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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 9, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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breaking news right now. a boston high school evacuated. students forced out by toxic fumes. we're live at the scene. a traffic stop turning dangerous. two boston police officers are dragged by a driver. now that driver is heading to court. beautiful fall weather out there today, but changes on the way. tracking moisture working up the coast. when the rain arrives. taking action. why boston is charting fake guns. the new measure this afternoon to get them off the street. we begin with breaking news. right now at noon, dangerous
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fumes forcing students out of a boston high school. stiewjts are now back in class, -- students are now back in class but many were checked out by emergency crews. good afternoon. thank you for being here. i'm katherine hauser. jim smith is live with the details this noon. >> reporter: that's right. apparently the students had been working with hydrochloric acid in a classroom recently and there was some residual vapors. that made some of the students here sick. >> we had 17 students that were complaining of symptoms like headache, nausea. >> reporter: anxious moments at the boston arts academy. hazmat teams rushed to the school after an acid spill made students sick. >> about 17 students said they were exposed. we had a couple of companies go n. checked it out. it was some type of venting machine. usually it does all vents but
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opened it up, there was some residue left. >> reporter: the deputy says none of the students appeared seriously ill. technicians checked the atmosphere in the classroom and the school and they say all levels are now within normal limits. >> inside everything is orderly to the point where i passed by and i'm not entirely sure what happened. i was not evacuated. it looks like it was all under control. >> reporter: the original number was 17 students transported. i just checked with boston ems. now they tell me the number is 25 but the good news, they reaffirmed a short time ago that none of those conditions are life threatening at all. it's all precautionary. things slowly getting back to normal. live at the scene, jim smith, wbz news. back to you. breaking right now this noon, state police charged a driver in a deadly route 24 accident. now according to authorities, the man was riding in an acura that hit a ledge.
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then hit by several other cars traveling down the highway in stoughton. police charged the acura's driver with several charges, including oui. a driver is in court accused of dragging two officers. it happened after he crashed blue hill avenue. our nicole jacobs joins us from dorchester with the latest on this one. >> reporter: chris, brian gilbert is still waiting to go before a judge this afternoon, but we are learning more about exactly what transpired leading up to the events and what happened afterwards. i want to get you right to a mug shot of the 45-year-old who does have a pretty lengthy criminal record. but sunday evening, police say gilbert was the driver of an suv. they spotted it going about 70 miles per hour on blue hill avenue. two police officers were told stop the vehicle. they say the driver put that suv in gear as if to make an attempt to flee.
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switch the gear and those officers were dragged 100 yards. >> they both were shooken up. you know, they were seen. they were evaluated and thank god they're okay. again, it goes to the danger of this job and you never know what can happen when you go out on patrol. >> reporter: there was a foot chase we're also told both the passenger and the driver got out, ran from police. we're told when they caught up with the driver, there was a language amount of money on -- large amount of money on him as well as small bags of marijuana. lego before a judge to face several charges. we're live in dorchester, nicole jacobs, wbz news. >> thank you. this noon we have our eye on the storm keeping an eye on wet weather. in the meantime let's get a live look outside. nice and clear. looking pretty good. a beautiful fall day out there. all is quiet. look at the crew. there is a coast ol storm that we're keeping tab -- coastal
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on heading for southern new england. >> of course the timing of all this. let's check in with daniel. >> the rain will start tomorrow lasting into wednesday as well. you can see the rain working up the eastern seaboards. we have downpours through virginia, west virginia now, down through the carolinas. this is all working northward. for now we are just final. the sun is shining -- just final. the sun is shining -- fine. the sun is shining. we're a little bit above normal for where we should be this time of year. 59 in norwood. most communities running in the middle to upper 50s out the door as you're heading for the no issues either. clear skies continue. 50. sunset coming up at 4:28. overnight tonight the clouds will increase. the high thin ones at first. tomorrow morning. overnight lows around 43. 30s in the suburbs. then highs tomorrow back up into the upper 50s. but the rain is going to move in. it looks like a dry start tomorrow morning. then the rain will advance in
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from south to north. in fact, here's the hour-by- hour timeline. tomorrow morning no weather related issues for your morning commute but rain arrives from south to north during the afternoon. i think it will be lighter activity in most of massachusetts with the exception will be the cape and the islands tomorrow especially the evening hours. and this rain is going to continue overnight on tuesday into our veterans day as well. so we'll talk more about the coastal impacts and wind coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> thank you very much. we do have more breaking news right now at noon. the president of the university of missouri has resigned over his handling of racial issues at the school. over the weekend, more than 30 african-american football players refused to play. dozens of other students spent campus demanding the the university. they claim he ignored their concerns about race or discrimination and refused to engage in meaningful conversation about racism. the city of boston taking a big step in getting replica guns or fake guns off the
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streets. dozens have already been confiscated this year. but police say it is just a matter of time before someone is killed over a fake gun. >> reporter: with the stroke of his pen, mayor marty walsh fanned fake guns from the streets of boston. >> these are very real looking guns. a police officer would have to make a quick split-second decision. it's dangerous. >> reporter: at the monthly black ministerial alliance meeting, mayor walsh signed an ordinance that will allow police officers to confiscate replica guns in public places. the street. it's sending a bad message. we're asking parents take the have to. >> reporter: reverend jeffrey 9. this. >> reporter: it's rim necessary sint of a video we -- reminiscent of video we saw in april after officers chased down a teen after someone called 911 saying he was waving a gun in the street. >> see that? >> reporter: it turned out to be fake.
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one of the 153 confiscated by police this year. >> i think we all seen what happened in cleveland when a 12- year-old within a playground pointed it. that's what we don't want happening here. >> reporter: city leaders say we're lucky that there have been so many fake guns confiscated and no tragic shooting to go along with them. >> we're blessed that didn't happen. these aren't just toys. these are something that really can impact a family's life forever. >> reporter: part of this ordinance is encouraging parents to talk with law enforcement. so if a minor is caught with a fake gun, their parents or guardian will have to talk with police. in roxbury, wbz news. a big announcement today from the state's top medical colleges concerning opioid abuse. the globe reporting harvard, tufts, umass will include training for patients on how to avoid becoming addicted to painkillers. it was proposed by governor baker. we now know the truck that crashed in the charles river
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over the weekend was not part of a recall over unexpected acceleration. massachusetts state police say a rhode island couple, 36-year- old brian and rebecca smith went through a red light, sideswiped another car and launched over a barrier and into the charles. both were killed. state police tell wbz they're seeing if speed was a factor. developing right now at noon, at least two americans are dead after a shooting in jordan and a police -- at a police training center there. jordanian police officer opened fire killing two the americans and a south africa. that attacker was killed. president obama extended his condolences to the families this morning. >> obviously i told them an investigation is taking place. we take this very seriously and we'll be working closely with the jordanians to determine exactly what happened. >> the identities of the vehicle tips have not yet been released. the patriots continue their
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perfect season. halfway through the 200015 season, the patriot -- 2015 season, the patriots are 8-0 thanks to their win against the redskins. but the 27-10 victory comes with a costly injury. >> deion louis is back. he's expected to have an m.r.i. on his injured knee today. here's the play in the 3rd quarter. he catches the pass on the back field. goes down and that's when he hurts his knee. he was able to walk off the field with what sources say is a knee strain that he suffered right there. but we're told there is no swelling which is good news. no word on how long he might be out as of yet. tom brady was asked about the injury after the game. >> it's such a physical game player. i hope he's okay. i don't know exactly what it is but we're all hoping for the best. on to new york for the patriots. they'll face the joins on the road this coming -- giants on
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we get ud starts at 11:30 a.m. kickoff at 4:25. then of course after the game, tune into patriots 5th quarter over on my tv38. coming up on the wbz news at noon, the investigation into the deadly crash. the terrorist cater that has authorities -- chatter that has authorities taking a closer look. >> the big draw for saturday night live and donald trump. >> just ahead. cars falling into the earth.
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welcome back. crews are trying to figure out what caused the earth to give way swallowing dozens of cars. this happened just outside of a mississippi ihop. customers reported hearing loud booms and then the lights went out before the cave-in happened. nobody was injured luckily but officials say this was not a sinkhole. today russian inspectors are examining security at an airport in egypt after the crash of a russian jet. intelligence sources tell cbs news the u.s. intercepted chatter from isis after the crash claiming they had an insider at the airport.
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airport security all around the examined. >> this will be only the third aircraft brought down by a bomb in the last quarter century. this is a very big deal, the largest loss of life in a plane brought down by a bomb since pan a.m. 103 over -- pan am 103 over lockerbie. it will add to the perception that isis is winning. >> egypt will help russian investigators with the forensic analysis. to campaign 2016. hillary clinton will make it official this afternoon in new hampshire. she'll be filing the paperwork to officially get on the granite state's primary ballot. later today she'll host a town hall meeting in windham. republican presidential hopeful ben carson is firing back over criticisms about his background. carson claims he was offer add full scholarship to attend -- offered a full scholarship to west point but tuition is free
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for students in exchange for their military service. >> to twist it and make it seem like dishonesty seems like dishonesty itself. >> he tells cbs, quote, a lot of people are very threatened by his candidacy. the ratings are in this noon. donald trump's hosting duties on "saturday night live" saw the show's highest ratings in nearly four years. >> trump really seemed to enjoy himself, too. take a look. >> part of the reason i'm here is i know how to take a joke. they've done so much to ridicule me over the years, this show has been a disaster for me. look at this guy. great, great, great, great, great. isn't he fantastic? >> you think you're this terrific person. you think you're this. you think you're that. >> a group of latinos protest the outside nbc studios in new york calling trump a racist. we need to take a look at our wester. it is so nice out there. a good fall day. >> yeah. after a really chilly start
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this morning, we really rebounded. >> we rebounded by 30 to 35 degrees in spots. >> i like that when it happens. >> a chilly morning and feels so nice in the afternoon. i know there's rain on the way but we could actually use it. the sun is shining but for the month of november, we have not had a drop of rainfall for the month so far. so we are over an inch under a deficit for the month. today we'll go down as a dry day as well. this is obviously after a dry couple of months here where we're in a deficit by about 5 to 6 inches in some communities. we'll talk about the rain for a second. for now just enjoy it. 57 degrees in boston. the dew points in the 30s. the wind out of the southwest at 9 miles per hour right now. a lot of spots running in the 50s. if you're stepping out for your afternoon lunch, looking good. just shy of 60 in taunton right now. middle to upper 50s from chatham to falmouth 57 rchtion. 52 worcester. may come up another couple of degrees. the skies are clear. wispy clouds just to our south. then you encounter the rain
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virginia right now, down through the carolinas. some of this moisture continues to move north. now it will kind of split. what i mean by that is a lot of the moisture is going to pass out over the ocean. it's going to be more to our west, too. so we're kind of sandwiched in between. what does it mean for our forecast? the rest of today we're final. tomorrow morning's -- fine. tomorrow morning's commute will be fine, too. rain will arrive from south to north tomorrow afternoon. see what i mean? a lot of moisture out over the ocean. so the south coast and cape cod may see some of the heaviest rain from this tomorrow evening. nice pockets of rain will continue. it all consolidates into an ocean storm. so the wind around it, you guessed it, blowing off the ocean for wednesday morning. so any veterans day plans you may have, going to be a little bit soggy with the steadiest rain in the morning tapering in intensity and coverage during the course of wednesday afternoon. wouldn't be surprised to see a break of sunshine inland by the time we get to the second half of wednesday. so in terms of projected rainfall here, keep in mind this is one depiction. kind of paints the picture here. the purples indicating an inch and a half to two and a half
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inches. i think the heaviest will be out over the cape and islands. again the steadiest rainfall is tomorrow evening and night into wednesday morning. now, the wind also going to be coming in off the ocean. strongest wind comes tomorrow night into wednesday morning. we may see some gusts to top out 35 to 45 miles per hour on the cape and the islands. the rest of us in eastern massachusetts a few gusts may hour. so that will pile up the waves. thankfully the high tides aren't too astronomically high but nonetheless the seas are going to build 10 to 15 feet. we may see just a bit of minor splashover tomorrow late evening but i'm more concerned with late morning high tide on wednesday where we may see a little bit of minor splash over the typical spots here as we head into wednesday late morning. overnight tonight 43 in boston. 30s in the suburbs. we had 20s this morning. so it won't be quite as cold. the clouds will be on the increase. high temperatures tomorrow once again in the upper 50s before the rain moves in. if you're heading out early
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tomorrow morning, it is going to abdry -- to be a dry start. have the umbrella with you. we lock in the clouds on wednesday. only the upper 40s on veterans day. another round of showers moves in west to east on thursday. steadiest in the evening. nice little rebound around 60 to end the week. the weekend looking mostly dry although there may abbrief shower here or there on saturday and saturday night. then turning cooler again, sunshine, upper 40s on sunday. >> sounds good. thank you very much, danielle. we appreciate it. coming up, making it right. >> how voc wagon -- investigation wagon plans to make good with its -- volkswagen plans to make good with its drivers after the
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jaguar is rolling out a new model. >> it's an suv with a twist. take a look at this. it will be released next year. the car maker says the suv can go 30 miles per hour and still lower or raise its top in pogue. the -- in motion. the price tag is pretty steep starting at over $50,000. meanwhile volkswagen is trying to make good with car
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owners wrapped up in the emissions cheating scandal. according to the associated press, the car company will offer more than 480,000 drivers a $500 visa gift card and $500 dealership card as a voucher. volkswagen has adds mitted to installing software that tripped emissions tests. the epa says those cars actually make up -- emit 40 times more emissions than allowed. an iconic piece of music history hits the auction block and it goes for big bucks. >> acoustic guitar owned by john lennon was used to write and records the songs "love me do." yesterday it sold at auction for $2.4 million. now, this guitar vanished from a beatles christmas concert in 1963. and an amateur guitarist bought it in the 1970's for $275. so he forgets about it until he
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last year and recognized the markings. what a story. $275 to $2.4 million. >> good investment. up next, ready to roll.
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coming up today at 5:00, every student in massachusetts needs to pass a test to earn a high school diploma but which tests will it be? on the wbz news at 5:00, we take a closer look at the possible replacement for mcast. we are just a few weeks away from the holiday season. i say it's already here. >> you've been in it for a while. he's been getting ready for a while. they're getting ready in the holiday spirit in new york. over the weekend the macy's day parade balloons went on a test run. dynamo the dinosaur which hasn't been in the parade since 1976 is back. so is ronald mcdonald. he will be wearing a new outfit. and also angry from -- red from angry birds. it's exciting to think about. it will be here before you know it and right around the corner. it's feeling more like november this week. we had the warmth last week. >> today still a little bit above average. up near 60. rain arrives tomorrow. we could use it.
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cooler toward the end of the week. be sure to join us at 5:00. we'll see you tomorrow morning.
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