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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  December 7, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> just thinking there. top stories, weather and traffic here. >> news at 5:00 starts now. right now, president obama addressing the nation about the growing threat of terrorism, his message from the oval office. the lawrence man arrested in a bomb hoax in boston is due in court today, the suspicious package he is accused of leaving on a busy street. and the connecticut man heading to courted to accused of stealing remains, why police say he did it. . pats lose their second straight, what went wrong against the eagles and what tom brady has to say about who is to blame. good morning to you, it is
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and i'm bree sison filling in for kathryn hauser. >> you know. hey, you guys, it didn't feel like winter, what a having. temperatures this morning mild degrees. the dewpoint in the 30s, it's colder in the suburbs, norwood sitting at 26, i point that out because there is a little bit of fog in norwood, there may be a touch of patchy black ice, the rest of us are doing mostly fine. 35 in lawrence and 40s on the cape and islands, there are clouds in place but we are in for a dry day today, more and more sunshine breaking out this afternoon.
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this morning, lunch time 571 degrees, -- 519 degrees. and 45 degrees for the ride home, fair and quiet with a sunset at 4:11. tracking shower the coming up, first traffic and weathered to good morning danielle, we are -- we have a crash 995 northbound before 295, no reports of any rain closures, it's early so we are not seeing any backups there. bree and chris. just days after the terrier attacks in california,. >> for just a third time this presidency, the president addressed the nation from the oval office, to highlight the importance of his message. >> good evening. >> the last time president
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office he announced the end of combat in iraq. >> we cannot turn against one another by letting this fight be defined as a war between america and islam. that, too, is what groups like isil want. >> at one point obama said the u.s. military will continue to hunt down terrorist lotteries anywhere it is necessary, he mentioned boston and the difficult task of catching everyone. >> as groups like isil grew stronger amiss the chaos against wars in iraq and syria, and erasing the distance by counties, we see terrorists poisoning the minds like the boston marathon bombers. >> obama called on congress to ban assault rifles like the one used in the massacre in california.
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sure no one on the no fly list could buy a gun,. >> critics presidential candidates. >> the most resent cbs news poll shows 21% of americans have a great deal of confidence in the government's ability to protect against terrorism, president obama is urging the muslim community in being a partner. senator elizabeth warren agrees steps need to be taken to take guns out of the hands of terrorists and criminals, the nation should adapt to a new kind of theyee and warfare. >> the world is changing around us in the 31stcentury, warfare has changed, danger has changed and that means we have to change by ways of adapting to it and fighting back, it doesn't look like it did a decade ago, a century ago.
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of san bernardino county will return to work for the first time since the terror attack, 9 division where the victims worked will stay closed, people left candles and other items outside a growing memorial at the social services center where the shootings happened. worshippers of different faiths attended a service at a los angeles moss octo show community. investigators are looking into whether tashfeen ma lick radicalized her muslim husband. the investigators say the pakistani born woman ledged allegiance to the islamic state on facebook. wanting to know if she used her marriage to get to the united states and commit i didn't add had. stay with wbz and cbs for the latest on the terror investigation.
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serious motorcycle crash in dorchester on galavan boulevard and allen street. there is no word on the driver's condition. the lawrence man arrested in a bomb hoax in boston is due in court today, he left a suitcase next to a homeland security vehicle, our nichole jacobs is live in boston with a closer look at what happen, nichole. >> reporter: bree, authorities say it's shocking something like this could happen given the homeland security climate, if you will. but the sea port district was deemed safe and the man accused was taken into custody. james dupetney arrested in lawrence not long after the scare, it was in the sea port district outside the homeland security offices, he left a suitcase next to a department vehicle. >> they x-rayed it, they seen components inside, wires and a power source.
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step back, we got our robot in there. >> reporter: after detonating it, investigators found the suitcase and contents were not harmful, but a release of the suspect photo put all on alert on friday. >> took him into custody, he said i am not going to say anything without a lawyer and he continue, he was talking about the weather. >> reporter: authorities say he is homeless and has a criminal record but nothing along the lines of friday's boston bomb scare. he is expected to be arraigned here in boston at some point today. we are live in boston, nichole jacobs wbz this morning. 5:07, a connecticut man will be in court today in a strange crime, he is i can't us coulded of stealing skeletal remains from a cemetery. more on this one, good morning, susie. >> reporter: good morning, chris, this man told police he stole the remains to use them
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called santoria, he showed the remains of the five people he took. >> so i visited there once a week or so. >> family is buried at the cemetery at wooster. >> very disturbing, you know, i mean what would you do with body parts like that, you know. or old skeletons. >> 32-year-old is scheduled to appear in a connecticut courtroom monday, he is accused of stealing the remains of three adults and two children, he cooperated with them taking them back to his hartford apartment to show them where he kept the stolen remains, he told police he planned to use them to practice a religion. >> we see this rarely in hartford, when we do it's generally with animals, very
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remains involved. >> neighbors were similarly disturbed. >> obviously very very scary especially to find out there was a neighbor next to me religions. >> i probably snapped if it was one of my family members, you know. >> after his arraignment in connecticut today, he will be extradited to wooster where he will face additional charges. we did hear from a family members of the deceased whose remains are stolen, she called this crime shocking and sad inning. susie steimle. this morning a fall river man is being held without male charged with beating a four- year-old child. police took 28-year-old richard penero into custody after neighbors reported a disturbance in a home. the four year old was treated and released from the hospital. investigators are still trying to figure out what parked a deadly fire that took
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lynn. they want to know if anyone took video of friday's fire to bruce place, they are asking to you contact them. the three family home was demolished. the four victims were members of the same family. nephew. they are expected to be buried republic. the tip officer reporting threats against cambridge schools could be the same person reporting the threats. three e-mail threats of violence were made against cambridge schools last week, police upped patrols and increased security again today. this morning parishioners at a church are considering their next move. the group met at st. francis to discuss their legal options following the latest setback. the boston archdiocese ordered
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ago, the parishioners have held a round the clock vigil, massachusetts' highest court decided not to intervene in the case, the parishioners can be ordered to leave. we could learn the fate of the green line expansion plans, the nbta wants to expand the line but the t says it costs too much and could go a billion dollars over budget. t officials are meeting on wednesday, they could scale back the project or scrap it altogether. coming up, more unrest in chicago. a new round of protests says court documents are released in the case of a police officer charged of shooting a teen, plus why the justice department now getting involved. plus a big honor for a former maestro of the boston symphony, the special recognition he received from the president. danielle. good morning bree, good morning everybody, a bit of a chilly start. look at that, mid 507s this afternoon, with a blend of sun
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a fun day in maine, check it out. 150 santas skied and snow boarded at the sunday river ski resort all for a good cause. >> the santas raised more than $3000 for local charities. sunday river has been open since october 19th. thanks to snow making machines. so they've got the chill in the air up there. >> that's right. >> not so much down here. >> not enough precipitation. danielle niles with a look at our forecast, i saw brown grass over there. the ski country we are getting snow, in the meantime, kids at the bus stop i still recommend the heavy coat, that includes the kids at overlook middle school, barry burbank had a chance to go out, it is one of his favorite schools, he
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this is 180 of the 6th graders. a lot of them stayed after school for a session. barry had a blast with you guys and i hope you guys had a great weekend. quiet note. sunrise coming up at 6:59 for the bus stop, end of school nice and mild. 39 at boston, 27 in nashua. a lot of the suburbs running in the 20s and 30s, 40s in the cape and islands, but there are clouds in place this morning, these clouds are high thin ones, they will filter the sunshine a little bit but the clouds will depart and more and more sunshine through the course of the afternoon. tracking rain down off the south carolina coastline, this is developing area of low pressure, moving out over the ocean but may come close enough tomorrow to kind of graze us with a little bit of moisture. hour by hour forecast, today is quiet, light west, southwest breeze this morning, and during
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off the ocean. so the clouds increase tonight, tomorrow morning a mainly dry start except for the south coast, nantucket, vineyard might get into a light rain. low pressure passes south and east of nantucket. showers will linger around the cape for the afternoon. everybody else mostly cloudy, and temperatures will be cooler running in the 40s tomorrow afternoon as opposed to the 50s today. wednesday, sunshine breaks back out, sub born clouds inland, temperatures normal for this time of the year running in the mid 40s on wednesday afternoon. another mild one, 55 in boston, 57 in norwood, 52 in wooster this afternoon, tonight the clouds will increase. that keeps our temperature up a little bit. we should be in the 40s in
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maybe 10 degrees cooler like fitchburg, highest tomorrow, 10 or more degrees, keep in mind, we are at the beginning of december, this is pretty normal, 35-45 for most of us, 46 on wednesday. a shower or two possible on wednesday night and again on thursday, something something, little warming trend 55 to end the week, 55-60 for the upcoming weekend, winner is almost here and our entire weather team is putting together a preview of the entire season, and that is saturday evening at 7:30 p.m. traffic and weather together, robi. >> we got the christmas tree yesterday, man, it was so nice out, it was like -- >> hard hard to get in the mood even with the neil diamond christmas album. >> do the kids like that.
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>> they like alvin and the chipmunks, stuff like that. >> it was hard to get into -- >> you needed to throw some fake snow in the error something. >> put the ac on or something. >> we are going to turn the corner and we are all going to say we don't want the snow. >> let's hope it's pleasant on the roads. we do have a crash south of the city, 95 northbound just before interstate 295, a car off the road down there. no lane closures yet, no backups reported at this time. chris and bree. more than a year after a police officer allegedly shot and killed a black teenager, the justice department is expected to launch an investigation into the practices of the chicago police department. >> hundreds took to the streets of chicago yesterday, this after knew documents were released in 9 case showing
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shooting and much different than what is shown in dash cam video of the incident, one officer faces first degree murder charges in the case. boston will pause to remember on the 749 anniversary of the pearl harbor attack, a service will take place on a world war ii era destroyer. the surprise attack by japan on the u.s. naval base killed 2400 americans and spurred the u.s. into world war ii. boston university pays its president more than any other private college in massachusetts. according to the chronical of higher education, robert brown's compensation was is $1.1 million.
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harvard was 49th on the list with just under 930,000. salary. a big night for a former maestro of the boston symphony honorees. he led the dso for a record of 29 years, including director george lucas, song writer carol king. the kennedy center honors those in the performing arts lifetime contributions to american culture. the pats drop their second straight. oh, man, tough loss last night, highlights with their
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. welcome back much the pats drop to the eagles last night. >> steve burton has more on what went wrong. good morning, everyone. you know, give them credit they didn't give up. patriots played and unpatriot game. suffering back to back losses. game tied 149 at the half after
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third quarter pats, bray dee, a pick at the goal line. way. first time brady has been intercepted by the eagles, eagles up 21-149. ouch, that one hurt. they have a punt return, the patriots come back, setting up this brady score on the one yard keeper. 35-28 with 3:00 to go. patriots one more chance, they turn it over on down. they fall to 10-2 and lose their second straight game. >> i'm the person that throws it the most and i gotta make decisions with the ball and if i turn the ball over twice, i mean i don't think we are going to have a chance to win thenee games. fake plays helped outed 9 -- whatever hundred yard interception return, about as bad as you can do for a quarterback. >> we are just not used to this.
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they don't have a problem with houston. that is sports finale over to you. 5:25 right now. he had a starring role on three patriots super bowl team the. >> will i will mcginnis goes primetime, hall of famer has a guest role in scorpion, i love that show. and the hunt for a hacker, team scorpion goes undercover. they cross paths with mcginnis who playing himself in the episode. scorpion airs tonight at 9:00. check it out. >> i have to dvr it. >> big surprise. still to come on our next half-hour, president obama addressing the nation. his message from the oval office and why muslim communities are concerned about backlash. when you have seen the darkness you know what the low point is.
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take a closer look how trauma at a young age can have a
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threat from terrorism is
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right now at 5:30, president obama addressing the nation, his message from the oval office in response to the deadly attack in california. the lawrence man arrested due in court today, the suspicious package he is accused of leaving. a connecticut man heads to courted to accused of stealing remains from a wooster cemetery, why police say he did it. welcome back, i'm bree sison filling in for kathryn hauser. it doesn't feel like it though, this weekend is beautiful. >> even though it's a chilly start in the morning, we are coming into the 50s this afternoon. it is going to feel nice, a live look right now in boston, don't you love seeing all the christmas lights, did you
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with the ship with the lights was on, every year someone puts it on their sail boat. now this morning temperature wise we are running in the 30s, 20s out there, too. it's 39 degrees, the dewpoint is 34, we have a light wind from the southwest, only 3 miles per hour, but notice norwood sitting at 26, 30s in the suburbs, mid-20s here up and down the connecticut, 45-50 in the outer cape back down to nantucket because of an act of wind keeps the atmosphere mixed up a little bit. clouds will in place -- in place, just before 7:00 a.m., midday lunch, we rebound to 51 degrees, react by december standards, fair and quiet, 45 for the ride home with a sunset at 4:11.
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we are going to talk more about that coming up, hi, robi. we are seeing the first reported slowdowns, and they are in familiar spots. take a live look over expressway in dorchester, furnace brook up to columbia road seeing a sluggish ride on 2128 southbound. to the north we go, 93 southbound has two slow pockets, up in between is 110 and 33. spot pond to park street. chris and bree. 5:32 on monday morning, checking top story, the lawrence man accused of bomb hoax in boston is due in court today, he was arrested on friday, boston police say he ran away after placing a suitcase next to a homeland avenue. the bomb squad blew up that suitcase. a connecticut man will be
5:30 am
of stealing skeletal remains from wooster cemetery, amador me dean a removed remains of five bodies from hope cemetery in wooster, police think he practicing a religion. president obama declared last week's massacre in san bernardino an act of terrorism, the president addressed the nation from the oval office last night saying the threat from terrorism is real but the president tried to reassure americans the government will. muslim communities across the country are concerned about a possible backlash because of the california 14509ings. one who cam iman says the religion should not be blamed for the. >> these people who claimed that they are following islam are not following teachings i
5:31 am
permit them to do this, kill innocent people. >> police commissioner william evans says there will be regular patrols around mosques in boston. this morning we kick off another week of matters of the mind, our focus on mental health. and this week we are talking trauma, a call to action ask asking adult viewer toss take stock of why you are who you are. you have seen my twitter, i'm not that mature. >> don't let this comedian's goofy grin fool you. she grew up in western mass, being damage. >> when you realize that your bulletproof vest doesn't work you are like oh, no. >> you could call his childhood chaotic, even traumatic as he got older dana says he had to sort out his thinking. >> i had a bad spell.
5:32 am
>> for clinical psychologists like sidney tranthom helping adults heal. >> kids come to conclusions, the reasons this happened is because is wrong with me, that leads to a repeated pattern, the more you think that way it influences the way you act. >> a major study says the bigger risk for things like suicide, substance abuse, heart disease, std's or domestic violence and confronting his trauma is something dana credits for his success. >> i saw every kind of abuse you can imagine before i was ten years old, so i'm in my 30s now, a lot of my friends haven't seen that and they wouldn't know what to do with that now and i had to deal with that before a teen. >> resilience appearing on national tv shows and preparing
5:33 am
>> just because you have a number of those events in your experience and history doesn't mean you are doomed to be a dysfunctional mall adaptive person in the world. >> so true, people who experience trauma often get really good at apartmentallizing, trying evaluation of your satisfaction at home, work and play. if one of those three isn't healthy and balanced take a look at childhood experiences quiz linked to cbs and no risk factors. >> always interesting pieces there, we poop associate when you do these stories. >> all week long, including tomorrow, the hidden dangers of mental illness in a family. >> all right, sounds good. straight ahead, a new way looking at it. >> giving people a sneak peak mailbox. the man authorities say is behind a boston bomb hoax
5:34 am
what police say he told them coming up. good morning, everybody, checking in with weather watchers as we always do, temperatures for a lot of us running in the 30s, we have a couple upper 20s, larry says 35 degrees in add he will borrow, it could be start of a new week, you too, larry, highs of 50s, cooler air and a few show are showers for tomorrow, details coming up, we would
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. check this out, a new way to check your mail without going to the mailbox. plus big savings on gas prices compared to last year, jill wagner is live from the new york stock exchange with today's money watch, good morning, jill. good morning, gas prices inching lower as we head towards the holidays, aaa says the national average is $2.03 a gallon. in massachusetts you are paying slightly more at 2-point is $1. drivers saving $18 for a full tank of gas compared to two years ago. amazon has bought thousands of new big rigs to help in delivering a huge increase in pack ands. amazon will still use companies
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and you can see what is sitting in your mailbox before you get home, testing a notification service that will e-mail customers images of their mail, just the exterior of the envelope, postal service won't open your bills and letters, bree and chris. see, here is the thing, i am so bad at checking my mail, but my letter carrier is so nice to bring them up to me sometimes and a lot of times i don't want to see it, you know. like what they are sending me, >> yeah. irresponsible. >> i don't want to look at the bills, if they are not there you don't pay them, right? >> ignorance is police. coming up, we have a check today. including u2 taking the station in paris. plus remains stolen from a
5:38 am
today. coming up on wbz this morning. we saw some pretty hard hits in football games that is expected, what you don't expect to see is the fans getting tackled, a bunch of them got roofed up after the university of houston game, did these
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. three, two, one. liftoff. well the as thoughts on the international space station getting much needed supplies, a rocket carries ing groceries, cargo, christmas presents took off yesterday afternoon, the launch was the 4th attempt in a week to get the capsule into place, three previous launch attempts were scrubbed due to bad weather, wind, clouds, thunderstorms in florida, 7400 space. >> do you have any insider what is christmas gifts. think? >> a new iphone or ipod. >> can you use that in space though? wifi. >> that is a good point.
5:40 am
one easy track to the north pole for santa, they want to make sure they get something. >> i think the trend help the big guy in red. this morning not a bad start, a little on the chilly side, boston is at 39, 29 in nashua. 2 in concord, new hampshire, 25 in plymouth, new hampshire. the one spot i am concerned about is norwood because we have a little bit of fog and because temperatures are below freezing there may be a touch of black ice that has not widespread. 41 in marsh field, so mild start there, look at hour by hour forecast, by december standards we come into the 40s through the morning, 51 by sunshine, so the clouds we do have in place this morning will tend to clear out and depart through the afternoon. it's a quiet start to the week,
5:41 am
the carolinas, this is a developing area of low pressure, a little piece of energy, too, coming through the ohio valley, so both of these is going to combine offshore and pass south and east of nantucket, but it will mean the threat for wet weather, today is dry, tomorrow 7:00 a.m., south coast, cape and islands getting this rain, there is a very low, very low probability we could see a couple snowflakes in wooster county, few flurries, no accumulation expected. other wise mostly dry for the rest of us, it will be cooler tomorrow after such a mild weekend, temperatures in the 50s today. wednesday a lot of clouds inland, i do anticipate breaks of sunshine and wednesday will be a dry day, we'll start to rebound coming into the mid 40s on wednesday afternoon. so look at that 55 in boston, the wind out of the southwest
5:42 am
shift around to the northwest, beautiful 50 degrees in jaffrey, low to mid-50s back down to wooster this afternoon, bright sunshine through the afternoon hours, 567 in tauton, mid 40s we should be this time of year. 39 downtown, some of the coldest suburbs, cape showers will be with us, highs in the low 40s, rebound on wednesday. and so end the week, shower or two, isolated on thursday, 55 on friday, looking mostly dry this weekend, 55-60 dries. traffic and weather together. danielle plenty of slow downs, as this monday morning commute is under way, checking in north with a live look over 93 in summerville, volumes heavy now on 93 southbound medford into boston and two
5:43 am
between 110 and 133 and between park street and spot pond. to the southeast, columbia road 1928 southbound sluggish from logan express to the split. and 24 north levee and slow up to 1289. chris and bree. >> thank you very much. 54:99, a connecticut man will face a judge. >> plus a man accused of bomb scare in boston also heads to court, here are your top stories this monday shall whoing. good morning, i'm nichole jacobs live in boston where a man is set to go before a judge today after quite a scare in boston sea fort district on friday, take a look at the 50- year-old james derepentigny, he was arrested in lawrence friday after investigators say he left a suspicious suitcase outside of a homeland security vehicle. authorities say there were wires and a power source inside
5:44 am
it it was found to be unharmful, hear from the lawrence police officer who arrested derepentigny at gun point, we are live in boston, morning. i'm susie steimle, a connecticut man will be in courted to charged with stealing remains from a massachusetts cemetery, 32-year- old amador medina told police he wanted the remains to practice a religion. he says he took the remains of three adult the and two children from a mausoleum in hope cement air ', he will be extradited to massachusetts and will be facing additional charges here. live in the satellite center, susie steimle. the band u2 is taking the stage in paris last night. the band played all their hits and paid special tribute to the
5:45 am
of love when every victim's name was on a screen. on the health watch this morning, trying to lose weight, you might want to ditch your coat, a new study discovered being cold can dramatically alter the composition of bacteria in the gut. like a belly band motions, researchers at the university of geneva used mice, they say the change in the gut bacteria lead to fat burning and reduced body weight. >> yeah. any time you can get rid of the gut it's good. if you are a college football fan and you run on to the field when your team wins,. >> probably not, the university of houston is outraged, not at their fans but security guards for roughing up some of the team's lloyd supporters.
5:46 am
incidents where fans run on to the field during a game, but what about a post game celebration, some security guards seemed to cross the line by really getting physical with people. just after the houston cougars beat the temple owls saturday, fans tried to join the team in celebration, but several security guards mr. were caught on camera roughing up those when attempting to run on the field, showing a guard kicking and punching a fan on the ground, some fans were picked up and body slammed down on to the turf like right here. it's important to point out the american athletic conference does not prohibit fans from rushing the field after the game. some of the security guard the didn't get the memo. they are employed by contemporary services corporation, the private security firm hired by university of houston, the school's vice president of athletics said he was extremely
5:47 am
of these videos went viral, people are outraged, the university terminating the contract and is considering legal action. officials from the security company saying they are conducting their own investigation. what do you think? did the guards act too aggressively, do you think ending the contract is enough punishment or should they go even further? a lot of these people who get taken down posted on facebook and twitter saying they were pretty outraged, too, obviously. let's take a look at comments. marie posted this, punching and kicking sounds like the only ones who were unruly were the security guards. someone who calls himself average joe posted, no, i don't agree they were too aggressive, sports fans who run on the field deserve to be beaten. says average joe. okay. let us know what you think, website, twitter, facebook, those are the ways you can comment. we are going read you more coming up at 6:00.
5:48 am
sprayed when everybody rushed the field. they shouldn't have been on the field. >> keep it peaceful. still to come, the jewish festival hanukkah under way. >> how the city of boston is celebrate ing in a special ceremony taking place tonight. there may come a day when i can't care for my daughter. with transportation, preparing meals.
5:49 am
woman: we're massoptions, a free resource for elders, caregivers, and individuals with disabilities of all ages. we link you to the services you need to live independently in the setting of your choice. call 1-844-422-6277 or visit catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. after 12:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte
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america runs on dunkin'. jewish people across the world are celebrating the start of hanukkah.
5:51 am
festival of lights lasts for eight days, others joined mayor marty walsh joined in the lighting of a menorah. >> tweeting this picture out, lighting the giant menorah, helping to light the 18-foot lighting one each night. enjoy the beautiful season it is going to be. >> i am sure it is, and a nice week for it. this morning, top stories
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