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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 18, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> breaking right now at 5:00, a massive police raid targeting the suspected masterminds of the attack and how many people police have in custody. >> a woman heading to court today after causing a big scare on a boston-bound plane. what she did in the middle of the flight that landed her in handcuffs. >> a big announcement from big papi today. the red sox slugger reportedly ready to retire. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: good morning. it is 5:00 on the dot. i'm chris mckinnon. >> i'm kathryn hauser. thanks for being here with us on this wednesday, november 18th. let's get right to the frosty forecast. >> it is widespread. scrape the windshield, warm up the car. some of us are colder than we
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29 for a dew point and the wind actually has just gone calm. that is the key, the calm wind allows the frost to develop along with the cold temperatures and clear skies. so 18 in keene right now. we've got widespread 20s all the way back down to the cape and islands as well. that's where you'll get the biggest shock. clear skies and we under for a lot of sunshine today. so we do rebound above 30 for the tail end of your rush hour. mostly sunny skies. normal for this time of year topping out around 50 with a light southwest breeze. 41 degrees for the ride home and clouds across the interior and sunset at 4:20. tomorrow. more details on that coming up. let's get you on the roads. good morning, robi. >> good morning, danielle. let's hope this morning's commute is nothing like yesterday. moderate volume on the northbound side. traffic is moving it along. route 3 north is trouble free.
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look like speed limit rides. a quick look at the north map, lots of green. route 1 south, route 3 south are looking good. no issues on 495 or 128. we'll start with breaking news out of paris. [gunfire ] >> two suspected terrorists killed, five others now in custody. the operation targeted the suspected mastermind of the attacks. >> a man and woman killed, and several police officers injured in that standoff. bree is here with all of the breaking details. a lot to this, bree. >> reporter: a lot. this is very fluid. it is an active situation and new details are coming in every minute. police believe the mastermind behind last week's terror attacks might be holed up in an apartment in the paris suburbs. if we have live pictures -- yep, we're going to take a live
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picture of the police raid that is congoing. as you can see, a massive presence of emergency personnel in paris. now video from earlier and overnight. [gunfire ] >> those could be sounds of police raiding that apartment there. police say two suspects in last week's attack, a man and a woman were killed in that police operation, which was just north of the capital. the woman had just blown herself up at the standoff. the french president is holding an emergency meeting right now to monitor the ongoing situation. they were looking for abdelhamid abaaoud who was thought to be in syria at one point. now police are looking for a second man who they say slipped away after the carnage last week. authorities reportedly spotted him on surveillance video in a
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car with two other attackers who opened fire on customers at a bar. also, another bit of new information, french authorities say now they believe that at least one other attacker was involved in last week's massacre. that would bring the total to nine rather than the eight previously disclosed. they say they are working to identify and track down that suspect. simultaneously, french warplanes also dropped more overnight. chris, back to you. >> thank you very much for the update. bomb threats divert two air france flights. the first flight landed safely in salt lake city. cell phone video shows passengers evacuating at about the same time a second flight took off from dulles international airport outside washington, d.c. that one landed safely in halifax, nova scotia. investigators searched and cleared both of those flights. the plane that was diverted to
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salt language city is now en route to paris. much the world is on high alert in the after-math of the paris attacks. in germany a soccer stadium was evacuated after what police describe as a credible tip about a possible bomb plot. german chancellor merkel was supposed to attend that soccer match. here at home in the u.s., we're seeing greater security is expected to draw a large crowd. at the td garden, you'll see extra police patrols and fans are not worried. >> i wasn't all that worried about it. >> we feel that way despite some of the things that have happened over time. they look at them as isolated incidents. i think that's exactly the way they should look at them. >> reporter: there are a couple of things you should do to stay safe.
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more breaking news. a fire at a three-story firefighters are still home. flames broke out around 1:00 this morning and quickly spread. six people were inside of the house at the time of the fire. no word yet on if anybody was injured. a woman heading to court today accused of causing a big scare on a boston-bound plane. witnesses say she tried to open up an exit door in the middle of the flight. police insist this was not an act of terrorism. >> they say this woman was drunk but certainly it scared quite a few passengers, many of whom who were quite impressed with how the flight crew handled the situation. the moments in the excite were tense. >> just told to stay in our seats and a policeman came on board and secured everything.
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213, an unruly passenger identified as 32-year-old camille. >> it wasn't any reason to worry. she wasn't violent. she wasn't screaming. it was more than anything interesting how well the crew reacted. >> reporter: the polish national crew crated a stir when she -- created a stir when she tried to open the flight during the flight. >> they gave her three seats to lay down on. >> reporter: according to police, she was drunk and when the plane safely landed, she was taken into custody. in the eyes of some passengers, not without a fight. >> they had to get informs and had to hut handcuffs on her feet as well and strap her into the seat. them. fighting them. >> reporter: the would am is expected to be arraigned at some point today. nicole jacobs, wbz this morning.
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>> thank you very much for the update. did did you feel it last night? the ground shook. there was an earthquake in metro west. people in towns near 495 say it sounded like an explosion. the u.s. geological survey says the 1.5 magnitude quake was centered near the towns of holliston and medway. police got dozens of calls from concerned neighbors. >> i think initially it was folks heard a loud bang in the area. the homes shook. the building shook. things were rattling. we received about 50 phone calls here in the police department. the dispatch center and fire department was out training so the crews immediately responded and started checking areas. it was pretty active for 10 or 15 minutes. >> luckily, there were no reports of any damage. danielle niles is here with a closer look at this tiny earthquake. it's something for people to feel. >> a couple of towns a lot of calls coming in. a question as to whether or not
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either way, small quakes are calmen here. we zoom out the view over the last month alone, we've had eight small quakes back up to maine. this was a little outside of that zone but certainly something that a lot of people heard across those areas last evening and night. chris, back to you. this morning, we are watching an expected announcement. this big announcement will come from big papi today. the red sox star is reportedly ready to say he's going to retire. susie steimle has all of the details and speculation around this onep in's going to be a lot of people bummed out about this. >> reporter: absolutely. the name big papi is synonymous
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today on his 40th birthday, happy birthday, by the way, he is expected to announce that 2016 will be his last season. he led them to three world series win and didn't slow down this year, either, 27 home runs. the most since 2006 for him. he also hit his 500th career hit in st. pete. he might be as beloved in boston for his work on the field as for what he's done off of it as a symbol in this city. he really has this ability to bring people in boston together, particularly during tough times. >> right after the marathon bombing, obviously, he had his famous speech on the field. he had our back. >> this is our [ bleep ] city. >> reporter: ortiz is salaried at $11 million for the 2016 season but could make up to $15 million depending on how many games he played. we are expecting to hear that
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announcement from him sometime today. we're live in fenway, in front of fenway park, susie steimle, wbz this morning. 5:10 right now. worcester police are stepping up security for donald trump's visit to massachusetts today. trump will attend a rally at the dcu center. if you plan on going, expect to see more police officers on foot and on motorcycle as well as bomb-sniffing dogs. police say even though there's no credible threat between the paris attacks and last week's theft at the worcester armory it's best to be cautious. bush will attend ape house party today in bedford. tomorrow he will tour a business in manchester and officially file for the new hampshire primary. he is expected to spend more than $3 million in the next several weeks. bobby jindal dropped out of yesterday.
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it's just not the right time. his term as governor ends in january. jindal has not said who he will support. coming up on wbz this morning, a trial standoff. >> the danvers man accused of killing his math teacher refuses to enter the courtroom and how the judge responded. >> plus, new clues in a new hampshire cold case. 30 years later, how police ho into identify a woman and three little girls. danielle? >> good morning, everybody. a chilly, frosty start to the day with mostly sunny skies. change is on the way. i'm tracking some rain for tomorrow. the hour by hour forecast is coming up next. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you. brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'.
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america runs on dunkin'. oops, there's the evidence. a zoo in den park stopping an escapee. they said all they had to do was follow the trail of wet footprints. >> the penguins didn't get too far. they were found waddling down back. i love penguins. they are noisy, too. i love the way they walk and waddle and all of that. just very cute. >> i was going to say -- do you like penguins some. >> yeah, no, i thought the funniest part was the footprintsp.
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they are adorable, have i to say. by the way, you guys, yesterday was chilly, too. we hit a high of 40. there was a winter chill in the air. it's the lowest high temperature we have had since april 9th. this is only the second day this month that we've had highs in the 40s today. 35 in boston. teens back up to plymouth, new in lawrence. the difference today is felt most on the south shore and cape because yesterday we were in the 40s at this time. so it's 28 in marshfield, 23 in plymouth and all the way back down to the vineyard at 23. 34 in nantucket. the clear skies and calm wind has promoted the cooling this morning. that's why you may want to leave an extra minute or two to up the car. the sun will be shining from
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the temperatures either side of 50 degrees this afternoon is normal this time of the year. the clouds will thicken up tonight, and we won't be as cold. 42 in boston. 30s in the surrounding suburbs so no teens and 20s as you are waking up. highs tomorrow will be a little milder than today, topping out in the middle to upper 50s. upper 50s from norwood back down towards newport and new bedford tomorrow. while we will start dry, i'm tracking this area of rain from chicago back down to the gulf coast states. same front we took a look at yesterday. this front will approach new england tomorrow. so dry start, i can't rule out an isolated shower in the morning. steadier rain does arrive west to easterlily to mid-afternoon across the interior into metro
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notice the south shore and cape, you are isolated but then the pockets of rain do fill in during the evening and night. this may be a little quick to push it out of here. a wet start on friday morning and a mild start, too. then we get partial clearing that comes in. extra, 50 degrees, sun and clouds with a dry start to the weekend. there may be a sprinkle or flurry with highs in the 40s. it looks like we'll stay in the 40s with quiet weather for the start of next week, too. the first time i realized how cold it was was when i was coming into the parking lot and you have the scanner that reads your i.d. it was all froze be over. >> i thought it was going to malfunction and then the gate was creaking. it's that time of year. i don't like it. all right. yesterday was a crazy commute.
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the crash is on 93 southbound in medford at exit 33. total traffic network tells me a car has gone into the right guardrail there. so we're going to see slowdowns shortly. 5:19 right now. a standoff in the murder case against phillip chism. the teen now accused of murdering high schoolteacher colleen ritzer refusing to connell out of his holding cell after a break yesterday. the trial was put on hold. colleen ritzer's mother took the stand and described what went through her mind when her daughter didn't come home from school. >> the on thing i thought would have happened was she was in a car accident but i knew from her i.d. that someone would have called.
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mentally incompetent to stand trial. technology may be what's needed in the did eck okayeds old cold case. investigators believe an adult woman and three young girls look like this before they were killed. their bodies were left in metal drums in allenstown. forensic investigators believe all four were murdered at the same time in the early 1980s. >> a lot of it is luck. they'll come forward eventually. you have to get the right years. >> the adult woman was the mother of two of the little girls. the fourth girl is unrelated and may have been born in nebraska or the dakotas but had been living in new hampshire at the time of her death. a change in state testing. the state education commission choosing to combine parts of the mcas test with the p.a.r.k. test. they are not giving themselves
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a lot of time to develop the new exam. yesterday's vote calls for students to start taking the test in 2017. until then, high school students will still be required to pass the mcas in order to graduate. up next, local police hitting the streets with a holiday warning. >> the message they have about your holiday gifts. >> plus, get ready for thanksgiving traffic. just how many people will be
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jeb bush: we do not have to be the world's policeman. we have to be the world's leader. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president
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announcer: right to rise usa is responsible
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it's becoming a holiday tradition, but it's more naughty than nice. packages being stolen right off of peak's front steps. door to warn people. >> we went right along with them. >> reporter: cambridge police say 19 packages have been stolen from doorsteps in the past two weeks and the holidays aren't even here yet. so they want to team up with officers going door-to-door. instead of a bulletin or web site alert, they opted for face- to-face, walking the streets and meeting the people they protect. >> social media's great, and we get the message out, and we're great at doing that but there's nothing better than getting out
5:24 am
look out for your neighbors and report anything that might be suspicious in your neighborhood. >> reporter: this isn't the first time the cambridge police used this tactic. they tried it in the summer this. they say it workd so well, they wanted to use the strategy again. if you are driving to your thanksgiving destination this year, you will have plenty of company. >> aaa reports nearly 47 million americans will travel more than 50 miles from home for the holiday. 90% will be hitting the roads this year. that's the highest number since 2007. experts say that's because gas prices are much lower this year. speaking of the holidays, be sure to join us saturday night for the faneuil hall tree lighting spectacular. we'll bring it to you live saturday night at 7:00 on wbz and my tv 38. still to come in our next half hour, more on the breaking news we're following out of paris. >> police launching a massive raid to target the mastermind
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we're learning about the operation. >> also, more trouble for a fantasy sports web site and why the state of new york is now suing draftkings and fan duel. i'm jon keller. as david ortiz reportedly prepares to announce his retirement, we're looking back on the part of his legacy that transcended the diamond coming up on wbz this morning. >> and it is a chilly start out there. the kids will need maybe the heavier coat this morning. plenty of sunshine today. we'll be up around 50 by later on this afternoon. change is on the way and i'm timing out rain for tomorrow. stay with us.
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every sip. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you. brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. 5:30. paris. what we're learning about the operation to find the suspected attack. >> new york telling daily panty web sites to shut down, but one site is refusing to do so.
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getting ready to announce his retirement. we'll get a closer look at his legacy from jon keller. good morning. welcome back. it is 5:30 right now. i'm kathryn hauserp. >> i'm chris mckinnon. it's wednesday. that's great. we're halfway through the work weekend. if you are heading out, give yourself a minute or two extra time to get that car warmed up. >> it he's thick frost, too. >> it was all in the parking lot and just on the grass, too, i've seen it. >> yep. it's thick and not just in one community. the wind is calm in a lot of spots. it's chilly out. for a lot of us, 1 in norwood. 17 in orange. we've got mid-20s. 35 in the city of boston. i think one of the biggest shocks to the system this
5:28 am
shore and the cape. 21 in provincetown. skies are clear. the sun is going to be shining today. the frost will melt away. sunrise at 6:38. allowing for the frost to form. mostly sunny, cool and dry. 46 by your midday lunch hour and rising to around 50 for a hoy today. i'm tracking wet weather and it's been a busy start, robi. >> reporter: we've already had two accidents in the city. the latest is up in haverhill. then we had that accident with a car moo the right guardrail on 93 south.
5:29 am
also in 93 south we're seeing delays up in the andover stretch between river road and 123. we've been following breaking news for you this morning. two suspects are dead in a raid north of paris. police say one attacker may still be holed up in an apartment. the raid was at an apartment in the suburbs. investigators believe that's where the man who masterminded the paris terror attacks was hiding. a french prosecutor set a woman blew herself up with a suicide vest during the raid. seven people have been arrested. meanwhile, a polish woman will be in court accused of trying to open an exit door during a flight from london to boston. witnesses say 32-year-old camilla grew more agitated as the flight went on. halfway through, she tried to open the flight door.
5:30 am
crews restrained her until the plane landed at logan where she was arrested. the mother of a new hampshire journalist murdered by isis blasts lawmakers on capitol hill. james foley was captured in 2012 and beheaded in 2014. diane, his mother says america's policy of not negotiating with terrorists doesn't work. she sowed they sze deserved her was being done to bring him home. >> we trusted you. during the brief months the captors reached out to nearby yaht for his release, our government refused to engage with the isis captors. >> in june, president obama admitted the u.s. government let the foleys and other hostage families down. new york is now suing draftkings and fan duel to shut down immediately. the new york attorney general
5:31 am
wants the fantasy sports sites to stop taking bets in new york. fan duel has complied, but draftkings, which is based in boston, has not. the new york attorney general says the sites are forms of illegal gambling. david ortiz is expected to announce that he's hanging up his cleats at the end of next season. >> we take a closer look at big popty's legacy and boston. >> reporter: good morning. david ortiz is reportedly about to announce that he is going to retire. after the five-year waiting period, his induction into the hall of fame should be a no- brainer. he is indisputably the greatest clutch hitter in red sox hissry and one of the best designated hitters ever. after he is inducted and the memory of his on-field exploits stay, another memory will linger of how david ortiz
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boston has changed for the better. once upon a time, our city had a well-deserved reputation as one of america's most racist cities. the greatest basketball player of all item bill russell, won 11 titles in the '50s and '60s but neither he nor his black celtics teammates were ever embraced here and had to deal the mostly black nba was gaining wider acceptance. the patriots had many great black players over the years but none ever achieved truly iconic status. first pedro martinez then david ortiz came along capturing the imagination of an increasingly diverse and tolerant fan base. they showed us and the world how much we had changed and how sweet that change was.
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city out of the wilderness. share your take by writing me at or via twitter @keller at large. still ahead, delta change its pet policies. >> why the changes could mean passengers. >> she allegedly tried to open an airplane exit door 39,000 feet in the air. state police say she was drunk this morning. that 32-year-old woman is set to be arraigned. good morning, everybody. checking in with our weather watcher network. we've got 20s on the map and even teens as well. let's check in with eric who says 22 degrees in hopkinton with the clear skies and frosty start. out there. so leave a few extra minutes. changes tomorrow.
5:34 am
welcome back. a new way to capture memories from your evasion. >> plus radioshack trying >> good morning, hannah. >> reporter: good morning, kathryn and chris. radioshack is getting a head start on the hall day running into black friday deals on the wednesday before thanksgiving instead of the friday after. radioshack filed for bankruptcy protection in february and now
5:35 am
planning on taking fido on your next delta flight? the aerial justannounced it checked baggage. acceptance of the new rule includes military members as well as service animals, pets small ough to fit in a kennel under the seat can still travel in the passenger cabin or shipped on delta cargo on a separate plane. taking the ultimate selfie drone. it's something a silicone valley company hopes to bring to a ski resort near you. the three-run photo shoot should go for about $100 to $200. chris, kathryn? >> wow. that's a lot of money. >> i'm thinking you won't get bunny hill.
5:36 am
take pictures of you the whole time. thank you very much. appreciate it. a look at the day's top stories, including a wild scene in lowell. the crash that sent a construction worker 30 feet into the air. >> a big announcement from big papi himself on his 40th birthday. you guessed it, he's talking about retirement. we'll tell you when coming up on wbz this morning. >> a lot of scary things happen in salem, but city leaders don't want an early ack friday on that list. they said no to wal-mart opening at 1:00 a.m. the day after turkey day. shoppers may be disappointed, but are you?
5:37 am
welcome back. it may be a little chilly this morning, but at least, this. >> can you see anything in parts of colorado had blizzard yesterday. they had a ton of snow and they are digging out all across the state. some highways had to be shut down because of the blizzard conditions. they saw upwards of 15 inches of snow and it's the same that brought the tornadoes to the midwest. the visibility is near zero. the skiers are loving it on the west coast. >> it looks like just a white screen behind us. >> i can't believe that guy doesn't have a scarf on. >> it's the same system that
5:38 am
will bring rain for tomorrow. one more quiet day before we we have temperatures that are in the teens and 20s right now. clear skies overhead. it is a frosty start. 20 in taunton, 35 in boston. now. the biggest difference is the communities. so the clear skies, the cold temperatures, the calm wind. that equals frost. that's why i say leave a couple windshield. where is the scraper? i have a feeling a lot of morning. 20 in taunton and cape and islands where the 40s. so that's the biggest change in terms of a shock out the door. temperatures up around 50 degrees.
5:39 am
the year. not as cool as highs in the 40s yesterday. 52 in norwood, 53 in taunton and upper 40s to low 50s on the cape and islands. the clouds will increase. the wind from the southeast tonight. 42 downtown. some of the suburbs may dip into the 30s but it's not teens and 30s like we do. showers are developing so i think it is a most-dry start in the morning but you want to grab the wet weather gear. the same system that's bringing snow to parts of nebraska and kansas this morning. ahead of it, here's the line of showers and downpours with thunderstorms back through alabama and mississippi this morning. that disturbance arrives for us tomorrow. most of the morning is dry. even midday, just an isolated shower. it's jeanly light for the most part. then we get showers and downpours scattered for the evening commute. the south shore and cape should
5:40 am
the heaviest rain by far falls late overnight into early friday morning. what about the weekend? i know it's wednesday, but we like looking ahead, right? 50 degrees on saturday with filtered sunshine behind wispy clouds. there may be an early morning snow shower. clearing comes in as well. so a mainly dry weekend, too. the mildest day of the next seven comes on friday. it's going to be a mild start to the day with temperatures running in the 50s in the morning and then falling into the 40s but not until the evening. a dry start to next week. just cooler. highs in the low to mid-40s. robi? >> danielle, two accidents north of the city slowing down traffic now. a crash on 93 southbound in medford at roosevelt circle. a car crashed into the right guardrail there. the stop and go backup is now
5:41 am
to spot pond in stoneham. the other accident is up in haverhill. 495 northbound if we can pop up the map there. just after 125. the two right lanes are blocked up there. and let's check the south. the expressway is sluggish between granite ave. and 128. chris, kathryn? >> thank you very much. a big announcement from big papi today. >> plus, another round of raids in response to the paris attacks. here are your top stories on this wednesday morning. >> reporter: two suspects are dead in a raid north of paris. police say one attacker might still be holed up in an apartment. the raid at this apartment in a suburb of paris. investigators think that's where the man who masterminded the paris attacks was hiding. a french prosecutor says the woman blew herself up with a suicide vest during the raid. seven people have been arrested, and we're just
5:42 am
alert that says a s.w.a.t. team dog was also killed in that operation. we'll bring you more developments as we get them at 6:00 a.m. good morning. i'm nicole jacobs live at the state police barracks at logan airport after a scary situation on board abrash airways flight yesterday. let's take a look at this. this 32-year-old allegedly tried to open an exit door during a commute from london boston. she was subdued and kept under control until the plane landed. authorities came on board and arrested her. state police say she was drunk. she will be arraigned today. coming up at 6:00, hear from passengers who saw all of this go down. we're live at logan state police barracks, nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. a beverly man accused of trying to strangle his estranged wife is being held without bail. police arrested 45-year-old axle scheerer monday night and
5:43 am
murder, strangulation and assault and pattry. the victim is -- battery. the victim is in critical condition. new hampshire state police tell us they clocked phillip shaw of concord speeding at 107 and also had an 8-month-old with him inside of the car. a wild scene plays out in lowell. a car slams construction crews leaving five people hurt. a worker was struck by a bobcat and sent flying 30 feet into the air. the car came within inches of hitting an officer working the detail. an elderly drive wears okay but police notified the rmv. i'm susie steimle live in front of fenway park where we're waiting for a big announcement from big papi himself. david ortiz is expected to talk retirement today. we're hearing right now that 2016 will likely be his last season with the boston red sox. he's been with them for 13 seasons. a lot of fans will likely be
5:44 am
it's also coming on his 40th birthday. coming up at 6:00, we'll hear from mayor mart yea walsh who talks about the impact that ortiz has had on this city. morning. the bruins hosting san jose. the sharks leading 1-0 on the fist. dennis seidenberg shot ties up the game. later on the first in the power play, chara's shot stopped but brad marchand is there for the rebound. sharks win this one, 5-4. it is 5:51 right now. time for our "daily talker." can you believe one of the most anticipated family events of the year is next week? we're of course tacking about black friday. >> are we talking about black friday and skipping right over dinner? one local city just gave the red light to black friday. here's robi with reaction this morning. hey, robi.
5:45 am
>> reporter: ny hey, chris. the city of salem just stood up to the largest retail chain in the country. wal-mart wanted to open doors super early on black friday. the salem city council said no. they voted unanimously to deany the chance to open at 1:00 a.m. the day after thanksgiving. one said letting shoppers through the doors in the middle of the night invites poor behavior and doesn't lead to anything positive for the city. counselors were miffed that wal- mart didn't send a representative and the company spokesman said they wanted to better seven customers and be in line with other retailers in the area and what they were doing. the stale um wal-mart will open at 7:00. the others in burlington, midnight. so here are a lot of comments coming in on our social media platforms. on our web site, a viewer writes "good for the salem city
5:46 am
council for reigning in wal- mart. something for the store's employees to be thankful for." danielle on facebook in between their forecast says -- just kidding it's not her. "it's about tile. no shopping on thanksgiving. every town needs to do this." you can join in on the conversation. chris, kathryn? >> thank you, robi. the black friday video is crazy. still to come, giving new meaning to the phrase "what's in a name. >> trying to find the special someone online could come down to your first name.
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welcome back. this data amized data from 100 places. certain names get more attention. for the ladies, brianna, erika, lexi, brooke, and alexa are the hottest girls names. the boys, brett, tyler, corey, andy, and noah. they did not look at profile pictures or other factors.
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would judge you based on your name. >> bummer. >> i didn't see kathryn. >> bummer. here's a look at the sunrise as we have top stories straight ahead. dear fellow citizen, i know what it' s like to buy a house. i know how it feels to be stressed about money.
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