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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston. wbz news at 11:00 p.m. starts now. we begin with breaking news. police questioning a form baby- sitter in the disappearance of a little girl. that 2-year-old from hamilton is hospitalized. we have team coverage with you live in hamilton. >> >>reporter: state place have come in and out of the police department all night long. chief here admits there's so case. as for the good samaritan who rescued her earlier today, he's
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we have chosen to no longer show this girl's picture or talk about her name for privacy. >> i see the vision of driving by and i see the child sitting there. >> at first he thought it must be a doll. but something felt so wrong he turned around. >> it was a little child. >> he asked his wife to call 911 and he approached her. >> she was in shock, she was shaking and shivering, i tried not to startle her and i just noticed she was cold and so i went over to her. i picked her up and put her in the car. >>reporter: she was naked and her hair was shaved and she have bleeding from a cut on her head.
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little girl reported missing early friday morning. >> this is a female, call hamilton. >>reporter: here she was miles away, naked and alone in rowley. >> the parents put her to bed thursday night, checked on her friday morning but at 7:00 she was gone. she was found a short time later. >> and the man who found her, he's never been more relieved to have second guessed himself. >> it could have been anyone. it was luck of, an act of god. it was me. >>reporter: again we've learned investigators are questioning sitters. that's a person of interest, live in hamilton, wbz news.
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little girl's disappearance has shaken people. they couldn't believe it when they saw crime scene tape and home. we pick up our team coverage. >> the family has not returned to their home tonight, and in a neighborhood where really nothing happens, people are struggling with how a child ended up miles away. >> the house was quiet, far different from earlier in the day. a two-year-old girl was taken from her bedroom. her parents called 911 at 7 a.m. >> i could picture her and, i was just horrified, it was like a nightmare. >>reporter: once the child was found in rowley, investigators descended on the street. neighbors couldn't wrap their heads around it.
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in their world. >> there was never a doubt in their minds that the parents were innocent. the father headed to the daughter. >> the karma coming from that blessing. >> and right now neighbors are glad that little girl is alive, but they too are waiting to find out what happened. south hamilton, wbz news. >> and there are so many questions. we'll bring you new information as we get it on wbz and on our website. >> we have more breaking news. we have just learned the american woman killed in a terrorist attack in mali. she grew up in new jersey and
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she was one of 20 people killed in the west african nation. guests the rad i hotel-- and started shooting. >> this hotel worker said the terrorist shot at anything that moved and that they spoke both french and english. she have one of the more than 2 dozen killed. >> she was doing the work that she loved and have no further comment and respect our privacy. the two gunman were also killed. a dozen of the employees were rescued after security forces went door-to-door.
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some of the hostages during the 7 hour siege. >> they began killing people and taking hostages, and so on behalf of the american people i want to extend our condolences families. >> the american born in massachusetts survived by a son and her brother and her parents. two terrorist groups with ties to al-qaeda have claimed responsibility. alert level. 5 of the terrorists who died in belgium. in paris people in that city paused to remember the victims. one week after the deadly terrorist attacks. they played and they left flowers. 130 people killed and many more hospitalized tonight still. >> i want to see and i want to,
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i don't want to stop to live because of this, i want to be here. >> france will hold a ceremony in memory of the victim's one week from today. investigators say they found a third body inside of the apartment they raided yesterday. they stormed that building and fired more than 5,000 bullets. >> a rally outside supporting syrian refugees. hundreds of people are trying to block them from the u.s. they've come out against accepting refugees. >> it's such a rich country, and other poor countries in the
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world have accepted more than here. it's very little, 2000 is nothing. baker refused to sign a letter resettle syrians. >> logan airport with chris christie on board landed within the hour after a long delay in san francisco. passengers off. you just spoke to him? >>reporter: and he tells me, it was a member of his own team who noticed this passenger and alerted authorities. this flight landed an hour ago but it was some 5 hours late. united flight 1108 from san francisco was forced to turn around on the tarmac before take off. passengers on board force to the deplane and several were randomly searched. an airport spokesperson said there was a disruptive
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inappropriate pictures of flight attendants. that person was detained and removed. he said it was a member of his own team that noticed the authorities. >> everyone is safe and everyone got home, during the current atmosphere you can't be too careful. >> they had a guy at gate that cops were talking to. they didn't tell us anything. >> what did you think when you got on and were searched? think. with everything that goes on, i didn't have a problem with it. >>reporter: the 5 hour delay is long, he actually missed a house party previously scheduled which was why he was here in new hampshire. live at logan, wbz news.
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thanks and this is breaking news. one person is dead and another hospitalized after a shooting in jamaicaa plain off center street. and right now, boston police are looking for the gunman. tonight haunting images of a teenager charged with killing his math teenager. he was rolling a recycling bin through the halls of dan jersey high high school. he was a polite student. >> a former army reservist charged with stealing weapons ordered back to massachusetts. he appeared in federal court,
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and surveillance helped lead to his arrest. >> cashing in on fantasy sports. >> the amount of money going into those games. a new technology helping to reduce stress. millions of the path of a snow storm. >> we'll talk about cooler temperatures after the warm up today, coming up. >> the number of the night is $912. that is the cost of the seat at fenway park between boston
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tonight the staggering sports sites. draftkings released that information in court documents
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filed today in new york. they're trying to shut down the sites. they announced a series of restrictions including banning players younger than 21. ben carson is officially on the new hampshire primary ballot. the last day to file. the primary is the first in the nation. >> the first winter blast of season, a big snowstorm hitting the midwest. more than what foot of snow in iowa. and chicago is going to get in on the act. several inches of snow to fall in the city, this is the first night that i actually feel like i wouldn't be totally bummed out if we got this much snow. >> just to set the stage for tree lighting. >> starting to come around, i like it.
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few out there, not the case today. it's like spring today. 61 degrees. well above average but nowhere near record territory. the whole month, lots of red squares. crunching the numbers and we'll come in the top 10. the 8th warmest november on record. 46 in boston. milder temperatures close to 50. we have mainly clear skies. the snow will track east and turn up through the great lakes. that's not going to bring us significant impact. temperatures tonight, ranging from the upper 20s and to 38 in boston and around 41 on nantucket. it will feel like a nice day. sun and clouds.
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45 degrees and light winds. take a look at the timeline. few high clouds move in by tomorrow morning and a blend of sunshine and cloud cover. sunday is the day where we have changes. storm in the midwest drags through a cold front and that brings rain showers. boston area down through the south shore and cape, could stay damp there into early on monday morning. but the higher rain totals toward cape cod and nantucket. clouds on sunday. increasing clouds is the day to start thanksgiving cooking. and catch up on movies. showers are likely, 40 in central massachusetts. low 50s in boston. and the upper 50s towards the cape and island. that's the chance of rain. tree lighting spectacular. 7:00 p.m.
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to 8:00 p.m. great evening and feeling more seasonal for sure. and then for the notre dame game, same time, 7:30:00 p.m. kickoff. no weather issues and not much wind. then we head towards late sunday night. and there's going to be a wave of low pressure off the coastline. right now, i think it's far enough way to keep us from significant impact. it's going to be that period of rainfall across cape cod and that's something to watch. it's going to be mainly about the cold. if you're heading out, 35 at kickoff for the patriots and the other story for next week. once that wave of low pressure moves out. tuesday, is dry, wednesday,
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thanksgiving, 50s and dry and sunny. a quiet thanksgiving week. full accuweather-7 day. that's 50 by thanksgiving and we'll give a run at 60 the day after thanksgiving for the shoppers. >> the above average temperatures are hanging in until the end of the month. >> december is going to be a mild month. it was mild last december and then everything changed. >> it snowed 5 times in november and it was cold. wearable technology doesn't stress. as we're shown, it's goal is to help you manage stress every day. >> my schedule is pretty hectic. >> stress is a daily part of life so we asked liz to try this out.
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tracks the pattern of your breathe to determine breath to see if your calm. if it speeds up to much it remind you to take a deep breathe. >> usually it involved all 3 kids, and watching them at the same time. >> it's what making it applicable in daily life. you can take a deep breath without distracting yourself. >> it may add to modern day stress levels, she says, there's no realistic escape. >> how can technology change and improve our state of mind? >> along with alerts, they can track and compare their activity levels and state of mind day to day, as a doctor she recognizes how important breathing is. >> the exercise of deep
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that tense state, i think that's valuable. >> i think this is great. >> it's made him more mindful stress levels. >> you notice you're hunched over and not doing deep breathing. >> she was more in control of her breathing but thought the device gave her false alarms, if you want to dry it it's $150 and it's not considered a medical device. >> it's that time of year for stress. >> if it buzzed i'd stress out. >> why they had one of the best nights of the season coming up next.
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at one point i looked at the score and had to do a double take. the celtics were so good tonight's.
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they hosted them andand considering they've the first- round pick, the more losses for the brooklyn team the better. they nailed it, they made 6 shots in a row in a game high 21 points for him off the bench. cutting to the hoop and he slammed it home. 6 minute stretch of the second quarter. they have a 24 point lead at the half. and third quarter they keep the pressure on and have a season high 19 for the day. they win a blowout 120-95. patriots practicing on a
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supposed to do, they'll be fine with the buffalo bills. >> you see them running balls for touchdowns and you see them throwing the ball deep. everyone has to be sound for the most part. they should be fine. >> they're a good team. and they have a couple good receivers and they have a quarterback that makes good plays with his feet. >> we've got you covered this weekend. then on monday night, over to 38 and following the game for the post-game show. college football is less than 24 hours away. boston college against notre dame, it should be a night to remember for the fans and coaches and certainly the players, especially those who
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>> you talk to matt ryan and they weren't recruited by notre dame. and we've had so many great players go to the nfl. they look at boston college and they gave us this great opportunity and we'll have a chance to let our ability to speak for itself. >> let's go to college hockey. they're hosting michigan, just over 9 to play, they have the power play and they tie it. 2-2, and michigan turns it over and they win a thriller in a come back, 3-2 in the final.
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david walker goes down the lane. that's winning. 60-58, the final for the huskies. all right, thanks. >> getting set to celebrate the holidays. there is more than the tree lighting tomorrow, we'll
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the stage is set for holiday tradition. this is the tree lighting spectacular and crews put the finishing touches on the 80- foot spruce. and the event will conclude performances by blue man group
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and keith lockhart and boston ballet. you can see it on wbz and p.m. >> it was so fun last year and warmer. >> up next, eric takes a look at the forecast.
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so pretty nice night tomorrow night to light the tree. >> perfect, the only thing that makes it better, that light snow that you were talking about. >> no accumulation, you're not ready? >> christmas eve, and gone by christmas day. >> it's going to gentle on christmas eve, you tonight want to be slipping and. >> you were doing a road race?
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>> i do it everthanksgiving.
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