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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 29, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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that landed him in handcuffs. >> a rhode island man loses his leg in a shark attack and his recovery takes him through boston. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: good morning to you. it is a wet one out there this morning. i'm chris mckinnon. >> i'm kathryn hauser. it is a damp, dreary, windy start. it is a live look at rockland. you can't see much because it's dark out, but trust me when i say there's street flooding in certain areas and a lot of the wet leaves coming down. keep it in mind, be careful out there. >> that's the area where we're seeing the heaviest of rain danielle. >> south of boston, yeah pup mentioned the leaves, which could get slippery. so take it slow. the city of boston right now has seen a lull in the action. steadier rain will flow back in.
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i want to bring your attention to a flash flood warning that is in effect at 7:30. we've seen this in the past. fall river, one of the typical spots tends to flood. this is in effect until 7:30 this morning. a little lull into the see. there are downpours that will fill back in. there is torrential tropical moisture. just blinding rain right now from lakeville to 495 crossing over middleborough and stretching up from the south shore. scituate and cohasset. boston, again, doing fine right now, but lighter showers extend back along 495. there's a lot of ponding and standing water on the road. manchester by the sea to gloucester. a couple of light showers into york county, maine. between now and mid to late morning, the heaviest rain over
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the southeast part of the state. leftover showers and then the sun breaks out. a late day shower as clearing skies come in after into. right in time for the patriots. your planner goes this way, 60s, upper 60s to low 70s this morning. by lunchtime it was a stray shower left over. we've already seen damage reports from it. gusts between 20 and 40 miles per hour. that wind will continue to remain active through the morning into the early afternoon. much more coming up. we want to get you on the roads. traffic and weather together. >> it's early, but there are already three accidents out there. two are on 495 up in haverhill. we have a jackknifed tractor- trailer, exit 50 and another separate crash 495 southbound in haverhill at route 10 exit 52. down in lexington, an accident
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again, a little early to start seeing backups. a developing story this morning, a stabbing near two boston bars. police investigating the violence. two people were injured. one was taken to mass general with a slash wound. a second person went to a different hospital, but both are expected to recover. also developing, a pedestrian hit by a car in west serious injuries. the driver stopped. police are investigating. in other news this morning, a passenger arrested at logan airport. >> police say it was because of what he said on a plane. susie steimle is live. susie, what did this guy do? >> reporter: police had to go onto the plane because of the uncomfortable comments that this passenger was making. multiple people alerted cruise and eventually police saying
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a bomb in his bag. fortunately, that turned out not to be true, but still an arrest was made for making false bomb threats. it's 55-year-old dennis campbell of uxbridge, who is facing those charges. he was arrested on united airlines flight 439 going to chicago. it was supposed to take off at 6:00. instead, it was delayed 50 minutes and landed late. not a lot of trouble for the airline other than the disruption for passengers. he was held at the police barracks overnight on $250,000 bail. we're live at logan, susie steimle, wbz this morning. >> thank you very much. it's 5:04 right now. the new hampshire prep school student convicted in the sexual assault of a younger classmate will be sentenced today. owen la brie faces up to 11
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he was cleared on rape charges but convicted on using a computer to lure the girl. attorneys for boasten marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev are asking for special arrangements as they prepare his peel. the attorneys want to be able to review documents with him without the information being turned over to the prosecution. it is an exception the judge made while tsarnaev was pa waiting trial but normal there -- was awaiting trial but normally, prisoners like him are under tough are scrutiny. a report released by the office of the child advocate says two pending neglect cases against bella's mother rachelle bond should never been closed since rachelle has lost custody of who other children, a long history of child abuse, behavior. >> things are not as clean as the good guys-bad guys. these are people with very complex issues.
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>> i certainly believe that we all failed bella. there's no question about that. >> rachelle bond's boyfriend michael mccarthy is charged with murdering bella bond. rachelle bond is accused of covering up the crime. this morning, the teenager is recovering from second degree burns. a classmate poured hot soup over her head in school. now they are looking to charge the 15-year-old with assault and battery in the case. maya acevedo says she had been arguing with the boy and believed this was no accident. >> he did it intentionally. he did it to burn me. nobody thinks of soup as a weapon until you think about it. >> the student who poured the soup has been suspended but acevedo and her family want him to be expelled. there will be a court hearing next week to determine if criminal charges are warranted. a republican showdown on stage. ten candidates took the stage last night for the third presidential debate.
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bree sison is here now with all of the big moments. there were a few of them, bree. >> reporter: yeah, a couple. sides. in the center, the so-called occasionally. >> we are on the verge perhaps of picking someone app someone who cannot do this job. >> the inexperience was among rivals like ben carson who says budget cutting could could not do tax cuts. it up? you have to mix it with entitlements. >> marco, when you signed up for this this was a six-year term, and you should be showing up for work. >> someone has convinced you that attacking me is gonna help you. >> yes, we've lied to the american people with social security. tell people the truth. for once, let's do that. >> reporter: ted cruz delivered the night's biggest applause
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line. >> you look at the questions, book villain? web carson, can you do math? how about talking about the to hear about? >> reporter: the gop candidates seemed generally unhappy with the questions and moderators. they did agree to limit the debate to two hours after carson and trump insisted they wouldn't participate if the debate ran any longer. kathryn, back to you. candidates back on the night's debate. jeb bush heads to new hampshire today. the former florida governor will campaign in portsmouth and new london. hillary clinton will spend a second day in new hampshire. today she'll attend a campaign event in berlin and littleton. it is 5:08 on your thursday morning. he lost part of his leg in a shark attack in hawaii. this morning, the rhode island man is in boston ready to begin treatment. nicole jacobs is here with a
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closer look at this main's road to recovery. >> colin cook says he seems to have the drive to tackle it head on. it was early october he came face-to-face with what was believed to be a 10 foot tiger shark. cook arrived in boston last night as he prepares for the next step in his journey, which is, of course, intensive rehab. the 25-year-old is from rhode island, but for years, he's lived in hawaii where surfing became his daily love. he recalls the attack in almost vivid terms. how the shark slammed into him, pulled film under the water and was re-- pulled him under the water and was relentless not swimming away for several minutes. several surfers came to his aid, built the attack took his leg and a finger. even with that loss and life change, his outlook is remarkable. >> if you look at the glass half empty, you nope, you can go -- you know, you can go down a dark path.
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and treatment ahead of him and the traumatic memories of that day, cook says he has a passion for surfing and knowing he will one day be back in the water is part of his motivation. >> what a story there. >> wishing him the best. coming up, the pats taking on the dolphins tonight here on wbz. >> it gets you closer to the game and plus who won't be taking the field? >> the celtics open up the season at home against the 76ers. were they able to walk away with the win? >> leave extra time for the morning commute. we're tracking a flash flood warning in effect for fall river. 7:30 is when that expires. i'll take you through when the back edge of the rain comes in and when we see improvement later on today as you look at the live skyline in posten right now. mostly cloudy, gusty wind out
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welcome back. it is 5:13 on your thursday morning. all you have to do is look out the window and you'll see it was raining heavily overnight. steady red rain ahead. that's what we see on the old hancock tower. i got a little tongue tied. >> you can hear the rain on the roof.
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car, it was a lull in the action. >> you got to work as i got to my coffee shop. >> perfect timing. well, danielle. >> even though we've had a little lull in the action in boston, look at this. the rain south and west of the city will be filling back in hours. yet. there are a couple of areas we're watching for flash flood warnings that continue. so we'll go south of town. when you get to new bedford back to plymouth, we're talking areas of flash flooding in and around the fall river area. pamela, i don't think the graphics are advancing so if you could advance them that would be perfect. thank you. we're watching for areas of localized flooding at 7:00 this morning. the rain is coming down so hard in some of the deeper oranges
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down so hard the drains just can't keep up with it. fall river is one of the local spots we're looking at. south shore as well. pembroke to duxbury. marshfield seeing areas of heavy rain. you extend the view out along 128, north of town, we've got a little break in the action. there are a couple of light showers from north reading back up towards andover. where do we go from here? temperature is 68. temperatures will continue to rise as we get some sunny breaks that come through during the course of the afternoon. that is the great news that we will see improvement through the course of the day today. temperatures come into the 70s with the rain clearing out as the afternoon. tam la, i know the wind has been an issue as well. >> it's rainfall totals. granville 2.94 inches of rain. boylston 3.2 inches of rain.
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totals. the heavy rain continues to push from southwest to northeast. hour by hour timing here as we continue throughout the morning, temperatures will go up right around 70 degrees. fantastic temperatures unfortunately will be a soggy forecast as we continue through. 8:00 a.m., most of the showers moving off the cape here. you might hear a rumble of thunder. we'll ten to keep you posted on if we see thunderstorms by this time. by 10:30 in the morning, a few spotty showers and clearing things out by this afternoon. then spotty showers still likely for this evening as another round moves through later tonight clearing things out. here are the peak wind gusts. blue hill 69 miles per hour. current wind gusts from the south between 20, 30 miles per hour, widespread. 20 mile-per-hour gusts now in boston. the wind combined with the rain
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wind advisory goes until 10:00 a.m. with gusts up to 50 miles per hour and a coastal advisory issues this afternoon. all of this coincides with astronomical high tide so splashover and minor coastal flooding. the forecast will be a lot better. >> by the way, you are going to click through my graphic. i'm going to leave it up to you because the other clicker the battery died. game day forecast it is great news because temperatures will be in the upper 60s for pregame tail dating. you do not need the poncho or anything like that. there may be a brief shower that comes through, but it will be just that passing. clearing, lower 50s as cool, dry air moves in towards the end of the dame. overnight, mostly clear. 46 in boston. temperatures in the 40s in the cape and islands. the sun will be shining to end the week tomorrow. temperatures in the 50s so back
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to normal after being in the 70s this afternoon. 57 in boston for a high. a little cooler in the monadnock region. our weekend is looking good as well. sunshine, mid-50s on saturday. no weather-related issues for the trick or treaters. an isolated shower is possible on sunday and then a warming trend lower to middle 60s through the beginning and middle part of next week. traffic and weather together, robi. >> danielle, keeping an eye on two accidents on 495. the tractor-trailer jackknifed on 495 southbound before route 97. that's exit 50. then there's a separate crash 495 southbound near route 110. no reported serious backups right now from either one of those. then we have another accident in lexington. it is a spinout, route 2 eastbound before spring street. fortunately it is a little early and hoping to get those cleared up soon. chris, kathryn?
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and warlock in a salem courtroom. lori calls herself a priestess witch and psychic. she claims christian day, who calls himself a warlock, calls obscenities. she told the judge that she knew the verbal abuse would continue. >> i take it your psychic abilities are confined to other people and you can't see your own fuel? >> i can see too my own future. that's why i'm here today, your honor and i want to protect myself. >> reporter: the judge ruled he cannot contact her or post anything about her on the internet for a year. we're just hours away from the patriots showdown with the dolphins. all of the action will kick off tonight here on wbz. both teams have been busy dealing with a short turn around. the patriots held walk throughs at gillette the past two days.
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they were against the jets on sunday. brady threw the ball 54 times. coach belichick asked the team if the goal this week was to try for a more palled attack. >> my goal -- for a more balanced attack. >> my goal every week is to win. it's not about balance. it's not about stats. it's not about anything except trying to win. really, that's all we try to do is win. really care about. >> there you go, simply put. our pats coverage starts tonight at 7:00 with a special edition of patriots game day. kickoff is at 8:25. we'll break it down for you on the fifth quarter on my tv 38. the celtics had the season opener last night. isaiah thomas with the first fast break the other way. thomas with the game high 27 points off the bench. he haded 7 assists. he hit the buzzer beating three
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pointer to end the first half. he had 13 points. celtics win this one 112-95. coming up next, a run away blimp leaves behind a string of damage. >> and the problems it caused on the ground and how it finally came down. >> as we go to break, we want to say good morning to the students at wilson middle school in natick. barry burbank had a great time with all of you.
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welcome back. it is 5:23 right now. the massachusetts house and senate agree on a $328 million spending bill. the supplemental budget will help pay for substance abuse treatment programs and services for children and families. it now heads to governor baker's desk. and figuring out what caused an unmanned military blimp to go on a wide ride. >> it broke free and knocked out power to tens of thousands of people. bree's back with where the blimp is now. hey, bree. >> reporter: hey, guys. the army is using national forces to secure that blimp.
5:24 am
they are not sure how it managed to break free from its mooring in aberdeen, maryland. it came down about 80 miles north of harrisburg, pennsylvania. two f-16s were scrambled to chase the blimp. the military says it houses a state-of-the-art military system designed to track the skies for military cruz missilesp. >> there is no concern. tether. there is a 1 in a million chance of that breaking. >> reporter: i guess it utility officials in pennsylvania say electricity has been restored to most of the 27,000 customers in two different counties who lost it. the army grounded a second out what went wrong.
5:25 am
still to come in our next half hour, a threat at logan airport. >> what one man said on a chicago-bound plane that has him heading to court today. >> plus, more on the gop debate. jon keller takes a closer look at the questions asked. >> plus, a star-studded premiere in boston. hollywood uncovering one of the darkest chapters in history. >> the wind gusts here, too. i'm timing out the back edge for you hour by hour and talking about the pats and jets tonight. stay with us.
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>> a man accused of making a threat at logan airport. what he said on board a flight that landed him in handcuffs. >> plus, republicans facing off in their third presidential debate. who came out on top? jon keller breaks it down for you. good morning. it is 5:30. i'm kathryn hauserp. >> i'm chris mckinnon. morning. kind of a lull and you say it's filling back in. >> an additional quick inch in the city of boston here. next two hours not going to be a fun go. it's a treacherous drive. just be careful of secondary roads.
5:28 am
rain pushing through. i wanted to bring your attention to a flash flood warning in effect for south central bristol county. here. we tend to see flooding in the low lying areas. a little break in the action but rain will fill back in. there are downpours that extend from hansen back up to abington. canton to dedham and pouring at gillette stadium right now. up along 495, natick included in this, too. north of town when you get from lynn to beverly it's light.
5:29 am
boston. so you have to figure once we ship the rain out of here, morning, it's leftover showers and we come into the 70s by late afternoon. temperatures fall through this evening and into the 50s by the end of the patriots became with temperatures in the lower 50s. the gusty winds between 20 and 40 miles per hour with higher gusts and localized damage. it's been a busy start, robi. >> accidents everywhere, including an accident everywhere. let's show you what we're talking about. the crash is on 94 northbound before the o'neil opportunity. the bumper to bumper backup is now the south bay mall. then we have an accident on the eastbound side just after 495.
5:30 am
that's just coming in, so no word on any lane closures there yet. the good news is we're not seeing any major delays. chris, kathryn? checking our top stories now. a bomb threat made on board a plane at logan airport and the suspect is heading to court today. 55-year-old dennis campbell from uxbridge told other passengers on the plane that he had a bomb in his bag. officials say it was a fake threat. the united airlines flight to chicago was delayed about 50 minutes. the republican presidential candidates faced off for the third time. it is the first debate since ben carson overtook donald trump in the polls. carson was challenged that his flat tax plan doesn't pay the government's bills.
5:31 am
an undercard of the lowest polling candidates preceded the debates. >> some of the biggest jabs were directed at the moderatorsp. >> jon keller takes a look at how the debate style influences the candidates' performances. >> reporter: few democrats will agree i'm sure, but to those open to conservative ideas about economic growth and government's role in it, last night's republican presidential debate offered plenty to chew on. current governors chris christie and john kasich and jeb bush and mike huckabee offered interesting thoughts experiences. senators ted cruz, rand paul and marco rubio had pointed criticisms of the federal government. business executives donald perspective. i thought rubio and here to rina the most -- and fiorina
5:32 am
were the most articulate. looked lost. it was cruz who drew the biggest cheer of the night when he lashed out at the cnbc panel for asking crude gotcha questions, inserting themselves inappropriately into the debate and failing to fairly, smoothly moderate the event. trump, rubio and christie also deserved. there are lots of debates and most are just fine. i prefer to ask substantive questions and play traffic cop letting the voter to decide who's credible and who isn't without guidance from me, but hopefully we can all agree that what we saw last night really wasn't worthy of the candidates like them or not or the voters.
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mail at or twitter@keller at large. the attorney for the south carolina deputy fired after a violent confrontation with a high school student says his client's actions were justified and lawful. the sheriff removed ben fields from the force yesterday. he was caught on cell phone camera dragging a girl from her chair and tossing her across the floor. the justice dep is investigating possible civil rights violations. a new movie is shining a spotlight on the "boston globe's" work in uncovering a history. last night, stars of the movie carpet. the film details the church sex abuse scandal and cover-up exposed by the "boston globe's" 2002. >> you know when you are playing real people and you are telling a story about the victims of priest rape and the cover-up by the catholic
5:34 am
>> we hope that the movie gives victims the courage to come out and tell their story because there's strength in numbers. >> spotlight will be released all over the country on november 6th. straight ahead a warning for parents. >> yeah, pottery barn is recalling churn's water bottles. >> and uber is celebrating national cat day. danielle? >> reporter: chris, we're checking in with weather watchers. it's been great to see so many reports coming in this early along with the rainfall reports. temperatures are in the upper 60s to lower 70s. kathy in worcester says the wind is 18 miles per hour right now. there is a gusty breeze gusting even higher. jennifer in methuen has a lot of reports coming back to 1 to 1 1/2 inches. i'll time out the rain when we come back.
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welcome back. pottery barn recalling some children's water bottles. >> jill wag is live for us at the -- jill wagner is live for us at the new york stock exchange with the day's money watch. good morning, jill. >> good morning. scientists put a death toll forecast on the cheating scandal. m.i.t. and harvard researchers say that by the end of next year, 60 people in the united states will likely die prematurely because of the vehicles rigged to be pollution tests and therefore pumped out more toxic
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>> pottery barn kids are recalling water bottles because of lead paint concerns. no injuries have been reported. today's national cat day. uber wants to send you a kitten on demand. no, this is not a joke. if you want to cud well a furry feline for 15 minutes, open your uber app and request kittens as the option. most are eligible for adoption. chris and kathryn, i will not ask you again if you are going to take part in this. we'll wait for national dog day. >> i am just really a dog person. doesn't mean i don't like cats. >> i gotcha. >> my producer and i have this discussion every day. i'm a dog person. she's a cat person. she's trying to convert me. hasn't happened yet. >> our producer is a cat person as well. >> same thing going on over here. >> thanks very much, jill. coming up, we've got a
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what a morning it's been. >> plus, a look at the day's top stories. a new england man is back home after a shark attack and how he escaped with his life. >> plus, fenway park is starting halloween early. the event going on today that's letting people show case their
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we have breaking news for you.
5:41 am
this morning's storms have been causing thousands of power outages in randolph. we're told that the wind snapped the power lines at the national grid substation and caused a large boom noise but no explosion happened. >> about 3300 customers just there are without power in the randolph area now. if you are in that area, that's what's going on. >> looking statewide there were 6500 customers. so we're keeping tabs on it as well. the forecast has been a danielle. >> we've had numerous storm reports coming in. jamaica plain came down. damage. this is just the rain and gusty
5:42 am
winds coming through. come across. so we've had the rain and winds causing issues in the so you can part of the state. there have been numerous wind gusts, trees and branches that have come down. here is the rain right now, live doppler showing it filling back in, in eastern massachusetts where we had a lull in the action. still had the flash flood warning including the city of fall river and the surrounding areas. this is one of the typical spots we've seen before whether we get the heavy rain that comes through. there is a little lull in the action in terms of the heaviest rain. downpours will fill back in. it is pouring right now. these downpours will continue to shift off the coastline. it is the city of boston, too that is continuing to see some of the rain fill back in. you can barely see when you get into some of the yellows and oranges, so this batch of the heaviest rain you'll notice will be moving into the suburbs
5:43 am
just west of boston and into the city itself here over the next half hour or so for most of us. so it pushes in, does push out quickly as well, but when you are underneath one of those bands, it is the blinding downpours,ed road spray, visibility reduced. we have ponding water on the road. rain filling back in from beverly up to ipswich. the rain will fill back in for us. temperatures 66 now in boston. once we get rid of the rain, which does push off shore, leftover showers there may be a late day shower brief one that comes through ace lighted with no weather-related issues at gillette stadium. we've got strong wind gusts out there, and pamela, that's the reason the winds come down with
5:44 am
it will continue. >> the wind will stay very strong. it will make it more of a challenge as you head out because the wind is affecting your car and as you drive out getting a gust at 35 mile-per- hours. beverly reporting a 24 mile-per- hour gust. winds across the board at least between 20, 35 miles per hour. we could see a wind gust up to 50 miles per hour. wind advisory goes until 10:00 a.m. for all of the counties in the shade the area. coastal flood advisory out as well from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. today. this coincides with astronomical high tide. we expect minor coastal flooding and splashover similar to what we experienced yesterday. game day forecast not looking too bad, danielle. thankfully all of the this crazy weather. at least most of it should be out of here. >> long gone. >> we'll start around 60 by the end of the game we'll fall into the 50s.
5:45 am
46, we'll flip those numbers, about 46 in downtown boston. sunshine tomorrow, just a couple of clouds. it will be seasonal back to near normal temperatures running in the upper 50s. the weekend forecast, too looking good saturday, halloween 54 degrees. we'll be in the 40s for trick or treaters. don't forget we turn the clocks back, sunday an isolated shower. then a warming trend monday and tuesday. 70 by wednesday. traffic and weather together. quite busy, robi. >> we've had a ton of accidents already this morning. nine according to my count, including three new ones south of boston since the last time we were on. the latest crash is down in sharon. the vehicle has rolled over 95 northbound at mechanic street. then route 3 northbound before the split, another accident total traffic network says the sent center and right lane are blocked and on the expressway
5:46 am
just before columbia road in dorchester. look to the left of your screen there. the bumper to bumper backup with all of the headlines is all the way to southampton street. chris and catherine? >> it's 5:50. right now, ariled man who survived a shark attack -- right now, a rhode island man who survived a shark attack is here in boston. >> here are the top stories on this thursday morning. >> i'm susie steimle where a man was arrested for making a bomb threat on a united airlines flight last night. he's been identified as 55- year-old dennis hansel of uxbridge. he was on the plane when he started making uncomfortable comments to passengers nearby. they let the airline know and police came in and made an arrest. he's due in east boston
5:47 am
we're live in logan airport. a woman says she was driving down the road when a bb shattered her windshield and hilt her on the head. it happened while she was driving on route 139. she wasn't badly hurt but says she was shaken up. >> it took a minute for me to realize that i had been shot. i pulled over and called police. >> police are investigating a vandalism spree in norwell. a number of advises had windows shot over the weekend. police have not said whether the two incidents are connected. police in indianapolis are searching for a gunman in a mall shooting. three people were shot last night. one is in serious condition but expected to survive. good morning, i'm nicole jacobs with a closer look at a rhode island man's recovery from a shark attack off the
5:48 am
waters of oahu. colin cook has sent several years in hawaii surfing where surfing is his life's passion. a shark attack took his leg and a finger and left him in critical condition. he's set to be in rehab. will cook ever surf again? we'll tell you his plans in about ten minutes. dennis hastert pleads guilty to lying to the fbi. the 73-year-old republican admits he agreed to pay someone $3.5 million to cover up sexual misconduct decades ago. he could face prison time. the power shift on capitol hill is almost complete. paul ryan is set to officially become house speaker today. house republicans nominated the wisconsin congressman yesterday. a confirmation vote is set for today. game two of the world series. last night, the new york mets
5:49 am
tried to even up the series. the royals offense, though, coming through again tied at one in the fifth. eric kosmer singles up the middle. royals win this one, 7-1. they are now up two games to none. game three is in new york tomorrow night. speaking of baseball, fenway park getting into the spooky spirit early. >> today is halloween at the ballpark. it begins with a pumpkin carving contest. drop off your precarved pumpkin between 5:00 and 7:30 tonight. the winners will be announced on friday. then on saturday, all of the pumpkins will be on display in the outfield. still to come, a different look for the bruins. >> they trade in the jerseys for a halloween costume all for
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with
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the bruins trading in their jerseys and suiting up for halloween. >> the team dressed up as minnians and visited -- mininon s and visited the hospital. they dressed up from the "despicable me" movies. the kids loved it, and there were plenty of smiles to go around. >> i love that they do that, going around and putting a smile on kids' faces. >> this is the fist one at home.
5:52 am
i can't believe it's halloween already coming up. keep it right here. top stories are straight ahead.
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