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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 24, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. right now at 6:00, new ends police officer is getting set to be charged with murder. >> and if you went to bed early, you missed the patriots captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail:
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turkey. it's almost thanksgiving. turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce. right now. there's really a butte in the air today. >> reporter: 19 in nashua, new hampshire. manchester. 25, same in lawrence right now. teens, norwood to taunton but 20s when you get to the coastline. the real feel is colder in spots where there's just a bit of a wind. so logan airport feels like 22 degrees. definitely bundle up, but grab the shades, too. the sun will be shining to greet us here. sunrise coming up, a6:46. it's still chilly but the wind
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won't be as strong as yesterday. 38 for the ride home. bundle up. let's get you on the roads this morning. traffic and weather together. good morning, robi. >> reporter: welcome to the busiest travel day of the year. mass d.o.t. says right now is one of the best times to head out. not all of the car u.s. are seeing are heading to work. they are heading to grandma's house or wherever. up in andover between river road and dascomb road, you will bog down ben in the woburn stretch. to the south, granite ave. to columbia road. 128 southbound, you are solid from logan express to the split. a late-clearing work crew is still creating problems in raynham. the backup there is to route 140. chris, kathryn? a warning for americans worldwide on the busiest travel
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week of the year. it comes amid concerns terror groups were planning more attacks. >> the state department is advising americans around the world and back here at home to avoid large crowds if you can. susie steimle has a closer look at the warning and security changes in place. good morning, susie. >> good morning, kathryn and chris. an estimated 47 million americans are expected to season. as the threat of terrorism intercreases, the state department wants americans to be careful and says you should expect to see additional screenings at airports. >> both of our first times going out of the country. >> sisters olivia and maura chambers have been planning their two-week european travel adventure for a lifetime. >> our family is like no going to big venues. >> reporter: as they headed to logan airport, the state department issued a worldwide
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travel alert from now through february. u.s. citizens are told to exercise extra precautions. >> i'm definitely going to be vigilant. >> reporter: at our nation's 500 airports, security will be increased. also expect additional ticket screenings from tsa workersp. >> our airport security is not designed to catch somebody right as they are getting on the air craft. it is designed to check people as soon as they start to look for that ticket. >> reporter: most americans will keep their eyes open but refuse to let any threats impact their travel plans. >> we can't let them win. we can't do that. >> reporter: and this additional screening doesn't just apply to airports. for example, in new york city this weekend, the nypd practiced for a probable terror event in the subway.
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police all over the rail systems as well. >> thank you very much. breaking news right now. a russian warplane shot down over turkey. the plane was on a bombing mission in syria when it came under fire. turkish officials say it violated their airspace and the pilots ignored ten warnings. the pilots parachuted to safety but russian officials have had no contact with them. president obama will meat with francois hoe land -- hollande. a street cleaner found a suicide vest in the same area in the same area as they found a cell phone belonging to the fugitive. and a chicago police officer faces murder charges in
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bree is here with the latest developments. good morning, bree. >> reporter: officer jason van with murder. he attempted to stop a teenager high on pcp and carrying a small knife. dash cam video reportly shows la kwon mcdonald being shot 16 times last year. the judge ordered the video to be made public after the city rejected several freedom of information requests. the police superintendent says they are prepared for possible violent protests. the mayor is vowing to hold the officer accountable. the law. hands. he didn't build the trust that we want to see, and he wasn't about providing the safety and security. so at every point, he violated what we trusted him with. >> the family reached a $5 million settlement with the city of chicago. their attorney says they have no interest in seeing the dash
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cam video and do not want it released to the public. bree, back to you. >> new this morning a massachusetts state trooper hit by a suspected drunk driver game. the trooper was outside directing traffic along route 1 when he was hit. the trooper was alert and taken to norwood hospital. injuries. as for the game, the patriots stayed perfect hanging on to beatle bills on monday night football. the win comes with a few more injuries. >> now the pats have a short turn around before another people time showdown. levan reid has highlights and reaction from gillette. >> good morning, everybody. if you didn't see the game last night, the patriots move to 10- the business right there. just before the half, the bills get the free throw.
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breaking the tackle, pats go into the locker room with a ten-point lead. second half, crazy play here. brady's under pressure rolling right. finds danny amendola behind the defense, but the ref through an inadvertent whistle in the middle of the play. pats catch the ball and missed the field goal. later in the third, james white does it again. this time on the ground from six yards out. second touch of the night. pats go up 17-10. pats hang on to win this one despite injuries. they are now 10-0 on the year. >> feels good to win. it's obviously hard to get to this point. every team goes through different things. we've withstood a lot so we just keep fighting. >> reporter: short week for the pats. they have the holiday with thanksgiving and then have to
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team that's motivated to get to them. we'll keep you updated on the injuries on amendola and dobson as the week goes on. i'm reven reid, wbz sportsp. a date is now set for the nfl's deflate gate appeal. yep, that's back. the judge will hear it roughly hey month after super bowl l. that's key because no matter what happens, it won't affect tom brady's ability to play. if you are packing up and heading out for the thanksgiving holiday, you won't be alone. just in time for the travel rush, massachusetts, we're finding out, has some of the worst bottlenecks in the country. >> nicole jacobs has the details. nicole, good morning. >> good morning to you, kathryn. good morning, chris. if you don't like sitting in traffic, you probably just want to sit at home today because we're seeing that tuesdays are actually worse when it comes to that gridlock traffic than the wednesday before thanksgiving
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if you take a look here. it appears to be starting with the morning rush hour and this even bigger and worse than the gridlock that has made national attention. >> boy, a really tough start for the afternoon drive for folks heading north on 93. >> reporter: when you think of boston traffic this most likely comes to mind, bumper to bumper for miles. >> so many cars for the city for one thing. >> now getting national attention with boston having three of 50 worst bottlenecks in the country. topping the list, i-93 from the mass pike to route 1. it hits the economy a whopping $58 million worth. >> it's all jammed up. i feel like there's always road work going on. >> reporter: next up, i-93 the braintree split. >> usually a mess, but we get used to it. we wake up every day and do it anyway.
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>> reporter: third for boston, there's the section between dorchester ave. and a street. it's time and money at stake from gridlocks making headlines and causing headaches. so when to leave for your thanksgiving holiday is up for debate. many say if you don't want to sit in the traffic that is expected today, wait until tomorrow. even thanksgiving day if your trip isn't as long. live in milton, nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. coming up on wbz this morning, a cold night to be out of your home. >> the pipe problem that forced dozens to evac rate in jamaica plain overnight. >> and how a community is coming together to get this back up and runningp. >> this could be a recipe for disaster. the warning before you cook that thanksgiving turkey. danielle? >> chris, good morning. plenty of sunshine to great us here to start the day. sunrise coming up over a half hour from now and it will be mixing with clouds.
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chilly in the low 40s this afternoon. i'll take you through thanksgiving when we come back. stay with us. you've got to be all in. it's not about yappin'. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty.
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children started to learn. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the
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. a tiny visual warning and how not to cook your thanksgiving turkey. deep frying the bird is becoming more popular, but it can be a recipe for disaster if you don't thaw it. can happen. firefighters say, if you are frying the turkey, re-read the phiing instructions. one of my friends just bought the deep frier. so it is becoming more popular. >> i've never had fried turkey, but i hear it's very good. i don't know if i want to try that's scary. >> let the professionals do it. >> have you ever tried fried turkey? >> i haven't. >> you have to get on board. >> i do. chilly start, you goes. >> yeah. >> but it is a beautiful start. the sun is shining.
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you know what that means, clear skies, cold tomorrow chores out the door in the teens and 20s. currently 30 degrees in the city of boston. 19 in nashua right now. 21 degrees in bedford. 20s on the cape and you'd in just a bit of a wind, right, and it makes all of the difference. 12 degrees the real-feel temperature right now. 22 in boston. this is what you want to dress for. yes, grab the shades because the sun will be shining. snow showers, lake effect down to our west back through new york state and pennsylvania as well. for us, the main player in our weather is high pressure.
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quiet weather today and through the tip of main. the biggest thing you'll notice bright. typically a warmer wind direct. we'll pick up moisture in the form of low-level clouds. temperatures will manage to come up into the 50s. we're waiting on a cold front. notice that's main and snowant oop snow event. meantime we drop into the 20s and low 30s. the biggest difference tonight will be areas of frost because the wind goes calm in some communities. you may need to scrape the windshield as we head into tomorrow morning. 45 for a high. look at thanksgiving day. 55 to 60 degrees.
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sunshine, but there will be a deck of clouds that comes in. mild end to the week, 60 on friday. any black friday shopping? temperatures will be mild in the 40s in the morning. saturday we see cooling temperatures through the day. sunday brighter. traffic and weather together, robi. >> danielle, busiest travel day of the year. tough to tell who's commuting and who's leaving early. let's take a live look over the expressway. the northbound side is jammed from furnace brook parkway to columbia road. 128 southbound you stall between logan express and the split. to the north we go, we have an accident just reported in wilmington. 93 southbound at dascomb road. that's a tough spot. andover between river road and dascomb road and woburn between 128 and park street. also, route 3 southbound is crawling between 495 and concord road. a broken water pipe forces
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dozens of elderly people out into the cold. this morning, they are waking up in a shelter. a water pipe burst on center street in jamaica plain. crews had to cut power, which forced an evacuation. mbta buses kept residents warm. we're learning that the stop & shop also lost power and food in the freezers is thawing. a show of support. hundreds come out to help a paxton animal shelter that burned to the ground. some even brought food and up and running. scene, they weren't sure they could save any of the animals. two cats and four dogs did survive. >> we had five originally survive and one died on the way to the hospital. condition.
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>> the animal shelter wants to rebuild. the donors are already planning fund-raisers to get the new shelter off to a good start. a baby-sitter accused of kidnapping and hurting a 2- year-old from hamilton is undergoing a mental health evaluation to see if she's competent to stand trial. abigail hannah is being held without bail. she appeared confused and disheveled in court. doctors say she's hallucinating and suicidal. police immediately suspected hannah when little linden albers went missing. when officers questioned her, they say she was erratic, crying on and off and questioned a tenant in her parents' home who says hannah has a history of stealing things and had a miscarriage the month before. her parents hadn't talking, but a family friend did. >> we're praying for god's blessing on all families involvedp. >> hannah only baby sat for the
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it's 6:20 on your tuesday morning. coming up, a local man taking on hollywood over his portrayal in a new movie. >> he says the movie's spotlight puts him in a bad light. >> this is jon keller. are you hitting the road for the holiday weekend today instead of wednesday? why you may have more company than you bargained for coming
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. >> welcome back. it is 6:24 right now. most people think tomorrow is the busiest travel day for the thanksgiving holiday, but it seems times have changed at least here in boston. >> jon keller takes a closer look at why bostonians seem to have a different travel strategy. >> reporter: good morning. if you are a regular thanksgiving weekend traveler, you already know what a new survey confirms. tuesday, not wednesday has become the worst traffic day of the holiday exodus. why? we are a net departure city on
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thanksgiving with more people leaving than coming in. a lot of us are students or folks with flexible work schedules who can get away a day early. then again, combined with anecdotal evidence that the big boston exodus comes early on other holiday weekends as well, perhaps it shows we are simply the national amountal of the early slide from work. this is not good news if you get stuck in a tuesday traffic jam, but it does have its advantages. black friday traffic in the boston area tends to be less onerous than other cities because so many people have cleared out of town. for those of us staying put who have errands to run on wednesday, the early exodus is a blessing. in any case, traffic may be worse than ever around here, holiday or no, but being stuck in traffic just isn't as bad as it used to be. between built-in video players, ipods and ipads, there are many more ways to keep the kids entertained as long as you
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monitor their liquid consumption before and right are all set. for mom and dad up front, two buck a gallon gas makes stall and crawl traffic less of a financial setback. all in all, even if it's going to be slow going out there, there's no reason to let it sour your mood. leave that up to some of the relatives awaiting you it he -- awaiting you at the other end. it is 6:26 right now on your tuesday. we've got a lot more coming up. a promise over syrian refugees. >> and how they are getting governors on board with a relocation plan. >> targeting terror in new york city and how technology is helping residents and tourists suspicious. >> as we head to break, here are four things you need to know as you head out the door
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breaking news right now at 6:30, a russian warplane shot down in turkey. both countries and what they are saying about the incident. >> a worldwide travel alert. what americans are being told to do over concerns terrorists are planning more attacks. >> it's only tuesday, but people are already waiting in line for black friday deals. can you believe it? where is this happening, and we want to know would do you it? that's our "daily talker." good morning to you. it is 6:30. i'm chris mckinnon. >> i'm kathryn hauser. yeah it is 6:30. morning. and the whole bit. heat. >> i do. it's a game changer.
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hold on to the wheel. it's 30 in boston. 25 in manchester and lawrence right now. orange. the sun will be vining once it comes up. your commute. chilly again today. the wind won't be as strong as it was yesterday. it will be out of the west about 8016 miles per hour. this afternoon. quiet and cold for the drive home. temperatures in the upper 30s with the sunset at 4:16. quiet weather continues through our holiday. i'll talk about a warming trend coming up. let's get you on the roads. has it been a troublesome spot, robey? >> no, not at all. it doesn't feel like the businessiest travel day of the year. that will happen later on. the crash is up in andover 93 southbound already heavy from
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andover all the way down to the leverett connector. also to the north, route 1 southbound you have slow pockets in peabody and saugus. route 3 south, we'll hang up between 495 and concord road. to the south we go from the jess way jammed to furnace brook. we'll hang at neponset street and 24 north looks like it's stalling between brockton and stoughton. 6:32 right now. we're following several breaking news stories this morning. a rush warplane shot down over turkey. russian news agencies claim the plane was on a bombing mission to syria when it came under fire. turkish officials say the plane violated turkish airspace and the pilots ignored ten warnings. also breaking right now, the u.s. army says four people have been killed in a helicopter crash at fort hood. officials say the crew was on a routine training mission. it's unclear, though what caused that crash.
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the thanksgiving holiday. >> what the state department wants americans around the world to be watching out for. susie steimle, what's this warning all about? >> reporter: well, chris, just as the holiday travel season is about to hilt its peak, the state department is warning americans to be careful abroad. this warning went into effect last night and lasts all the travelers. some 47 million americans are expected to travel for this upcoming holiday season, and with terrorism threats, unfortunately at an all-time high, the state department found it imperative to warn people as they prepare to travel in the upcoming weeks. at the airport, you can anticipate additional screenings from tsa workers and prechecked travelers might be subjected to additional searches as well. abroad, americans are being discouraged from attending large public gatherings. many travelers we spoke to say
6:28 am
they don't have any plans to change their plans because they terrorists. >> our family is like no going to big venues. >> you can't live in fear like i've been saying all week long. we let them win. we can't do that. >> reporter: you can also expect to see additional police officers and additional sites. airports. in new york, for example, they are planning to amp up security at rail hubs saying 50-plus police officers will likely be places. we're live at logan airport, morning. people in new york can now play an even greater role in preventing an attack. the governor just announced the see something say something that allows tipsters to send texts and photos to the new york intelligence. officials review the messages for credibility and pass them
6:29 am
governor baker supports resettling refugees from syria but has questions about how the u.s. vets them. this as governor baker is being urged to accept the refugees. he says the additional security steps are being taken. a new suffolk security poll says many agree with the governor's stance on the migrants. 13% say they are undecided. people at brandeis university remembering a sharon teenager killed in a terror attack in the west bank. dozens of students gathered outside the school yesterday. they want to raise awareness about terrorism in israel and remember ezra schwartz. the 18-year-old was killed last week while delivering food to soldiers. the patriots pay tribute to the team during a game last night. they held a moment of silence for all of those who lost their lives in the recent terror attacks but especially the sharon native who is a huge
6:30 am
a pause in the phillip chism murder trial. the victim's mother broke down in court after prosecutors presented bloody clothing that chism was wearing when he was arrested. they also showed surveillance pictures taken hours after the crime. they say the images show chaise um buying a movie ticket with colleen ritzer's credit card. another shows him pulling her body inside of a recycling barrel. a man says the way he's portrayed in the movie "spotlight" is a complete lie. now, a boston college spokesperson says he's ready to take legal action over a scene that includes him. bree is back with a closer look at the claims.
6:31 am
>> reporter: jack dunn wants them to remove the store with him that they he says they fictionalized. he says he was stunned. at one point, his character is in a meeting at bc high, and dunn says he is portrayed as a cold, heartless advisor. dunn insists the dialogue was completely false and sickened him to hear. >> you work your whole life for the sake of your family. you have a reputation that you are proud of, and to have it completely twisted and defamed by the recklessness of hollywood screenwriters is unconscionable to me. >> reporter: a statement from open road films says it believes the complaint against "spotlight" is without merit. they call the film a meticulously researched movie but authentically captures the nature of the events, issues, and pressures of the time. >> jack dunn's lawyers demanded that the scene be deleted from the movie. chris, back to you. 6:37 right now.
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harvard university shut down following a rowdy party. the "boston globe" reports the board of university alumni decided to close the fox club until at least january 1st. a graduate member tells the newspaper that a party earlier this month included nudity, costumes. the decision comes just two weeks after the historically all male club announced it would admit women. it is 6:38 right now. time for our "daily talker." is there an item on your holiday shopping list that you must have no matter what? >> if so, what would you be willing to do to secure it on black friday? robi is here with the tale of extreme shoppers. hey, robi. >> reporter: i can remember stories of shoppers getting into fist fights over tickle me elmo. it's only tuesday but some bargain seekers are so desperate for deals they are already in line for black friday.
6:33 am
i admit, i've done this for springsteen tickets, camped out for at least a night but these campers are blowing off thanksgiving meal to be among the first to get through the doors on friday morning. one coveted deal a 50 inch flat screen for $199. a couple waiting in line told our affiliate they've been doing this for five straight rears. so it s. there any item would you camp out for on black friday? let's see what some of the people are saying on the various social media platforms. a lot of aggressive shoppers out there. marie on facebook says "never have never will. haven't seen the inside of a nall years. it's internet in the warmth of my home all the way, baby." marina on fib says the only time would i wait days in line too do something would be to meet pope francis.
6:34 am
she has her priorities in order there. there are ways to comment. we'd love to hear from you. you can comment all day long. you don't have to wait until break friday. whether you are shopping or enjoying thanksgiving dinner, you are one of millions getting ready to hit the road. >> bad news on this already busy travel week. massachusetts gaining national headlines for its troubling traffic spots. nicole jacobs is live in milton with all of the details. good morning, nicole. >> reporter: good morning to you, kathryn. if past tuesdays are any indication for the drivers hitting the roads for holiday turkey day, certainly we can today. to be expected. this, of course, as boston is making national headlines on the traffic front when it comes to the worst bottlenecks in the country, holding three of the top 50 spots. the worst in boston, i-93 from the mass pike to route 1. then's i-93 between east milton
6:35 am
finally, the stretch between dorchester ave. and a street. that amounts to a lot of time and money being wasted. >> we get used to. we wake up every day and do if anyway. >> traffic is already slowing down a bit, which is somewhat typical for the morning rush hour. as it work for the "boston globe" out of 21 cities studied for this tuesday travel day. boston was the only one that indicated tuesday as the busiest. we're live in milton. nicole jacobs wbz this morning. why won't the tobin bridge on there? why won't 128 or route 1? >> right. >> that's always bad. here's a good thing. if you missed it the patriots are a perfect 10. >> they beat the bills on monday night football.
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flakiest crust ever. you're always welcome at mrs.
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welcome back. it's an easy way to show troops around the world that we care about them. >> working with the trees for troops program.
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buy a special tree that will be delivered to troops and their families at more than 65 military bases around the world. the cost is $30, and the program runs through december 5th. >> very cool. >> that's a nice thing. danielle's in this morning, and it feels definitely like the holiday season with the chill in the air. >> yeah. >> jack frost nipping at your toes. >> here we go with the music. [ laughter ] >> hey, guys it's 10 to 20 degrees colder than this time yesterday. the kids are heading out the door, we're in the teens and 20s. medway memorial school is sitting at 18 degrees right now. 22 at the vincent elementary school in winchester and josiah in boston is sitting at 28 degrees. so you want the winter coat and winter gear. you factor in the wind, which is pretty light in some spots, breeze.
6:40 am
it feels like 22 is the logan airport right now. 12 degrees. the sun will be shining to start the day. there would be snow showers and flurry as long with clouds to our west. some would sneak into far western massachusetts. overall, our weather stays quiet. good for traveling later on today. same goes for our wednesday. high pressure will be the dominant feature on the map. fair weather right through the middle part of the week. here's the deal on thanksgiving. on the backside of high pressure, we debt a wind that comes from the south. you can scoop up a little low level moisture. what does that mean for us on thanksgiving? don't expect the bright blue skies on today and tomorrow. we get a cold front not until friday night and early saturday. that will bring our next round in the form of rain showers before cooler air. highs today, low to mid-40s. we're about 5 degrees below average today.
6:41 am
40 in jaffrey, bright sunshine. a light west wind not as strong. the wind won't be as gusty. 46 in taunton today and the lower to middle 40s today for the cape and islands as well. clear tonight and frosty. i think it will be widespread tomorrow morning in some of the suburbs. 32 at logan. high temperatures tomorrow not as chilly. 46. mostly sunny skies. a light southeast wind and your travel forecast on thanksgiving will be showers from chicago back down to texas. 72 in texas. 58 here in boston. notice there may be actually a little bit of snow, too, from nebraska stretching back up into eastern canada. a lot of dry weather and fair weather up and down the eastern seaboard. mild to end the week. 60 on friday. looking good for any black friday holiday deals. 40s in the morning, too. so not all that cold. a few showers may linger into saturday morning. chilly on sunday, mid-40s to
6:42 am
start next week. traffic and weather together. how are we looking, robi? >> the mass pike is often the worst roadway not so much in the morning but the afternoon. right now, we have delays on the pike. let's take a live look over the mass pike in brighton. the slowdowns start out in framingham where you crawl between route 30 and the weston barracks. to the north, 93 southbound, really bad right now. that's jam packed from stoneham chris, kathryn? 6:48 light now. checking our top stories this morning, the state department alert. >> the state department warning isis and al qaeda could be planning other attacks around the world. it's warning to be careful while using public transportation or attending public events with large crowds. a chicago police officer is expected to face murder
6:43 am
teenager. a veteran officer is accused of times. a judge ordered dash cam video to be made public. authorities are now bracing for a possible violent protest. a baby-sitter accused of kidnapping and hurting a 2- year-old from hamilton is being held without bail. doctors say abigail hannah is hallucinating and suicidal. she is now undergoing a mental health evaluation to determine trial. the patriots staying perfect 10-0. tom brady not happy with the close start against the bills just before the half after the bills missed a field goal. it's brady to james white for the 20-yard touchdown. pats go into the locker room with the 10-3 lead. 13. danny amendola and dobson
6:44 am
still to come, a new nfl investigation. >> the questions after the cornerback is left in the game. >> and a whale is stranded for hours on the south shore. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you. brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. pson, the holiday season's you got your big games... ...cheese plates, turkey, appetizers. and regular games.
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there are over 15,000 ways to take your coffee at dunkin'. every cup as unique as you. always fresh with that signature smooth taste. we take pride in every cup, but only one is your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. the nfl is investigating why the st. louis rams let their quarterback kin to play after a head injury. watch as his helmet slams to the turf.
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his teammates had to help him up, but the qb never left the field. the nfl has a concussion protocol. league officials are questioning why he was not taken off the field to be evaluated immediately. tonight the pats hand out thanksgiving baskets to families in need in roxbury. several players will be there including gostkowski, mccordy and slater. they join robert kraft at the event. it's the 22nd year the pats have teamed up to do this. governor baker is saying sites like boston based draftkings and fan duel could continue to operate but with age and advertising restrictions. if approved by the legislature, the rules would be the first in the nation. the governor wants to review the public comments on the ag's plans. a whale stranded for two
6:48 am
hours in kingston is free. it was finally able to move once high tide came in. the aquarium tells us the stranding could be a sign the whale has some kind of health problem. right now on your tuesday morning, time for a closer look at what's coming up at 7:00 on "cbs this morning." >> good morning, nora. >> good morning, chris and kathryn. ahead, we've got the latest reporting after that russian fighter jet was shot down by turkey overnight. we'll talk with cio insider about the new travel alert for americans ahead of the busy holiday season. we'll see you at 7:00. >> up next, not everyone gets to spend the holidays with family. how many people in boston will
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fact. advil pain relievers are used by more households than any other leading brand. to treat their aches and pains more people reach for advil. relief doesn't get any better than this.
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americans sometimes joke about having a work family, but especially true. >> one in five workers will be celebrating thanksgiving with co-workers. boston is below average. only 1 in 10. career builder says nearly one in four employees will have to last year. three. >> oh, geez.
6:51 am
business have to come in to work. >> we're lucky. >> kathryn's working friday so don't give her a hard time. >> i'm not giving her a hard time. we get the best of both worlds because we have the home family and work family. >> and we are a work family totally. do you remember last year when we had snow that we had cold temperatures, too? we'll be in the 50s. there may be clouds around but not too bad. >> the turkey is dancing. that's all we need to see. happy turkey. >> "cbs this morning" is next. see you in 30 minutes.
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