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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 10, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> you don't hear a lot from her, but she's very intuitive, smart, and it was nice hearing her talk about life like that. top stories, weather and traffic are straight ahead. >> the news at 5:00 starts right now. >> reporter: right now at 5:00 a father killed in what investigators are calling a case of road rage. the victim's family is speaking out as the suspect heads to court. >> veterans graves vandalized and what police are looking at. >> and a new push to keep your kids safer on school buses. a closer look at the plans and why it could take a while to get approved. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: it's tuesday, november 10th. we need a check of your forecast with danielle.
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good morning, danielle, how's it going. >> it's not as cold as it was yesterday in a lot of spots. we had a lot of 20s and 30s in the lot. 46 in boston. some of the suburbs are in the 30s. some high, thin clouds have started to roll in. the rain is not too far away, but the northern kind of edge has not been making that much northward progress here. so i think a lot of us are going to squeeze in a dry day today. the exception will be the south coast, cape and islands. that's where you want to grab the wet weather gear if you are heading out. pockets of rain will develop into the afternoon. temperatures come up into the 50s with the clouds thickening up and showers advancing to the south and north. the rain will fill in as we head into overnight tonight. the heaviest rain falls tomorrow morning. let's see if it's quiet on the roads.
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good morning, robi. >> good morning, robi. >> good morning. the accident is out on the plaza. all lanes were closed about an hour ago. out there. chris and kathryn? it's 5:02 right now. an accused drunk driver due in court today charged in a case of road rage that killed a 37- year-old man this morning. out. they are outraged and want justice for their son. >> this isn't the first time the driver is accused of being drunk behind the wheel. susie steimle is live with the details. good morning, susie. >> reporter: good morning. it's 67-year-old michael hinds that was held here at the foxboro state police barracks. his blood alcohol was 1.9. police say he intentionally hit
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jared aroni's car twice and ended his life. >> jared was our first born, was a great kid and became a great man. >> reporter: jared's mother can't comprehend that in an instant, a car crash took her son's life. jaret's parents, 7-year-old son, his fiancee and her two children spent monday night mourning him in the mansfield home. police say the driver who hit him did so intentionally not once but twice in a fit of road rage fueled by alcohol. >> the best i can say about the creature that caused the accident, and that's what he is, creature, who already has priors, you shouldn't have been driving. 1.9 at 10:00 in the morning? >> reporter: michael hinds is charged with intentionally causing the crash and it isn't his first oui. wbz stopped by hinds' home and our crews were chased off the property.
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the judge is tough on the driver. >> i just hope like crazy that whatever judge he goes before will give him the maximum amount of time. >> reporter: there was another male passenger inside of the car he was medflighted and listed in serious condition. as for hinds, he is expected to appear in court this morning. it's 5:04 right now. a fugitive convicted for his role in a murder is caught in boston. today, he's heading to court. 36-year-old kevin paul was convicted for his role as an accomplice in the murder of a new hampshire police officer in 1997. police say he was released earlier this year and violated parole. police suspect he's in a burglary ring that steals handguns.
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police say a tip led them to a home last night on arch dale road. they believe the man was hiding in a relative's apartment with inside. at some point, the man jumped from the window and got away. this was not a shaft situation, and no one was hurt. a pennsylvania mom who drove her infant son to boston for medical treatment triggering an amber alert is expected back in court today. tiffany cherry took her son to a pennsylvania clinic last month. a nurse told her to take her son to the nearest emergency room, but cherry drove to boston children's hospital to seek treatment. her lawyers say the amber alert was overblown. now a judge will decide if she gets her children back. two iowa men accused of wanting to cause a mass casualty at the pokemon
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they planned to bring gun as part of the mayhem pokemon crew. a grave crime just days before veterans day. veteran plots, headstones toppled, urns smashed, and this isn't the first time. bree is here now with the story from west bridgewater. good morning, bree. >> good morning. a member of the board says they've been hit before holidays before including memorial day, fourth of july and now veterans day. over the weekend, vandals damaged or destroyed several gravestones, many of which belonged to veterans. the vandals are likely kids, but that doesn't bring comfort to family members like jane voris who often visits her grandparents who died and her father who died not long ago. >> i don't understand. i think they have entirely too much time on their hands. they have no respect whatsoever. they just don't. >> reporter: no arrests have
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this is the fourth time the cemetery has been vandalized in three years. not all of the graves affected were veterans but nonetheless, the cemetery is considering removing flags in hopes of removing the target. back to you. it's 5:07 right now. a new push to make school buses safer. federal safety officials want seat belts on all school buses. nicole has a closer look at the push for seat belts. good morning, nicole. you, chris. this has been on ongoing debate for years and slowly states are getting the hint, if you will. they are implementing legislation that would require seat belts but only a handful of them. them. we'll give you a closer look right now at statistics nationwide regarding these school bus crashes and the need for the seat belts. the national highway traffic administration is looking
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roughly four children die every year in school bus crashes. right now, only six states require seat belts on school buses. two of those states are in the northeast, new york, and new jersey. >> seat belts to save lives should be on every school bus. >> let's figure out how to get them on every school bus. >> reporter: we're talking about a seat belt for every child on a school bus. we're told that this could take something like 10 years to implement. so a ways away, but certainly the push is now. we're live in dorchester, nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. a classroom experiment makes more than two dozen kids sick in boston. students at the boston arts academy are working with hydrochloric acid when venting system. 25 kids were treated for headaches and nausea. the university of
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after a widespread protest in campus and a walkout by the school football team. this morning, the players will resume practice. dozens of them refuse to take the field until prison wolfe quit or was fired for his handling of the racial incidents. the chancellor will also step down at the end of the year. yale students crowding the streets in new haven, connecticut, demanding that the ivy league university find a way to address racial inequality. the protest yesterday comes after a woman claims she was turned away from a frat party because she's black. happened. the top eight republican candidates will take the main stage tonight. in milwaukee for the fourth gop presidential debate. it comes as new poll numbers show ben carson and donald trump still ahead of the rest of the pack. trump and carson are neck and neck in the key voting state of south carolina.
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of likely gop primary voters say they will back ben carson. 27% say they would support donald trump. senator marco rubio came in third place with 11%. as for the democrats, hillary clinton made it official filing the paperwork to be on the primary ballot. coming up, new details about what happened when two police officers were dragged by a car. >> the new video and what we're learning about the suspectsp. >> bad news for the pats. dion lewis out for the year. hear what his teammates are saying about the loss. good morning, danielle. >> good morning, kathryn. we're starting off on a dry note. a lot of us will end up being dry. temperatures come up to the mid to upper 50s. showers develop along the south coast today. the steadiest rainfall is tonight and tomorrow. i'll time it out when we come
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. >> take a look at this. a daring climb all the way up the eiffel tower without ropes or harnesses. >> they secretly began the descent at 1:00 a.m.
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at times, they were hiding inside. framework and captured the whole thing on camera. they were eventually caught and agreed not to visit the tower for three years. just for perspective, the eiffel tower is 984 feet tall. >> okay. and when you go up that the way you are supposed to go up it, it's still kind of freaky because you can see through the stairs straight down. >> i had a moment. did you go all the way to the top? >> no, we went to the second tier. >> we got to the top it was very crowded. the wind, i thought you could feel it moving. i was like, okay, let's get back in the elevator. >> i stopped because that's where the champagne was. >> when this france, when this paris. >> i was like, cheese and champagne, i'm there. >> i've never been to the eiffel tower but looking at that view down, it makes me a little dizzy. >> you've got to go.
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>> it did make me dizzy. guys, did you bring your wet weather gear today? yeah, mine is in the car. >> um -- >> kathryn, that's fine. >> mine is in the car. >> that's good. we'll see dry conditions with a little bit of rain approaching the south coast. the steadiest rain falls tomorrow so don't forget it toll. the wind has now gone calm. 32 in nashua and cold in keene sitting at 38. most of us are running in the 40s out the door this morning. so the fall jacket is still necessary for the kids. we'll get a little bit of filtered sunshine this morning. you may want the umbrella southern bristol county, cape and islands. the temperatures will be running in the middle 50s. you can see the clouds that moved in. we do have areas of clouds but those are the high, thin ones that are in place right now that will thicken. here's the rain.
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northern extent through central new jersey right now. a lot of this moisture will end up going out over the ocean but some of it clips the south coast through the afternoon today. the farther north you go, sunshine. scattered showers fill in late this evening after the evening commute. the rain falls steadily and at times heavily overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning is going to be a slow go with areas of heavy rain. i think tomorrow by late afternoon and evening, there will still be pockets of light rain around that eventually taper after around 9:00, 10:00 and far eastern massachusetts. most of us end up with a half inch to inch and a half of rain. the wind will be an issue, too, late tonight into early tomorrow. it will still be gusty tomorrow afternoon, but especially at the coastline from the tip of essex county back down to the south shore and okay. that's where we'll see gusts 35 to 45 miles per hour.
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everybody else, it is a breezy day across the interior. so high temperatures today, 55 to 60 for most of us. again, greatest risk of any wet weather along the south coast. tonight, we get into some of the rain, overnight lows in the 40s for most of us. look at our veterans day forecast. just chilly, raw feel with areas of rain and temperatures don't get out of the 40s tomorrow. we do rebound again to end the week, though. another round of showers comes in on thursday during the afternoon and evening. a mild breeze back up to 60 on friday. the weekend's looking good. there may be a brief shower late on saturday. temperatures only in the 50s. coolest on sunday. traffic and weather together. robi, i almost hit a deer this morning. >> reporter: ooh, that's been happening a lot lately. >> inches i stopped. it was on the ramp getting on the highway. >> it is the scariest thing. >> yeah.
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>> you see the eyes first usually glowing at you. >> yep. >> oh, boy, on this shift, too it happens a lot. slowdowns in the city we're looking at right now due to road work. the accident is out in charlton on the mass pike eastbound after the charlton plaza. two lanes are blocked there. only one is getting by there. we are seeing bumper to bumper backup towards i-84. a late-clearing work crew has created the delays on the expressway northbound that's now stop and go from southampton street back to the south bay mall. chris, kathryn? new details about what happened when two boston police officers were dragged by a car after a traffic stop. security video shows the legs of one of the officers hanging out the passenger window. take a look at that. the officers pulled that car over after it was speeding in mattapan going 70 miles per hour down blue hill ave. gill letter bryant hit the gas
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carrying them 100 yards until vehicle. the officers suffered only minor injuries and have been bryant is under arrest. boston is one of the fist cities in the country to test out a new safety feature on the uber app. riders can share their eta with loved one as well as the driver's name and plate number. youth soccer could get new rules. they are recommending kids under 10 should be banned from head butting the soccer ball. they also want to know whether kids with suspected concussions can play in games, not the coachesp. steve burton has your morning sports. >> reporter: good morning, everybody.
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would be one of the pats' biggest play-makers this season, would you never believe it, but he was just that. making the fact that the pats him him on injure reserve is a punch to the gut. he tore his acl in his left knee on this play. you can see him grab for it before he ever got hit. it's a big loss. now it's next man up. >> you have to be yourself. you can't be superman and do what he's doing. i'm doing whatever i can. my role may be different than his role was. whatever i have to do, i'm going to do itp. >> we always talk about being professionals and doing our jobs and things of that nature. it won't be easy, but you know, we'll do the best that we can and prepare hard this week and try to do what we can moving forward. >> reporter: dion lewis moving down, how devastating is that? >> dion was the x-factor in our offense.
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linebackers and safeties and, you know, we got a lot of guys that are ready to step up and grasp an opportunity to make as many plays for the team to win games. it's unfortunate to see. danny amendola held a flights for fights. they were guest bartenders at loretta's last call in great cause. if you are wondering about wes welker, he signed with the st. louis rams. i'm steve burton. over to you. why it's time to focus on the issues instead of the candidates past. >> child poofter seats which
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every sip. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you. brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'.
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welcome back at 5:24 right now. the top gop candidates facing off again tonight in another presidential debate. >> this morning, jon keller takes a closer look at the issues the candidates should be talking about. >> reporter: good morning. here we go again tonight with yet another republican presidential debate. while the fiasco of the last one may prompt tonight's moderators to be less obvious about it, you can count on
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and opportunities for pettiness. so it's with absolutely no expectation that this will actually happen that i offer up a suggestion. in honor of veterans day tomorrow, why not ask a series of questions with special issues? start with donald trump's promise to dismantle the dysfunctional v.a. hospital system and reimburse private health care providers for veterans care. is that realistic? if more money is needed to end excessive backlogs and infear your care, where will it come from? candidate answers to that one would tell voters plenty about their understanding of government, tax policy, funding issues, health care systems and the actual needs of veterans, all of which seem considerably more important than whether or not ben carson tried to knife a gay 50 years ago. what about mental health issues impacting vets, drug addiction and the psychological trauma
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we've heard next to nothing about mental health from veterans or anyone else. tonight is none too soon to start and could arguably move question. under what circumstances should way? the discussion of those issues another round hair pulling? but when are the chances any of them would make the cut? let us know what you think at which booster seats scored the highest safety marks? >> and a push to keep kids more safe on school buses. a closer look at the plan and why it could take a long time to get approval. danielle? >> chris, tracking areas of rain that are moving through
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new jersey, philly, and d.c. this morning. we'll let you know how much to
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right now at 5:30, a young father dead after what investigators call a case of road rage.
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speaking out, demanding justice. >> vandals targeting a disabled veteran and his wife. why the couple is worried they'll have to move. >> a closer look at child booster sees. which seats get the high marks when it comes to safety and which ones should parents avoid? good morning. it is 5:30 right now. welcome back. i'm kathryn hauser. >> i'm chris mckinnon. it is tuesday, november 10th. we've got a little bit of precipitation you are watching. >> that's a big word. >> yeah it was. [ laughter ] >> i do that sometimes. so i think a lot of today will be dry. the exception may be the south coast. tonight, tomorrow not looking good. >> okay. >> it will be damp, wet, windy, raw. only in the 40s tomorrow. it's just a dry start to the day.
5:27 am
46 in boston currently. 34 in norwood where we were in the 20s at this time yesterday. so it's not as cold as 24 hours ago. 35 in fitchburg. 28 in keene. lower 40s from falmouth back down to the cape and islands. the clouds move in but they may get a little bit of filtered sunshine. there's rain to our west and south. a lot of this will clip later on today. the morning drive has dry conditions. a lot of clouds around with the high thin ones. the clouds will thicken up through your midday lunch hour. 56 degrees, showers develop along the south coast and cape cod. that's where we'll see pockets of rain and showers through the evening hours. along the south coast, everybody else is staying dry with an increasing wind coming in off the ocean through the course of the evening drive. the strongest wind comes today heaviest rain.
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let's get you on the roads with traffic and weather together. at least no traffic issues this morning, robi. >> yeah, wait until tomorrow, right? here's a live look over the expressway right now. the northbound side has heavy volume but no major backups. 128 southbound bumper to bumper and route 3 northbound you are already sluggish between ruinen street and the split. things are starting to ease up after the crash on the mass pike. eastbound had all lanes closed about an hour ago. they are reopened now, but there are delays back to i-84 in sturbridge. chris, kathryn? checking our top stories on this tuesday morning, a norton money charged in a deadly road rage incident is due in court. jarrod arrone died when michael
5:29 am
pickup on 495. police say hinds was drunk. arrone leaves behind a 7-year- old and a fiance. federal safety officials want seat belts on all school buses. right now, they are only required in six states and massachusetts isn't one of them. it's estimated four kids die every year in school bus crashes. investigators say adding seat belts could cut that number in half. we have an update on the deadly crash that sent a pickup into the charles river. state police have ruled out one possible cause. they say the toyota tacoma that crashed into the water was not part of the safety recall where vehicles suddenly accelerated. on saturday night, the tacoma ran a red light, sideswiped the car and crashed off the creigh bridge into the charles. brian arkan and rebecca smith both from rhode island died.
5:30 am
should have stopped the crash. the state tells us the barrier was designed to protect pedestrians, not vehicles. police inp in are trying to find the strand -- police in new hampshire are trying to find the vandals. vandals smeared dog feces on the minivan and the next night they painted the side of the vehicle. the couple recently got a handicapped parking spot. whatever the motive, they hope it has nothing to do with veterans day. >> to do something right around veterans day and my wife and i have been married 35 years, they did it on our anniversary. >> i'm appalled. i just can't believe that somebody would do this and target people. >> the family worries that if the vandals are not found, they may have to move. pressure is being put on the state to protect the
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members of the u.s. congress from massachusetts saint letter to key state lawmakers. they want the statehouse to pass legislation to extend nondiscrimination practices to transgender citizens. new this morning, child booster seats are getting safer according to a new report for the insurance institute for highway safety. bree is back with a closer look at those seats and which one has the best mark. hi, bree. >> reporter: good morning. all of the new seats this year are in good shape with the insurance institute for highway safety. but parents should do their homework because major retailers continue to sell booster seats the iihs will not endorse. 20 of the 23 booster seats new on the market this year are deemed a best bet for the insurance institute for highway safety. three were rated good bets. >> there aren't any seats this year that we wouldn't recommend. >> reporter: they tested both high back and backless
5:32 am
fit an average child in just about any vehicle. >> what we're looking for is that the lap belt belt sits low across the top of the thigh and the shoulder belt needs to sit snuggley at the shoulder. it shouldn't be riding up on the neck or face. >> reporter: parents, the iihs is calling on manufacturers of six older models that are not recommended to stop making them. if you have one, don't throw it out. just goat a new one as soon as possible. the iihs says crash tests proved any booster seat is better than no seat at all. the group says that best seats are not necessarily the most expensive. the group believes there is one 2015 best bet seat that retails for $15. not a big price pay for something that will keep your kids safe. >> absolutely. i was thinking the more you spend, the better. >> no. >> thank you very much for the
5:33 am
straight ahead, workers fighting for better wages. >> looking to get past fast food to get to fast food is coming upp. >> and a big surprise for the speech therapist. a giant company shelling out big bucks to help schools in the boston area. we'll be right back. every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds.
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. >> a security breach affecting thousands of comcast customers. >> plus, a fast food fight that could impact service today. >> jill wagner has today's money watch. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, chris and kathryn. fast food workers in about 300 cities are planning to walk off
5:35 am
the job at 6:00 a.m. it's part of their fight for $15 an hour pay. they also want to influence the 2016 election. comcast is telling about 200,000 customers to change their passwords. comcast confirms the list of user names and passwords because it was being shopped on the so-called dark web. most of the info was inaccurate or outdated and says there is no breach of its own system. to those big spenders out there, here is a gem that comes along once in a blue moon. southebys has a blue moon diamond that is expected to sell up to $55 million and that would set a world record for any gem. chris, kathryn, i'll put that on my birthday list. >> ooh! >> listen, i'm putting it on my just so you know.
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>> jill already called it. >> reporter: sorry, kathryn, there's only one. >> you'll get to split that. >> no way. >> thanks a lot, jill. [ laughter ] coming up a look at the day's top stories. >> learning how to pinch your pennies and why you may be wasting your hard earned money without realizing it. >> if you ever had to appeal a parking ticket, you know it can be a hassle. now the city of boston can allow to you fight a ticket doing it via skype. you have to live outside of massachusetts. it's our "daily talker." danielle? >> good morning. a lot of weather watchers are up this morning. thank you, as always, for your daily report. so great to see so many observations coming in. jack says 38 in lexington. a little cooler when you come to belmont sitting at 30 degrees right now and 40s in a lot of spots. we're on our way to the 50s later on today.
5:37 am
i'm tracking some rain in the hour by hour forecast.
5:38 am
welcome back. it's 5:44 on your tuesday morning. a big surprise for a speech therapist at the murphy store. she asked google's charity armed for money to pay for printer ink and laminated sheets to teach students better
5:39 am
during an assembly, google will donate $42,000 for special education projects across boston and cambridge. >> that's so nice. >> yeah. >> such a good way to give back. >> you can see the mascot giving it. >> we can get a check of the forecast and there's changes. it's just the timing of everything is up in the air, danielle. >> for veterans day, too, it's a chilly, raw feel tomorrow. so while some people may have the day off tomorrow. that's when the heaviest rains will come down for any veterans day parades or plans you may have. it will be a wet and windy day at all. it's 46 in boston right now. there are some 30s on the map. 28 in keene. 44 in worcester right now. 40s for the cape and islands. look at what happened in the city of boston. we're talking about a little bit of sunshine once it comes up then temperatures in the mid-60s. the clouds thicken and we stay dry in the city of boston.
5:40 am
the rain doesn't arrive until late evening and overnight tonight. the clouds are in place right now. look at that rain. not too far away. the northern edge of precipitation isn't making all that far northward progress this morning. it looks like a lot of this moisture will be out to sea and clipped the south coast through the afternoon today. the showers arrive along the south coast by early afternoon. most of the evening will feature dry weather with just scattered showers. fills in. this is after midnight tonight. the rain falls hard into tomorrow morning. downpours embedded in there. drainage flooding with the leaves clogging the drains this time of the year. the intensity and the coverage of the rain will gradually taper off tomorrow. it looks like some pockets of light rain may linger into the evening and eastern massachusetts. it's just a chilly raw feel and a damp day overall. totals top out between a half
5:41 am
most of us, but there may be locally higher amounts that hug the coastline here. i wouldn't be surprised to see 2 inch amounts that come back in a few localized areas. the wind is going to be a concern as well. a wind advisory has been posted for eastern essex county back down to the cape and islands from 1:00 a.m. tonight until 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. that's when the strongest wind comes in. we may see gusts that top out 40 to 50 miles per hour. i think 50 miles per hour would be isolated let's say on nantucket and maybe near chatham. gusts 40 to 45 may cause isolated pockets of damage during the overnight and tomorrow morning especially. mostly cloudy today and south coast more like showers. upper 50s. tonight we drop back into the 40s. a few 30s well north and west of town. highs tomorrow for our veterans day. do not get out of the upper 40s to low 50s. have the wet weather gear with
5:42 am
develop again on thursday so another round comes in during the afternoon and evening. on friday. we'll be back up around 60. a little windy on saturday and then around 50 on sunday. we stay in the 50s to start how's it looking, robi? >> reporter: we're seeing plenty of slowdowns north and south of the city right now. checking the north with a live look over 93 in somerville. a late clearing work crew slowing things down on the tobin bridge inbound between the chelsea curves and everett app. from the south, 128 southbound stop and go between logan express and the split. 24 northbound slow. route 3 north you hang up between route 18 and the split. it's 5:48 right now on your tuesday morning. veterans graves vandalized. >> here are your top stories on this tuesday morning. >> reporter: good morning, i'm
5:43 am
susie steimle live at the foxboro state police barracks where a drunk driver was held overnight. police say that 67-year-old michael hinds had a blood alcohol level of 1.9 when he hit a victim's car twice intentionally in what they are calling a road rage-infused accident. the victim in this case is 37- year-old jarrad arrone. he was driving on 495 yesterday morning when hinds hit him, according to police, causing his car to roll over. he died on impact. there was another passenger in his car who was medflighted to rhode island hospital and is now in serious condition. this is not hinds' first time being charged with oui. you'll hear from the victim's family and what they are hoping happens in court later this morning. that's coming up at 6:00. for now, we're live in foxboro. susie steimle, wbz this morning. veterans plots now vandalized.
5:44 am
the dave in hopes of removing the target. over the weekend, vandals damaged or destroyed several gravestones, many of which belong to the vandals. they are likely kids. it's the fourth time this cemetery has been vandalized in three years. still ahead at 6:00, why the cemetery thinks the upcoming holiday has something to do with the most recent crime. good morning. i'm nicole jacobs live in dorchester. you can see school bus drivers heading out as the debate of seat belts on school buses continues. the national highway traffic administration is looking closely at statistic where's roughly four children die every year in school bus crashes. right now, only six states require seat belts on school buses, two of those states are in the northeast, new york and new jersey. again, taking a live look here. massachusetts is not one of the
5:45 am
belts, but of course, the national experts believe that implementing them could cut that national statistic in half. we're live in dorchester, nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. a new hampshire woman becoming the latest person to sue comedian bill cosby for defamation. she claims he falsely accused her of lying when she came forward last year and accused him of raping her in 1965. the lawsuit was filed in federal court in springfield. it is 5:51 on a tuesday morning. you may be wasting money this holiday season without even realizing it. analysts say you can do something smart. don't buy things just because they are on sale.
5:46 am
5:51 is your time. if you ever had to appeal a parking ticket, you know it can be a real hassle to fight it at city hall. >> boston city hall is making it easier if you don't live around here. robi's here on this one. good morning, robi. >> reporter: don't you hate the sight of a bright orange piece of paper? you might not take the time and energy to appeal the thing. if you live in mass chute, it can be a pain. if you are an out-of-stater, perhaps a tourist, you can appeal it remotely via skype. according to the "boston globe," the city of boston started offering it in the past. you were allowed to send a friend or relative to appeal if you didn't feel like coming back. now ticketed drivers can opt for an appeal session live via the ipad or desktop but you have to live somewhere other than the baystate, and your car
5:47 am
has to be registered elsewhere. chances of winning? "the globe" says over the past year, 66% of all tickets challenged were dismissed. only five of the skype appeals have happened so far, and they were all forgiven. so let's look at comments going on right now. i can imagine some massachusetts people may be upset. deborah says "why not make it easier for all?" folks that do not always drive into boston make mistakes as well. be friendly so folks will come into the city." thanks for commenting. we'd love to hear from you. we'll read more coming up at 6:00. chris, kathryn? still to come, a little late night fun. >> james cordon and alanis morrissette recreating one of
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every sip. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you. brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'.
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remember the alanis morrissette song "ironic?" >> who can forget. >> it's getting an update. she sang this version with james corden on the "late late show." [music]
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[music] [music] >> she's been injecting new life into her 1995 album "jagged little pill." >> she's also done a chick version of the song with meghan trainor and jimmy fallon. you can catch the show right here on wbz. >> she looks great. that was one of the greatest albums. >> i remember being a little kid jamming outside.
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