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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston. wbz news starts right now. we begin at 11 time with the developing story and a live look at logan. cbs news has learned security changes are coming to u.s. airports as early as tomorrow. tonight president obama is talking about charges about an isis bombing the russian plane. there could be announcements as early as tomorrow.
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emerges as the crash, a bomb is the leading theory of what brought the plane down. >> i think there was a good chance that there was a bomb that could have taken that plane down. and we are taking that seriously. >> reporter: they have intercepted communications from the terror group indicating a plot and heat flashes tolled by three more finish followed by three more indicative of an explosion. but there is work to do to determine if a bomb caused it. >> this residue will remain even in a fire and even if it's in water. >> this is an expansion of their activities. >> reporter: they say that is especially troubling in light
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of excuser lapses in american airports. he find that 90% of under cover agents were able to get through screening agents. >> it sending messages to us. >> reporter: they need better screening of tsa employees to make sure they don't have ties to radical causes. some developing news out of texas a tornado ripping apart a roof in fort worth. you can see pieces blowing violently in the air. parts to have metal roof torn off. some landing on cars parked below. it sounded like a freight train and fortunately no one was hurt. eric, this system actually brings some changes in our area? >> reporter: it will lose it's
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severe punch, and we won't see much of any rain from it, but that's the one that brings us back down to reality. you can easily see that sharp line. that's your cold front and that will be arriving tomorrow night. in the meantime, it's 67- degrees in pittsburgh. temperatures will not fall overnight. very mild and very human as humid as well -- humid as well. 70 in worcester. boston, 75, plus the humidity, but after this the party is over and some big changes over the weekend. we will have a look at that hour-by-hour coming up.
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middleboro a mike mikist motorcyclist. and then two med flight helicopters and four ambulances responded. four people hurt, two flown to the hospital. a mansfield man is in police custody after threatening a mother and her young child with a knife. with this man's mother? >> reporter: she told me she thinks this is all a misunderstanding. police found a woman and her baby daughter cowering on her balling any ball cony.
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mother says he suffers from bipolar and has not been taking his medication. mrs. brock telesales her son -- tells us her son had an angry outburst. police charged him with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon. brock is being held behind bars this evening. he'll go before a judge tomorrow morning. she told me over the phone she hopes the judge is synthetic to the situation. she hopes once her son gets back on his meds he'll be back to normal. this was a dramatic scene today. fbi looking for information regarding a woman shot and killed.
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today they performed a grid search. today, the search is giving her family some new hope. >> some people may have seen or heard something at the scene of the crime, but there are people who may have heard or over heard something after the fact where the perpetrator may have been bragging or did something to hide something. detectives offered a reward but the attorney general's office says less tips are now coming in than when this happened. >> woreworcester's police are trying to find out who shot fires last night. three students skipped class yesterday and drank and
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took drugs and later a 17-year- old girl was found in swampy air. one male's are being charged with rape now. christie and mike huckabee did not get enough votes so they will be the under card. a team stopping right in the middle of a race to help a family in trouble. >> >> so you're a runner? >> i go for a run. i wouldn't say i'm a runner. >> reporter: for the past four
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her mother who has m.s. and is 71 years old. >> reporter: the team just crossed the roark bridge. they were on busy pe tuck et boulevard. a young man was out of the car. >> he was screaming and flaring his hands. >> reporter: his father was having a seizure behind the wheel. off the gas peddle. >> reporter: for 20 minutes this team forgot about the themselves. >> it was a moment that sort of transcended the race. it sort of took it to another level. >> reporter: to focus on one family in distress. in the end they finished that
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they weren't even supposed to run because usually joggers aren't allowed. and team backs babs sent an arrangement to the hospital. >> when they get together again we will try to be there. a boy who dis-period for more than a -- disappeared for more than 10 years figured out he was missing. he's a very tough guy making it big in a very violent sport. how this native is helping local kids find peace. >> reporter: and big changes for this weekend.
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tonight, a life-changing revelation a man finds out he's a missing person. he disappeared 13 years ago in alabama. his father left a note to his mother that they were gone. it was only until he applied for college that his social security number didn't match up and that he was in the national data base for missing children. >> it was great for he to be able to say to his mother that i don't know what you have been thinking bohea is alive and well -- but he is alive and well an it's a good thing to step out of the negativity and
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walk into something that is positive. >> reporter: julian's father will face charges in alabama. she is over joyed at finding her son. the woman almost hit in the head by a piece of wood on chick pee on i94. >> it was like, oh, no, i have people waiting on me. >> she actually kept the piece of wood as a re-minor of how lucky she is -- reminder of how lucky she is. if you look away the temperature it would definitely feel like fall at faneuil haul. >> reporter: it is an 80-feet tall norway spruce in
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pennsylvania. they got a special welcome from members of the blue man group. our number of tonight, 30,000. that's how many blinking lights will decorate the tree. keith lock heart and the boston ballet saturday 21st at 11:00 and you can see it on wbz t.v. no jacket, just his shirt, looking like it was spring. >> reporter: kind of strange to be standing in front of a tree without a jacket. >> reporter: i'm not sure what mother nature is flowing our way.
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--colliding. we have been way above average. it is balmy 64 in the city. these temperatures won't fall at all the rest of tonight. cleveland is at 68. look at ottawa 58-degrees in canada. that warmer air all out ahead of this cold front which is causing severe weather, we will see the cool air behind it tomorrow night. now as that milder air is working its way north ward, producing a few showers, one is moving out of fall river and heading over toward lakeville. not expecting a lot of rain showers overnight. but the big question tomorrow is we wake up and see mostly
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how much sun will we see friday? i think the best chance boston area, massachusetts toward the buzzards bay regions should be a little bit cooler, and as we head into the evening, a couple of scattered showers and then the dry air will fill in tomorrow night. high temperatures way up into the 70s if we can get say three to four hours of sunshine, i would not be surprised to see upper 70s. forecasting a record high in worcester and boston. not just the warmth but humidity this is about as high as dew points will go in the high tomorrow evening. muggy, muggy air.
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more like november again. more sunshine building in as the day wears on saturday and then sunday high pressure full in control, upper to low 60s on saturday, breezy on saturday afternoon, but upper 40s to low 50s which is believe it or not where we should be on sunday. patriots game perfect weather out there at gillette stadium. we start warming back (shook head back up. upper fifths and 60s next week -- 50s and 60s next week. a worker fired accused of sleeping on the job, but it's how he got caught that's raising questions. >> not just him.
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you may be surprised by what he found on i investigation. >> reporter: you are watching two people setting up a hidden camera, eventually aimed at mark ferguson's office. he discovered the camera while working the overnight shift at way man, gordon and graft ton. in april they fired him accusing him of sleeping on the job will evidence to prove it. but little did they know he had spotted it and took its home. >> reporter: so what are you thinking about it? >> i'm thinking this is illegal. >> reporter: if it worked without consent, that would be a violation of massachusetts law, which is why ferguson
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brought it to graph on the police. >> this wasn't professional in any manner, this was spying. >> reporter: but this could happen almost any place, whether it's obvious or not there's a good chance you are being watched in every area of the building. >> you have very little expectation of privacy employees would imagine. >> reporter: so it would surprise people? >> oh, absolutely. are fighting back. this summer two dozen police officers filed this federal lawsuit claiming their bosses planted these hidden recording devices at work. >> one of the huge game changers is audio. >> reporter: ferguson is fighting to get his job back. he says the evidence against him was gathered illegally. >> they never once thought that
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i would find camera or that it would be found or that they would be dumb enough to turn it on while they were setting it up. >> reporter: theythe are determining whether they should be charged certain charges. >> reporter: give them a phone call at (#61)777-9616. what the team is working on for the red skins -- against
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the bruins or on the opposite streak of the patriots. >> reporter: steve, can't figure them out? >> reporter: the road gets even tougher. first up the montreal canadians. in the net for the bees and he knew he had to be on his best tonight. keep the game scoreless and then it happened. for the first time in almost 200 minutes the bruins scored a
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jamie haze scored a goal and it was 1-0. but that was where the good news ended. tied things up at one at the end of one. early in the second period, the caps take their first lead. 2-1, 4 unanswered goals. they beat the bruins 4-1. on paper it's a perfect miss match. throw the paper out. patriots have played -- well they haven't played in a week since they destroyed the dolphins. the next will be half over next sundays' game, but despite the differences in records, this will be the opponents biggest game of the year and they had better be ready for it.
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>> it's important for 2000 win a game in general because that's the culture and here. you know, they base a lot of things on winning around here, so you know, you can't get to the ultimate goal unless you win a football game, so that's any other week. >> we get to go out in front of what we got. they're ready, they got a solid defense, so we got to be prepared. >> they will be prepared and so will we. check out patriots all access right here on wbz. on sunday game day gets started at 11:30. after the game flip over the
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see bell chick's -- bill belichick and tom brady. andrew: the one thing about soccer that i like the most is when i put my uniform on, the age just leaves me. the ages leave all of us. we simply become kids again. i think all of us play for that very reason. it makes us the child we once were.
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you are that little andy guy who used to be down in me, and i get to be that person all over again. my name is andrew, and bluecross blueshield has me. [ duck quacking and wind whistling ] [ copier whirring ] [ beeps ] [ classical music plays ]
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the new turbodown jacket: tested tough in
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well, if you have never seen one, trust me, professional mixed marshal arts fights are among the most popular and brutal events we have. we went to the boston's ymca
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bring peace to often troubled city kids. >> these kids are going through the same struggles i went through. >> reporter: from getting beaten up on some of boston's toughest streets to one to have toughest mixed marshal arts star, he came back to fight off teenager despair, literally. >> it's that mentality resilience that enables them to overcome any obstacle. >> reporter: and the kids says the working. >> it expands my mind to another whole like other world and i can focus and change things. >> it took me off the streets and gang violence. >> it's really the sport that keeps them there.
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>> if my -- going to burke to madison, if i can do it, y'all could go-do it better. >> reporter: doomsday is a total sweetheart and the kids just love him and there's something about this very brutal sport that teaching the kids about self discipline and self esteem, it's like -- they are like sponges. >> i'm pretty sure he will keep the name doomsday and not sweetheart. >> reporter: i thought of doomsday myself but -- more myself, but he already had it. we'll be right back. tart
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like printing a temporary membership card right away. choose it because neighborhood values what you value. call your broker and see customer stories at it is crazy but it is a great stretch. >> reporter: it is a little warm in the studio. >> a little muggy.
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>> reporter: very humid day
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