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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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people being held against their will at a concert hall. the performance tonight a heavy metal show which likely drew a younger audience. no word yet if those hostage takers have made any demands. we've also heard the mayor of paris has gone there to assess the scene. the location of the three tax. the shooting broke out at a restaurant in the 10th district. the explosions heard at a soccer stadium north of paris and the concert hall where dozens are being held hostage is not far from either attack. on this busy friday night gunshots can be heard during that mass shooting at two restaurants near the capital. we haven't heard anyone has been caught in connection with these attacks. authorities are scouring the streets in the subway system for any of those attackers and obviously everyone thinking about what this means closer to home. tonight the department of homeland security is saying there is no credible threat in the united states at this time. we just learned the french it
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has declared a state of emergency and is closing the borders in france. much. the french president closing the borders as we mentioned earlier deploying the military throughout paris and this is an ongoing situation as ryan mentioned no mention whatsoever of any of these attackers being apprehended or killed at this point in. >> we have heard several different death tolls at this point. and to the point where i think it's safe to say now that dozens have been killed. the numbers have been jumping all i don't have the place. as we look at these live pictures you can see that officials are out across the streets. you can see police stand being machine guns. the bbc putting out a report that there were one individual who actually got out of the theater where the 100 people are being held hostage updating his facebook page this individual to say the gun men inside using a rifle with a
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pumping action shooting one person at a time. so this is just incredible right now. chilling details from those hostages inside the theater there where a heavy metal concert was going on. a california band performing there tonight. and as you say david bone chilling to think people being shot one ate time. there are reports they exchanged gunfire with police they were seeking out and trying to find people hiding inside that theater and you can imagine the scene with at least a hundred hostages the sound, the absolute terror inside that building. >> also reports 30 people did escape that theater. elaine cobb is on the ground in paris she describes the police response to what's happening there tonight. reporter: the police say they have no idea at this stage who is behind either the shootings
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the hostage-taking or the explosions. they are trying to find out anything they can but for the moment it's very much an effort to evacuate the area. there are police surrounding the metro stations there, they are stopping people going down the streets. they are stopping people get into the metro and people in the area are tweeting and saying that they are confused, they have heard shooting in several different areas, and so for the moment there is a lot of fear in eastern paris. don't forget it is the area where the charlie hedbo shootings happened at the starts of this year. >> as she mentioned the january. you may remember so many americans sharing their compassion with paris after that using hashtags on twitter tonight there is the hashtag i am paris as not only the president talking about how we people here all across the country.
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live pictures from the ground in paris, wbz security analyst ed davis the former boston police commissioner joins us. thanks for coming in to look once again at such a tragic scene. we know you have been at the heart of an investigation in these first crucial hires. it is midnight in paris. what can you imagine officials are scrambling to try to do at this hour. >> right now they are trying to get control established in these various areas of the city where these incidents have transpired. the president has put the military on the street. they have asked people to stay in their homes. there's a lockdown in place right now. this is exactly what we fear most mumbai style tack with multiple teams simultaneously hitting different places. so there will be special teams going out. there's a group called the gig n that was -- they were the unit that went in after the
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charlie hedbo attacks and took down the terrorists in the storefront. they are most likely deployed to the theater they are equivalent to the hostage team with the fbi. this is a military response. that's exactly what's going on. the soldiers are on the street. these guys are still out there. they have got to round them up. that's the only thing that's going to stop the chaos that's occurring right now. >> ed seeing so many different things happen at the same time, so many areas of the stip, the die it was coordinated the idea it was plumb almost. it screams out doesn't it isis especially with the things we saw yesterday in beirut. >> there's no question in my mind this is isis that this was a continuation of the war that's occurring in the middle east and it's been brought into france. as they have been threatening to do-over and over again. >> since yesterday isis had released that video which was seen ace threat to russia in
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spill like an ocean and here we sit 24 hours later. from speaking with intelligence officials that you communicate with, as you say these people are on a suicide mission. if they are in the theater shooting people one by one if they walk into public places there will probably no chance at the end of this that many of these attackers are taken alive. >> that's exactly why gig n has been deployed. they practice this they deal with it. they are going to make an entry quickly to try to save as many lives as they possibly can. but we are trained people who do this are on suicide missions and they will try to kill as many people as they can. which is -- which puts these hostages in very, very serious peril. >> ed davis painting this picture of not only the police that you see in this picture from paris but also as we heard from the french president members of the military have been deployed to the streets.
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the borders have been closed. what's the significant there trying to keep people in or trying to keep people out? >> both. they want to try to keep the suspects in so that they can't escape back to the countries where they came from. but right now there's a real threat of other people coming in and continuing this assault that would be very difficult. if if it spilled over into the south or the north of france. resources that you can turn loose on them and they are going to try to contain this and control it as much as possible. this will be like marshall law in france for the next 24 hours. >> and it appears to be the definition of terror walking into every day places where every day people go. restaurants, theaters, explosion at a football stadium. this is the very definition. >> right. and it is exactly what they want to have happen. it's exactly what they planned. and unfortunately they have
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the danger there is that they place his. i know new york is in a high state of alert. jon millerrer is in charge of the counter terrorism efforts there. new york has always taken this threat very, very seriously. there will be a high visibility in new york and some of the other cities around the country. i know the fusion centers all been watching this very, very closely. they are ramped up and very involved in monitoring what's happening in france right now. so they can get the misleaders in the united states the best information as possible. >> tragically as this is unfolding there has been almost a play-by-play unfolding as well on social media channels. people inside the theater where 100 people were taken hostage now many of them actually texting from inside the theater to say that these terrorists continue to take people out one by one. major breaking international story out of paris tonight. we'll have much more coming
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. welcome back we want to bring you up to speed here with what we've been coming from paris. the developments there are unfolding rapidly as we continue to bring you live pictures from paris. in the last hour we know that the french it has closed the borders has deployed the military throughout paris. in paris tonight the first curfew since ww . it is after midnight this is an ongoing situation. there are reports of hostages being held inside a concert hall who have escaped saying that young attackers with guns had shot at random into the crowd were killing hostages one by one in chilling fashion after an explosion at a football stadium and two other
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shootings at a restaurant and a bar in paris tonight. >> we've had our security analyst ed davis alongside of us. this seems to have all the marks of an isis attack. of course we have seen just an increase in activity with that group over the past couple of days. the president made a statement a short time ago expressing his condolences and calling france our oldest ally. >> once again we've seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians. this is an tack not just on paris not just on people of france but this is an attack on all of humanity and universal values that we share. we stand prepared and ready to provide whatever assistance that the government and the people of france need to respond. france is our oldest ally. the french people have stood shoulder to shoulder with the
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and we want to be very clear that we stand together with them in the fight against terrorism and extremism. >> it is worth note taking the president is supposed to go to paris in just a couple of weeks for a meeting on climate change he's scheduled to join 80 other heads of s state on november 30th. there is a state of emergency in paris tonight we do know from the french consulate in boston we checked with boston police they tell us their intelligence department is monitoring the situation. they will will send whatever resources that i be need. these attacks come after a u.s. militant known as jihadi john. >> he is the man who beheaded new hampshire journalist james foley. parents. reporter: today's news does
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not give any james foley's parents necessity comfort or solid list. his mother said the news we hear out of paris as we speak makes the whole situation that much more troubling. >> it's a somber time with the bombing in paris and the bombing going on continuing in syria. my fear is that this violence be gets more violence. reporter: it was a little more than a year ago her son james foley was publicly beheaded by the terrorist known as jihadi john. today the news that he's been taken down has died an and her husband john foley less than impressed if not a little angry. >> sort of like a publicity campaign, you know. we did something. reporter: his freelance journalist son was held captive for two years before he was killed in syria. since his death his grief stricken parents have become critical of the u.s. government's handling of hostages.
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it's not going to end anything. reporter: if their son were alive they say, he'd say the same. >> he would want justice for all the people who are dying, the kids with no parents who are suffering. give me a break. jihadi john is nothing. he is zip absolutely zip. reporter: foleys say if only so much effort had been given to finding and rescuing the hostages they might be alive today. in rochester new hampshire christina hager wbz news, david paula back to you. kristina thank you. just hours after mr. foley there said that killing jihadi john won't ends the war on terror we see the news out of paris devastating news there have been several a attacks almost simultaneous on the streets of paris. looking live right now as the streets have been filled not
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just with police but military as the french it has declared a state of emergency and has also closed down the borders. >> this has been a terrifying series of coordinated attacks, shootings, explosions, a won't have wbz securities analyst ed davis here to talk happens. the chaos within agencies must be very overwhelming. >> yes. and we train here in the united states to overcome that chaos. we have a system called that will incident management system where there's a very clear cut line of authority and command and control. you have to hope that france has the same type of training among their military and civilian police so that this is a well coordinated
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the units and that due have tragedies occurring as this thing unfolds. they are still in pursuit of these guys the chance of a running gun battle is very high somewhere in paris. as this thing unfolds. there are swat teams bomb disposal teams all over the city. being deployed at strategic locations if something else does develop they can get there very quickly. >> this will sounds like an odd question ed but obviously to kill many people. what is also the design? say it's a group like isis behind this. is the design just to create people uncomfortable across the what would be the design of today? >> i think that's their first objective is to create terror and to bring the fight to the western world.
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in our cities to show that they are serious force. make no mistake about this david, their ultimate goal is to have a war in their hometown. they want us to go there. they want this to be a world war and they are trying make that happen through using these high impact low cost attacks. >> you're saying they are going to these international cities not to fight the war there but to try to get us to there. in some ways we already. >> they do not wants to be the junior varsity team they want to be the center of the attention they want the attention of the whole free world in their bailey wick and that's exactly what they are here. >> as you pointed out earlier this resembles mumbai we saw what happened there the devastation is complete and at this hour we still don't know
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what is yet to unfold. this is an ongoing situation there could be more cells that could be active. there could be attacks on other places. people right now are very much on edge. >> ed davis great insight. we'll have much more what's happening in paris in just a
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taxes and balanced our budgets. john kasich's for us. new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. . good evening everyone. want to get you up-to-date as we make our way into the weekend. highs near 60s afternoon. gusty winds we felt that all day long. gusts 15 to 25. at times 35 miles per hour toward nantucket. they have had a whole lot of winds. good looking photo today that's the huge surf across cape cod offshore winds. horse mane waves. that will continue for cape cod and the a lands. wind advisory in effect until 7:00 tomorrow morning. peak gusts as high as 45 miles per hour.
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all this around a storm system big one spinning around the great lakes centered off to our north it's going to drag one more disturbance this evening. couple of showers along with that also notice the flakes mixing in in central new york know flies around mount snow this evening. we'll see a couple of raindrops over the next several hours. we'll be falling back into the low 40 to around 50 degrees. tomorrow morning we're seeing temperatures fall back to the low 30 to the west. close to 40 near the shore line lower 40s towards nantucket and martha's vineyards. coldest day of the month so far everyone stays in the 40s a high of 41 in worcester. 48 in boston new bedford up around 47 degrees. we'll see a nice mix of sun and clouds still gusty. wind gusts out of the northwest at 20 to 35 miles per hour. koleest night in a while upper 20s to low '30s.
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like a very good ends to the weekend. full accuweather 7-day. after the beautiful sunday the pic of the forecast is monday upper 50s bright skies. pretty calm next week late thursday into friday and that will bring our next chance of rain. all the while mostly above average temperatures. we'll have more later on tonight. david paula sends it back to you. >> we appreciate. thanks so much. we continue to follow the events from paris we'll bring you updated information. we'll leave you with live
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. wants to give you one more updates on the story that's been breaking out of paris reuters is report taking five explosions have been heard near 100 people have been held hostage. we don't know what those explosions are whether they come from the hostage takers or come from police who are trying to storm inside to rescue the hostages but cbs news is also now confirming through multiple sources that the death toll stands at 60. >> at this point president of france who had to be evacuated from the football stadium when explosions went off this
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of france, has instilled a curfew in paris the first since wwii and has deployed military throughout the city of paris. scott pelley will have all the latest developments coming up next on cbs evening news. it took alexis 4 years to earn her college degree. but it will take her 25 years to pay off her student loans. join the fight to make college affordable. join the fight for alexis. i'm hillary clinton and
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