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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 16, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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breaking news this noon. remembering the victims. france pauses to mark a 129 -- 129 lives while going on the attack to find the mastermind of the terror plot. the latest details from brussels to paris and syria. >> and more than a dozen high- powered weapons missing. >> and trial is long underway. the long awaited prosecution of a dan verse team begins. we're live with the latest. >> and temperatures in the 50s and cooling off the next few days and tracking some rain for later on this week.
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. and we begin with breaking news. at noon, a worldwide manhunt is on for the mastermind of the power -- of the terrorist attacks. i'm catherine houser. >> i'm chris mcman. there are several new developments. authorities have identified the mastermind who they believe is a belgian citizens in syria. today, police raided his brussels neighborhood but no arrests were made. france unleashed attacks in syria tire marketing isis, who claimed responsibility for friday's terror. and this morning, president obama spoke out at the g-20 summit where he addressed terrorism on u.s. soil, including the marathon bombing. >> there is the boston marathon bombers. obviously, it did not result in the scale of death that we saw in paris.
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serious attempt at killing a lot of people. by two brothers. and a crockpot. >> france is fighting back against isis today. hitting more than 150 locations in syria overnight. jonathan vigliotti reports how paris paused to honor the 129 victims of friday's terrorist attack. >> reporter: thousands across paris showed an emotional moment of silence today. they're honoring the lives of the 129 people killed and hundreds more injured in friday night's terror attacks. >> and -- [ indiscernible ] to be different. >> reporter: the french police are moving aggressively, arresting about two dozen people overnight during more than 150 raids across the country. security forces in belgian are on the move searching for 26-
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year-old saleh. they're looking for, abaaoud. they hit a jihadi training camp and munitions camp in raqqa. u.s. intelligence is know hadding the french locate targets. >> and i saw in the face of evil our goal, as i said many times is to degrade and ultimately destroy this organization. >> reporter: many parequirians returned to work -- parisians have returned to work but there is a lot of fear and solace. he can't believe his -- was gunned down during one of the attacks in a paris cafe. >> she died? >> reporter: his other friend is recovering after being shot at the bataclan theatre. france is under a state of emergency that could last the next three months. >> know than vigliotti, cbs news, paris. >> and president obama said the attacks will not make him reconsider bringing syrian refugees to the united states,
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but governor charlie baker said that he won't support bringing refugees to massachusetts until the federal government lays out its plan to screen for any threats and the plan meets his standards. [ indiscernible ] and this is the safety and security of the highest priority. >> the attacks have police in massachusetts ramping up security and patrols were stepped up around what police say could be considered potential targets. and a city once victimized by terrorism, the commissioner of vigilant. >> and we're watching social media and you will see us being visible in and around the city in the city. around sport events and convert venues. >> reporter: boston police warn that the added patrols around sensitive areas might be around for awhile and that there have been no credible threats
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>> and we want you to know that the new poll, new episodes of ncis los angeles and super girl in the wake of the terror attacks in paris. the decision was made out of sensitivity and respect to the events that o ur canned. they will be replaced with other episodes scheduled for later in the season. and stay with us for our continuing coverage. and we'll bring you new developments as soon as we get them. and wbz obtained the first surveillance photos in a frightening crime in wafter. someone taking off with high- powered weapons stolen from the army reserve center. we know that six semi automatic rifles and 10 pistols are missing but they don't believe that this is tied to terrorism and this doesn't create a credible threat to the area and susie has more from worcester. >> reporter: these surveillance
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police are given in tracking down a suspect linked to a break-in on saturday. more than a dozen high-powered weapons are missing. >> and that is disturbing. >> reporter: a case that has the attention of the fbi, local police and state government. in the wake of the paris attacks, security is under heightened scrutiny. >> and it's important for us to recognize that law enforcement will be collaborating, communicating and cooperating across all levels of government. >> reporter: it's worth noting how difficult this crime would have been to pull off. they would have had to get into a weapon's locker to take the rifles and they would have had to get inside of the reserve center first, which is you is rounded by barbed wire on a hill in a public place. >> any time that you have terrorists groups or just criminals breaking into police stations or armories, stealing
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the local government, the people, that is something we all take seriously. >> reporter: the fbi said this is no link to terrorism or a public threat. the focus is on recovering the weapons before they do any harm. susie steimel, wbz news. cambridge police are investigating a threat against the city schools and saying an anonymous threat posted on a blog claims someone was planning to bomb the schools and someone forwarded it to cambridge police and notified the schools. there were security sweeps before glass with nothing unusual found. and in other news, things are back no remember -- to normal this afternoon this morning, state police cutted a sweep of the barnstable campus. the authorities say nothing was found and campus police will am the fake threat investigation. and some scary moments on a flight to boston. the passengers were boarding at airport.
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the crew became concerned about suspicious activity with two men on board. one passenger tells wbz that it appears they were looking at each passenger's face very closely while boarding. the crew contacted police and took everyone off of the plane and did a security sweep with canines. >> they wanted to be safe because of what happened in paris, i guess. that is what they're told us. >> it was scary and they handled it well. >> luckily, nothing was found and the men were questioned by police and release said and rebooked on a later flight. and a man in his 40s died after being hit this morning on wet union street. the name of the man is not released and that accident happened this morning around 5:00. no word if the driver will face charges. and more breaking news right now at noon. the trial of phillip chisolm, the danvers teacher accused of murdering another is underway.
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it was a heartbreaking and emotional morning for the mother of colleen ritzer. >> and nicole jacobs is live with more on the case being lady out today. and a big admission in court this morning, nicole. >> reporter: yes. poignant and emotional. both sides presented their opening statements about that deadly day and the events leading up to it. with her head bowed, the mother sobbed at the gruesome details of what her daughter endured. the prosecution laying out the events of october 22nd, 2049 and that is the day they say the then 49-year-old phillip chisolm had a despicable plan. >> he had a blue sweatshirt with a hood is, gloves and a mask and a box cutter. >> reporter: that was the beginning, leading to after school when investigators said that he killed her.
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the defendant used the box cutter he had to cut her throat. >> phillip chisolm killed colleen and dunn speakable things -- and did unspeakable things. >> reporter: that is the defense that he lost a grasp on reality because of his mental illness and became more agitated. >> the child, a young adult gradually loses the ability to maintain their grasp on reality. >> reporter: the reality quickly turned to the unthink believe as the 24-year-old richard lay murdered in leaves behind the school and chisolm allegedly walked and carried some of her belongings. >> he opened the wallet and saw a box cutter covered in blood. whose blood is this? the girl. >> reporter: that girl was ritzer, whose body was later discovered.
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>> reporter: the defense is claiming to point out what it said is the landscape of a troubled,ment ail ill mind. and court wraps up in an hour. >> okay, thank you very much. and now at noon, time to check the weather and looking of boston. there. >> a nice, clear crisp day and. >> we start the week off in a quiet mode and no complaints there and that is crisp, dry air in place with terrorisms cooling the -- with temperatures cooling over the next 24 hours and coming in late thursday and into early friday and looks cool and dry next weekend as well with temperatures around and shy of 50 degrees and -- and they feel cool. keep in mind this time of the
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it's already an above average day and clouds have started to dissipate a bit. and a few leftover here and they will be on the way out. we're doing fine and no weather- related issues. quiet and cool around 50 and some coming up early 4:21. and much colder than this morning. i think the suburbs will be widespread 20s waking up tomorrow and you may want that one to jacket the upper 40s for highs and bright sunshine for tuesday and sunrise coming up at 6:37. we'll take you there for later thursday and just a couple of minutes. back to you for now. >> and we appreciate it. and turning to the patriots, we're waiting news on julian eldelman. >> and he's undergoing surgery today after breaking his foot over the win over the giants. he twisted his left foot on
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and it's in jeopardy flow. with 1960s left. brady spikes the ball and stopped the clock and look at this beauty. 27-26, they win over the giants. >> and we talked about for the game. and it was hard for 60 minutes. took every last second. part of our team, the way we thought. and they can do things better than today. i can and -- [ indiscernible ] i don't know. >> reporter: next, the they take on buffalo and starts on sent morning with patriots game day at 11:30. the bills were in foxboro for monday football. after the game, turn over to my tv 38 for the patriots 5th quarter post game show. >> and that has fans on edge and other than the game-winning
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video of the day. take a look. [ cheering ] this is what you're seeing on a jet blue 30,000 feet. the kick was just a beautiful thing. >> yes. they should. it was a great kick. coming up, if you think technology made locally is about to go on a journey out of this world. >> and hollywood caught in boston. might be difficult to get
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. a rocket taking nasa to the edges of space will have to wait just a few more days. >> and that is because of the weather. it pushed back the launch until this week. the rocket will blast off to study a billion-year-old star on the edge of the atmosphere. and on board is technology developed by the university of massachusetts lowell. a telescope and optical imaging system nicknamed picture b will block direct light from stars
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objects hidden by glare. >> and this is umass -- right? >> there you go. >> and i was proud of that. i don't blame it. and you want to make sure the weather is perfect for it and that is fantastic. >> so cool. >> something local. >> and. >> reporter: don't know. >> by november standards, okay, the sun is shining. the upper 50s and we should be in the low 50s this time of the year. above average day in the city of boston, 58 degrees and the air is dry, the wind out of the west at 9 miles per hour. and some spots have managed to come into the lower sibs already. taunton at 61; providence, rhode island, 60; middle to upper 50s for most of us this afternoon and a nice fall day. and coming up a degree or two.
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no other issues for the reid home and solar glare. have the shades with you into the 40s by 6:37 p.m. and clear skies. it will be chilly overnight and a lot of us will drop into the 20s and 30s. the low clouds they came in and into eastern massachusetts this morning. skies are mostly sunny but for a few scattered clouds and here's rain that is advancing across kentucky and indiana and illinois now. and there is some wet weather in the central part of the country. it waits to arrive until thursday. that secures a quiet stretch the next few days and high pressure needing out of canada. the cold front through tonight, though and re-enforces the cool air. tomorrow morning, a chilly start and the sun is shining, going to be a beautiful day. the wind won't be that strong. the perform temperatures in the upper 40s. cooler than average tomorrow. wednesday, sunshine and the high pressure slips off of the coast and an increase in clouds late in the day and probably
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around 50 degrees on wednesday and here comes that rain, too, ahead of it and the clouds increase wednesday night into thursday. thursday morning starts dry and man an isolated shower in western new hampshire and we wait for the showers and downpours to arrive later thursday afternoon into the evening and push that front off of the coast line by friday morning and that is the only period of wet weather we have this upcoming week. clear skies tonight. look at the temperatures, 35 downtown. widespread 20s in the suburbs. 26 in norwood and 25 inja ofry. thirtys -- in jaffrey and 30s in the cape. and fall jacket, heavy coat on the border line, right? temperatures in the 30s to start and some kids at the bus stop, sunrise at 6:37 and upper 40s by the end of the day. and high temperatures tomorrow, wind out of the north, five to 15 miles per hour. it will be strongest toward the top of that range on the cape and islands, plenty of sunshine, though, and bright blue skies.
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the temperatures in the mid- to upper 40s from taunton and the cape -- from taunton and the cape and islands as well. mid-50s, the showers move in and impact the friday morning commute, too. and let's plan on thursday evening and friday morning, the wettest commute this week and dry weekend in the upper 40s. >> and you can believe it? christmas. >> oh, my goodness. >> not that we're counting or anything. and join us saturday for the free light spectacular. live at 7:00 p.m. here on wbz and over on my tv for you. -- my tv 38. >> just so in the mood. >> and from the post fit to awkward phone call. >> everyone seems to have a bad breakup story. >> and there might be a way around it. there is a company that will help you call it quits with
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. >> reporter: love a great conversation. and the people said do you have any tips on how to start a chat with someone with disabilities? . >> hollywood is covering massachusetts this week. >> specifically the north end and parking and traffic restrictions go into affect today. ben affleck's film rolls into the neighborhood later on this week. they were in lawrence last week.
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he's starring and directing in "live by night." an adaptionation of a crime novel. breaking up is hard to do but it may not be anywhere. >> and there is a new company out there looking to handle the breakup for you. you can hire the breakup shop to send a personalized text or letter to deliver the bad news and you can send them a gift box, coming with cookies and a copy of the movie "the notebook," which is adding insult to injury. >> and that is a cry movie, you know? >> seriously. and up next, zebras on the loose.
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speed limit welcome back. an unusual -- welcome back. an unusual sight on a afternoon. >> two zebras took off from the circus and made it more than two miles before being captured. and as usual, this is a sunday night. there you go. >> and that is a rare fall scene, right? >> i ski -- . >> and you can imagine? >> no. >> and you're like what is going on there? >> like someone is playing a joke on you. >> exactly. >> nice fall weather. we're 10 degrees cooler tomorrow and thursday night into friday morning. >> thank you very much, that is
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it for us at noon. join us at 5:00. we'll see you here tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> and have a great day. there may come a d n i can't care for my daughter. in fact, we may both need help: with transportation, in-home care, preparing meals. where can i turn? woman: we're massoptions, a free resource for elders, caregivers, and individuals with disabilities of all ages. we link you to the services you need to live independently in the setting of your choice.
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