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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 29, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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one thing we can tell you is the miami dolphins are a different team under interim head coach dan campbell. they come in at 2-0 playing good football with a lot of energy. one thing they are doing well on defense, rushing the quarterback. it is the thing to watch for tonight. there are two victories under campbell. the miami d sacked the quarterback ten times. so priority number one once again for the patriots' banged up offensive line, protecting their franchise quarterback tom brady. >> that's one of the things that they do great. they can really tee off on the quarterback. they were certainly teeing off the other day. we've got to be balanced. we've got to take control of the game. it's tough to do. they are a good run stop and defense. two weeks especially. so it's just no easy -- there's nothing easy about it. >> reporter: there certainly isn't. kamran wake, a player to watch,
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career. watch out, make sure the patriots' offensive line is doing its job against the miami dolphins. maybe some steak tips and broccoli later with you, steve. back to you. >> just save it for me. dan roche, thank you very much. here's the look at the lineup tonight. we'll preview matchup at 7:00. kickoff is at 8:25 immediately followed by the fifth quarter post game show on my tv 38. you can stay tuned right here for the wbz news with lisa hughes and david wade. so that's the story right now as i understand it. you know what, i'm supposed to throw it back to the studio but i can't because i have patriots owner robert kraft joining me now. hey, you are looking good. good to see you. >> i like that purple. >> i appreciate that. >> good to see you. here we are on a beautiful night, cbs, thursday night
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halftime, my first born in the nfl. doesn't get any better. >> reporter: how special will it be to honor willie mcginest? >> i'm thinking when we bought the team 21 years ago, and we dreamt about trying to build something where fans could be proud and, you know, the way i sort of looked at the time john hannah as a fan, and i was so pleased to meet him afterwards. then hopefully we created that. willie was the real pillar and strength on the defense that helped turn this franchise around more than anyone. it's sort of what drew did on the off fen, willie did on the defense. >> reporter: how proud are you of your football team, 6-0? >> couldn't be prouder. they've really performed well. tonight will be a real challenge, you know? three days of preparation really short, but they've done well.
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the mood in the locker room is good. i just came through, and i hope we make our fans proud. >> reporter: one quick question, last one, as an owner, do you get nervous? >> absolutely. [ laughter ] >> the biggest thing is, we >> reporter: right. >> and the thing about this game, anything can happen, but i hope our fans come out and it willie. halftime, we're going to have a lot of fun. friend. robert kraft, thank you. david, take it away. >> paula? >> the rain wouldn't keep people away but the fans are grateful for the really nice weather. jim armstrong is live outside gillette stadium tonight. chamber of commerce, jim. >> reporter: happy to be covering fans and talking to tailgaters. if robert kraft walked into my
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tonight, i have a meeting ice sculpture of rob gone could youy -- rob gronkowski. >> you know the dolphins are surging right now. you have to give their fans credit that they are so excited. >> reporter: i have to, jennifer? >> yeah. after tonight, i think their momentum will be squished, some would say. >> reporter: indeed, up at the cbs scene, dolphin fans were clearly mingling with patriots fans. >> no tension at the table? everyone's going to behave? >> we're ignoring them right now. >> reporter: you sprung for the tickets? >> i sprung for the ticketspton's miami's time. >> reporter:: it is a lot of money to watch a loss. are you going to be okay? >> i'm fine. >> reporter: just step as way from 12-year-old will -- just steps away from 12-year-old william whose birthday was yesterday. who's your first player? >> tom brady. >> reporter: why? >> because he is the greatest of all time. >> reporter: fans slowly making
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their way to leave the parking lot. it's ideal conditions out here unless you want to get really psyched up for the game. paula? >> thanks so much. right after the cbs eke news, we'll be back on the air with patriots game day. the game start as the 8:25. when it's over, we'll be live on fifth quarter on my tv 38 and we'll wrap everything up for you right after the game. we have breaking news in lowell tonight. a mysterious illness at the sullivan middle school. 60 kids started complaining of nausea and respiratory problems. five had to be taken to the hospital. officials were worried about a carbon monoxide leak, but they now think it is a viral illness. they will scrub down the school tonight. no word on whether there will be school tomorrow. one year in jail. that's the sentence for owen la brie. the st. charles prep student attempted of enticing a minor. he was acquitted of a rape
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charge. la brie will still have to register as a sex offender. an andover homeless man is now charged in a home invasion where a 16-year-old was duct taped to the chair. he allegedly left fingerprints behind at the second home. that's how they found him. police say he is a level three sex offender. now a wbz exclusive. cash stolen from teachers at a south shore school and police believe the thief is a man who was a familiar face around the school. police say it's a man who serviced the school air conditioning system. he lost that job, but the school didn't know. so workers kept letting him in. jim? >> reporter: somehow the guy slipped through the cracks and had free run at a couple of local schools here in cohasset. at no time were kids in any
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school employees. anthony binsfield of plymouth was arrested thursday afternoon and brought to cohasset police headquarters, suspected of victimizing staffers at two cohasset schools, allegedly stealing property from them. police say he got into the schools posing as an hvac contractor at schools he once legitimately worked in. >> he was a former employee of an hvac company that the school district uses as a vendor. he was fired in september by the company. he's held onto one of his uniforms, it appears, and he's entering the school using a ruse that he's here to fix the hvac system. >> reporter: police say there was no time when kids were in any danger. the school superintendent says binsfield was a familiar face to staffers, but now they are reviewing their security procedures. >> it brought to our attention we need to review protocols regularly and increase them.
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that's exactly what we've already done. we have reviewed the protocols. we've notified all of our front office staff as well as our teachers of anybody in the building to make sure we always know who's there. if we are not sure, to check in. we'll increase our protocols if needed. >> reporter: binsfield is a former employee of a company called huntington control out of westwood. we contacted them today and they declined comment. he is being held right here right now here at cohasset police headquarters. paula, david, back to you. coming up, jailed or a joke? a wise crack that landed an uxbridge man in court. >> striking it rich, this man's unique retirement plan that's really paying off. >> and a wild weather day from the rainstorms this morning to 70s this afternoon. great night for football. game day forecast.
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the strong winds overnight left in milton. trees coming down in a driveway crushing a car. there were also three different rollovers in milton alone. very bad morning on the roads. >> as soon as that rain was out of here late morning, what a glorious day. if you bought your tickets for the patriots game tonight, you are probably thinking ooh, late october, i'd better bundle up. >> being out in that parking lot right now, you have the grill set up and a lemonade and you just hang out. >> reporter: a lemonade? is that the choice? i can smell the grills. it's just wafting in. coming out of the parking lot and out here tonight, everybody's going to be in a good mood. everyone will be getting loud and enjoying great weather for the thursday night matchup, which is a big choice.
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take a look at the high temperatures today. looking athe readings well above average this time of the year. 75 in boston. a little shy of the record 79 set way back almost 100 years ago in 1918. on average, by the way, our last 75 degree reading is october 16th. we'll give it another shot next week into november. so not too much cold air in the forecast ahead. rainfall, you know, slowed down the morning drive for sure, but very beneficial. most 1 to 2 inches and some of the higher totals boylston at .1. watertown at 2.4 inches of rain. deficit. setup. the more potent cold front has been moving through this evening, and that's ushering in the cooler, drier air. that humid feel to the air is east. we'll be getting chillier as we head through the evening. so we're looking at
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temperatures that will fall through the 50s, and 52 by the end of this game. overall, it's going to be a great night for football, winds out of the west-southwest. tomorrow morning, not unusually cold, but it will be chilly, mainly around 40 degrees, mid- 40s in the cities. after the humid weather of today, there will be chill in the air. a rebound nicely and a mix of sun and clouds. the high temps making it in the mid to upper 50s which is right on target for late october. looking at the weekend, great start here. high pressure's building in. we'll be sitting right on top of us for saturday. it's abundant sunshine, lighter winds. good news for the jack o'lanterns. as warmer air pushes in on sunday, a chance for a couple of showers. at this point, it doesn't look like anything too widespread. the mildest part of sunday will come later on in the afternoon. so a closer look at your halloween forecast looks like
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afternoon as we head into the evening. cooling off quickly through the 40s. dry, light winds, great for trick or treating or hasn'ted hey rides. remember, when you go to bed, set the clocks back an hour. we fall back, daylight saving time ends. the sunset will be at 4:38 on isn't afternoon. and if you nor the looking forward to theerly sunsets, a lot of warmer air building to the east. your full accuweather seven- day, not much rain after we've gotten past the storm looking at mainly dry weather and warming temperatures next week. back out here live, excellent night. getting the players out here on the fields with the coaches as well. you know what's coming next. >> oh, yeah. >> it might have been warm today, but beanie weather is coming. we'll head to the end zone here. steve burton holding it down here. steve, i think it's going to be a perfect thursday night matchup here with the weather cooperating nicely.
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>> reporter: you know that food you were talking about, i could smell it, too. patriots are 7 1/2 point favorites tonight to beat the miami dolphins. multiple reports say dion lewis will be at goal tonight. that is good news. another weapon at tom brady's disposal. it should be interesting to see what weapons tom brady uses tonight. danny amendola is quickly becoming another important tool in qb 12's arsenal. earlier this week, i went one- on-one with number 80, and he told me the pats' offense never rests. >> one thing i've learned that this offense is constantly evolving. it's not necessarily you learn it and then you've got it. but you learn the language and then there are some moving parts that change. you have to adapt quickly and,
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you know, you have to be a smart player to play this offense. i think we have a lot of smart dies on our team. you know, it's constantly evolving. >> reporter: and he is getting smarter by the moment. let's head into the north end zone. levan, pats' third game in 12 days. are they ready? >> i think so. up know, you have to ask the question, how do these guys feel about thursday night football? some guys liked it, and some don't. they all realize they have to prepare a certain way. obviously more film work and more mental rest in a short week. even when the pats had practice, it was sweats and a walk through. sunday through thursday, the games are close together. health is the biggest concern. >> just got to focus on your body mentally and get mentally ready just in the film, walk- throughs and just got to get physically ready, too, to get your body prepared. have a heel up from yesterday and be ready for thursday night.
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you can to get your body back right. it's obviously going to be more about what we do mentally and preparing than the physical work, so just taking advantage of trying to get your rest, and obviously, watching as much film as you can. >> you know, on sunday, the pats only had 18 offensive players and six were offensive lineman. let's go up to the cbs scene where danny roche is standing by. danny? >> reporter: thank you very much, levin. you know, you look at this place right here where we are, the cbs scene, great place. it will be jumping tonight. a good place to watch this game. speaking of cbs, our cbs/envelope today crew in new york sat down to discuss this game. they talked about a lot of different matchups. one man thinks it will be a great game and also gives the pats and edge, is boomer esiason. >> they've been impressed the last two weeks, guys.
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we expect them to look this good. i figured there would be some uptick but it goes to show you what was going on with that locker room. now comes a completely different animal. now comes the new england patriots. it is a short week in new england. ryan has not played great in that building. i have to believe even though they are playing really well, they are playing fast. i've got to think that new england has got to be really tough to beat in the short week of the building. >> reporter: join us for patriots game day with a special edition coming up at the top of the hour. after that we'll have more from the crew of envelope today. kickoff at 8:25 or you can keep it right here it should be a special night. eric fisher has been saying all along it is beautiful here at gillette stadium.
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let's go back to steve burton down on the field. steve? >> reporter: danny, thank you very much. >> patriots and dolphins this is the 100th meeting between the two teams. that's the story in foxboro. >> thank you. cbs evening news coming up here next at 6:30. >> let's check with scott pelley. he is live with the preview of the news. hi, scott. >> reporter: great to be with you in boston. we are following the fire in the jetliner in florida. today, the engine on the left- hand side burst into flames. 100 people evacuated from the flames. one person seriously injured. a dozen others injured as well as they went down the emergency escape slides. we'll have that story and the rest of the world news coming up for you on the cbs evening news in about ten minutes. up next, who needs a 401k? the man whose retirement plan
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. an uxbridge man areffed for joking on a plan. he was arrested when he joked about having a bomb in his carry-on bag. his attorney says he didn't use common sense. financial planners probably would not recommend the retirement plan created by an upton man, but it's certainly working for him. raymond haywood would take $10 or $15 to put aside so he could play the lottery when he retired. let's just say retirement just got that much more comfy for him. up next, rob gronkowski dreaming about snow. >> the star-studded new ad coming up. >> coming up, controversy today about the questions at last night's gop debate. has the political media become all about gotcha moments? we'll discuss it coming up at
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just a couple of days before halloween and rob gronkowski is dreaming snow. >> it's cold out there. >> it's cold out there. [music] >> it's a new nike ad called snow day. gronkowski and others are heading out to the streets for a little football fun. >> right now gronk and his teammates, though, are focused on miami. special edition of game day start as the 7:00. of course as soon as it's over, we have the live post game coverage on my tv 38. tricking massachusetts drivers. the i-team uncovers a practice that could cost you thousands on your next car. we'll tell you how to protect yourself tonight after the game.
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we want to thank you for watching. we leave you with a live look at gillette. what a great night for thursday night football. >> we'll see you back here
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