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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 16, 2015 4:30am-4:59am EST

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developing now at 4:30, high-powered weapons stolen from a local armory. the fbi now involved in the search to track them down. and breaking news on the attacks in paris. more than 100 raids in france overnight as part of the efforts to track down those responsible. and a bad break for the patriots. they beat the giants, but lost julian edleman. an update on the injury. good monday morning. early. i'm kathryn hauser. >> i'm chris mckinnon.
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it's monday, november 16th. a chilly start to the workweek, but, hey, when the pats win, even when it's close, it makes monday better. >> it was close. >> we will have more on that coming up. first, we will check in with danielle. >> and the sun will be shining today, guys. it's a cool start now with temperatures running in the 40s, at least at logan airport. it's 48 degrees. dew point in the 30s, winds are out of the west. norwood at 32 degrees. 29 in orange. lower 50s on the cape and islands. we have a few more clouds that are more stubborn from eastern essex county back down to the cape and islands. there is a cold front coming in it's coming through this morning. there will be a couple of clouds with it, as well. sunrise at 6:36. today. 56 with sunshine for your lunch a little bit above average today. we should be in the lower 50s now for this time in november. northwest wind, 5 to 15 miles
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per hour. mostly clear, 50 for the ride home with the sunset at 4:21. i'm tracking rain by later on this week. we will talk more about it coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you, danielle. 4:31 now. we're following a developing story. some -- excuse me -- high powered weapons stolen from an army reserve center in worcester. sources say six semiautomatic rifles and 10 pistols are missing. >> the fbi is now involved with the investigation. as katie brace reports, terrorism is not suspected now, but investigators aren't taking any chances. >> reporter: investigators worked late. thieves broke in saturday night and stole weapons. the fbi says there's no indication of a threat to the new england area. >> nothing at this point in time that would tie this to any else at this point. >> reporter: fences and barbed wire surround the facility in worcester. army personnel walked the
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grounds. >> concerns about u.s.-based plots, specifically in terms of follow-on attacks or copycat attacks that may, in turn, be inspired as a result of this ifal attack in paris. >> reporter: investigators haven't said what weapons were stolen. they entered the stolen weapons into a national database and alerted other police agencies. governor baker addressed the break-in, saying in the wake of paris, all levels of government are staying brief. >> with respect to anything that might peer to involve a copycat or a follow-up. >> reporter: he says the break- in is on the radar screen regardless. >> people will be chasing and investigating these things no matter what. >> reporter: in addition to the fbi, local and state police are working the case and the fbi says this case is not related to any others. in worcester, katie brace, "wbz this morning". breaking news now in france. dozens much raids overnight as the country strikes back
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france's military unleashed air strikes. 129 people were killed in the attacks in paris. more than 350 injured. bree sison is here with a closer look at the military response and the investigation into the attacks. good morning. >> reporter: chris, france's prime minister said there was over 150 police raids overnight in the country. today,we also expect the announcement of a new intelligence-sharing agreement between france, the u.s. and our most trusted allies. all of this while the hunt is on for the logistics man behind friday's attack. the panic is real in paris. a loud noise sent people running in terror from a memorial to friday's victim. french officials say three teams of terts launched accord faith inned attacks on soccer games and a concert hall. the massacre was well-organized and sophisticated, making use of dark apps.
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>> these guys are communicating via the encrypted apps. >> reporter: the attack may have involved dozens of terrorists, at least seven of them are dead, including three french citizens. a number of suspects were detained in belgium and a man shunt under way right now to find the only surviving shooter. he was born in belgium and believed to have run logistics for the attackers and rented win of the cars they used which was towed away near the nightclub for testing. in retaliation, french warplanes began hitting isis targets on sunday. among the victims is at least one american, a 23-year-old california college student studying abroad. resident was critically we will hear from his family minutes. >> thank you, bree. the attacks in paris have police in massachusetts ramping
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up securities. patrols have been stepped up around what could be potential targets. in a city once victimized by terrorism, the commissioner says boston police will be village. >> -- will be vigilant. >> we will be visible around the city, obviously around transportation centers in the city, around sporting events, as well as obviously concert venues. >> reporter: boston police add the patrols in the areas may be around for a while. they say there are no credible threats against the city. scary moments for passengers going to boston. they were boarding a flight at washington's reagan national airport when the crew became suspicious about activity with two men on board. one passenger told wbz it appeared they were looking at each other's faces very closely while boarding the plane.
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they did a security sweep with k-9s. >> they wanted to be safe because of what happened in paris, i guess. >> it was scary. but they handled it well. >> reporter: nothing was found on the plane. the men were questioned by police but were released and rebooked on a later flight. stay with wbz on air and online for continuing coverage of the paris attacks. we will bring you any new developments as we get them into the newsroom. please stand and join in a moment of silent reflection for the victims, their families and loved ones. >> the nfl pausing to pay tribute to the victims in paris before the patriots and giants game. fans and players observed a moment of silence. as for the game, the patriots beat the giants, but in really dramatic fashion. it did come as a big loss, sources telling wbz that julian edleman has a broken foot. >> he's scheduled for surgery today. he twisted his left foot on this tackle here.
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the season is in jeopardy for him now. down by 2 with 19 seconds left, tom brady hits danny. he gets the ball down to the 37- yard-line before brady strikes the ball. then the big kick. steven kept the hopes to the perfect season alive, drilling the 54-yard field goal, giving the patriots a nail-biting win over the giants. >> it always comes down to the end with them. it's play hard for 60 minutes and it took every last second. i'm proud of our team, the way we fought, but, you know, we can do things better than we did today. certainly i can. and so i'm glad we're 9-0. >> next monday, the pats take on buffalo. we're getting you started on sunday morning with patriots game day at 11:30. the bills are in foxborough for monday night football. right after the game, turn to my tv 38 for the patriots' fifth quarter.
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the day, other than game- winning -- other than the game- winning kick. >> that was the scene on a jet blue flight coming to boston. even at 30,000 feet, the kick was just beautiful up there. >> pats fans coming through. >> what a moment. even on the plane. >> yes, it's always fun being on a plane and they have the game going. i came back from l.a. a couple of weeks ago. and every play, the whole plane is going. it's cool. >> i can tell you, there was craziness going at my house, too. >> and we had a sleeping baby, trying to be quiet about it! coming un, shots fired on a busy road in revere. and a big reveal at logan airport today. the first look at jet blue's upgrades. and breaking up doesn't have to be hard to do now.
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there's a new service that will end your relationship for you. we will tell you about it when we come back.
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plus the opening of a fast -- first organic fast food restaurant. and the global market concerns over the paris attacks. jill wagner is live with today's moneywatch. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, chris and kathryn. the new york stock exchange will observe a moment of silence before the opening bell today to honor the victims in friday's attacks in paris. a spokesperson wouldn't comment on whether there would be any security changes here at the stock exchange, but bomb- sniffing dogs routinely come through here at night and there are metal detectors at the doors. many expect the paris attacks will spark a sell-off, but only in the short-term. airlines and other tourism companies could suffer. defense companies could get a boost. markets are open in france today, but mostly trading lower. fast food is going organic. the country's first organic fast food restaurant opened in san francisco.
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another an app to do the dating break-up thing for you, whatever. >> probably. >> probably. let's check on the weather with danielle. good morning, danielle. how's it going? >> it's going well. did you see snow this weekend? i had a couple of snowflakes at my house. saturday morning, yes, it was chilly, wasn't it? it's the one colder than normal day we've had the entire month so far on saturday. and it was that wind, too. cuts right through you, right? but back to above normal today, just slightly here. out the door this morning, it's 48 degrees in boston. 32 in nashua now. it's a cool start, but we have mostly clear skies. the exception, right in eastern massachusetts. we had a few clouds through essex county. that front will make slow progress across the region today. not a lot of moisture with it, but a few clouds throughout the afternoon. otherwise, high pressure is building out of eastern canada.
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with a quiet start to the week and that includes today. for our tuesday, mostly sunny skies. tomorrow, the biggest difference, it will be 5 to 0 degrees colder than -- 5 to 10 degrees colder than this afternoon. the wind off the ocean will be fairly light tomorrow. into the middle part of the week, the high flips off the coastline. it looks like the wind will stay on shore just a little bit. so, wednesday, temperatures will be pretty normal for this time of the year. and increase in late-day clouds and then we will be watching the area of rain by the time we get to thursday, not until late in the day, but you will hear about the front later in the week because there will be severe weather in the central part of the country from that front over the next couple of days. for us, though, 56 degrees for a high in boston. this afternoon, this time of the year, we should be in the low 50s now. we will end up seeing an above- average day. pretty pleasant by november standards. 55 to 60 degrees this afternoon. look at this overnight tonight, though. chilly.
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we drop into the 20s. 35 at logan airport, but widespread 20s tomorrow morning. high temperatures tomorrow, only in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees. so it will be a cooler than normal tuesday and then late day clouds on wednesday. thursday, late in the day we get showers into early on friday, then we do turn cooler again for the weekend with temperatures in the upper 40s. speaking of this weekend, we want to remind you that this saturday is the first tree lighting of the season in boston. wbz will bring it to you. the blue man group, boston ballet and many more will help us light up the city. join us this saturday, november 21st, 7:p.m. on our sister station and here on wbz immediately following college football. always a great time, you guys. >> thank you, danielle. a bomb threat delaying classes at the west campus of cape cod community college
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state police k-9s will sweep the campus today. they expect to open at noon. in other news this morning, rockport man was shot while traveling along a road in revere. police say the 19-year-old was a new england his father's car when -- new england his father's -- passenger in his father's car at time. he's in stable condition. police are looking for a black sedan with tint aid windows. if you have information, call revere police. 4:48 now. opening statements this morning in the murder trial of a danvers teenager accused of killing his math teacher. a jury was seated in the case on friday. he's accused of raping and killing a man in 2013. the attorneys are expected to argue he was insane. state police investigating a woman's death on 95 south in dedham. the 44-year-old rossindale woman was struck and killed in the middle of the highway.
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it happened around 5:00 sunday night. troopers don't know why she was in the driveway. the driver suffered minor injuries in the crash. jet blue will show off its latest improvements at logan airport today. the airline will unveil the first phase of the makeover. there are new kiosks and updated information displays. jet blue is the official airline of the patriots and while ronkowski is not expected to dance at today's event, but the super bowl banner will be raised at the terminal. >> all right. >> showing off his moves there. >> always showing off his moves. >> all right. one last chance for parents to weigh in on state testing. >> ahead, the final meeting today before a decision is made on the future of standardized tests here in massachusetts. and ben affleck's new movie leading to big changes in the north.
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there are over 15,000 ways to take your coffee at dunkin'. every cup as unique as you. always fresh with that signature smooth taste. we take pride in every cup, but only one is your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. 4:52 now. here is a look at our top stories this morning. the fbi has been called in after a high-powered weapon was stolen from a army reserve center in worcester. thieves broke into the stoddard army reserve building on saturday night. sources tell wbz, six semiautomatic rooiflz and 10 pistols are missing.
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the fbi says there is no information that indicates any threat is present to the new england area. terrorism is not suspected right now, but investigators aren't taking any chances. some breaking news on the paris attacks. french officials now identified a suspected mastermind of the paris attacks as a belgium man. france says strikes against isis targets in syria. france say the warplanes took out command centers in the group's capital. the french prime minister says there have been 150 raids overnight. the french are at war against terrorism following the attacks on friday, killing 129 people and injuring more than 350. we're learning more about some of the people hurt in the paris attacks, including the son of a man living on martha's vineyard. bree is back with his story. good morning, bree. >> reporter: good morning,
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kathryn. when yaan meerseman heard about the attacks at the theater friday, he knew his son was there working for the production company that was putting on a concert. but the father had to wait hours to hard if his son was alive. the 34-year-old was shot through the chest and is now in an induced coma. he's a french citizen of the he is expected to survive. his father, who lives on martha's vine yard spoke to us via skype recounting what arnaud's colleagues told him. >> there were a bunch of people running in the street, running into the cafe, and they realized something bad was going on. so, everybody was trying to get inside and once he got inside, he suddenly realized he was in pain and had been shot. a bullet went into his body under his right arm. it was in and out, basically punctureth his lung and got
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fairly close to his heart, but luckily didn't -- didn't touch any vital organs. >> reporter: it took seven hours before arnaud's family could track him down at a hospital and learn that he will likely recover. arnaud is through surgery and will be taken out of a coma within the next day or so. his father plans to fly to paris wednesday to be with his son as he recovers. back to you. >> thank you, bree. there was a rally in boston to honor and support the people of france. governor charlie baker, senator warren and mayor walsh joined hundreds yesterday in an extended moment of silence for the victims of friday's attack. in a city still recovering from the marathon bombings, many say it was important to show solidarity with paris. today is the final day to weigh in on the student testing here in the bay state. the state board of elementary and secondary education is holding a public hearing at- month-olden high school this afternoon. that's one day before the board votes on a plan to revamp
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state. the commissioner recommended creating a new test to combine elements of the current m-cats exam with the parts test. if approved it would take effect in 2017. and parking and traffic restrictions going into effect in the city today. parts of the north end will be retrofitted to make it look like the 1920s. filming will take place later this week. affleck and his team were in lawrence last week. he's starring and directing in "live by night," an adaptation of the prohibitission era. the force was strong in boston over the weekend. >> the special "star wars" celebration and another chance
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the new "star wars" movie hits theaters in a month. legoland is getting in on the hype. >> i love this. legoland discovery center boston hosted "star wars" days this weekend, featuring yoda and darth vader, r 2 d 2, storm troopers also part of the fun. and there will be "star wars" adult night on wednesday. >> what does that mean? >> i don't know. >> get a glass of wine and check out the legos? >> i don't know. sounds good to me. >> and yoda was pretty cool. >> the story was pretty good, too. the top stories, weather
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and traffic together are all ahead here on wbz.
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