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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 29, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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traffic spots. people are having a hard time getting there, but they have time to park the car, set up steak and everything ready. we have a team of reporters spread out all across gillette stadium right now. >> we want to kick off our coverage rate now with sports director steve burton. steve, the dolphins' record is not indick at this time of how they are playing right now. they are red hot. >> reporter: that's right. they are playing scary football right now. can the unbeaten stay perfect? that is the question because the patriots are riding a 6-0 and the dolphins come in at 3- 3. they scored 82 points in the last few games. can they be stopped? only time will tell. ryan has been racking up the big plays and the defense has been after the quarterback and producing turnovers to are scores. levan reid is at the north end of the stadium. he joins me now. levan, how hot is this miami dolphins football team?
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>> reporter: they are good after two games. they did play the titans and jaguars, two of the worst teams in the league. the dolphins fired a guy two weeks ago and haven't lost since hiring dan campbell. he simplified everything. miami is getting off the quarterback in the last few games. on offense, they are running the ball. two games in the books in the ground attack putting up 428 yards. lamar miller, these are two aspects the pats need to pay attention to. >> most people don't know how good is lamar miller? >> very good, very explosive. >> a guy that can get on the edge, run downhill runs tough, again,another challenge that we have up front. >> they are riding high right now. i think they are really getting after the quarterback. they've got real good guys in coverage, but i mean, wake, vernon, sue, mitchell and
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shelby, they've got a whole group of pass rushers that, really, the last couple of games have been, you know, performing really well. >> reporter: you know, sources are telling me now that dion lewis, the patriots runningback is going to play. he's going to test that strain in his abdomen before the game. right now, all things look to be go. dion lewis will miss last week's game and should be out here for the patriots today. steve, back to you on the other side of the field. >> joining me now is sideline reporter tracy wilson. thanks for coming on. >> you bet. >> you get to do what i get to do in the preseason. you get to interview bill belichick. so girl, take it away. >> the not so glamorous part of my glamorous job, right? i don't know what to say, and it's true. when i go to interview at halftime, i ask him the question that needs to be asked, and he just stares at me for, like, 15 seconds. i don't know whether i should just move on or what. >> reporter: he is a focused coach.
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>> the only thing you get is "got to do a better job." >> he has been doing a better job. that's just it. dan campbell, on the other hand, interim guy taking over. you talked to him earlier in the week. >> i didton i had a chance to sit down with -- i did. i had a chance to sit down with him yesterday. just a tremendous guy. the energy he brings with him is refreshing. that's what i said to him afterwards. he's so refreshing because he brings so much passion. he's like a kid. he was only a player six years ago, so he brings that with him. he gets the team to believe to play with that passion and competitiveness. the thing that stuck out to me was fun. >> he likes to have fun, doesn't he? >> he wants to have fun. he wants the players at practice have stud dances when she -- practice to have touchdown dances when they score. not during the game. >> he has in the last two games. that's the question tonight.
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>> i think it's going to be a really intense game. what we expect in an afc east rivalry game on short weeks which is huge. they come in with so much momentum. then you have the patriots really struggling on the offensive line and the defensive front that's just in the last few games has really gotten it going with ten sacks and two games. i think this is going to be closer than we all think. >> thanks for coming on, tracy. >> you bet. >> back to you. can't wait for it. it's going to be a beautiful night for the game. >> we saw a few clouds hanging around. it feels like summertime. we'll get back out to gillette and eric fisher on the field. eric? >> reporter: a big change. we've broken the curse of thursday night football rain. it seems like every time we've come out here on a thursday night, it's a rain shower that comes through. the temperatures have been fantastic. take a look at some of the readings. we're cooling off a little for sure.
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we're in the mid-70s here in foxboro and now we're going back into the low 70s. by the next hour, we'll be falling quickly into the 60s and 50s during the game it isful. a little protected down here on field level. we're seeing the flags on either end zone. i think it's a cross wind here hour. i don't think it will have a dramatic impact on the kicking game here. temps close to 60 at kickoff. keep in mind, the average high is in the mid to upper 50s so not too bad. a great thursday night football matchup. we'll talk about the weekend. halloween plans all coming up in a few minutes. lisa, david, sending it back to you. >> our patriots coverage continues tonight at 7:00 with a special edition of patriots game day. kickoff is at 8:25 tonight. we'll be breaking down the game on fifth quarter on my tv 38. we hope you'll join us right
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tonight there is a push for change after a tragic crash in oxford that took the life of a mother and her baby. many say where this crash happened is very dangerous and needs to be nixed right now. a meeting just wrapped up and we have the latest. >> reporter: this family lost a mother and baby on a sharp curve in oxford. dollars. it would save lives. >> reporter: lisa brodeur lost her husband in the same spot nearly two decades ago in a head-on crash that also paralyzed her son kyle. >> we need to make change and do something now. >> reporter: these women turned out for engineers. the result, flexible plastic rods in the center line, warning flashers and more
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in the coming weeks. >> these temporary enhancements are not permanent fixes. >> reporter: indeed, the move represents progress but nothing like the $40 million road straightening on the 2025 drawing board. >> these immediate steps are warranted. we feel they with ill make a difference as we look to the final solution. >> reporter: the pledge going forward is to somehow fast track that final solution so it doesn't take a decade. >> do i think it's a little start? yes. very little start. >> are they going to wait for more people to parish before they finally wake up? it's not fair. >> reporter: frustration and grief from three sisters now planning two funerals. in worcester, ken macleod, wbz news. boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev may have been well prepared for isolation even before he was sent to federal prison. tonight we've learned that his two years were in solitary with a lot of restrictions. no contact with other
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prisoners, no contact with the media. one phone call a month and one letter a week only to family members. he has limited tv, books and the fbi kept an eye on all of it. police are investigating a bizarre accident where a man hit a fire hydrant, several parked cars, and then took off. the man was arrested a few blocks away after he went off the road, through a fence and into the yard hitting a tree. so he hit just about everything he could. the man got out of the car and looked at the damage. >> he got out of his truck, and he looked at the tree and his truck and went, literally like this. then he talked to the man with the gray hair then got back in his truck. >> reporter: so what would cause him to go off the road like that? well, according to police, the man also tossed whiskey bottles out of his truck. he has been take ton the hospital with minor -- taken to the hospital with minor injuries. crews have investigated a mysterious sound in a lexington high school. it was a loud bang after 9:00.
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sounded like it was coming perfect underground and then that was it. they took the kids to the field house at lexington high school right now, though, still no word on what caused that. coming up tonight at 11:00, a surprising look at the used car industry. lauren leamanczyk joins us now with a preview of this i-team investigation. lauren some. >> reporter: this is important information for anyone in the market for a used car and one. the i-team found tens of thousands of massachusetts drivers are overpaying for their cars because of a common practice that's used to deceive buyers. do you feel like you were scammed? >> i do. >> something is going on in massachusetts. people aren't looking out for it. they are being duped. >> reporter: we have shocking numbers showing just how common this problem is and how you can
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avoid falling into the trap. paul ryan, the speaker of the house today. he is the youngest in 140 years to win that job. he's already changed his twitter handle to@speaker ryan. coming up, a rhode island man lost his leg in a shark attack. >> he tells us how he fought off that shark and whether he'll ever get back on his serve board. >> a local professor tells how the living can learn from the
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on the bz scene, something sweet and something scary. we're going to start with the sweet and kittens delivered to your door. >> for one day only, uber is bringing you kittens. it's in honor of national cat day, which is today. ubers in a few cities across "the globe" will give you 15 minutes of play time.
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for adoption. uber kittens does not offer it in boston this particular year. >> at the mspca, they have a few for adoption. we know boston is a walking city but we're also walking dead. >> it is the city most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse and develop a cure and outlast the epidemic with a large food supply. the study also rae leased the ten cities least likely to survive. who was at the bottom? new york is at the bottom of that list. >> it doesn't hurt that one of the sharpest minds in the brain business is right here in the boston area. >> that's right. we're talking about a doctor who uses zombies to make his point. his name is dr. steven shlosman, a child psychologist who practices at mgh and
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at night, he combines his love of the horror genre and knowledge of the brain. >> that moundmental human question of how we define humanity comes up in a can't be displaced way with zombies. >> he uses a sheep's brain. this is a little hard to look at, to demonstrate what part of the brain controls what. he also authors the book zombie autopsies. though, he admits zombies are not real. >> bon appetit. [ laughter ] >> if you are putting the dinner out right now, sheep's brain is probably not the thing you under the mood for. still to come, he lost his leg in a vicious shark attack. a rhode island man tells us how he escaped with his life. >> and whether he plans to get
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now here at 5:00, a rhode island man who lost part of his leg in a shark attack is here in boston for care and rehab. he was attacked while in hawaii and is about to undergo extensive treatment at mass general. >> earlier this month, colin cook was surfing when the 10 foot tiger shark attacked him. he says the shark pulled him for several minutes. he hit that shark repeatedly until he could finally get away. he insists he is lucky because he knows this could have been a whole lot worse. >> if you look at the glass half empty, you know, you can go, you know, down a dark path. >> despite the attack, cook says he hasn't lost his passion for surfing and in fact can't wait to get back to hawaii and back in the water. >> that is one brave man. >> very, very strong. >> so eric fisher got the plum assignment tonight. he is down at gillette stadium.
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if you really squint, you can see him down there on the sideline. >> he's got that big, beaming smile. eric, we couldn't have dreamed better weather than this. i mean this is as good as it gets in late october. >> it's fantastic out here. i'm happy to be down here but people at home should know we leave before kickoff. i'lling back at the -- i'll be back at the station before the game begins. we'll look at the changing weather conditions. i want to you watch the flags here off the goal posts. they are dancing from time to time getting gusty. the cooler air is moving its way on in. i don't think it's going to be a major player out here. taking a look at the high temperatures, just fantastic. we call this bonus weather. falmouth was up to 70 degrees. worcester even reaching 70 and 76 to the west and springfield way above average for this time of year.
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tonight, we'll be cooping off slowly but surely through the 50s and the 40s by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. considering it was warm and humid, that would feel chilly for your friday. many of you have been very, very bright next to the moon. jupiter, mars and venus are all very close. look east right before dawn. venus is the brightest one then jupiter and mars is the least bright of the trio therep pi great sight. once the sun comes up, we're in the 40s. still breezy with the seasonal october day. the wind out of the northwest at 10 to 20. highs on the average are 10 to 20. it's right on average for this time of the year. and a lot of patriots games from hear on out with the 1:00 starts. boy, daylight saving time is going away. it's your weekend forecast.
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it looks great, just terrific. 50s. or treat time. anyone out there you have the correctly. much. extremes. halloween. the coldest 27. of course remember a few years ago, a lot of snow on the ground, the snow-tober event. the snowiest, just a trace on halloween itself. it's not much wind. good news for the jack-o'- lanterns out there. good news on that front. taking a look at fall foliage, we lost some leaves out there over the last 24 hours with the wind still holding on in many of the trees. we're past peak to the north. great color locally. some of the thick season areas are starting to show up without
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leaves out there. hopefully we can hold on for just a couple of weeks more. if you are heading up north, by the way, chilly temps but not too unusual. for halloween, going up towards the white mountains, 40s on the hills and sunday a slight chance of showers. your accuweather seven-day forecast again remembering to turn the clock back an hour on saturday night. we'll have sunset at 4:38. next week, the first week of november, looking awesome. 06s and 70s, lots of sunshine with temperatures well above average. the last one, the school yard shout out is the wilson middle school in natick. 250 fifth graders. barry is a very brave man facing all of those students walking down the aisles. they are collecting for wednesday's child in january. love to see that. >> back here live, getting ready for thursday night
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football, finally a game that would not feature rain on a thursday night. no jackets, no gore-tex needed on this thursday. >> this is a big change from last year. >> thanks, eric. >> we've not had a quiet game here in a while. proving that age is just a number. >> up next, we introduce to you the world's oldest dance troupe that isn't letting anything hold them back. >> a man arrested for stealing from teachers and why the school workers let him in the building over and over. here at wbz. at 6:00, steve burton will show us how the dolphins' strength could expose the patriots'
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woman: i'm here to engineer my future. man: i'm here for my students. man: to work with a best-selling author. woman: and a nobel prize winner. man: here because everyone deserves clean water. man: here for the cool research. woman: i'm here to shape the future of nursing. man: because the oceans matter to us all. man: i'm there to explore the frontier of knowledge. -man: here for the commonwealth. -woman: and the common good.
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that is the 13-member hip operation crew. they now hold the record for the world's oldest dance group. they are all in their 08s and 90s. -- 80s and 90s. some are deaf and one is legally blind. the members say their dream is to some day perform in the bronx where hip-hop was born.
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the news at 6:00 starts right now. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: now at 6:00, tom brady and the patriots are ready for a thursday night throwdown against the miami dolphins. a pair of powerful offenses and a prime time matchup. >> tonight, projection is on the line. night games. of course the patriots are 6-0 to start the season. right now, fans are slogging through the traffic to get to gillette for the matchup between division rivals. >> our teams are getting you closer to the game with every angle covered. let's begin with steve burton steve? night. no question about that. you couldn't ask for a better night than football. when it comes to thursday night, tom brady owns it. he is a perfect 8-0. he plans tonight.
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they are a tough time 3-3, but they are rolling on all cylinders right now. dion lewis arriving via golf cart this afternoon. multiple reports say he will play after missing sunday's game with an abdominal injury. allian edleman and company are coming in off a short week. that's after a tough physical battle with the jets last weekend. i think we've got a lot of guys that are itching to get back out there. you know, not our best outing, obviously, yesterday, but at the end of the day, it's about having one more point than the other team. we were able to do that. hopefully we can go out thursday and be pleased with our effort. >> so as we wait for the game, the anticipation builds. we'll send it upstairs with dan roche standing by. probably eating those chicken wings. enough of the wings, dan roche. enough of the wings. >> reporter: it's all hummus and salads, steve. that's the way i'm going. gotta watch the diet for sure.
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