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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 2, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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developing right now at 4:30, a high school football star stabbed. the incident hours after a winning game that put him in the hospital. a burlington mosque targeted by vandals and it's not the tomb -- not the first time. and more bad blood between the patriots and the jets. reports about a new spying scandal. good morning, it is monday, november 2nd. happy to have you here with us.
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i'm kathryn hauser. >> today looks just fantastic, danielle. >> yes, it's going to be beautiful, you guys. it feels fairly mild. >> yesterday, too. >> yeah, we're talking about 60s for several days in a row and starting in the 50s at logan airport. 54 degrees now. the dew point is 40. the wind from the west at 12 miles per hour and temperatures are in the 40s for a lot of the suburbs. 48 in worcester. 49 in asheville this morning. but we've got high, thin, cirrus clouds that are floating by this morning. otherwise, skies will be mostly clear and even through those clouds we'll be able to see sunshine here. the morning drive, 50 degrees. bright and cool sunrise with the clock change this weekend, 6:18. a pleasant 62 by lunchtime today. the wind from the northwest at 5 to 10. a few wispy clouds. i will talk about what day will be the warmest this week. it's a dry stretch, too. i'm timing out just a few
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showers in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you, danielle. we begin with a developing story. a star high school football player in the hospital. >> he was stabbed hours after scoring a winning touchdown. let's get right to susie steimle with the details. good morning, susie. >> reporter: good morning, chris. this should have been one of the best nights of 16-year-old marvin svedna's life. instead he's in the hospital with stab wounds. he scored the game-winning touchdown saturday night against st. john's prep and went out with a couple of friends to celebrate. according to the boston herald, when he was walking home around 12:30 that night, he heard someone screaming for help and went to see if he could do anything. that's when he ended up stabbed in the back and in the hand, was transported to massachusetts general hospital and did undergo surgery yesterday. he's expected to fully recover. friends and family, of course, by his side to see how he pulls through.
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no suspects at this time, no arrests and as far as we heard, no other students injured. that's the latest live in everett, susie steimle, "wbz this morning." >> thank you, susie for the update this morning. also this morning, police in burlington want you to take a good look at this surveillance video. they hope it will help them track down some vandals who painted graffiti on a mosque in burlington. they painted the word usa several times and smashed eggs on the wall to the mosque. it is not the first time the mosque has been targeted. >> reporter: worship goes on despite the vandals. >> they are another abraid of beagle -- they are not afraid of the being caught in the cameras and stuff like this. >> reporter: this is the center's president and founder. using red spray paint, the vandals wrote "usa" on three signs of the building. >> it's a very serious, you
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>> reporter: surveillance video caught them early sunday morning. there are three men in the white crown victoria. this man was inside the mosque at the time. >> it's not safe to go out. we stayed inside. >> reporter: it's not the first time the mosque has been targeted. in 2013, similar graffiti was painted on the sign. even with the improved cameras, the vandals were able to avoid being videoed as they spray painted. >> my mother, daughter and wife are coming here. to see the racial comments -- >>reporter: he thinks the vandals should learn about america and the freedom of religion. >> somebody doesn't know what is usa is about. they don't know what is our founding members have done for us. >> reporter: burlington police are investigating. he says they will remain alert and call police if there are any problems. in burlington, katie brace, "wbz this morning". a traffic alert this
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morning. if your commute takes you through belmont, crews will begin paving around 5:30 this morning. police tell drivers to expect delays there. and a massachusetts teenager has died in a crash near the campus of skidmore college. in upstate new york, michael hedges of lennox was one of three students hit by a drunk driver. two others are still in the hospital. friends gathering for a candlelight vigil last night. there was a procession through the neighborhood where maddie lampson lived with her family. the 17-year-old died when the car she was driving hit a tree in franklin friday night. her field hockey coach says maddie was special. >> one of the most remarkable women i have ever coach and my heart is just broken that we've is devastated.
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>> counseling was provided at the high school saturday and sunday. franklin police and the da's office are investigating the cause of the crash. a funeral for maddie will be held on thursday. a day of mourning in russia for the 224 victims of a plane crash in egypt. this morning, a russian government plane brought home the bodies much 144 of those passengers. a second plane will arrive with more remains later today. investigators are saying the plane broke up at high altitude before it crashed saturday morning. experts believe it's due to three things, catastrophic weather, a midair collision or an external threat, such as a bomb or missile. navy investigators are using special equipment to find wreckage in the bermuda triangle. they're using a remote control deep-ocean vehicle to take a look at the wreckage. the ship is upright. it sank after sailing into a
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hurricane. the ship won't be recovered but if human remains are found, them. the mother of a sailor from maine says finding the ship brings mixed emotion. >> my head wants answers, but my heart kind of likes not having answers because i can fill it with hope. very emotional. like i said, it felt like hearing it for the first time, it felt like losing michael all over again. >> 33 crew members were killed. michael holland was one of six with ties to new england. campaign 2016. this morning, the republican presidential candidates set new rules for their debate. representatives for more than a dozen campaigns met behind closed doors last night. they agreed to mandatory opening and closing statements and an equal number of questions for the candidates. the change comes after many of the candidates complained about the moderateors of last week's debate on cnbc.
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as for the democratic presidential race, bernie sanders released his first tv ad which documents his journey to washington. >> he moved to vermont one election and prayed as one of congress's best men. >> his campaign is spending 2 $2 million to air the ad. it will start running in new hampshire and iowa on tuesday. sanders doesn't mention hillary clinton in the ad. the royals, 2015 world champions. >> a royal celebration. kansas city wins the world innings to beat new york. >> the mets poor defense has the highlights and celebration. good morning, bree. >> good morning. on this day two years ago, we had our duck boats floating down the street. feels like yesterday. this year, it's kansas city celebrating and they earned it.
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they rallied in the 9th inning with a scramble home to tie it. in the 12th, the royals blew it open, scoring five runs with great hitting and errors from the mets, as well. it was a pitching dual for several innings, won by the royals starter, who just returned from his father's funeral in the dominican republic to throw only two hits in six innings. so kansas city streets flooded with blue and white. it's the royals' first world series win since 1985, 30 years exactly. maybe, just maybe, made up for last year's loss to san francisco's loss in game 7. players. >> the players told me in spring training they were going to do it this year so that we could all put last year behind us. guys, mission accomplished. >> mission accomplished indeed.
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they were just an inning away from being forced into game 6 at home, but a superhuman performance by the bull pen limited the mets' offense and the royals get the long-awaited world series parade through downtown kansas city tomorrow. chris and kathryn? >> thank you, bree. controversy continues to haunt the pats. the coach deferred questions to the nfl about reports that the jets had their locker room swept for listening deviceesin foxborough. patriots employees were questioned by the league, but the nfl wouldn't say if the jets requesth that sweep. you may recall, the jets reported the patriots to the league in the spy gate scandal. >> more drama. can't get away from it. coming up this morning, new fallout from a sexual assault at a prestigious new hampshire prep school. >> why the victim's family may take legal action. and a warning in one massachusetts town. why police want you to go
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and robo calls could be coming to your cell phones
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[ female announcer ] when you're serious about fighting wrinkles, turn to roc retinol correxion . one week, fine lines appear to fade. one month, deep wrinkles look smoother. after one year, skin looks ageless. high performance skincare only from roc . welcome back. 4:43. chipotle is closing restaurants
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over e. coli and china's new baby policy impacting the stock market. plus, sticker shock as open enrollment gets under way for health plans. jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris and kathryn. obama care enrollment is under way. many have sticker shock. premiums are going up 7.5%, but it could be higher depending on where you live. analysts say market consolidation and rising drug prices are the blame. and chipotle closed all 43 restaurants in washington state and oregon because of an e. coli scare. 22 people have become sick. 17 had eaten at a chipotle in the past few weeks. companies that make diapers, infant formula and strollers are getting a boost in china after the government scrapped the one-child policy.
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communist leaders announced that married couples can have two children. on the flip side, stocks took a dive for a popular birth control manufacturer. and robo calls could be coming to cell phones. a provision in the federal budget wok permit auto-dialled debt collection cast and texts on cell phones, only on debt owed or guaranteed the federal government, including student loans, mortgages and taxes, but still, yikes. chris and kathryn? >> robo calls are kind of annoying. >> they're the worst. >> thank you, jill. we will check in with you in an hour. we've got good news. >> great news, actually. >> actually, danielle has good news because the forecast is looking pretty good. >> if you're looking for mild temperatures, i mean, 60s, you guys? what month is this. >> it's november! >> i know, well above average temperatures and our morning temperatures as you step outside, not too bad. 54 degrees in boston now.
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upper 40s in worcester. 46 in keane. we're in the upper 40s from chatham, as well. you will notice here we may drop by a degree or two in the city and then rise to around 60. that's above average. we should be in the mid-50s this time of year by the time we get to lunch hour. a few high, thin clouds as we filter out the sun today. there's cirrus clouds. it looks mostly cloudy, but we will get that dim sunshine through a lot of the clouds during the day today. and they come out ahead of an area of rain, down to our south through the carolinas, through virginia, then back down to the gulf coast states. this storm, this front, is going to stay to the south. we don't have to worry about wet weather from it. today is quiet, tonight, skies are clear. tomorrow morning looks beautiful with sunshine to start the day. it will be mostly sunny, in fact, through our tuesday and temperatures with a light southwest breeze will be even wednesday, high pressure still in control, looks like a dry
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stretch through the middle part of the week. we may get a couple of showers late thursday into early friday and that's about it. so look at the highs. 60s in boston today. lower 60s rockports to plymouth. 60 at the cape and the islands. bedford at 63 this afternoon. high of 58 in worcester, at least at the airport, cooler at the touch of elevation. overnight tonight, mainly clear skies, a calm wind. don't think we have to worry about frost. some of the coolest suburbs may dip into the upper 30s here. boston overnight tonight, 46. look at the highs tomorrow, beautiful. 65. close to 70 degrees. mostly sunny skies. we'll stay in the 60s right on week. a few clouds by thursday, may get a late-day shower, but isolated right now. look at that, 70, 70 to end the week. the weekend is looking good,
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so you will feel the difference, especially after temperatures being so warm sunday. we may only top out in the 40s to around 50. >> okay. i mean, that sounds good to me. 60s. nice. . well, police in north ring are warning barents to go through kids' candy to see if they got a package that looked like this. politician posted this picture -- police posted this picture on their facebook page. someone on halloween night left sample packages of a cough syrup out in front of their home. and in auburn, a hoax. >> a girl claims she found a razor blade inside a chocolate bar. after further questioning, police determined that the girl made up the story. >> i hope that that child's parents or that child gets disciplined, maybe gets some help, you know? that's just wrong. >> residents in the
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neighborhood say it's an important reminder that parents need to be vigilant when it comes to trick-or-treating. and in chicopee, a needle found in candy given out near granby road on east street. call them if you find anything dangerous in your candy. halloween in salem always brings out a big crowd, but it was a relatively peaceful celebration. 78,000 ghosts, ghoules and goblins troll the streets. people say they only made -- police only say, rather, they made a few arrests. and the costumes are amazing in salem. >> people go out all. >> i have to do that one year. ahead, an animal attack. >> the person who stabbed a dog. and remembering a senator,
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na. start start 4:52 now on your monday morning. the star for the everett high school football team is recovering from a stabbing just hours after his team won. running back marvin fedna was stabbed in the back on broadway saturday night. the herald is reporting he was trying to help someone who was being attacked.
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fedna underwent surgery at mass general and is expected to survive he scored the winning touchdown in the school's upset win over st. john's prep. it's not believed the stabbing had anything to do with the game. burlington police hope this surveillance video leads them to the three men who vandalized a mosque. it happened yesterday morning and the and haveals were wearing halloween maskses they ran back and forth to their car, a white crown victoria. three sides of the islamic center of burlington were spray painted with "usa" and they threw eggs at the building as . and a student was found guilty of sexual assault. they now have to register as a sexual offender and spend a year in jail. the family is considering legal action against st. paul school they say the boarding school does nothing to stop the senior salute, where graduating men
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have sex with younger female students. a dog is at a brockton animal hospital this morning recovering from multiple stab wounds and police are trying to find out who attacked the animal. the dog would occasionally get loose, but eventually find its way home. someone stabbed the going this time. she found him on the street bleeding from several wounds. firefighters on the cape are looking into what caused this raging fire in salma. neighbors reported hearing an explosion. the flames spread to another boat, destroying both vessels. the ferry between maine and nova scotia is in legal trouble. a federal judge is seizing the nova star. the portland company says the ferry owes them $200,000. the government in nova skoeurba says it won't be doing business with them anymore. canadians say it cost them
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money ethan anticipated. . excitement over the official opening a new bridge in worcester. it took three years and 108 $108 million to build the ken burns memorial bridge. it connects worcester to shoes berry on route 9. two new courts to keep vets out of jail open this week. the courts will help veterans who pled guilty to criminal charges get help for substance abuse and mental health issues. another veteran will act as a mentor and help them through the process. two similar courts are already opened in dunham and boston. former u.s. senator, presidential candidate and actor fred thompson has died. his family says he died in nashville following a recurrence of lymphoma. he served 8 years as a tennessee senator, was a gop presidential candidate in 2007 and was an accomplished actor
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with roles in "die hard 2," among others. and yesterday's new york city marathon. a team of 22 running in memory of martin. year-old who was one of the three people killed in the marathon buildings. the team raised more than $60,000 for the martin richard foundation. how to keep you from having a case of the mondays. >> the sleep you need to wake up in a good mood. that's coming up next. pumpkin excitement is back at dunkin'. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored baked treats and beverages, like the new pumpkin macchiato
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with
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it is 4:58. what's the worst kind of sleep for your mood? is it normal bedtime, where you get up every few hours, but going to bed late and sleeping soundly for a few hours? >> researchers at johns hopkins yesterday found people who sleep straight through wake up in a more positive mood. there was no research on the totally sleep-deprived like us, but who can be more positive than us? up early on a monday morning. >> 2:00 a.m. wake-up call. >> if people only knew, we get up at crazy hours. >> shoutout to all the people who get up early with us. we appreciate it. traffic and news straight ahead. >> the news at 5:starts right now. developing now at 5:00,a high school football player
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