications of substance abuse
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and how to factor this making process. reporter: ironically bella bond's case was closed within days of the c of instituting reforms that might have forced second work. it's a familiar case of too little information sharing and mother support network collapsed. >> she was not able to handle the stresses of her life and then reverted to the situation that ultimately led to bella's death. reporter: the office of the child advocate says it's not necessarily assessing blame but will continue to monitor reforms at dcf. in a statement governor baker had who had ordered this report said it should help with management structures and cases how they are handled. wbz committed to bring you continuing coverage of the murder of baby bella. we'll bring you any updates on
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on the air here and online as well. also breaking crews are trying to restore electricity after a runaway blimp took out power lines in pennsylvania. it broke free in maryland fighter jets were scrambled to track it now it's safe on the ground. let's go liam martin. reporter: lisa, it is bizarre. it was bizarre for a few hours as the runaway blimp was on the run. the aircraft known as the joint land attack cruise missle defense sensor system tore loose from its tether in maryland send it drifting north in pennsylvania. two f-16 fighter jets had to be scrambled -- (lost audio). >> it took out lines and across northeastern pennsylvania. bloomsburg university in fact had to cancel classes for the day but the escape is over.
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confirm just a few minutes ago really that that blame is now on the ground, they have it secured. it's back on its deather it's not immediately cheer exactly how it became loose in the first place but we will keep you updated on the investigation. good the south carolina deputy who was caught on video violently tossing around a student in her desk has now been fired today. the teen's classmates calmly videotaped the school resource officer aggressively removing the girl after she refused to happened over her cell phone. the teacher caught the girl texting during class. civil rights groups praised the firing of fields who's also a football coach at that school now investigating. the clean up is underway after this huge fire but this is going to take a while. you can see the smoke and damage. the tire started on chestnut street late last night quickly spread to three alarms of it 2
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dozen people who live in this building are now homeless as a result of the fire. we don't know yet what started it. right now boston police are searching for this man. he's wanted in connects with a murder in brighton last week. they say 25-year-old should be considered armed and dangerous he killed desmond mouse a on thursday. if you see him call police. in worcester a five-year-old boy hit by a car at a bus stop afternoon. he has a broken leg and minor head injury. the bus driver is suspended with pay. investigators want to know why he let a boy so young off the bus when there was no one this to meet the child. sky eye over the scene of a water main break at tufts medical center. authorities say the 16-inch main was not a central line so no businesses affected. that road is reopened. now a vandalism spree that turned dangerous when a bb shot by suspects smashes through a
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windshield and actually hits a woman in the head. jim smith is live in hanover. jimmy know you spoke with the woman who was hit. reporter: yes, i did david and police in several towns down here in the south shore have their hands full with this sort of thing especially lately in nor well bb gun fire damaged several businesses, but here in hanover as you mentioned, a woman says she was hit in the head. >> the bb came right in here and it hit me just right about right here on my head. reporter: laura was minding her own business driving on route 139 in hanover that's when her car window was suddenly shattered by a pelt from a bb gun. >> there was a big bang really loud. and my head stung. and i looked beside me and my window was shattered. reporter: it wasn't just her car. laura says she was also hit in the head. >> it took a minute for me to realize that i had been shot. and so i just pulled over and
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called the police. luckily where i pulled over there happened to be four firefighters working on a remodeling a house i think. and they were nice enough to help me out and tape up the window and -- reporter: it wasn't just laura. police in neighboring nor well say last weekend at least three different businesses including a bank were hit by bb or pelt gun fire including this pizza shop where the shot damaged a large window. despite that damage nobody was hurt in those incidents, but laura can't say the same thing good people should foe. and if people have children with bb guns they should make sure they are not out doing something like this obviously. reporter: this could have been extremely serious for instance it's a good thing laura didn't driving. she does have a nasty bump on fine. police are investigating. news. very lucky in some ways jim thank you. tomorrow the patriots are going to be taking on the dolphins at
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gillette stadium that means this time tomorrow there will be heavy traffic but fans are going to be heading to foxborough for thursday night football. sports director steve burton is live at the cbs scene with more on what the coach is saying today. reporter: it's all about preparation. in a short week this is what the patriots have done. they didn't practice on monday. they had a walk through yesterday and a walk through today. bill belichick is playing it smart that's exactly what he's doing. you never know what you're going to see for the pats offense each week. they may change the game plan. will last sunday against the jets tom brady threw the ball 54 times. today bill belichick was asked if their goal this week was to try for a more balanced attack. >> my goal every week is to win. so it's not about balance, it's not about stats, it's not about anything but trying to win. i mean, that's really that's all we try to do is win.
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the rest of it i don't really care about. reporter: that is so bill. i asked one of the players in a short week is it harder mentally or fiscally he said neither it's all about winning and we are ready to roll. that is the patriot way. back to you. all right steve hopefully rolling in drier weather as the patriots get ready for thursday's game you can watch our all access special at 7:00 tonight. coverage of the game starts at 5:00 we have patriots game day at 7:00. kick off at 8:25. after the game you can watch patriots 5th quarter on my tv 38 wbz news at 11:00 right after the game. still to come it is a courtroom. warlock. plus. >> we had harassing phone night. >> a real life horror story for one new england woman. how a hollywood story about her
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well it is the house that inspired the horror movie the conjuring. there it is right there. now the rhode island homeowner says that film has turned her life into a living nightmare so she is suing. since the movie's 2013 release norma sutcliffe claims she's been inundated by fans doing anything they can to get close enough to see the home. despite warning signs and motion detection alarms. >> the biggest fears every day we live with the fact we don't know what may happen. a violation of our privacy but they think they have the right to do it. >> so norma has sued warner brothers for monetary damages as well as a state-of-the-art security system. she she says she hopes this shows the movie industry how they actually affect real people with their filming. >> thought very happy. david thank you. days before halloween a story that spells trouble in salem on one side a witch, on the other a warlock. the warlock's accused of
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night phone calls and there were also hair raising moments in court. >> no one should be abused. reporter: a war of words between a woman who calls herself a witch priestist. >> one of my ancestors in sicily was burned alive because she healed people with the but one i can playing. reporter: and the best known warlock good when i have something to say i say it to your face. reporter: a judge approved a protective order against 45- year-old christian day. after 75-year-old lori sforza accused him of harassing her for 3 years. business associate told the judge their warm relationship turned wick wicked he used a private number to call her in the we hours of the morning and
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>> i'm being called (bleep) by someone. reporter: an accusation day vehemently denies. >> so for the last three years she has done everything from hiring former most of mine to try to cause trouble. she has ordained a minister in her church who has a hate site against all of us. reporter: parts of the hearing were practically paraformal. >> i take it your psychic abilities are confind to other people you can't see into your own future. >> i can't see into my own future. that's why i'm here today urns. reporter: the judge ultimately rule day cannot exact store a or post anything about her on the internet for a year. >> happy halloween and may you be blessed with many miracles coming both north south east and west. reporter: so there you have it.
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telephone calls. >> welcome to wbz nice to have you. you're here from. >> hartford connecticut. you put me on the story today it couldn't have gotten any wilder. halloween, salem. >> we didn't tell you but this is your beat by the way you're on the wimp and warlock beat from here on out. >> very good. nice to have you on our team. reporter: pleasure to be here guys thanks. it's not very often i go outside right before a newscast and i was sore i did. >> not nice out there. and we kid eric because he has no jacket which means bad weather but due have the sleeves rolled up. >> it could be worse. >> sure sign there could be another level. we're not at defcon 1. starting to get ugly outside storms starting to move in. takes nasty looking of a tower cam we've had around here in quite a while. let's take a look at the headlines.
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we've got the rain. widespread 1 to 2 inches which have caused street flooding in the morning. it's the first one we've had with leaves coming down. some those leads could charging some drains. gusts 45 to 50 miles per hour. downed trees and limbs are possible isolated power outage. at the coast we've seen it splash over and flooding in the typical areas more prone to all these coastal flooding event we've got that full moon plus open shore win. storm pulling up into the breaks. there will be a lot of strong winds coming up the eastern end of this. it pushes in the rainfall and stronger gusts. it's all light rain right now that will increase in intensity. the wind starts to go up tonight. a rise through 60s. humidity is going to start to build it will feel tropical by tomorrow morning. full time line for us rain filling in across the region. notice the temperatures all climbing as we head past midnight approaching 70 degrees.
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best chance of thunder early tomorrow portion. i think there could be a squall line of thunderstorms take develop early tomorrow morning. that's where we could see some of our strongest wind gusts which could cause areas of damage. also the temps near 70. last of those downpours moving through the cape about mid performing then we'll start to dry out. there is bog to be sun that breaks out we'll be in the 70s gusty southwest wind it's going to feel more like spring than anything else. we're in the low 60s as we head toward the evening. winds side of all this very gusty at the coast causing splash over issues as we head past midnight those winds start to crank across cape cod the islands cape ann into the seacoast and coastal president- elect. if we're going to get damaging gusts away from the coastline that would be in any of those thunderstorms. they drawing down stronger winds down to the surface. the bottom line is a lot of foliage coming down chance for trees to come don as well. it stays gusty 20 to 30 miles per hour winds any time of damaging wind would come to an
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strongest gust right along the immediate coastline especially cape cod. there's an advisory out for high tide cycle. pockets of minor coastal flooding expected some of that splash over. good news patriots game big one tomorrow night usually rains on thursday night football shouldn't be raining this time. a brief shower out in the parking lot for the tailgate way into the 60s. it will be breezy starts feeling cooler as the game goes on but we won't drop to # degrees to the end. friday mix of sun and clouds. looks like a fairly pleasant seasonal october day high pressure is right overhead for saturday to start the weekend. a ton of sunshine a quiet halloween no weather i us lot of sun during the day once it sets we'll fall quickly back down through the 40s. winds will be light if you light your jack-o-lantern won't have any issues with it going out. accuweather 7 days day as we head into sunday we fall back. before you go to sleep on
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saturday night set the clocks back an hour highs in the low 60s on sunday with a few showers. david and lisa 60s and 70s all week long to start november. easing the pain of standard time. >> sure does. >> it will be dark at 4:30 in the afternoon with you will be nice out. >> we'll be in here. >> how the hormone that helps you fall in love could help children with autism. >> and trouble in the fourth inning of the world series when all of a sudden fans see that. stay with us. coming up new at 6:00 a little girl with a big dream. >> i want to be president of the united states. >> but it can't happen because she was born in kind a and adopted as an infant. >> i love my country i want to serve pie cup and this is my country. >> her campaign to change the
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. we know people in bedford new hampshire stand behind their little leaguers. the little league says they have received about $3,500 in donations to fix that damage. unfortunately the damage is pretty extensive. vandals broke in saturday night they smashed windows, pained graffiti and set off a fire extinguisher. tonight we're following three big health stories including a new cancer killing virus. a pore accurate due date for expected mothers and how the so- called love hormone could help kids with autism. let's begin with this cancer
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reporter: let's get right to it. for the first time the fda has approved a cancer killing virus. at a modified herpes virus for treatment of advanced melanoma. the virus attacks tumors and still later the patient's immune system to fight the cancer cells. there are a variety of viruses being stud he'd for the treatment of other cancers like prostate bladder and brain tumors they are hoping this will jump start those doesn't. >> as someone who has a son born two weeks later a better due date according to doctors how they can calculate it. >> this would have been more important for your wife. many pregnant women want to know exactly when the baby is coming. due date is hard to predict based on the last menstrual cycle or fetal measurements. measuringing the length of a woman's cervix pay provide a
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if it's longer than 30 millimeters she has a chance of developing in 10 days. it requires member you areing the cervix. >> usually you walk and people say you've dropped you haven't dropped irk they need to measure. >> i think so. a hormone that could help kids with autism. >> oxy to sin is called the love hormone. in one study children were given an oxy to sin nasal spray for 3 weeks. in another study researchers found oxy to sin may be still lateed by a chemical in the brain called the bliss molecule because it promotes happiness they are hoping they can some
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two increase the production of oxy to sin. two ways to get at the same treatment. >> huge story there. doctor thank you so much. david, a shark stranded on a beach. the extraordinary effort to save this big fish. what kind of guy threatens a girl. >> this teenager says her classmate didn't just threaten her. she says what he did next left her with second degree burns. the republican daughter for president meet again debate tonight. i'll give you a sneak peek at
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