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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 24, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EST

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it is tuesday, november 24th, 2015. this is the "cbs morning news." on alert, a terror alert for travelers, a key clue in one of the suspects of the paris attacks. a demonstration against police violence turns bloody. five people are shot over a police death of an unarmed plaque man. feeling fishy a. growing list of grocery chains say they will not
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modified salmon to their shoppers. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at "cbs news" headquarters in new york. thank you for joining us this morning. we start with breaking news this morning and the fight against isis. it could spell trouble between russia and nato. turkish jets shot down a russian warplane turkey says violated its airspace. the russian jet apparently crashed into syrian territory. russia's defense ministry says it can prove the jet was over syrian airspace the entire time. the russian jet crashed into a hill t. pilots of the su-24 jet parachuted from their plane. local media reports one of the pilots have been captured t. currently unclear. this morning, a world wide travel alert is in effect for american sids t. state
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department is warning that and it comes as one of the busiest travel years kicked off yesterday. the government advises u.s. citizens to exercise vigilance when using transportation. the warning remains inesque until february the 24th. this morning, president obama peet's with french president francois hollande. the french want the u.s. to take a more active role in the fight against isis. a fourth suspect was arrested in connection with last week's attacks in paris. don champion is here with more. >> good morning, jamie, hollande's trip to washington is to build in the fight against isis militants. as he does so, the manhunt continues overseas for europe's most wanted man, a suspect in the most deadly attacks in paris. french president francois hollande will sit down with president obama at the white house in an effort of strengthening with coalition against isis.
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a french diplomatic official says hollande will press for urgent action to combat what he views as an imminent threat. >> they can and should take a lot of solace in knowing the most powerful country has their back. >> reporter: isis have u.s. officials stepping up security at airport, monday the state department issued a world wide travel alert, warning americans to exercise caution during the holiday season. >> we will be vigilant. >> our family is don't go to big venue, be kaefl, of course. >> reporter: overseas, brussels remains on lockdown. authorities are searching for salah abdeslam, a key suspect who got away after the november 13th attacks. this in paris they are analyzing a vest. it contained bolts, shrapnel and the same type of explosives used
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in the attack. about a thousand police officers abdeslam. it was found yesterday. it did not have a detonator. it was found close to where they found a discarded cell phone thought to have been used bid salah abdeslam. >> thank you very much. president obama and french president hollande will hold a news conference. coming up on cbs this morning, we will talk about the world wide travel alert with former cia deputy director and "cbs news" security consultant mike more relevant. the straex raised concerns and sparked a contenttial debate. a "cbs news" roll found 69% of americans think an attack is very or somewhat likely in the next few months. >> that is the highest since may of 2011. for the first time, americans
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government will enact strong anti-terrorism laws than they are about restrictions of civil liberty itself. donald trump has become a terrorism. the latest flap now, tis his claims that he watched thousands of people cheering following the 9-11 attacks. >> the reporters are calling all night, they want to find out, did trump make a mistake? the world trade center collapse and watched thousands of people cheering in new jersey. even though there is no evidence of mass celebrations by muslims as he claims, trump refuses to being down. >> i saw people getting together and in fairly large numbers celebrating as the world trade center was coming down killing thousands of people, thousands and thousands of people. >> reporter: trump cited an article that appeared the week after 9-11 in the washington post. it says, authorities detained
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people who were llg l allegedly seen celebrating. trump's rival ben carson says he also saw american muslims cheerk. >> there are going to be people who respond inappropriately to virtually everything. i think that was an inappropriate response. >> reporter: carson's campaign letter says he was mistaken. democratic candidate hillary clinton says all the fear tactics and scare mongering by her potential opponents is a mistake. clinton says it's important not to create divisions between the u.s. and the muslim community. >> we feed people in every community to actually talk to, to tell us what they're hearing tom give us the you know go ahead that something might be amiss. you don't get that if you demonize people. >> reporter: clinton also warned against focusing on refugees. she reminded a rally in nevada that the 9/11 hijackers had
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legal visas to enthe er the united states. five people protest a fatal shooting by a black man by a police officer. protesters say three people en masse opened fire last night. demonstrators have been conducting a sit-in over jamar clark. police say he was killed by police. others allege he was handcuffed at the time. a white police officer could be charged with murder as early as today in the death of a 16-year-old black teen shot 1516 times. cbs station reports officer jason van dyke is expected to be indicted tuesday in the killing of laquan mcdonald. they are releasing squad car video. >> this officer uphold the law, he took the law into his own hand. it doesn't build the trust we want to see. it wasn't about providing safety
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he violated what we had entrust him. >> chicago leaders worry that graphic images from the dash-cam video could spark unrest in that area. four crewmen members were killed when an army helicopter went down near ft. hood t. crew was on a routine training mission. the cause of the crash is now under investigation. holiday travelers in the northwest are being warned of a big snowstorm. winter advisories are up from wyoming to northern california. as much as 20 inches could fall in the sierras. schools in spokane, washington are closed after high winds knocked out power to tens of thousands of people. about 33,000 customers are still without electricity this morning. as nearly 47 million americans hit the road and travel for this thanksgiving holiday.
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unnecessary risk on the roads. it shows too many back seat passengers aren't wearing their combelt seatbelts. >> reporter: this dash-cam video shows you why if you are sitting in the back seat, you should put on a seatbelt. this man and a young child go flying through the cab of a car in a collision. new research finds 883 rear seat passengers who weren't wearing seatbelts died in crashes in 2013. about half would have likely survived if they had only buckled up. what is it about the back seat that makes people think they seatbelt? >> first you heard for years, are you safer in the back seat. second you don't think about it as much when you get into the back seat, especially something like a taxi. third, haful the states don't have laws requiring belt use in the back seat. >> reporter: dr. jim hedlund wrote the report.
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of particular concern are ride sharing services ub ir. in 2014, a survey found 62% of seatbelts. one in five overall passengers don't buckle up. 87% of those in the front seat do. >> it's cheap, it's easy, it may save your life. >> reporter: according to government da that passengers riding in the back seat are three times more likely to die in a crash if they are not wearing their seatbelt. kris van cleave, "cbs news," new york. coming up on the morning news, a shooting suspect arrested. a new orleans man accused of shooting a tulane medical student in custody. in moneywatch, genetically modified salmon. this is the "cbs morning news." power of... rnew theraflu expressmax. new theraflu expressmax.
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on this morning's newsstand. the columbus dispatch reports on the killing monday of three members of an ohio family in their home. police shot and killed the man suspected of shooting the columbus couple and their 7-year-old son. their 12-year-old daughter is in critical condition. the suspect is a neighbor. they are searching for a motive. the los angeles times reports on a falsely convicted man ordered free after 16 years behind bars. loougs czar gas luis vargas was released. they believe the crime was committed by a notorious gunman. a tulane med student, an attempted video, he admitted to both crimes. >> he was arrested without further incident and has given our detectives a full confession
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about the incident. >> under surveillance cameras show a man tracking a woman towards and suv on friday. peter gold can be seen being intervening. then the shooter's gun jams as he aims at gold's head. he is hospitalized in what is called guarded condition. the dallas morning news reports illegal action by the family of a muslim teen whose homemade bomb clock was mistaken for bomb. his family are seeking $15 million from the city of irving and the school district. they are threatening lawsuit itself and leake seeking written apologies for his arrest. canada's national post reports on the backlash of a cancelation of a college yoga class. student leaders at the university of ottowa ended the practice over concerns its practice was not sensitive to cultural roots. it sparked a social media fury over political correctness run amuck.
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chaos in a new jersey mall this weekend when rapper freddie wah decided to toss bills over a balcony. he tweeted later he gave away $2,000 to fans shopping with his daughter. boy i wish i was at that mall. on the cbs "moneywatch" the latest chain refusing to sell frankenfish and a megamerger. jill wagner is on the new york >> reporter: good morning. the proposed merger between pfizer and allergan is drawing harsh criticism in washington and on the campaign trail. the deal is what's called an inverg, where u.s. corporations combine with overseas companies to lower the tax rate. in this fiez case, pfizer would move and hillary clinton says it would leave the u.s. taxpayers holding the back.
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donald trump calls the deal disgusting. well, stocks on wall street edged lower, the dow lost 31 points. the s&p finished down two points as did the nasdaq. costco's latest change to say no to the latest modified salmon. they join trader joe's and aldi and whole foods that won't over the engineered fish to customers. it's the first such approval for an animal that's been genetically modified. taco bell? walnut creek restaurant in least for now. there are extensive renovations at the shopping mall where the restaurant is located. valet parking is offered to ease the flow of traffic. it is located a few yards from the taco bell. now you can live mas and walk less. >> do we want to be walking less
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>> you got to burn off the taco. >> a little luxury, too, i can't believe it. jill, thank you. coming up on "cbs this morning," we talk with amazon ceo jeff bezos about a big announcement on space tourism. still to come the return of john snow spills speculation over the fate of that character. innovative sonicare technology movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. . . >> a shark's feeding frenzy feet from dry land is caught on camera. look at that. beach-goers in panama city, florida, captured this over the weekend t. sharks feasted on a school of fish for about an hour.
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the nfl is investigating whether the st. louis rams violated the league's concussion protocol. near the end of the game, case keen am's head slammed into the turf. he stayed in the game and was later diagnose twd a concussion. his staff was not aware he was hurt. >> we did not see it on the jumbotron. had we seen that, we would have taken a different course of action. but we were not aware of that. >> fisher says keen am is currently being treated but could still play this week. the new england patriots are 10 and o. the pats knocked off the division rivals the buffalo bills monday night. running back helps them get to a 20-13 win. "hbo released a new image promoting season six that appears to joe john snow or does it mean something else? you never know. last week he appeared to be left
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for dead. some fans hoped for his return t. show does come back in april. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning." more on the backlash of genetically engineered salmon. this is the "cbs morning news." . emerge and see.
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. >> if i'm running short on turkey, can i run into a boston mark and come home and tell everyone, oops, it shrank? >> you know, turkey is not chicken. >> i'm pretty sure chickens are baby turkeys. >> you didn't know they were two different birds? >> okay. >> i like how serious that was. that's stephen colbert have been fun with the folks at the butterball hot line before things get too busy for them. >> i'm trying to get the duck into the turkey, but the turkey is having none of it. it keeps running away. i got the chicken into the duck.
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i have to tell you the duck doesn't seem too happy about that, either, it's walking funny. >> well, i don't know if i can help you there. i can help with you your stuffing questions. >> i'm stuffing the turkey in a special way before i ship it to a friend. i put it in the individual balloons before i insert it in the body cavity. my question is are you a cop? you have to tell me if you are a cop or else is the entrapment. can police dogs smell through turkey meat? >> i'm not a police officer. we sponsor never heard that before. >> that is something new. >> something new for sure. "star wars" fans got their fill last night on abc's jimmy kimmel live. almost the entire cast appears on the show. during the interview portion, they were tight lipped when it came to details about the new movie. >> what's the first word of the movie? >> the first word? >> yeah. >> spoken.
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>> the first spoken word in the film. >> ready? >> yes. >> this. >> you tell me everything. what happens at the end of the movie. >> oh, no. >> what? really? wow. that's a heck of a lightsaber battle. >> we'll see for ourselves t. new "star wars" movie opposite december 18th. a suspected robber dressed as darth vader was forced to go back to the dark side. he entered the convenience store sunday. he allegedly whipped out a gun and demanded money from the clerk. but the clerk threw a bottle of ranch dip at darth vader's head injuring him. the suspect fled, was later arrested. the dress judy garland wore in the wizard of oz sold for more than a million-and-a-half
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the dress with that blue a upon is -- apron. three bidders fought for that costume. the winner was not identified. coming up after your local news the debate on the campus of princeton university over the legacy of woodrow wilson, plus dr. david egus with more on the backlash of genetically modified salmon by big chain stores and we'll meet a basketball team from philadelphia struggling to find a home gym. that's the "cbs morning news"
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