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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 30, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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right now at 6:00, tom brady and the pats dominating the dolphins. levan reid is here with the highlights and key reabc. >> scrubbing down a school. crews scrubbing the school after kids got sick. >> and an elderly couple beaten running out of gas. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: good morning, it is friday. halloween eve october 30th. i'm kathryn hauser. >> i'm chris mckinnon.
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we are in for big changes felt like summer. >> we hit 75 in boston. we didn't hit the record but wow it felt warmer. temperature right now is 51 in boston so not too bad. we're not going to go up that much this afternoon. skies are clear but we have clouds that have been building across vermont. western new hampshire, a couple of these clouds will pass by us as we head throughout lunchtime and early afternoon today. sunny stand cool to start. sunrise at 7:15. a few clouds scattered around this afternoon. 54 degrees for your lunch hour. 51 for the ride home. clear and quiet with the sunset at 5:40. we've got lots to talk about. weekend details coming up. let's get you on the road.
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>> hi, danielle. we're seeing big backups 128 southbound between the logan express and the slit. the expressway sluggish from granite ave. and columbia road. getting heavy brockton to stoneham. 93 southbound with two heavy pockets. andover and woburn between montvale ave. and park street. route 3 south back to 495. chris and kathryn? >> it is 5:02 right now. the patriots staying perfect. tom brady hitting julian edleman for two touchdowns as new england dominates the dolphins. the final score, 36-7. >> tom brady extended his thursday night unbeaten streak. levan reid is here with the highlights and reaction. good to have you, levan. >> you got me at this weather desk and i feel like i should touch as many things as possible because i don't know what i am supposed to do. this is great.
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the patriots take the field with a couple of key players out. no problem. this was a short week and the pat goes the very little practice time. they looked like a well-oiled machine. the pats taking on the dolphins and wasted no time making this a prime time affair. tom brady to rob gronkowski. he is running like people are chasing him. 47 yards. gronk had six catches for 113 yards on the night. just before the half, brady to dion lewis. that abdominal strain looked fine. six catches for 83 yards for lewis. the pats are rolling fourth quarter. as we told you before, brady with two touchdown passes to julian edleman in the final frame. the patriots go on to win 36-7. they improve to 7-0 on this season. >> you know, guys, i think, did a great job tonight on a short week.
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it was an intense three days of preparation. felt like we were really ready to go tonight. we went out and executed well. >> the players and coaching staff did a great job tonight. it was a good win. got contributions from everybody. turnovers on defense and had good production on offense. more balance in the running game and the passing game. >> reporter: so now the pats have some down time. the team will take the weekend off and get back to work on tuesday. just in case you were wondering, this is the second time in franchise history that the pats were 7-0. that first, well, that was 2007. we know what happened that year. shh, do not change anything. >> the podium looks good on you. >> i like it. i feel like if i would do this, it would ruin all of weather. >> you break it, you buy it, levan. patriots owner robert kraft took a moment to take a shot at a rival. seuss sigh steimle is live with
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all of the details. good morning, susie. >> reporter: good morning. it was a huge night here at gillette stadium for fans, players, and one former player in particular willie mcginest was honored at haft time. he was brought out onto the field, received well, of course, by cheering fans. bob kraft said kind words about him. after all of that, took a moment to take a jab at the colts. taking the mike and finally saying there is nothing more satisfying than saddling the indianapolis colts with a loss. something willie did 16 times in his career. of course, the rivalry has only been exacerbated because of the deflate gate. fans loved the comment and gave kraft a huge ovation. susie steimle, wbz this morning. >> thank you, susie. looking ahead. up next, pats and colds on november 8. we get you started at 11:30.
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quarter on my tv 38 after the game. new this morning, a serious head-on crash. we're told two people were injured but not life- threatening. another crash on jamaica way. two cars collided and two people were treated for nonlife- threatening injuries there. a rhode island man is due in court charged with brutally beating an elderly couple who had run out of gas. police say the man attacked the couple with a metal baseball bat in providence wednesday night. it's unclear what led to the attack. the victims are both in their 70s. theious in critical condition -- the husband is in critical condition. a level three sex offender will be charged today. peter barzick who is homeless is accused of breaking into a home, duct taping a 16-year-old girl to a chair and stealing cash.
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it is one of three homes he broke into in july. he allegedly left fingerprints behind in the second home and that's how he was tracked down. a lowell middle school evacuated when some students got sick. what made them sick is a big mystery this morning. nicole jacobs is live in lowell where crews were working overtime to clean up the schools. nicole? >> reporter: chris, when a number of students get sick, certainly it is cause for concern for school officials who definitely took the utmost precaution when that situation came about, but it appears at this point that they believe it was just a virus that spread among students. we are told that about 60 students saw the school nurse yesterday. that's out of a student body of 600. those 60 students did ultimately go home for the day. school officials called 911 around 11:30 and had five students transported to the
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other students and staff were evacuated. overnight, professional crews cleaned sullivan middle school from top to bottom. they even conducted tests to assure the safety of the school, but in the end, they believed this was just a virus and that only those five students displayed the symptoms that initially appeared to be carbon monoxide poisoning. again, they believe it was a virus and school is open for the day. we are live in lowell. morning. now to a story you first saw on wbz. a man accused of sneaking into cohasset schools and stealing court today. according to police, anthony binsfeld got into the school by wearing a uniform of a repairman even though had he been fired. several times, the front desk allowed him in during the school day. that's when items started disappearing.
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who had money taken from their handbags. >> we need to review our protocol and maybe increase them. new this morning a two hitch year federal budget is headed to prime minister's desk. congress approved the plan early this morning. it raises the debt ceiling until march to 17 which means the government can keep borrowing money. over to campaign 2016, joe biden met with bernie sanders. naval academy. the would men talked for about an hour. they discussed campaign finance reform and public education. 6:09 is the time. coming up, new fallout from the investigation into d.c.f.'s handling of the bella bond case. >> the closer look at the agency following this troubling report. >> plus, the deadly crash leading to changes on the
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dangerous roads. is enough being done now? >> cardinal sean o'malley reacting to the new movie about the church sex abuse scandal danielle? >> reporter: sunshine to start the day. mid-50s. what about the weekend? we have halloween, the end of daylight saving time. all of the details. i'll take you out through a warm next week as well.
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it's halloween so we decided to get celebration started early for you. >> if your little ones are out there, send us your pics. >> i love that. >> this is me. my mom maid this home made spider-man costume. scary spider. >> looking good. >> this is my son ethan. he's a shark. we were taking pictures and he kept the shark headdress on and was playing with his blocks so it was hilarious watching him
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>> tweet us your pictures. hashtag #wbz in the morning. >> i don't want to show my picture anymore. how can i follow these that are so adorable. i found one. i don't look happy. it is a witch. >> what are you sitting on some. >> i think one of the old milk crates, you know? anyway, there i am. apparently i am a bad witch. i think that was at my grand parents' house, too. isn't it? kids before school, fall long sleeves. we're coming up into the mid to upper 50s. it will be breezy with a blend of sun and clouds. 39 degrees in taunton right now. the cooler, air has moved in. for this time of the year, 40s, low 50s, not too bad as you are stepping out. not the 70s and most of us about 20 degrees cooler.
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northern new england as well. there is a little piece of energy that swings through today. that will bring a band of clouds that float overhead and will pass through through early afternoon. otherwise, high pressure. that blue h building in here. sunshine to start tomorrow morning. chilly start, increasing clouds, a little worse than it will actually be. these are high, thin serous clouds. makes for a nice sunset tomorrow morning. trick or treaters, no weather related issues. there's warmer air trying to push in. maybe an isolated shower the majority of us will be dry on sunday. no issues with the sun breaking out. maybe late in the day and the southwest wind boosting our temperatures up to around 60. highs today middle to upper 50s. we're on the mark for where we should be. most of us 50 to 55. don't you love the spooky graffic? we're talking temperatures falling into the 40s tomorrow evening. there willen high, thin clouds
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cool and quiet as we head into 9:00 p.m. we should be in the lower 40s. don't foredebt, by the way, as we head into tomorrow night, we turn the clocks back. daylight saving time ends. we fall back one hour. so 2:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. to bed. look at this okay, november middle to upper 60s. a big warming trend next week. i wouldn't be surprised to see 70s on the map. cooler at the coast with a dry stretch and a blend of sun and clouds monday right through the middle part of the week. robi? >> a lot of backups especially north of the city. let's look at 93 and somerville now. you can see heavy volume there. woe byrne between commerce way and heavy between medford square and the leverett connector. also, route 3 southbound crawling between 129 and 495.
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southbound between logan express and braintree split. 95 north you bog down between neponset street and 128. chris and kathryn? changes are coming to a notoriously dangerous stretch painy boy were killed. christina russen and her 9- head-on crash. her 2-year-old is in the hospital. lisa broder's husband was killed in an accident that paralyzed her son in the same spot. >> do i think it's a little start? yes. very little start. >> are they going to wait for more people to perish at that site before they timely wake up? it's not fair. >> crews will be installing flexible plastic rods on the center line and also warning flashers and more rumble strips. the state is considering a plan
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to strengthen the road and add a jersey barrier. that could take a decade. the state is taking a closer look at the work of children and families employee involved in the case of murdered toddler bella bond. the employee could be disciplined. the worker is accused of copying and pasting years old information into a report on bella's mother rachelle pond when bond was being investigated for neglect. a report released this week finds dcf should have never closed that investigation. boston's cardinal sean o'malley is dealing with the movie "spotlight." in a statement, cardinal o'malley says the movie depicts a painful time in the church's history. he says the church is still seeking forgiveness from those harmed and says he is personally committed to zero tolerance when it comes to pedophile priests. o'malley plans to see the movie.
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honoring his predecessor and wants your help. >> robi? >> ladies, do you take getting your hair done for granted? this morning, we introduce to you some women who never will. they are homeless. we take to you a local salon that will make you feel so beautiful coming up on robi on
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good morning at 6:22. okay, ladies, how good do you feel when you leave the hair salon with a fresh cut and blow dry? i always feel fantastic. >> i love this story. my mom is a hairstylist. she loves making people feel good, too. robi has a local salon that loves making everyone feel ha way. >> reporter: we all have had a bad hair day but have you ever had to wash your hair in a gas station sink or go weeks without washing or cutting it at all? that is the plight of many
6:21 am
homeless women but one local salon has opened their doors to the ladies. we take to you green tangerine in the back bay for this edition of robi on the road. >> reporter: under the soothing warm water at the salon sink, most women are probably thinking about deadlines at work or when their kid needs to be at soccer practice. this lady has something else on her mind. >> my husband was killed last year, and i'm going to go see my husband's grave. >> reporter: melanie can't remember the last time she looked in the herer and look who had was looking back at her. what's daily life like for you? >> it's tough. i love in a shelter. >> reporter: most of the women live in shelters. this mother and her emotionally disabled daughter have somehow survived on the streets. sheila has a black eye. she says she took a fall, but her face is not the part of her appearance she's worried about.
6:22 am
>> if your hair isn't right, i think your whole day isn't right. you know, the bad hair day thing? >> reporter: the stylists at green tangerine specialize in turning around bad hair days. in this case, they do so much more. once a month, they open their doors, offer their scissors, blow dryers and support to the homeless women of boston. >> i'm so grateful. >> reporter: when was the last done? >> this is my first time since i was a teenager. >> it's just always nice to help people who want to help themselves. >> reporter: all of these hairdressers volunteer time and skill. they come in on their day off for free to make these ladies feel great. >> they don't have much. it fills your heart. >> sometimes when you see getting your hair done can change your life, and it really
6:23 am
women a little more confidence, and they feel better about themselves. >> turn around and model. >> reporter: then there's the time when your friends notice. >> absolutely beautiful. >> reporter: these women are also having a hot meal courtesy of the back bay. elizabeth keel little who runs the women's lunch place tells mae too often homeless women are invisible to the public. >> it's sad. they've all had lives and misfortunes. >> we treat them as if they are the best, the brightest and most beautiful because many of them are. >> reporter: these women get the chance to file beautiful at least for one day. >> reporter: a big shout to the to green tangerine. the women's lunch place is more than a day sanctuary. they give them a meal, job
6:24 am
>> i feel like you take for granted something as simple as getting your hair done. >> reporter: we were there when they first walked into the salon and were there a few hours later. the difference in the attitude after getting their hair done is remarkable. >> i love when the woman said, you know when your hair's not right? i totally get it. a lot more coming up including a dramatic new look at a biker gang shoot-out. the surveillance video just relesses. >> plus, evacuated over a mysterious sound.
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that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. right now at 6:30, a prep school graduate sentenced to a year behind bars in a sexual assault and why he remains free this morning. >> how the public is paying tribute to boston's longest serving mayor one year after his death. jon keller takes a look back at mayor menino's legacy and the huge impact he had on the city. >> plus, the patriots beating up on the dolphins.
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heaven is back and how -- levan is back and how fans were in the stands. good morning. i'm chris mckicken. >> i'm -- chris mckinnon. >> i'm kathryn hauser. >> trick or treating, costumes, i already had a candy bar. >> a little sugar in the morning sometimes. >> i didn't have time to get the coffee. >> hey, guys, beautiful start out there, right? nice sunrise out there. clear skies overhead. sky's not officially coming for 45 mines. temperatures are run -- coming for 45 minutes. temperatures are running in the 40s and 50s. we have dipped in the upper 30s.
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clouds that come into the mix during the day today. no 70s in the forecast compared to yesterday. sunshine and a few clouds for your midday lunch. mid-50s so a seasonal afternoon. sunset at 5:40 and the northwest breeze inside a little bit about 5 to 15 miles per hour. we'll talk all about the weekend. let's get you on the road. shoppe traffic and weather together, robi. plenty of backups on this friday morning commute now. let's take a live look over the expressway. northbound side crawling from granite ave. up to columbia road. 24 northbound heavy from stoughton up to 128. 95 north you hang up from neponset street. the map is up in haverhill, 495 northbound at route 125. the left lane is blocked up there. we had three separate accidents
6:30 am
to 495 in haverhill yesterday. chris, kathryn? the patriots stay perfect. how about that? new england beats the dom fins. kicker steven gostkowski hitting his 26th straight field goal. the short rest didn't seem to affect the patriots play. >> let's check in with levan reid with all of the highlights. hey, levan. >> reporter: hey, guys. i'm sure the talk is out there. everybody's looking at the patriots' schedule and saying, hmm, i wonder? i wonder if they can win all of these games again? well, slow your roll! the pats are real professional handling what is in front of them. last night it was the dolphins. the patriots wasted no time making this a prime time affair.
6:31 am
rambling, running, rumbling. 47 yards, 7-0 gronk. we coo init moving. again. thinking? 16 yards, holler! paradey to his best friend julian edleman. the night. tom brady finished with 356. the pats go on to win 36-7 and improve to 7-0 on the season. >> it was good. we knew we had a tough battle. these guys have been playing very confident and playing tougher with the new coach. it was about preparation, getting in there, doing everything they could to try to outprepare them. i think, you know, we prepared well. >> reporter: we didn't show it in the highlights, but the pats recorded their fist safety
6:32 am
stands did the safety dance. guys, who sang the safety dance? you have five seconds. >> this is men without hats. you know what? i'm going to give my researcher google the greatest hand here. way to go, google. >> yea, google. we gave you nothing, levan. sorry about that. >> bust a move over there levan. up next, the redskins on november 8th. game day kickoff is at 1:00. after the game, turn to patriots fifth quarter on my tv 38. a local middle school was evacuated when students got sick. it will be back open this morning.
6:33 am
>> what made them sick is still a mystery. hi, nicole. >> reporter: hi there, chris. good morning, kathryn. it appeared initially to be carbon monoxide poisoning. it turns out, school officials believe it was a virus that spread among students. it was a scary situation for school officials who grew nervous around 11:30 yesterday and called 911 when a total of 60 students out of 600 actually saw the school nurse and went home for the day. five students were transported to the hospital with those carbon monoxide poi sooning- like symptoms. everyone -- poisoning-like symptoms. everyone else was evacuated. overnight, school officials cleaned the school from top to bottom. there were tests conducted to determine the school is safe this morning. again, it appears to have been a virus that spread amongst the students. this morning, school is back open.
6:34 am
nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. >> thank you very much for the update. crews are investigating a serious sound that prompted an evacuation. a loud bang heard just after 9:00 in the morning. students and staff heard it and thought it sounded like it was coming from underground. then the building shook. the school is back open today. right now is the time the new hampshire prep school graduate convicted of sexual assault will remain free while attorneys appeal his sentence. yesterday, the judge tenned owen la brie to one year in jail and five years probation. labrie who went to st. paul school in concord will have to register for life as a sex offender. the 15-year-old victim recorded an impact statement that was
6:35 am
>> what he did to me made me feel like i didn't belong on this manet and that i would be bet -- on this planet and that i would be better off dead than having to deal with the terrible things that every day were thrown in my direction. >> reporter: owen la brie always claimed that the sex was consensual with a. he could have received as much as 11 years in prison. the impact mayor men known know had on both the city and politicians. >> reporter: today at 2:30, mayor walsh will observe a moment of silence to mark the first anniversary of the passing of tom menino. it is a typical classy move by the mayor and the impact the legacy of menino had. other cities around the country
6:36 am
over claims of police brutality. in boston, when touchy situations occur, there is a solid connection between the police and the community to help ease tension. that's part of the menino legacy. with economic blight. when you hear more complaints about construction-related traffic and parking problems than a lack of jobs an investments, that's good news. that's part of the menino legacy, too. some cities wouldn't know a sense of humor if they fell over it. by contrast, mayor walsh has proven he can take a joke and give one, too. that's thesome am men moan know set. bostonians wouldn't have it any other way. one year later, menino's death
6:37 am
still has a lasting impression. wees smart, tough a man in love with his city and its people. i'm one of many who miss him but the truth is, he's still with us every time we look around and reflect on what a great city boston is. if you'd like to share a memory of mayor menino, write me or comment via twitter at keller at large. the uxbridge man charged with making a fake bomb threat on a plane at logan is ordered to stay away from airports. he's also banned from flying. prosecutors say dennis campbell joked that he had a bomb on his carry-on luggage and was arrested. campbell pleaded not guilty. new video has been released of a deadly shoot-out at a texas restaurant last spring. nine people were killed in waco and dozens more were injured. surveillance video from inside that store shows the chaos after the fist shots were fired.
6:38 am
it shows several bikers carrying guns. each of the gangs claims the other was the first too to fire. police recovered 480 weapons including 151 guns. an investigation is under way into this fire on a plane in florida. it burst into flames on the runway of fort lauderdale as it was taxiing. passengers slid down the emergency chutes to get off the plane. that's when one person was seriously hurt. 15 others were taken to the hospital. those injuries were mostly bumps and bruises. today, crews remove a run away blimp that crash landed in pennsylvania. yesterday, state troopers fired 100 rounds into the blimp to deflate it. the sensitive electronics on board had been removed. investigators are trying to figure out how it got loose. just ahead, a rhode island man is being charged today in a
6:39 am
>> police say he used a baseball bat on an elderly couple when their car ran out of gas. >> also ahead, you may be in no hurry for snow, but gronk having fun with the winter weather. good morning, danielle. >> reporter: good morning, chris. not thinking about snow when we hit the mid-70s yesterday. wow, 40s out the door. eric says 41 degrees with clear skies in hopkinton. we've got a weekend. it's upon us. the forecast is coming up.
6:40 am
we hit around 70 degrees -- no, it was over 70 yesterday. >> 75 in boston. snow. >> we're talking about gronk. he's starring in a commercial called snow day. >> it's cold out there! >> it's cold out there from the national weather service. [music] >> gronk wakes up to a snow day and everyone it, of course, wearing nike gear. >> i do not want to get into a snowball battle with him. >> they need to be more realistic and put a hat and gloves on. it looked windy, didn't it?
6:41 am
>> this was last year, guys. >> our average, tenth of an inch of snow in boston. 53 days until winter officially begins. again it wasn't feeling like winter out there yesterday. that is our weather bug network that has popped up. 51 in boston right now after the 70s yesterday. we're in the 40s now in a lot of spots and we'll top out in the 50s. 39 in taunton. sunrise coming up a half hour from now. it will be a bright, beautiful start to the day. some clouds already building in berkshire county back through vermont. a couple of sprinkles, in fact, in northern new england. this piece of energy will bring us nothing but a few passing clouds through the late morning and early afternoon. high pressure, blue h our friend on the map. tomorrow sunshine to start. increasing clouds and serous clouds make for a nice start tomorrow evening. by the time we get to sunday,
6:42 am
here comes a warm front. it's a sign of the warmer air that's going to be pushing back into the northeast. with it, though, comes lots of clouds on sunday morning. i can't rule out a passing shower, but that will be isolated. most of us will stay dry and get partial sunshine by the second half of sunday. temperatures coming up to around 06 degrees with a southwest breeze. sun and clouds normal for this time of the year. the lower 50s in worcester. upper 40s in jaffrey and near 50 in keene. upper 50s to around 60 on cape cod. mostly clear overnight. 36 downtown. a touch of frost. the wind should be light across the interior. you may get a chilly start, upper 20s to lower 30s in the suburbs. filtered sunshine, tomorrow the high thin clouds increase. it will be cool running in the middle 50s falling into the 40s by trick or treating time.
6:43 am
clocks back. tomorrow sunrise at 7:16. sunday daylight saving time coming to an end. sunset tomorrow at 5:39 and then by sunday it's at 4:38. hey, at least you get the extra hour of sleep, right? how's this for november? wow, look at the temperatures, 65 to close to 70. sunshine, dry weather as well thursday. the only exception right at the coast will be cooler in the upper 50s. traffic and weather together. robi thought it would be quiet but it's busy. >> north end south of boston right now, danielle. 495 northbound at route 125. the left lane blocked up there. we had several accidents on 495 up near haverhill yesterday. not seeing a significant backup there yet. then to the south of the city, stoughton. we'll pop up that map there. northbound.
6:44 am
looks to be right about 139. we're seeing sluggish traffic there on 24 northbound between brockton all the way up to 128. starting to see some accidents right there right now. chris and kathryn. checking our top stories, a rhode island man is expected in court today accused of attacking an elderly couple with a metal baseball bat. >> it happened wednesday night in providence. police say the couple's car had run out of gas when they were attacked. it's not clear what might have provoked this man. the husband is in critical condition. the wife is in serious condition. a plymouth man is due in court today accused of sneaking into a school and stealing from teachers. he was fired from a company but held onto his uniform and used it to gabe entrance into the schools in cohasset. they do not believe students were ever in danger. a lowell middle school where several students got sick will be reopening this morning.
6:45 am
the sullivan middle school. it was evacuated yesterday. five students were taken to the hospital. at first, officials feared it was a carbon monoxide leak. now they think it might be a virus. the new england patriots are a perfect 7-0 this season following last night's win on thursday night football. all of the action right here on wbz. gronk and company being the afc east rivals to the dolphins. up app up next, the washington redskins at gillette stadium. catch all of the action right here on wbz. coming up next, the new guidelines massachusetts gaming officials are working on. >> also ahead, it's hard enough to run a marathon, but imagine doing it while knitting. the reason behind a
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regulating sports fantasy sites in massachusetts. regulators say they are working on guidelines to help regulate sites like boston-based draftkings and fan duel. the gaming commission would need additional legal authority to regulate the popular sites. >> the spirit of martin richard will be in new york this 22 runners will be running at the new york city marathon. team mr-8 is named after the 8- year-old who is one of three people killed in the boston marathon bombings.
6:49 am
the team has raised more than $60,000 while training for the marathon. the martin richard foundation helps fund education, athletic and community. one woman is running a marathon while knitting. 22-year-old meredith came up with the idea to draw attention to her charity when she runs for the leukemia and lymphoma society. she's finger knitting and plans to have friends all along the route ready to replenish her yarn. >> good friends to get up and wait. >> i wonder what she's knitting specifically. >> 26.2 miles to figure it out. >> very true. time to check in on "cbs this morning." >> good morning, nora. >> good morning. a massive manhunt over in kentucky where the man accused of shooting at police in two
6:50 am
different states was killed overnight. plus, john oliver will join us here in studio 57 as we celebrate our 1,000th broad. the news is back in the morning.
6:51 am
from a creepy discovery under a t station to a modern day bonnie and clyde, it's been another busy week here on wbz
6:52 am
this morning. >> here's a look back at the week that was. >> quincy couple captured after weeks onp run. >> investigators are trying to figure out what caused a home in taunt ton explode. >> whale watching boat sinks killing five on board. >> a convenience store clerk wasn't afraid to stand up to a robber. important. >> i remember being a little kid and you have to wear a rain coat over your costume. student. >> the victory to a witch who took a warlock to court. >> the timing is eerie, guys. it's already good, you know? leave it alone. >> strawberry frosted. >> that's all you need. >> try not to eat the whole candy bowl for stomach safety. >> can you write me a note to get out of leaf raking. >> i'll work on that for you. >> hashtag #go pats. >> now we know. >> to bad you did eat the whole
6:53 am
candy bowl. >> why did you call me out? >> i just replenished it for you. >> thank you. we appreciate it. >> it's halloween. i can't help it. especially when it's fun sized, you are like, oh, it's little. here's the thing. trick or treating tomorrow. we've had wild halloweens. this year, quiet 40s for the trick or treaters. highs in the 50s are more like normal. >> sounds good. "cbs this morning" is next here on wbz. we'll see you back here in 25
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