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tv   WBZ News  CBS  December 11, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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line train left braintree that the emergency call came here, the operations control center, and they watched an unmanned train making its way down the tracks and began to shut the power. >> the dispatchers were already making a decision within 2, 2 and a half minutes that they were beginning to take power sequentially along the line. >> reporter: they were several trains ahead with a 10-minute window to get the closest one out of the way before having to shut down the entire line. >> the fact that the train was not making the station stops, obviously, that window would have diminished. >> reporter: an agonizing nine minutes as the operators cut power to the third rail on the braintree line and the train coasted to a stop, a scenario that governor baker said was tampering. >> multiple safety procedures were not followed by one individual which led to the incident yesterday.
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that the operator, david vasquez, wrapped a rubber telephone cord over the citizen valve that put the train in motion. when he stepped out to flip a bypass switch, the cord was never removed, and the train started rolling, a clear job violation. >> in any way restricting the movement would be consideration of termination. >> i am certain that the 9 minutes felt like an hour during that time. >> reporter: and other emergency procedures were put in place just in case, including switching the tracks so the train would move into the braintree yard. officials say that the operator is cooperating but if the investigation shows he did perform what he called a terminated.
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>> thank you, beth, and once the passengers realized something was wrong, they tried to get in touch with the conductor. >> but he wasn't there, and we have more on that. luisa. >> reporter: the passenger tells me the more she thinks about the incident, the more surprised she is. the emergency com only links the conductor. and to show us, we took a little ride. >> the only thing is we lucked around us. you know, this would have been huge. >> reporter: what started as a normal commute on the red line thursday, the same hum of the train, the slowdowns and speed ups, the mishaps. and even as outside the train things were going wrong,
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quo until -- >> knew something was wrong with the stop. >> reporter: the train barreled through north quincy, and it came to a halt not far from the jfk stop and then concern grew. >> the intercome -- intercom is right here, and they knew to answer, and we pressed but nothing happened. >> reporter: 30 minutes passed. >> and then we were able to open the door. >> reporter: one man kicked out a train door. >> he was able to open the door. >> reporter: and finally, the startling realization. >> a guy from the first car knocked on the door of the conductor and realized there was nobody there. >> reporter: now, she told me
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experiences, she plans to never ride the ride line again. lisa, back to you. >> louisa, thank you. we will bring you more information on the air and online as soon as we get it. we want to turn to the patriots now. christmas comes early for tom brady because his two favorite targets, ron gronkowski and julian edelman back on the field, and does this mean they are close to playing today? dan is at the garden where the celtics where their own big story. >> reporter: yeah. the celtics playing perhaps the biggest regular season game, and they are hosting the golden state warriors. tip off here at the garden is set for 7:30. now, as for the patriots, how's
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gronkowski and julian edelman side by side stretching and a high 5 for the camera and bill belichick, beaming like a proud papa. edle - - e d elman is ruled out for sunday, and his prognosis was 6 to 8 weeks, and gronk's injury wasn't as serious as edelman's, and he has a 50/50 shot of playing on sunday, but it sounds like they are both just happy to be out there. >> i like to be back as soon as i can. but doing it safely and smart you know. >> it feels good to be back with teammates, and i -- i was out on the practice field, and any other questions, you have to talk with coach belichick. >> reporter: the patriots' weekend starts on wbz, 7:00
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the and -- watt and more, and we kickoff with game day on wbz and we have the 5th quarter post-game show as soon as the game is done. the only place seeing tom brady and belichick's press conference is line right after the game. and i am sure they're looking forward to watching steph curry and company and looking forward to pulling off an upset, a rocking crowd, and for now, live at the garden, dave and lisa, back to you. >> electric. dan, thank you. and this was an unusual day from start to finish and very foggy, and it took the fog a few hours to burn off. it wasn't until 11:00 this morning that we actually saw the top of the prudential center, and we knew given the temperature this was a nice day, and boy are we in luck this weekend. let's check in with eric for
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no thunder in the forecast. and we have temperature that is reached by the reach -- -- 58, and the calendar looks like it did in november, a really warm start to the month of december. taking a look at what we're watching for tonight. 49 in fitch burg, and keen, 45, but mild by december standards, and the low temperatures tonight, 37 to 42 in the suburbs, and 44 in downtown boston, and patchy fog developing into new hampshire over the main spot. and for this weekend, a tale of two days. pardon me, 55 to 61 pretty much everywhere you look. as we head into sunday, back to the cool front that will move in and bring more clouds and cooler temperatures. the full weekend forecast coming up. david? >> people are going to be giving you high fives, eric. >> they were before. >> all right. thank you.
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arrest in connection with last night's double murder. michael deleon of lynn, police say, opened fire in a home, killing two people. a scary morning for a family in north reading. a car slams into their home on elm street. they were not hurt, and the 39- year-old driver from wilmington was killed. she was traveling eastbound when she swerved onto the wrong side of the wrod -- road and careened into the home. >> it's clearly marked, so, you know, this is a windey road. >> we just did the story about how foggy it was. it's unclear if the fog may crash. a norwood man is facing serious charges for a crash that killed one person. police say that harvey libby was drinking and taking drugs when he collided with another
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f.b.i. divers are searching a lake in san bernardino for what could be key evidence in the mass shooting evidence. the shooters may have thrown a hard drive into the water. >> reporter: for a second day, f.b.i. divers are sweeping the lake 3 miles north of the terrorist attack that killed 14 people. agents hope to find a crucial piece of evidence, a computer hard drive, possibly tossed by the shooters, syed farook and tashfeen malik. >> we had a lead that the subjects came into the area. >> reporter: in 2013 before they were married, officials say that the two had discussed martyrdom and jihad online, but at the time, the couple raised no red flags when malik was granted a fianceey visa to enter the u.s. and there was a
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the two eventually abandoned in 2012. details of the investigation have left nearby communities on edge. resident bob lewis wanted to see the f.b.i.'s search for himself. >> it's taken a while for me to get over the situation because there were a lot of people that worked over there. >> reporter: his son worked at the regional center where the shootings happened, and like many, lewis said he doesn't feel safe anymore. teri okita for cbs news, san bernardino, california. the shooters had pledged support for isis, and that's an organization that clearly has no trouble funding attacks. a treasury department official said that the group makes more than $500 million a year selling oil. the u.s. and the allies are bombing oil tankers in syria to try and cut off some of the income. a big development. fantasy sports websites officially banned from doing
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a judge ordered draftkings and fanduel to stop doing business. the companies both argue it's a game of skill, not chance. and draftkings is trying to block that ruling. meantime, here in massachusetts, the ag does not have plans to shut them down but officials are working to try and regular late the industry. still to come, a wounded veteran overcome with emotion as he receives a big honor from his little brother, the heartwarming story coming up. and another reason to take the extra deep breath, while keeping the stress level down could be the key to a healthy mind. >> and an uber driver in boston attacked on the job, and it's
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we feel honored to have witnessed the love between two brothers today, one, a war hero. the other is just 12 years old. and this parade out at the st. margaret's school in buzzard's day. the assignment was to write about the person you are most thankful for. >> and the choice was clear. >> reporter: it could have been a regular school assembly.
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write an essay about a person that they are thankful for, and it couldn't be a parent. that would be too easy. >> reporter: the essays were about grandparents and teachers. >> 9th place -- . >> reporter: and finally, a very special brother. >> the winner of our thanksgiving essay contest, aiden mcdougal. >> my brother derek is my role mod em, funny, fearless, hard working, and kind and loving. >> reporter: derek had two tours in afghanistan and suffered serious wounds. >> i have ptsd, pretty serious. >> reporter: and he surprised his little brother showing up at today's assembly. >> i was excited and stunned. >> very emotional. it means a lot that he would
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>> if you are sad or in need of help, you should meet my brother. he makes me feel like i'm the most important personal in the world. >> reporter: derek is out of the military now, and another thing aiden is thankful for is just having him home. >> he is something else. he's smart, you know. it's kind of funny, actually that, i'm going to school. i haven't been to school in so long since i've been out of the military. i have math homework and he was helping me with it. >> reporter: aiden won two airline tickets anywhere in the country. he gave them to derek. a christmas present? >> i already have something for him. >> amazing. derek said he will use them to take aiden to florida to visit their other brother. >> wow. i don't know what to say. that is an incredible story. >> thank you to both, first,
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for bringing that back. >> i love doing stories like that. >> we need good news once in a while. >> and you have been doing good news for a while. >> we have had a good stretch, a great afternoon, and warm again. how long it will last? that's the question we keep getting. anything but average. how long was it that way? >> forever. >> forever 72 >> and we have a front on sunday with rain and thunder as we head into monday night with a storm system swooping in from the west, and out there, 58 in boston, and 61 in taunton, soap a -- so a few towns, chicago at 50, and minneapolis at 38 which is not so bad by their standards, and it will get weekend. and we have had periods of clouds from the west, and another one of those is moving
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through the overnight. and there will be fog to contend with, not as widespread as last night but watching it in southern new hampshire, and concord and .50 of a mile in keen where travel is more than an overnight issue. 39 in fitchburg, and boston, 45 and ranging to as warm as 48 on nantucket, and tomorrow, a similar temperature profile, 60 in boston and low 60s in southeastern massachusetts and partly cloudy skies and a great start to the picture. we're watching the front move in towards sunday, and more clouds start to move in, and there could be patchy drizzle on sunday. so it's not going to be a cold, winter day but certainly not as nice as it has been, and as we head toward monday, the front will slowly work back in our direction and warm us up by monday evening.
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cloudy tomorrow and morning excludes and a bright afternoon, close to 60. tomorrow night, the clouds will fill in, and we'll hold in the 40s, way above average, and most towns, they haven't seen freezing temperatures in a while, and on sunday, lots of clouds and spotty drizzle near the coastline and we'll be 10 degrees above average for this time of year. then as we head towards monday, we'll start off chill off -- chilly, and the milder air monday evening and monday night. the high temperatures at 11:59:00 p.m., just before midnight. heavier downpours and thunder. we need the rainfall, deficits between 9 to 11", an exceptionally dry year. there is the full accu-weather 7 day, gusto tuesday and wednesday, cooler at 49, way
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storm, a wet one, 57. 50 on friday, and next weekend, david and lisa is -- lisa, is colder and winter more moving in. >> all right. thank you, david. it's certainly starting to look like christmas for america's retailers. retail sales picked up last month. the best sellers were electronics and clothing, and restaurants got a boost. economists point for lower gas prices for the uptick and a slight drop in big ticket items like furniture. all the online shopping is becoming a prospect for ups. the company is getting slammed with holiday deliveries and affecting the on-time delivery rate. ups, fedex, and the postal service are expected to ship more than 1.5 billion package this is holiday season, more than a few of them mine.
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and a new short video for chanel stars gisele bunbchen. >> when i'm the happiest is anywhere in the middle of nature, the ocean, mountains, anywhere. as long as i'm in nature, i feel like i'm in my element. >> and she grew up in southern brazil as the granddaughter of farmers. we get a sneak peek inside her and tom brady's home while she's doing yoga. >> beautiful. very relaxed watching that. still to come, doctors say wine could be a new treatment for alzheimer's. >> and incredible dashcam video with the perfect soundtrack, a big rig driver's song that was playing when he crashed. >> coming up at 6:00, making beautiful music, one year ago, this violinist thought she
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pholiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place. my stop & shop. stressed-out seniors could be at greater risk of alzheimer's.
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ago found for every 5.3 increase in stress their mild impairment went up 30%. >> participate apts -- participants with the highest level of stress were more than likely to develop the early stage alzheimer's dementia. >> exercise, meditation, and yoga can help people cope with stress and possibly postpone or prevent their cognitive decline. we're learning tonight that wine may help people with alzheimer's. danish researchers say that a medium to large glass of wine every day may help people with early stage alzheimer's and help those patients live longer but caution more research is needed. lisa? >> david, thank you. a scary tractor-trailer crash is caught on camera. this shows the moment that the big rig lost control and flipped outside of philadelphia.
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for a second, and the windshield explodes, and the driver incredibly was not hurt. he post that does video on facebook. and if you listen closely, you can hear the song "free ride" playing on the radio. he said it was the perfect soundtrack -- if there was such a thing -- for the crash. and a close call for this bicyclist in poland. the train speeds by, and the cyclist was not hurt but got knocked off his bike. >> that was the scariest thing i have ever seen. this is a frightening ride for the uber camera. we'll show it to you. >> and a warning for parents about smart toys. some of them could be spying on your kids. >> and break out the tissues. these never get old. two little girls dreamed of having soldier dad home for christmas, and it comes true. and now, looking at the
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friday afternoon. it's what you might expect, the red lights, brake lights headed
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