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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 30, 2015 5:30pm-5:59pm EDT

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. we're following breaking news at 5:30. the u.s. will be sending soldiers to syria to help the fight against isis. a senior administration official says fewer than 50 special ops forces will be sent in. >> other big stories a fired hvac contractor in court. police say he both into cohasset middle school and stole from teachers even after he was fired. so why did they let him in? the school says are taking steps to ensure safety. a state employee is under
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employees copied old information when bella's mom was investigated for neglect. the little girl's body washed ashore on deer island. it is the forecast all the kids and all the parents are hoping for try getting a coat costume. >> this is their one night and tomorrow night it won't be too cold we have no rain in the forecast. but for the details let's get to eric. all good news? >> pretty much all across the board all good news especially seen in the past. this time of year pretty sandy. and 1991 the perfect storm one of the post destructive ones at the coast. halloween in boston warmest 81 coldest 2. the dig snow to beer event four years back had a pretty good coat of snow.
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taking a look at the actual forecast. day will be in the low 50s trick-or-treat time. scattered clouds light winds and temperatures in the 40s not bat bad at all. its reremember after all the if you you get to set the clock back an hour you get an extra hour's sleep daylight saving time will come to an end. sunrise will move to 6:17 on sunday morning and sunset at 4:38. other story in the weather department. look at the temperatures. heading into next week 60s and 70s. talk about the pattern there. full weekend forecast coming up for you in just a little bit. all right eric thank you. also at 5:30 an elderly couple in rhode island brutally bite beaten after running out of gas. the couple said they had to pull over to the side of the road in providence and that's when the attack happen. paula ebben has details on the attack. reporter: providence police tell us they arrested this man who they say beat an elderly couple in their 70s last night.
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trapped on the street after rafael ran out of gas and called his wife for help at 10:00 last night. his wife came to meet him after buying gas for him. that's when police say 25-year- old a man ran out of his home and may have used a metal baseball bat to attack the couple beating them in the face and head leaving the wife unconscious and her husband unable to talk. providence police say at the don't understand why anyone would violently attack the couple like this. >> this is something that is -- it's just despicable what's happened to these elderly people. >> he would not respond to judge's questions in court he's being held without bail. condition at rhode island hospital, his wife is listed in lisa. awful.
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assault charges in a 2013 case involving another man at the elks chubb. police tell wbz that john hickey a 19 year veteran of the force was off duty when he got into an altercation with a man at the bar. hick has been on administrative leave since the department found out about the confrontation. a level 3 sex offender is facing charges he's accused of breaking into a home duct taping a 16-year-old to a chair and stealing money from her family. police used fingerprints at that second home to track him down. cambridge police are looking for this pan right here take a look they say he robbed a t. j. max. he had three kids with him at the time. he pushed a store employee and took off. if you have any information call police in cambridge. uh-hum up at 11:00 i-team
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provisions written in this country. reporter: we're talking about generic drugs which most of our insurance companies insist we take because they are less expensive. but what a lot of people don't know is that these medicines have one major disadvantage and as consumers we lose some important rights having to do with our safety. it's something a foxborough mother discovered when her daughter was born with a heart defect. >> that day was just a mother's worst nightmare. 8 hours of surgery, and having to say good-bye to your baby and not know if you're ever going to see her again. reporter: what your doctor and your pharmacist won't tell you about generic drugs and why one local family now hopes to change the law to protect people across massachusetts. that's tonight tonight at 11:00 on wbz. >> important story. this weekend.
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22 runners will be running in his memory. the 8-year-old the young effort of the victims in the marathon bombings. the team raised more than $60,000 for the martin richard foundation, which is doing so much good helping fund education, athletes and community activities. when he's not busy putting criminals behind bars suffolk county assistant da brett walker is helping veterans stay out of trouble. >> he water proposed promoted to major because of hi magazines for his country and fellow soldier. paul burton has the story. >> i'm hereby privileged to order the promotion of captain brett walker to the rank of major. reporter: whether he's in court prosecuting a case this boston or driving a humvee in afghanistan. assistance district attorney two-time introns star medal rerecipient brett walker loves to serve his country. >> i've always identified my sell ace soldier it makes me
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the husband father and prosecutor i am. reporter: on friday in front of family co-work a veterans he was appropriated to major in massachusetts army national guard. as a way of giving back every friday major brett walker dedicates his time to the boston veterans treatment core helps veterans get a second chance at life. >> it's my job to assist to make them aware of the programs available to them and toly the into those programs. >> he's so passionate about it. so, he comes home talking about these veterans how he wants them to do all these wonderful reporter: like defendant michael budget who's been in for a year. >> i came back with multiple issues this my life post- traumatic stress disorder. brett walker has saved my life.
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brett see him get promoted. fantastic. reporter: page walker has been a prosecutor since 201 serving his country since 2004. >> courage and commitment has given me character and i hope i can get back to the army way it has given to me. fuse. >> wow, great story. >> the guy who does it all. congratulations. well, it was a friendly face in the friendly skies it was nearly identical to his own. >> coming up a must see photo of strangers on an airplane that may actually prove that everybody has a twin. >> a world renowned paranormal investigator tells us that 96% of hundreded houses can be debudget. the other 4% cannot be explained. one of those cases is here in boston. you be the judge next. there is pizza and then there is pizza. the phantom gourmet slices into
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. you hear it all the time that everyone in the world supposedly has a twin. >> take that imagine meeting your doppelganger on a flight. that's what happened to a british man. they look like twins it went viral. a friend of the man tells the huffing ton post yes they were also staying at the very same hotel. this. >> i just can't believe that that's not the same guy. okay you get on a plane you happen to sit next to a goo who has every like the same nose, the same like the same teeth everything about them looks the same. right. >> i mean they do look like identical twins. >> i think it's a guy another picture of the same guy. >> have you ever met someone that looks like you. modern foam that actress.
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>> he walked off stage at a norway concert. he tried to clear liquid from the stage. bieber walked out on the middle of a radio interview. you know it seems like maybe he wasn't making enough news this is his way to get back into the headlines. such a bad boy. a boston brewery is changing it look. >> harpoon is getting ray a redesign you recognize this flowers with orange and white checkers. familiar sight to many of us here in new england now you're going to see this the new look still has the flowers but it also has a tiger right there front and center. why a teague are it alludes to ipa the end +++q-and-a pale alley. ale. >> you may need a quick meal and pizza fits the bill. >> dan finds upscale buys you
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reporter: the brewer's fork in charles town might be the hottest if you pizzeria. real italian salami. >> it has a nice kind of peppery spice to it it's just a different take on traditional pepperoni pizza. it's our idea having pepperoni pizza a hundred times, try this. reporter: when pigs fly pizzeria in maine is a full service restaurant that offer is up scale appetizer and irresistible hard san pizza. >> we make this wet dough cook it in wood burning stoves. top it with mozzarella freshest ingredients and serve tees small 14-ounce piece. reporter: sara fin a in downtown boston the signature pizza. >> there are four different toss artichoke, mushrooms, pesto and prosciutto gives them a variety. reporter: halloween is one of the busiest nights of the year
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for pizza places. if you plan on getting take out or delivery bet those orders in early. for more food and fun watch the phantom gourmet saturday and sunday 10:30 and 11:00 on my tv 38. if there's someone here could you please make it go a as high as you can? >> ghost hunting if marblehead world renowned paranormal investigators are taking us on a spooky house call. >> nothing too scary about our weather over the last couple of days beautiful afternoon outside. check in with weather watchers network frank in foxborough 58 degrees.
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. here's another live look at salem where the ghosts and goblins which was and zombies are out and about will be for the next 24 hours for the largest halloween celebration in massachusetts. salem isn't the only haunted spot on the hort shore. >> paranormal investigators are called to many homes in our area including one house in marblehead and they let us tag along. >> can you give us a sign of your presence. reporter: the search for ghosts and spirits often ends in mortal disappointment but every now and then this happens. >> if there's someone here can you please make it go off as high as you can? okay. reporter: vick smith of crypto paranormal investigators has explored more than 800 cases of suspected spiritual activity. >> we began doing local haunts
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cemeteries and as we got bigger we started getting calls to do businesses in private residences. reporter: but most cases end like this one where homeowners thought a ghost was shaking their bed. it turned out to be the wind moving a garage door. the team says 96% of the time claims of paranormal activity can be debunked by real world explanations. that leaves #% of cases like this one in marblehead that can't. two centuries ago forth sewell kept prisoners under ground. >> there are ghosts in town you can sense it. reporter: sometimes it's more than a sense. he says he has evidence. his recorder picked up a here. >> were you born overseas? >> do you believe in ghosts? >> i believe that there is
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paranormal activity. what that activity is whether it's ghosts or simply environmental phenomenon that we have not named or classified yet, that remains to be seen. reporter: nick smith says he'll keep looking. >> actually had the investigators come here to the studio today because eric fisher has been acting really strange. >> all of a sudden i'm not entirely sure that he's still here. i mean, someone who may or may not be eric is with us now to talk about weather. but we can't tell. >> you know i don't really no what all this talk is about i don't think there's anything haunt bad the wbz studios there's nothing weird going on and here. >> you look totally normal. >> it's friday people are more excited than usual i guess. want to talk about our weekend forecast here who better to do it than a head less meteorologist. we always love the old green screen trick here. is the hair messed up? >> halloween miracle. >> it's like the perfect storm
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it's right here again. so as we look toward the holiday weekend weather is back in cruise control. no tricks maybe a couple of tricks but mostly it will be a treat. drying cool daylight saving time coming to an end late tomorrow night which means we set the clocks back an hour and it's darker in our evening. temperatures out there tonight falling back through the 50s but all told beautiful day that perfect mix of blue sky few puffy clouds fresh breeze killer air filtering from the authority and west. slow percolation of that cooler air ever since yesterday afternoon. looking at clear skies it's going to be a starlet tonight. upper 20s lower 0s. mid 30 newscast downtown boston it will be a chilly start to our halloween day. one other thing in the night sky want to take a look at chance for meteor shower there's actually a comet that passed through last since 2005. might get a couple of shooting stars jupiter venus and mars are in the sky before dawn. clear skies to lead off the day
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tomorrow lots of sunshine high clouds will move in by the evening. there are those wispy cirrus clouds. weise head toward sunday morning a chance for couple of sprinkles and showers northwest of boston. very little rainfall as we head into the afternoon the clouds will tend to melt away. sunshine it will be a milder finner to our weekend. look at trick-or-treating time few great hours out there on the streets 5:00, 50 degrees enter the evening fall back to the 40s light winds the jack-o- lanterns stay lit. no weather drama we like that on our holidays. full weekend forecast. mainly sunny for tomorrow. mainly topping out in the lower 50s. we're in the 40s for tomorrow night with thickening cloud cover. and then on sunday a chance for that morning shower otherwise we'll get more sunshine as we head toward the afternoon up around 60 degrees. reminder about daylight saving time then we'll be back on standard time looking at sunday sunrise at 6:17. sunset at 4:38 but to ease the pain of that a little bit look at the pattern for next week.
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jet stream build over the eastern united states way above average temperatures. few people maybe you like the colder stuff you're starting to think about winter but if you're not there yet certainly next week's forecast is one you're probably going to enjoy. here's your accuweather # days. temps in the 60s 70s sunshine pretty much all week long through friday of next week which has been the story of this entire fall. we've had a couple of storms to bring some rain but in between it's within gorgeous. >> i've been pressing on this we could see record highs members week. >> we'll be in the ballpark especially thursday into friday. watching. >> thanks eric. it is so rare scientists weren't sure it existed. >> the world's first look at the rarest whale in the world. exclusive. tom tom menino's son the first years after his dad's death.
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shut down why the fire department 0ed this frightful
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. tonight we are getting our first look ever at the rarest whale in the world. this is video captured off the coast of madagascar. whistle oceanographic says scientists have though idea how many exist.
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that a live whale has ever been spot. the fish at the new england aquarium got a treat for halloween. little updated scenery here. jack-o-lanterns in the giant ocean tank. from what we could tell seemed everybody there liked the addition. we have much more still ahead from the news at 6:00 starts now. first on wbz a school let a man in over and over who is thousand suspected of stealing from teachers. tonight the changes to that school's security. cooled off quite a bit but still feeling pretty good outside will it last through hall wasn't a look at your trick-or-treat forecast. a haunted maze shut down as a safety rick. >> now the owner fights to save the fright. a wbz exclusive, tom menino's son one year after boston lost the legendary mayor. >> what do you miss the most? >> phone calls.
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number is never going away. now at 6:00 a story you saw first on wbz a man suspected of stealing from a school and the staff let him in over and over again. tonight the school is taking steps to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> the man used to service the school's air-conditioning. he lost that job, but no one told the school. workers kept letting him in the front door. beth germano is live in cohasset. reporter: prosecutors say it was all too easy for anthony binsfield who entered deer hill elementary school sign in and roam the hallways and enter empty classrooms. he is charged with trespassing but is he also a thief? school officials say anthony binsfield signed in at deer hill elementary school tuesday morning to work on the heating system. they recognized him because he had worked there before. what prosecutors say at the
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