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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 11, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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life from the channel 4 cities in piston, wbz news at 11 starts right now. >> rain, wind, hail, even tornadoes, a powerful storm system stretching from texas to minnesota and is now headed in our direction, and it started with snow. blizzard-like conditions in parts of colorado, up to a foot of snow falling in some places. fortunately, we're grabbing umbrellas. >> and this storm is going to affect our commute tomorrow evening. >> an impressive system coming up out of colorado. we call them colorado hoes, because they develop on the lee side of the mountains, they race up to the great lakes. tonight looks like a number 9. we've had the snow on the backside. that wintery part of it is starting to weaken. most of the storm system will
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weaken as it approaches, but it's left a mark. several tornadoes across iowa. dangerous evening in the middle part of the country. we're looking at a lot of clouds in the morning, but already by the time we get to lunchtime, the rain showers start moving in. they'll linger through the afternoon into the evening. a couple downpours could be mixed in. at this point, i'm not expecting thunder and lightning a. wet second half of the day. you'll want the umbrella handy. to the end of the week, that same storm system parks its way to the north. it also cools us down. take a look at your full forecast coming up in just a few minutes from now. lisa? . >> we'll see you then, eric. a warning from police, people using dating sites are being robbed. they think they're meeting a date, but instead it's a man with a gun. july longchek has one expert's advice on how to stay safe. >> reporter: this prime investigator says -- are
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never who they say they are, and he says he takes as many as a half a dozen calls a week about this. tinder, match, okay cupid. there are now dozens of dating apps for the millions who meet online. but for more than a month now, boston police say people have been falling victim to catfishing, agreeing to meet a potential date, unaware that online profile is fake or set up with the sole purpose of committing the crime. and six times, victims say they've been robbed at gunpoint when meeting up with their potential love interest. wbz security analyst ed davis. >> this kind of a pattern of activity usually involves the same actors, the same individuals. >> a major problem nowadays. >> reporter: jim lose year is a private detective. >> a lot of times we find out they're sex offenders, other types of criminals. >> reporter: he says he handles more cases than you'd expect, and says they're
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>> they never are who they say they are. check this person. something not good with the situation. >> reporter: police say be mindful with those who won't chat with you face to face online before meeting up. it sounds obvious, but police say never ever agree to meet somebody at your home or at their home. always meet at a public place, like a library, a police department, or a coffee shop. live at dpd headquarters in rocksbury, july longch,k, wbz news. police shooting and killing a gunman at a construction site. investigators say he was armed with two weapons in an elevator tower, and was taking aim at a nearby hospital. that hospital was put into lockdown. the gunman was wanted for a robbery at a nearby sporting goods store. there were no other injuries. >> also developing, crews battling this massive wildfire in california tonight. those fast-moving flames have already scorched
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valley about 0 miles from downtown l.a.. fire crews say this fire is burning in the same area as the rust i can fire in august, and that could help to limit the damage. the faa is investigating lasers that were pointed at 3 airplanes in dallas. nobody was hurt, be the beam of light was reportedly coming from the same general direction each time. >> the lights are changing from red to white to blue. the prudential tower is also patriotic colors tonight. a thank you to all the men and our military. tonight the family of a decorated soldier is fighting to honor him and other service members. is taking on suicide. she wants to make sure the mental anguish they have suffered tuesday not tarnish the recognition they
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>> reporter: the fated photo hides the physical and mental pain. >> christmas of `75. >> reporter: sommerville native andy nott fought in vietnam. julie rogers has taken on the fight to honor his service. >> he was a hero. he volunteered for that war. a lot of people ran away from that war. >> reporter: nott found on the ground, earning numerous awards. he came home paralyzed from the waist down. he died at the age of 32. his death certificate reads . >> they didn't have the help medically either. if he died in the law or of his injuries without saying that, yes, he would be on that wall today. >> reporter: because he committed suicide, andy nott's name is not on the vietnam memorial in washington, d.c. his family has written leters and made phone calls for years. >> because of the suicide, they would not consider it. >> reporter: now there's the recognition of ptsd and mental conditions often
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facing soldiers returning home. rogers hopes the government will reconsider and take into account the scars of war. >> he loved his country, and he got disabled and hurt, and i think he deserves the recognition for being on that wall. i do. i really do. >> reporter: and there are 22 million veterans in the united states. many say they do not get enough support when they get home. in fact 38% say the u.s. government does not provide enough adequate help when it comes to job training all the way up to health care. reporting live in the satellite center, katie bray, nbc. >> president is calling on everyone to think about the veterans and thank the veterans long after day. the president laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns at the arlington national cemetery, saying he is, quote, "still not satisfied with the current care veterans receive, and
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our first look at a new project that will transform boston, drastically changing the area near the td garden. a closer look at the details, and, kate, not everyone is happy with this. >> reporter: no, david, and the changes have already begun down here. if you eve been down here recently, take a look. this lot in front of the garden used to be for staff and players to park. not anymore. it's closed off with construction equipment. pretty soon, this area here will look totally different. it is our first look at what's to come on causeway street. this is the future of the boston garden, a mega shopping, entertainment, housing development project right in the middle of the city. right here on this 2.8-acre plot of land next to the already congested and bus ling gardens. >> we're excited. more of the same. >> i think it's great, honestly. bringing -- we want more people in here. >> reporter: and you can bet on more people. the plans just cleared a major
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hurdle, and it calls for 500 apartments, 00 hotel rooms, a grocery store, movie theater, bowling ally, 600,000 square feet of office and 300,000 square feet of shopping space. >> what's your reaction to that? . >> traffic. >> reporter: from traffic to parking, the parking is bad on a good day. tonight is terrible. >> it's like, "why did i go this way." . >> it's pretty bad. especially where tourists drop off at north station. it's difficult. >> reporter: the plans to call for 800 spots of parking, not enough, say some. parking is at a premium. but for the general manager of the fours restaurant, he says it's a trade worth making for the local area. >> a lot of our business is driven off of, you know, action at the garden. nice to see there will be more people in the area on off nights, summertime. help the whole city out.
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>> reporter: this $950 million project is privately funded. it will get hefty tax breaks thanks to former boston mayor tom munito. i'm told construction here will begin soon. wbz news. regulate uber. we now know a man accused of dragging two boston police officers had a history of bad driving. with,ber. this incident was caught on camera over the weekend. brian gilbert is charged with assault and battery. ub,r tells us it removed gilbert weeks before the incident after it learned about his earlier driving offenses. u critics say uber should have checked into his past before hiring him. the boston-based draft kings says new york's legal analysis is flawed, and that company will also challenge it. meantime here in mass, attorney general moira healy said she does not plan to follow in new york's foot steps and will offer her
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recommendations by the end of this year. new tonight, the lead singer of the band playing the station nightclub when a deadly fire broke out is working on a document tarry about that tragedy. a hundred people died in february of 2003 when fireworks ignited a blaze in the west warwick, rhode island club. jack russell said he never had a chance to apologize for his fans' role in that fire. he hopes the document tarry will be a fitting tribute to the victims. don movell is suing a newton golf course, claiming discrimination against people with disabilities. lov,ll uses a specialized golf cart. he uses the cart all overnugget, but the woodland country club said it ruins their green. lovell said the cart weighs loss than a lawnmower, but woodland doesn't want to hear about it. >> i was convinced a lack of understanding, and then
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understand and an effort to not understand. >> lovell said this is not only about him, be to rights of other disabled golfers to play at any course they choose. coming up, homeowners spending thousands on furniture and getting nothing in return. >> they claim a boston interior designer took their money and disappeared. the i team tracked her town and what she has to say coming up next. >> plus alls well that ends well. a closer look at how rescuers saved a local family's beloved dog. >> it's the newest tactic in the long-running clash over christmas. consumer pressure will put religion back in the
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there were no injuries. amazingly on the ground. a to then family's dog is back home tonight after spending a cold night down a 25-foot well. the higgin family was worried sick when they couldn't find buddy. another dog finally led them right to the well and to buddy. the firearm came and used a harness to pull him out. >> i looked down, and he wasn't moving. i called his name, and he started moving. >> the family now plans to fill that well. buddy, you can tell right here, is doing just fine. >> that's what buddy was saying there. it is a prime-time -- steven colbert, a special live edition of the late show will air immediately after the super bowl on cbs. you can see the late show every weeknight on wbz after our newscast. the audience on that particular
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number of the night, 100 million. that's how many people typically watch the super bowl and typically watch the patriots >> i know. just thinking about that, particularly after last year's. exciting. let's talk about the weather. apparently we are not quite in the clear >> no. feels like tomorrow morning's commute is better than tomorrow evening's commute? . >> absolutely. rain showers will move in around the lunchtime hours, increase as we head into the afternoon after a dry start to month, a more active pattern. this most recent storm all over the place when it came to rain totals. lewdenburg at over 3 quarters. you go to concord, a quarter inch. some metro west towns, only about .15 inches of rainfall. that storm is moving its way out to sea off to the east. it's taking hurricane kate along with it. we'll have clouds and spotty drizzle tonight. temperatures have been holding pretty steady, low to mid-40s. that's what we get out the door tomorrow morning. mostly cloudy skies. back to school for a lot of
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students after a day off today for veteran's day. by the time we head to the end of the schoolday, you'll want the umbrella. and temperatures making their way in the 50s. that's because of this storm system. all curled up in the middle of a potent one. moving up to the great lakes. that's where the big push of energy goes. after it arrives here, we get rush hours and downpours, which is probably a good thing for us. taking a look at the overall timeline, tomorrow mostly cloudy skies. another day where probably a cup of coffee or cup of tea kind of afternoon to get you through it. it will be approach november. the showers arriving by midday. scattered showers, downpours through the afternoon, evening. at this time, i'm not expecting lightning or thunder. we'll be in and out of it the second quarter half of the day. be sure to have the rain jackets, rain boots. umbrella not too far away. high tomorrow, low to mid-50s down toward the south coast and cape. another system behind it. that's on friday. plenty of wind rounding the northeast as we head through the day on friday.
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during the evening and overnight, the rush hours and maybe even a few snow showers are going to be working their way through. best chance for some snow flakes the becker shires into southern parts of vermont, and maybe a few on the wooster hills. once that pushes through, we're going to be drying out and cooling off as we head toward the weekend. wind another part of our forecast. tomorrow it's pretty breezy out of the south, southeast. into friday, that wind turns west, southwest, and it's going to be very gusty all day long. i think many of these gusts will be around 30 miles per hour through the day and across the region. right away in the morning. we'll be rolling down the street otherwise. those winds will stay with us right on into saturday. colder air pouring in. it will be drier, calmer. sunny skies to start the weekend. a breather by sunday. high pressure will be taking control, which means brighter skies. means a little less wind. that's a pattern that will stay with us into next week. your temperature trend here, we're in the 50s for tomorrow and friday, some upper 40s on saturday, mouse the wind. a chill in the air this week.
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warming trend next week with a lot of sun for the first several days. there's your acuweather 7-day. if you want to -- yardwork, sunday is your pick. too windy on saturday. >> we like it. tonight local homeowners say they paid thousands of dollars for furniture they never got. >> the i team found customers complaining of a designer. the i team tracked her down to try to get some answers. >> reporter: from the drapes to the pillows to the blinds, decorating a home can be overwhelming. >> we purchased the chairs she had recommend. >> reporter: that's why brian levin son and his wife hired amanda seth the, a consultant who offered affordable furnishings through her web site, homemade design. >> this business seemed legitimate on the internet. >> reporter: despite paying $5,000 months ago,
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some of the rooms in brian's new suburban dallas home remain empty. >> it's embarrassing to be scammed, essentially. the factory has already begun the frame of the sofa. >> reporter: through, mail, brian was assured the furniture was on the way. weeks turned into months, and when seth the stopped complaining, brian decided to get answers for the wholesaler. >> than i called them, and they said the furniture had never been ordered. it was just all, i mean, very difficult to believe. >> reporter: but the i team learned brian isn't the only customer feeling ripped off. we found a woman in newton suing for $3,000. another homeowner in needham demanding a refund of $7,000. yet another victim in new york who's out more than $8,000. reached by phone, seth the refused an on-camera interview and told the i team she's working to resolve the customer complaints. but when her answers about the missing thousands of dollars didn't add up, the i team caught up with her in charlestown. can you just explain what happened? . >> i absolutely have, and i
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would be happy to refer you to my lawyer, i guess, for a statement. >> reporter: what is the answer what happened to the money? . >> i told you on the phone. >> reporter: why can't they get a refund? . >> they are. i told you that. thank you. >> reporter: brian isn't holding his breath. >> homemade design will refund your furniture purchase in full. >> reporter: he was promised a check was in the mail, but that was several months ago. >> unless this business is exposed, that's the only way this is going to stop. i might not get my money back, but at least it can just stop. >> reporter: even though homemade design operates out of charleston, it was incorporated in delaware. we found the business's good standing was revoked for failing to pay fees there. courts.
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highlight by evan turner. 18 on the break. 20 points. and then it's turn we are the shot. it's rim, in and out.
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but check out the hustle by jared sellers. a double-double. . are. j. hunter launches the 3, and nails it. 4 for 24 from down south. paul george was a man among boys tonight. a nice run for 2, putting them up by 7. later in the 4th, george with a sweep, behind-the-back pass. easily laze it in. georgia ends it with 26 points. 92-101. >> we started off the 3rd quarter great, and then, you know, they were -- paul george made paul george plays coming out of the-out, and we didn't respond. >> we were up 7, and we had a few mistakes, went from there. to football. patriots got back to work, going up to sunday's game against the giants. pats listed four offensive
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linemen on the injury -- including gas chen palmer, who has concussion. the team worked outdoors today. it was a light practice. tom brady knows the giants very well, but the memories aren't so great. those games won't provide any extra motivation on sunday. >> i would have much rather won them than lost them. but they won't have any bearing on this week or, you know, what the matchups are. it's a totally different team and game and situation, so forth. they've got a great organization. they eve had a great organization for a long time. the missed point of the season, and many pundits around the country are saying tom brady is the mid-season mvp. just don't tell bill bell chick that. he could care less. >> that's great.
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is focused on that. who cares. what difference does it make. i don't really -- it doesn't matter. i don't really care about some mid--season, mid--term grades. >> check out all access right here on wbz. kickoff is at 4:5. "i don't care really care. who cares?" . wrack. stay with us. dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich,
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a new tactic is now being deployed. >> i love christmas. but for some, the season of light is dipped by a secular culture's push to downplay it its religious significance. anger over the spread of holiday ewe fa pitches has been bubbling up for years. now that long-simmering frustration has found a new outlet, a boycott that rewards businesses that fully embrace the christian holiday. >> in a world of
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secularization, those people who respect christmas are going to be more sought after consumers. confusing. web site frowns on starbucks, because their cup lax religious referencings, preferencing dunkin doughnuts, where the cup says "joy." other products cite joy and for that matter, christmas. is this the fog of war? . >> in the market, where faith- driven consumers are treated equally with other communities. >> a little early still to be talking about christmas before thanksgiving. . >> what they're doing here? the overcommercialization of christmas in general, but look, i'm reminded of rodney the l.a. riots back in the `9 0s. cant we all just get along, correctness, acknowledge
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