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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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imp caused on the ground. and breaking right now at 11:00 a bomb threat at logan airport. >> a local man is under arrest for what he is accused of saying. >> yooited airlines flight was de -- united airlines flight was delayed after the man said he had a bomb in his bag. this affected 167 passengers and six crew members. now state police arrested him for making a false bomb threat. he was on the plane at the time.
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plane had not left the gate when he suggest head a gun. he was held on $250 bail. tomorrow morning. security here at the airport was not increased. back to you. tonight the storm is not already begun. strong winds -- [ indiscernible ] >> you don't want to go anywhere without that umbrella. >> it sounds like there is some good news for the patriots game. >> it has been a busy night in terms of weather. we are tracking some thunderstorms off to our south and west. really eyeing this area from new york city down to eastern parts
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heavy rain in clinton. northward. some strong gusts already. blue hills 52 miles per hour. rockport at 45. we have seen a few of these trees coming down. power outages possible. wind advisory stays in affect till 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. thunderstorms and very heavy downpours right in the middle of the morning commute. we will track the end of this rain and some warm temperature toss go -- temperatures to go with it coming up. new at 11:00 he lost part of his leg in a shark attack in hawaii. tonight that man is in boston ready to start treatment. >> this attack was different.
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this shark actuallilingered for as many as 15 minutes. >> still in shock. i look down and go where is my leg? >> colleen cook might just be the luckiest man here. >> a huge shark slams and he pulls me under. it took me a second to realize what was going on >> the 25-year-old moved to hawaii years ago. he sured the waters nearly everyday since -- surfed the waters nearly everyday since then. >> the water was all over me. he was just being relentless. usually most sharks swim away. this shark would not go away. >> colleen sdpouth fought and fought and -- fought and punched and battled.
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fellow surfer who beat the shark with a battle. in the end the shark took colleen -- colleen's left his left leg and a finger. >> surgeries are planned and property threatics will be required. the water he said is calling. >> surfing is my passion and my love. knowingly be out there one day keep s me wants to go forward. >> the road to a recovery is a long one. colin tells me he is headed back to hawaii afterwards. >> the shark attack brings that number to 19. this --. tonight a republican showdown on stage. ten candidates are debating with
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an eye on the new front runner. jon keller joins us now with a closer look. >> going into this debate we wonders would new poll leader ben carson -- [ indiscernible ] the apparent answers, no, no, and no. >> my great concern is that we are on the verge perhaps of taking someone that could not do this job. strategic cutting. >> when ben carson said he could pay for huge tax cut -- ohio governor john kasich pounced. tax schemes. >> carson didn't respond but when kasich went after trump -- a different story. >> he was so nice. he was such a nice guy and he said i am never going to attack.
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he got nasty. >> another telling moment, jeb bush hitting rubio for missing votes. >> you should be showing up to work. literally the senate what it is like a french workweek? >> someone convinced you attacking me will help you. >> round two rubio. for ted cruz perhaps the nights biggest cheer. >> you look at the question, donald trump are you a comic book villain. ben carson can you do math? how about talking about the issues people care about. >> businesswoman fiorina gave another assured performance. i didn't see or hear anything that would change the current top three picking order. carson, trump and rubio. back to you.
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>> all right. thank you. the power shift on capitol hill mean while is nearly complete. today house republicans nominated paul ryan to be the next speaker. tomorrow the full house will formally elect ryan to replace john. back here at home dcf failed little bella bond. a new report says tonight that she was neglected and that the department of children and families dropped the ball. >> they say they are already fixing the problems. jim joins us now. this will still take sometime. >> that is the conclusion of the advocate. they wrote today's report and admitted there is no black and white with how they should deal with troubled families. for a time they say rachelle bond seemed like she could handle being a mother. >> things are not as clean as the good guys, bad guys. these are people with very complex issues. >> in the end though, rachelle bond failed in her roll as mother. this new report reveals she is not alone. >> it is clear the department of
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children and families should have not closed the case in 2013. >> back then there were two pending neglect cases. bella's mom had lost custody of both of her other kids. the state now said she should have stayed under scrutiny. her past history -- [ indiscernible ] should have triggered higher level conferences at dcf and closer attention. >> she was not able to handle -- the stresses of her life and then reverted to the situation that ultimately led to bella's death. >> within 20 months the report continues her old patterns reemerged and things fell apart and no one from the community was watching out for bella. >> we all failed her. there is no question about that. >> they said every friend, family and neighbor who stayed silent. >> i wish somebody would have
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reached out as soon as possible. >> another conclusion of today's report is that the agencies who care for children, need to do a much better job of cooperating and sharing information with each other to stop kids from falling through the cracks. back to you. >> we are following a developing story in indianapolis. one person is in serious condition. right now police believe the gunman specifically targeted at least one of those victims thousands are still in the dark at this hour after a run away military blimp knocked out power. this happened after it broke loose. it finally ended up in pennsylvania. >> the unmanned military blimp broke free this morning in maryland around 12:20 wednesday. it floated northward over central pennsylvania about three and a half hours later the blimp
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pieces about 150 miles away near the. town. >> i said this is too good. we got to start looking for it. >> two jets followed it. dragging behind it a mile long at the timer. the military says the helium filled blimp houses a state of the ark radar system designed to track the skies for incoming missiles. earlier this year they said it was developed to withstand hurricane forced winds. >> there is a one in a millennialmillion chance of -- million chance of it breaking. >> they said despite launching them, they never had plans to shoot that blimp down.
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carolina deputy who was fired for a violent confrontation with a high school student said his client's actions were justified. the justice department is investigating possible civil rights violations. tonight the spotlight on a dark chapter in in boss in boston history . tonight -- in boston history. tonight kate takes us to the red carpet. >> it is the heart wrenching story forever linked to boston. the church sex abuse scandal and subsequent cover up exposed by the spotlight investigative team in 2002. it is now the subject of the new movie spotlight should go how
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those boston reporters break the story and changed the catholic church forever. >> it has been tremendously exciting and tremendously surreal to see someone playing my sell. >> wednesday they walked the red carpet. reporter matt carroll hijacking our interview. [ laughter ] >> i am just so fortunate. there is no other actor on the planet i would rather have play me. >> they said there was pressure to get it right. >> when you are playing real people and you are telling a story about victims of -- the cover up, you have to get it right.
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they at least hope the spotlight of hollywood can help keep people talking and healing. >> we hope the movie gives -- victims the courage to come out and tell their story. >> a church spokesperson says they haven't seen the film and they can't speak on it but they do acknowledge terrible things that happened to children by priests. the film opens november 6th. patriots getting ready for tomorrow night's game. the team making some changes to deal with the short workweek. also sounds like it will be clearing up tomorrow. coach bill is focused on one thing. sports director joins us now. >> he has done that one thing so well. this is what the patriots have done to get ready. they had a walk through today and yesterday. they didn't practice monday. sometimes less is more.
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going to see each week. tom brady threw the ball 54 times. today he was asked if their goal this week was to try for a more balanced attack. >> my goal every week is to win. it is not about balance or stats or anything except trying to win. that is -- really that is all we try to do is win. the rest i don't really care about. >> that is the one thing. he has done it so well. by the way he was named fc special teams player of the week. guys? >> thank you. well the action is on wbz. our coverage starts tomorrow at 7:00 with a special edition of patriots game day. kick off is at 8:25. we will break down game on fifth quarter and join us right here on wbz for the news right after the game. coming up a witch taking on a war lock. >> this is no halloween movie.
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this was the face off between a witch and a warlock. lori calls herself a witch and psychic. the 75-year-old says she is being harassed by a business as souate -- as souate. she claims that christian day, a warlock, calls her at all hours. >> i mean i take it your amounts are confined -- abilities are confined to your -- [ indiscernible ] >> i want to protect myself. >> the judge ruled that day cannot contact her or post anything about her on the
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24 hours from now it may look like somebody put a spell on our tree. the leaves will be gone. >> this is certainly the start of raking season across the area. we will lose a lot of that beautiful foilage. the rains have been howling rain. about 1-2 inches. the rain is a good thing but first time we have had really any significant rain with leaves coming down. some street flooding possible. wind gusting other 45 miles per hour. some isolated power outages. some down trees possible. big sprawling storm system, snow on the backside, high pressure off towards the east. a warm front now coming through the area. 63 now in boston. our temperature of the day will be at 11:59. the warm air combined with storms takes winds that are strong above our heads and brings them down to the ground. here is a look at the radar.
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their way off to the north and east. right now we have had scattered -- rainfall. west ford down to little don reaching into clinton. more rain down until south side. this is all working it's way northward. those stronger storm s will move in after midnight. we have been gusting other 40 miles per hour. couple of isolated gusts have been over 50. that is what we will expect heading into tomorrow morning. the any thunderstorms develop tomorrow morning, they could bring down some of those stronger winds. notice temperatures rising to around 70. it will feel tropical and humid outside. right now our heaviest rainfall will be confined between 4:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. .
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house of the morning commute . be extra cautious out there. highs 70-75 tomorrow. one more round of showers that will pop up in the mid afternoon and the early evening. the dryer air will drive its way in as we head towards tomorrow night. for the patriots here is the good news part of this, everything winding down. for the tail get -- tailgate, very mild and breezy. friday is nice mix of sun and clouds. high pressure building in for halloween. it will be a quiet day for all the big festivities going on. low 50s in the afternoon with sun. we will fall back throughout 40s during the trick-or-treating
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hours. we fall back on saturday night which means you get an extra hour of sleep. a mild week. that will ease the pain a little bit. >> we will be like the walking dead next week. [ laughter ] >> it takes a little bit -- [ indiscernible ] >> that was really good. >> you could call him a brainiac a local psychiatrist and professor. teaching people across the country about the human mind and using zombies to make his point. >> zombies take over the screen and our imagination. >> they are metaphors. >> by day he practices at mgh and teaches at harvard. >> by night he has a brainy hobby. it is a time when everybody
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we can really learn a lot about the brain. >> when they are really mad and then they tell me that i sigh -- [ indiscernible ] >> he takes the show to lecture across the country. >> are they more excited and they retain stuff more? >> it sure looks that way. >> that question about how we >> the live asking still learn from the living dead. back to you. >> nightmares. >> yeah. [ laughter ] the only thing i could say is -- coming up the game time decision the patriots have to make. >> plus why bill belichick is talking about his mom tonight.
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for the girl scout meeting. okay. for the soccer team. for the girl scout meeting. how many meetings are you having? stop & shop just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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welcome back. season number 70 for the celtics and they opened it up in style. they beat the 76ers tonight. everybody got involved. celtics started out slow but then went on a run. 14 points, six boards for jake. more defense. thomas finishes the fast break. thomas with a game high 27 points off the bench. hello. 13 points, five boards, smart. 51-40 at the break. how about this awesome play? thomas running bun -- back to get to steal. team work.
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[ indiscernible ] johnson 15 points, 7 boards and the celtics debut, david lee had 8. they won 112-95. game two in kansas city. game one last night was a squeaker. the royals rolled in this one. k y beat them 7-1. they take a 2-0 series lead. game three is in new york on friday. we have less than 24 hours till the pats host the dolphins. we can tell you that marcus and line backer johnson have already been ruled out for tomorrow's game. johnson was put on i r. running back lewis, well he is list as questionable. he missed last weekend's game with an ab do man injury.
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>> i mean we didn't really practice this week. mean a lot of us could have gotten through practice. my mom could have probably gotten through practice. >> [ laughter ] tomorrow night we start you off with the game. kick off at 8:25. fifth quart post game -- quarter post game show right after the game. i mean you won't see anything better than that. how sweet is that play? tied at 1 in the 83rd minute -- he puts it home for dc. the eastern conference champs are done.
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it will be a rough drive to work tomorrow morning. >> especially the early morning
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