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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 13, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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breaking news this noon, a woman who claimed to be a marathon bombing survivor took tens of thousands of dollars from the one fund now says she's guilty. >> a major strike in the war on terror. the drone attack that may have taken out the terrorist who killed a new england native. >> trump's tirade. the presidential hopeful goes off and he spares no one. >> a windy weekend ahead. how long the winds will stick around is coming up in your forecast. we begin with breaking news right now at noon.
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a woman accused of stealing thousands from the one fund pleads guilty. good afternoon. >> thanks so much for joining us. authorities say joanna lee faked a traumatic brain injury after marathon bombing and she's facing a hefty bill. >> reporter: at one point joanna lee said she was the target of a witch point. today she changed her tune pleading guilty to receiving nearly 40,000 in benefits she didn't deserve including about $8000 from the one fund. a judge did not give her any jail time, a three year suspended sentence, community service and mental health evaluation. she will have to pay back all the money because prosecutors say lee falsely claimed she suffered a brain injury in the boston marathon bombing and billed herself as a hero
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claiming she ran toward the second blast. now she was blocks from the bombings but investigators say she did not receive medical treatment until two weeks after the attack. here is what her attorney had to say about his client outside the courtroom. >> a crazy crime, you know. it's like stupid. there were other defendants that already were sentenced and they weren't at the bombing. >> reporter: how is she going to pay the money back? her attorney says it will come from her mom's retirement money and savings. her attorney said she probably could have received money honestly because she has a ptsd diagnosis from the bombing. he even showed us a picture of lee allegedly helping someone on the day of the bombing. louiso moller. >> thank you very much. developing now, one of the most recognizable figures in
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killed. >> the pentagon is working to confirm. >> reporter: a u.s. official tells cbs news they are almost certain a u.s. strike killed isis terrorist muhammed emwazi. a missile was fired tuesday night as he entered a vehicle. praised u.s. mission. many more people. >> reporter: he is believed to be responsible for beheading at least seven hostages including american journalist james foley and an american aid worker in syria in 2014. the gruesome videos he appeared in presented the world water fiing image of the islamic state and were a powerful
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emwazi was born in kuwait but raised in london, a graduate from university of westminster he had a degree in computer programming. emwazi disappeared from his family's london home two years ago and traveled to syria. video massacres he staged turned him into a symbolic leader of the islamic state and a top u.s. target. >> the united states has been tracking jihadi john for more than a year. secretary of state john kerry says this strike should serve as a warning to all extremists that their days are numbers. we spoke with a local mother whose son spent time as a hostage in syria. she says even if jihadi john is dead, isis won't lose any steam. >> reporter: for nancy, this makes little difference. >> it doesn't solve the problem. i don't think we will be
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eliminating this problem for a long time. >> reporter: she's seen cruelty of terrorism in a way few americans have. as a mother waiting for her hostage son to come home. theo curtis was working as a freelance writer when taken captive for two years in syria. >> it breaks my heart. >> reporter: during the painstaking time she made an unexpected friend. >> we met fairly early on before we knew whether our sons were alive. >> reporter: that woman was james foley's mother. he was murdered by isis in august of last year. >> we would say to one another, it will be great when they get back because they'll be such good friends. they are teachers and writers from northern new england and love the outdoors. it didn't work out that way. >> reporter: nancy did get her son back but has a hard time celebrating that. >> people would say oh you must be so happy. i say how can i be happy when
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my friend's child has been murdered? >> reporter: instead of recognizing the death of any terrorist nancy prefers to think about the intellectual progress her son has made and the impact journalists like james foley have had. >> they all are people we should be proud of. they were idealistic. they wanted to help. they wanted to bear witness. they felt they could make a difference. >> the foley family just issued a statement saying in part it is a very small solace to learn that jihadi john may have been killed by u.s. government. if only so much effort had been giving to finding and rescuing jim and other hostages they might be alive today. breaking news, a federal judge decided to hold a hearing on appeal conviction. his lawyers are arguing he deserves a new trial because of the publicity in boston.
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boston based draft kings just filed suit against the new york attorney general. the fantasy sports site says the cease and assist letter sent earlier this week is unconstitutional. new york attorney general ordered the site to shut down operations in new york calling it illegal gambling. draft kings rival fan dual has also filed suit. a bright but crisp day today with the winds whipping. we are taking a live look at the city of boston but we've got some changes in the form of a cool down this weekend. >> all eyes on the weekend. pamela joins us with a first look at your forecast. >> good afternoon. the winds continue to whip around. we have wind gusts in boston of 28 miles per hour, winds from the west southwest in all locations. everyone is experiencing 20 to 30 mile-per-hour wind gusts. on cape cod in the islands, you have a wind advisory from now all the way to 7:00 am saturday. winds can gust up to 45 miles per hour.
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at least we have that going for us. it is 58 in boston, 60 for providence. wooster is down to 51 and wooster county, you are starting to see sprinkles. we have a little bit day time heat fueling pop up clouds out there. there is a little bit of a system moving in that could bring some folks some snow into the weekend. i will have more details on that later. for now here is the day planner, temperatures close to 60 for the rest of the day with a few clouds. your weekend forecast is coming up in just a bit. >> thank you. they held up traffic right in the middle of rush hour on 93. now we know those protesters in milton will go to trial. the group is facing additional charges including obstructing an ambulance during the january test for black lives matter. they're now slated to go on trial come march. new at noon, new hampshire mother just appearing in court in the overdose death of her
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teen daughter, jazzmyn rood is charged. her daughter died at a rochester motel last month from an overdose of fentanyl. rood's boyfriend is held on $50,000 bond in connection with the case. the mother who triggered amber alert last month will not get her baby back. a court ruled relatives will continue to care for tiffany cherry's children. cherry was told by a pennsylvania nurse practitioner her son needed emergency dehydration. instead cherry drove five hours to boston children's hospital. to campaign 2016, a big lead for one presidential hopeful while another is getting attention on going on a ridiculous rant. a cbs poll shows hillary clinton has commanding lead. clinton gets 52% of the vote. vermont senator bernie sanders trails with 33%. may are tin o'malley, governor
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a reminder, cbs hosts the weekend's democratic debate. watch it right here tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. republican presidential hopeful donald trump going no holds barred last night launching into a tirade attacking ben carson and the obama administration. no. if you are pathological there is no cure for that, folks. i know more about isis than the generals do. believe me. i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. >> trump holding nothing back, he later said he doesn't care wasn't nice. the patriots preparing for the giants, the team practicing this afternoon before heading to new york tomorrow and the paths are a little banged up. three offensive line men were missing from yesterday's practice.
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been out sick with a virus and it seems gronkowski is eyeing a new position, punt returner. >> i always wanted one. i think if i got room and caught it on the move i think i can do some damage. don't let me catch it when there are 800 guys in front of me. i need to be on my wheels already. >> don't forget to start your sunday with patriots game day at 11:30. patriots and giants kick off at 4:25 on wbz. after the game turn to my tv 38 for the fifth quarter post game show. gronk is showing his other skills which we know include his dancing. >> oh, yes, he appears in a new online video for jetblue. >> i got a great idea. you gotta let me fly this plane. jetblue is official sponsor of new england patriots. i am on the patriots. you are my uncle and chief pilot. it is a no brainer. >> you know i can't let that happen.
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>> he dances away. by the way, that is actually gronk's uncle who is a jetblue pilot. that is a fact. the dance moves, pure pilot talent. party on a plane. a star from ncis is attacked outside her hollywood home. >> a secret service agent caught up in a sexting scandal. disturbing new details. >> giving new life to old shipping containers.
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welcome back. a new scandal for secret service. an agent is under arrest facing sexting charges. lee robert moore is accused of sending obscene images and texts to a person he thought was a 14 year old girl. it turns out the person was an undercover police officer. investigators say some of the texts were sent while moore was
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on duty at the white house. he is now on administrative leave. at the pentagon, a shake up at the top. the defense secretary ash carter fired top military aid. the defense department would only say there have been allegations of misconduct against army lieutenant general ron lewis. but they would not say what he is accused of doing. carter and lewis have a long professional history together. the defense department says he will not face criminal charges. an ncis star is recovering after being attacked by a mugger. paulie pe are. rette says she was walking alone near her town house when grabbed by a man described as homeless. perrette says she was punched in the face and he threatened to kill her. she is recovering but she's shaken, traumatized, house, beloved hollywood, beloved homeless people i spend my life protecting, my life changed tonight.
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hours later officers made an arrest in the case. on health watch, stunning new information about the autism spectrum. the number of children who fall in the range may be a lot higher than originally thought. one out of every 45 american children have the developmental disorder. that's according to a survey of 13,000 parents who were asked if they have ever been given autism diagnosis. a review of school records puts the number a little bit lower, closer to one out of 68. we made it to the end of the week. happy friday to you out there. it's pretty bright at the moment and looking good. >> after a few days of no sun, it's nice to see. >> what a difference. everyone gets in such a better mood with that sunshine. weekend. instant mood booster. >> it is friday the 13th, but we'll take the sun. maybe it's good luck. it's going to be windy into the weekend and the wind will stick
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subsiding a bit for sunday. current gusts are between 30 and 40 miles per hour in some spots, 32 mile-per-hour gusts in the vineyard, 29 mile-per- hour gusts in chatham, wind from the west and southwest. we have a current gust of 28 in boston. forecast wind gusts throughout the rest of today, between 20 and 30 miles per hour in most spots. you see on the cape in the islands, slightly higher gusts projected. that's where you have a wind advisory until 7:00 am saturday. gusts up to 45 miles per hour potentially. current temperatures feel great out there minus the wind with 58 boston, the 50s in lawrence. hour by hour forecast, we will stay in the upper 50s but then cool to the lower 50s in boston, 51 by 7:00, 49 degrees by 9:00. overnight it gets chilly too. before that we have highs right around 60 degrees in a lot of spots, lows back in the 40s for some but 30s, especially
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and once you get to the higher elevations too. the weekend forecast, it is looking a tad cooler for saturday. the first day below the average high of 52 degrees for november so far. sunday back to around average with 53, breezy saturday, not as windy sunday with lots of sunshine both days. here is the satellite and radar picture. we have a few pop up clouds because of the day time heating but also a few showers popping up as well. most of it is not hitting the ground because we have very dry air in place and the clouds are just starting to reach towards 495 and into boston. hour by hour forecast, we keep the chance for a sprinkle or two in the forecast through this evening. notice the boundary overnight. it will pass through the mountain country there giving actually our friends in the ski resorts a chance for some snow overnight, about an inch. still it will be some snow, fresh snow falling. we will keep you updated on totals that come in tomorrow morning on wbz.
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hour by hour we continue to saturday, all of us dry and clear, cooler temperatures, another windy day. sunday high pressure is in control again, so more sunshine. here is the latest with the snow total, almost an inch in some locations. this is extreme high elevations into the north and west. not boston, not cape cod. the seven-day forecast today, 58, 46 saturday, cooler, sunday is 53. still sunny and dry next week. 58 monday, tuesday 52. we get close to 60 wednesday and may push 70s for some by thursday. bargainingk to you. >> did you say snow and then pushing 70s? >> it's new england. >> you got that right. going back in time. >> throw back for one massachusetts town and the
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welcome back. a if you venture putting a ship on the lyrics shipping up to boston. >> a creative solution as the city continues to see booming growth. eight shipping containers have been converted to small shops and restaurants at the seaport district, an area that was mainly industrial for years until young professionals started moving in. >> i think we are all excited that this represents the next generation of what business can look like in this area. >> it's nice to have somewhere that we can rely on everyday.
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>> the shipping containers are already open and the rest of the shops and restaurants should be open at the end of next week. we are getting a peek at the new movie filming in massachusetts. >> the bright lights are on in lawrence. wbz was on the site as ben affleck filmed scenes for "live by night." he is one of the stars and also the director. it is an adaptation of a prohibition era crime novel. affleck will spend two weeks in lawrence before moving to other areas including the north end. the t getting a revamp. what you will soon see on the rails. >> it is time to check the weather watcher reports. temperatures are pretty mild with 50s and 60s, above normal in many locations. ed has 60 under a partly cloudy sky. it is great to feel the sun
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4 to 14 miles per hour and more wind is on the way.
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welcome back. nbta trains are getting a makeover. >> we know exactly what they'll look like. the transit agency has been finishing the review and say these will be the designs. earlier the t questioned authenticity of online voting where passengers got to select their favorite design. more than 25,000 votes were entered. nice. there was some flak for designs but it seems like they made a choice. >> lots of choices for the weekend. >> i know. the temperatures are kind of going down quickly. >> right. it is still not bad. it will be pretty chilly saturday with the wind just as strong as we are experiencing today. then we have a slightly more mild temp expected for sunday with 53, more sunshine, a little bit of a warm up next week too with 64 by thursday. >> the real feel will be a little bit chillier. >> yes.
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>> thank you very much. that will do it for us at noon. be sure to join us for our next newscast at 5:00.
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