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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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always on. now in 11:00, a former babysitter under arrest in the toddler. fast-moving fires send how much of the area will two, one! >> that the holiday season begin at the tree lighting. >> live from the channel for studios in boston, wbz news at 11 starts right now. a gas fueled by her lips there an apartment building sending several residents and firefighters to the hospital. fire crews needed a ladder truck to get people out of that burning building crews had to
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feeling that ways. this was certainly a terrible fire and the damage was severe but it could've been a real tragedy. luckily, no one lost their life but let me get out of the way and show you the scene active once again. firefighters being called here because of a flair up. 10 people inside the house when the original fire started and when that happened, there was not much time for an escape. >> she opened the basement door and smoke came from everywhere. >> intense flames and smoke poured from the building tearing three home at nine greenwood avenue. for people rescued by ladder and two adults and two kids. >> the challenge is they did not call the children out of the building. the guys did a great job. >> just across the street, a
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everyone is safe and got out. >> it must've been terrifying. >> oh, yeah. because i did not know if anybody was hurt. all knew was when i got the phone call that they were taken by ambulance to the hospital so i was so scared. >> reporter: in all, five residents and two firefighters were taken to the hospital. the multifamily home is just about a total loss just two days before thanksgiving. >> people lose their house before thanksgiving and it is unbelievable here i am still in shock. i do not believe it. >> just a couple of months ago, all of his pictures and everything and we lost everything. >> reporter: certainly, starting to have -- sorry to have such an awful fire and fire crews are word about the structural integrity of this house. in fact, the building inspector will be called in tomorrow morning to check out this house. we are still waiting for an
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update also on the five civilians and the two boston firefighters brought to hospitals. we did just speak a moment ago with a woman who says her taken out of this house and rescued by ladder. she says her mom is doing okay and now she proctor hospital to that israel hospital to get doctors to take feeling is she will be okay. a terrible and a rough night wbz news. back to you . stunning new developments overnight in the case of that toddler who vanished from her hamilton home only to be dumped by the roadside hours later. the former babysitter has been charged with kidnapping and assaulting her. they have decided not to use the child's name or picture due to the sensitivity of this case. christina hager has the latest. after searching this
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used to babysit for the family who lives here and cared for the two-year-old girl who was abducted and found on the side of the road friday.'s police -- police spent friday questioning the 21-year-old who faces a list of charges including breaking and entering, kidnapping and assault and battery. after the girl mysteriously disappeared from her home while her parents slept, she turned up here in raleigh hours later, naked, her head shaved and bleeding as she sat in a poll of leaves. >> pile of leaves. police are the first to admit there are missing pieces in this story. she has made it clear the public is not in danger. >> as the chief of police in this town, i am very connected to the people who live in this town. after six years, as chief of police, if i put the parents for the concern, i would be the
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now, i would say no. >> in hamilton, christina hager, wbz news . >> let's talk about the weather. is the weekend -- it is the weekend before thanksgiving. it looks like we will have to get through some rain first. we will have to work through the weather. take it away. we have a little bit of rain coming tomorrow morning. a band of showers which seems chance of a brief shower or two but looking down the coast, there was a lot of moisture gathering and it will stream up the coastline spreading out the reign of the southeastern massachusetts tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. it is 40 in boston right now it is pretty much going to stay there right now. during the night. in the time -- in time that the rain gets here tomorrow who gets rain and who gets snow. i will see you in a few minutes.
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tonight. those are the colors of the boston college eagles who hosted a rare special game over at boston police but extra security in place for the first of ballgame -- for the first football game since 1998 work coach says in today's world, you cannot take any chances. >> we have a lot going on which is great for the city. i think you will see plenty of visibility, there is no threat to the city. the people should come down and go to the game. >> on the subject of football, the patriots will try to keep their season perfect on monday night when they host rex ryan and buffalo bills. >> this is the second meeting of the season for these two teams. much has been made of it at this point. what an incredible season tom brady is having but i will tell you the only thing that matters
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is winning. and in nine games so far, that is all the passing has done. 90 no but to get to 10 and no, they will need to have their backup quarterback help them out. jimmy gropper runs the team. the quarterback will prepare all season long and that is just -- that is because of the ability to pull the dog -- pull the ball down or run are scrambling to stay alive. his legs are just as dangerous as his arm. >> jimmy is a good athlete. we have had several quarterbacks like that this year. we have played against and run well and taylor is great down the line. so in those situations, boot lays or quarterback keeps or
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he's done a good job of that. he is past and he has good quickness and obviously, he can throw the ball. >> much more. patriots game day at 11:30. on monday night, don't forget turn it over to tb 38 immediately following the game for our post game show. coming up in sports, we will tell you who has been rolled out in monday's game. notre dame highlights, as well. now at 11:00, a ton of family -- a ton of families mourning the death of a soldier. accident while riding a he was stationed at fort bragg and is survived and his wife, the latest on the terror attacks in paris. authorities in brussels have locked down the belgian
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responsible which killed 130 people. tina krause has the latest. police and soldiers are on guard across brussels and subways are closed as authorities warned of a terror attack similar to the ones in paris. officials believe the suspected attacker may be in brussels. french police stopped him at the belgian borders morning after the paris assault but let him go. authorities in turkey arrested three suspected islamic state elected saturday. one reporting targeted a paris attack. paying tribute to the 89 killed at the theater, we still live and. knowing that an attacker is still out there. >> two women who escaped the massacre almost ended up at this restaurant but they chose a cafi across the street instead. they say that gave them the
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extra seconds they needed to survive. opening fire and killing five. both ran for their lives. >> parisians are mourning those who died at memorials around the city. american ricki stevenson lives in paris. >> 2 1/2 million people in paris. everyone's lives touched. she came with friends to deliver a message. >> tina krause, cbs news, there is. -- paris. >> a new arrest in an online robbery scheme known as fishing. a 38-year-old was charged with ripping off at least eight people. according to police, the scheme involved online dating sites. made contact with the person
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and within that, and agreed-upon it, he would rob them at gunpoint. a weston family's beloved dog to be home on thanksgiving after emergency surgery. the five-year-old pointer mix a stick became embedded in his chest. the animal hospital was a -- able to remove the stick. you have probably seen those christmas tree logs starting to pop up and black friday is days away. >> wbz went ahead and got the scene officially started tonight . >> the governor helped the maestro with a sing-along and the blue man group marched to the beat of a different drummer . as did a seven-year-old girl when asked about her christmas list. >> what do you think you might
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>> --? >> in the shadow of an 80 foot norway -- norwood spruce. there was also as of music annual toy drive where a former star dated have the -- himself by recounting atari. and the governor confessed to a more routine things giving . >> we started around noon and he picked at it until we all went to bed. >> as those blue men fumbled with the courts to get the tree left, -- lit, a guy named david high project -- hijacked the microphone. >> i want to tell everybody just how much i really love you. will you marry me? >> we are told the girlfriend said yes but we are not certain. anyway, tonight all came down
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>> and with that, 350,000 blinking led lights to green eyes to music took over and it was time to dance. blake is the name of the light tonight, you can catch it in the night all the way through january 3 year as you might've . still to come, frightening moments of flames shooting from the windows of one of chicago's tallest buildings. and e. coli outbreak you're a popular chain spreads to more states took a part of the country already experiencing snow travel
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flames could be seen on the 50th floor of the john hancock building where a fire erupted in a residential unit here firefighters were able to contain the blaze to that one apartment and put it out there five people were hurt. baby bella bond will be buried a week from today in winthrop. she was the toddler known only as baby doe for months after her body was found
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in a plastic garbage bag off deer island. after several autopsies, her ride was finally released a couple of days ago. her mother and boyfriend are both charged in her death. the light of macy's says the former house speaker has been diagnosed with prostate cancer according to the boston globe. also battling tongue cancer. he has been -- his wife has been fighting to get him released from prison. he has a petition to be released to his family under the compassionate release program. e. coli outbreak has been expanded to six states. new york, california and ohio. so far, 45 people have gotten sick with 16 of them requiring a hospital stay. to police closed 43 restaurants at the start of this outbreak. those locations have reopened. >> hundreds of flights have been canceled since the midwest
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digs out from a significant snowstorm. dumping as much as 20 inches in some spots. a blast of cold air coming in behind us know adding to that wintry feel. >> they can have it! >> but we are going to be optimistic right now because it is feeling like fall and it is not that cold. >> taking a brush of snow tomorrow. last sunday night, it looked like it was pointed right toward new england. that is seven days away. we are talking of a risk of snow. that storm started stealing -- steering the other way. but anyway, we missed the storm. i want to show you this shot of a whole bunch cloud over newport. and many others who sent shore so that this layer of clouds flying through could see the contrails coming from the
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jet aircraft. flying through this layer of clouds can produce a formation of ice crystals. they start to come out of the cloud and produce what you see here. void in the cloud which is quite interesting. that is exactly what happened. 48 was the high in boston. the average height is 50. not close to 74 setback in 1941. it is cold out there now after being in the upper 40s and if you lower 50s. that lookout cold it was out in the midwest. they have had a warm november but all of a sudden, boom. the boom was lowered and make out the cold and the snow and a 34 a high temperature today. chicago is down around 20 right now. the warm stuffed continues in the southeastern part of the united states. there is the snowstorm which instead of coming toward new england took a little bit of a turn producing a snow shield in that general direction of
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stream of showers with it so there may be a brief shower tomorrow morning with these temperatures in the lower 30s. the temperatures will rise somewhat during the night and we get high temperatures in the low to middle 50s. 54 in boston. by morning, lower 40s in many spots. as the clouds move in, seven or 8 o'clock could be a brief shower and those move offshore. as a matter fact, there could be some partial clearing to the north of boston. indeed, that brought will stall out. it will be a close call and most of it will be near the providence quarter and east of that access right there so the rain will continue to move up. some of that may become heavy at times. and maybe come mixed with some sleet and snow. it looks like we're going to be in for just a few tenths of an
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they be 100 or a few hundred 7 inch reaching up to as much as 2 inches or 1/2 inches. as it clears out, it becomes very cold for the patriots game on monday night. kickoff temperature around 34 and at the end of the fourth quarter, down around 30 degrees. that is the way it looks on monday as we have some good traveling for this week for everyone out there for the east part of the nation. fantastic traveling for the holidays. you can see the temperatures will be in the low 40s to near 40 on tuesday and mid-40s on wednesday with sunny weather but on through thursday. it gets warmer near the end of the week. >> next in sports. more on the patriots getting ready for the bills. including the all-important injury reports. for the first time in nearly 50 years, the eagles host
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it has been nearly 50 years since they played football over in fenway park but they did that tonight. the fighting irish have an a decided home-field advantage. they were deemed the home-field team. and the eagles stayed close to the fourth-ranked irishman. smith can't bring an end. dc trails 10th nothing of the half. notre dame simply could not hold on to the ball. five turnovers to the home team including this one inside the 5 yard line. the dc defense doing all it could like they have all season long. and finally, the offense comes in. read is gone. 80 art into the end zone. dc down 19-9 with 10 minutes left to play. smith was not done. 1st and goal. here's charlie calida in for
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the score. the onside kick will be recovered by notre dame and that is how it ends. dc hangs with the irish but loses 19-16, the final. harvard and yale and the crimson looking to bounce back after last week's crushing defeat and bounce back they did. they got the championship. thanks to shut mostly who got two of the four touchdowns. a 14-seven lead and pulled away from there. 4th quarter we go. justin goes in motion taking the handoff and rushing in for his third score of the day. harbor winning his third straight ivy league title 38-19. congrats to tim murphy and his crimson. bruins and toronto from the gardens. going back inside, outside, gets a shot but cannot get it to go by.
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mathias on the breakaway. scoreless into the second period. as mathias again into the defense that does it again -- but does it again. scoring late in the third period . >> welcome to the middle. wide-open. scores! three minutes 43 seconds left! >> take out the reaction from the bruins bench. you think they wanted this one? a wanted nothing leave for boston until brad gets the empty netter. 22 saves in the bruins get a to do nothing shutout win over toronto. in order for the patriots to keep going and winning, they have to keep -- they have to stop with the season ending injuries. julienne may not return until the postseason. he certainly out for this game
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as well as collins and pohlman. putting up 40 on the bill and winning by eight. the buffalo scored 19 points in the fourth quarter to make it interesting. i tower -- hightower says they need to struggle with it. -- they need to, something they have struggled with since november. >> take away one aspect, teams like buffalo, they run the ball very well and you definitely want to take it away. and force those guys to do something they don't want to do. we explained the running game but this was different. a pretty good offensive line. >> more on the bills coming up. the game coming up tomorrow at 11:30.
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post game show . miami beat umass falling two and nine on the season but the atmosphere is pretty cool. i was over there three hours prior to the game. took plenty of pictures. it was fine. thanks. still to come, then you buy happiness? >> the auction where you can buy
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a chance to own a piece of the happiest days -- place on >> hundreds of artifacts from block today featuring some of three of the most esteemed collections in the world , patches and other items from disneyland and disney world. >> we of course are very happy when the weather cooperates. a final look. the final look as just this. it is going to be okay tomorrow except there could be some rain coming in late in the day or tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow night. it's tough to say the exact extent of that rain. as it comes down hard enough or cold enough, there could be a little of the sleet and snow mixed in monday over areas of massachusetts. otherwise, the rest of the week is going to be fantastic. back to the 50s on thanksgiving day.
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and some gourmet is next.
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