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tv   WBZ News  CBS  December 16, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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delivery. hey. lo mein, szechwan chicken, chopsticks, soy sauce and you got some fortune cookies. have a good one. ah, these small new york apartments... protect your belongings. let geico help you with renters insurance. the nbc eight -- mbta operator that was operating the
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passengers on board has been officially fire. the termination papers were signed today. a mistrial has been called today for the first of six officers charged in the death of freddie gray, after he was injured in the back of a police van. the federal reserve has raised the key interest rate for the first time in a decade. this will have impact on mortgage rates as well as credit card rates. learning to save a life, dozens of athletic trainers and nurses can now use an overdose reversal drug. we have continuing stories about this saving lives. >> there are school nurses and school administrators and phys ed and structures learning
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someone back from on -- a devastating heroin overdose with narcan. this nurse was learning how to spray narcan into the nose of an overdose victim. this was heart wrenching for her. one year ago this week her 27- year-old son died from a heroin overdose after being clean for two years. >> how important do you think this is? >> i think it is extremely important. it should be everywhere. everyone should have it. >> reporter: opiates have exploded in receiving -- in recent years to well-to-do suburbs. and these educators are getting a close-up view of what they know is out there.>> i think it is crucial that we are able to save a life. it may not be a student.
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>> reporter: the da was running the program along with an emergency room doctor who places a lot of the blame on doctors who overprescribed. >> most of the heroin to screw -- prescribed in the world is prescribed in the u.s. >> reporter: 1000 people died of heroin overdoses in this area last year. how many lives can narcan save? they don't really know. kids in los angeles are back in class today after a threat shut down all of the schools yesterday. the threat came in a email. late last night investigators determined it was a hoax. some students were frightened. they brought in crisis counselors today to provide comfort. president obama will meet with families whose -- who lost
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terrorist attacks. 14 people were gunned down earlier this month. president obama is meeting with those families on his way to oh -- hawaii where he and his family will spend the christmas holiday. the debate focused on -- is focused on who can get high-powered weapons. it's now being discussed that it could be harder to own a some states.>> reporter: it's in the eye of the beholder. what is in more need of regulation, drones or guns? the founder of handgun -- stop handgun violence says it's obvious.>> why wouldn't you regulate large magazine weapons that are the common denominator in every one of the mass shootings in this country.>>
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newly purchased drones weighing over 9 ounces have to be registered with the faa before they fly. current drawn owners have until february 19. in the meantime -- >> new hampshire, maine, vermont, 32 states don't require a background check or proof of id to buy military style assault weapons. >> reporter: joshua just wrote an article called i will register my draw when you have to register your gun. >> how do we balance our priorities? what are the things that are the most dangerous and that are going to cause more problems? one of the things scaring us a lot because they are new and we don't know how to deal with it?>> reporter: hundreds of thousands of americans could find drones under their christmas trees and on december 26 the skies could be filled with flying machines with little or no rules. the new regulations are designed to provide. rosenthal would like the same government response on his issue. >> drones are inherently
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i would say assault weapons are more dangerous.>> jim smith wbz news. people wanting to get closer to stores are breaking the law and stealing handicapped spaces for people who need them. >> reporter: during the holiday shopping season they can be tougher than ever to find a parking spot. police -- we saw firsthand what a big problem this is. police showed us how many illegal handicap placards they have seized from people trying to cheat the system. the abuse causes find that aren't cheap but many people still try to cheat the system. can you tell us why you are using someone else's placard? this is coming up tonight at 11:00. senator kennedy's deadly absented on chappaquiddick
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this will tell the story of the crash in 19 -- the crash that killed the woman in the car with him. he did not report it immediately. it is being said that the fifty shades of grey director will direct this movie. the governor says the statement all of the requirements to have tax rates automatically go down by zero -- .005%. smart and creative, at boston college professor has come up with a game for kids world. this is where fantasy meets cards and dice. adc finance professor says it is easier to learn and a lot
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he actually created this for his own children. since it was released over the summer it has sold more than it's pretty cool. still to come, the mulch -- this year. >> you will not believe what's number 1 here in massachusetts. how do you reimagine "banking"? you start with this... then you make it... nothing like this. you make a capital one caf\. someplace more relaxed. with free wi-fi and banking advice... without all the "double talk." and checking accounts with no minimums...
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then you design a top-rated mobile app that makes banking as easy as this. that's banking reimagined.
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i think we all know too well that anything can happen when you are reporting live. >> this has be come -- gone viral and it proves that. >> what? this is live tv.>> this reporter was in the middle of a life report -- live report and the bank employee told him that the robber had come back for a second hit. this was a one-man band meaning that he was shooting his own live shot. when does that happen? [ laughter ] this was incredible. >> he did a great job. he explained it to the viewers. i'm sorry. i have to go. here is the robber. this is also going viral. >> a four-year-old south carolina boy had the unusual holiday wish list with one special request.
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play with him -- prayed with him for a two-month-old baby who was fighting for his like -- his life. preston's family has been praying for strangers including this little boy. after seeing the story on social media the story has now gone viral. $50,000. >> a lot of people are praying for that baby. >> -- carpal karaoke has become a staple of "the late, late show" with james corden.>> i love this. it was especially memorable when the guys from one direction climbed into the suv. >> [ music ]
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this is contagious. a thanks this morning to everybody who stayed up late and watched online, that was his post this morning. >> [ indiscernible ] we have all had customer service complaints. what could be bad enough to make you do this? coming up at 10:00 on might be 38 -- my tv 38, what is causing the lack
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we have a new video of a powerful storm tearing through australia. this is an apparent tornado. we can see debris flying everyplace causing all kinds of damage. the storm lasted minutes but caused widespread damage. wind gusts of 132 miles an hour were recorded which is the fastest ever in that particular area. unbelievable video of hotel guests -- of a hotel guest angry about his bill, rams his truck into a lobby. that man was upset about his credit card being declined. he actually [ indiscernible ] the social network will relaxes policy of requiring the
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transgender people have blasted this rule. explain special circumstances surrounding their name. japan's highest court has ruled that married couples must share one last name. women challenged the law so they could keep their last names. discriminatory and outdated. there's only two weeks left of 2050. -- 2015. we have google's top searches of the year today. lamar odom is the number 1 search, jurassic to is the number 2, caitlyn jenner is number 3 pick the most search term in massachusetts is dad bond which is a nice balance --
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nice balance between a beard that and -- a beer gut and a muscular body. >> [ laughter ] >> maybe ladies are looking for this.>> that's a good point. let's talk about the weather. this is coming up.>> this has been a top 10 year. this will be the top 10 warmest year, we had a top 10 in november. let it all hang out if you want, we don't encourage that here at wbz. the average high us-41 for today. we are well above average
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we ended -- the high for today is 41. we are well above the average. we had bright sunshine for most of the day. clouds are moving in from both sides. it will become overcast shortly. the storm system is coming from the west and it is a warm storm system. it will bring rain, not any snow. i'm keeping a close eye on northern worcester county, southern new hampshire, it might be cold enough where we could see a little bit of ice accumulation. it would mostly be on trees and the deck. i think the roads are too warm to see icy conditions. hour by hour, a little drizzle at the beginning of the day. the greater chance for concentrated showers will be later in the afternoon and evening.
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-- hanging on through tomorrow. low to mid 40s north and west of town, 50s south and east. i think we will still have showers around the islands and the cape on friday. the farther west you go, the writer it will be. we will get a burst of cold air in -- this weekend. it will be blustery and cold. put a fire in the fireplace. right sties -- skies on sunday but still chilly. i think we might see snowflakes, lake-effect heading to the west. the best chance for showers would be southern vermont, some could travel farther east.
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it has been a rough go for the ski resorts. we're looking at 30s for saturday and sunday and cold nights so they will be able to make snow this weekend. accuweather seven-day forecast, after the chill we start to warm up well into the 40s on monday, late a shower possible, 50s on tuesday and wednesday. a shout out for tonight, a lot of enthusiasms from these first-graders. their motto is to work hard and to be your best self, and do the right thing. who can argue with that?>> i like that enthusiasm. a panda cub makes his debut. >> hopefully this is a piece of video you do not want to miss. exclusive information on a doctor accused of spying on a woman in a bathroom. what we have learned about his behavior in the past and the problems police are having proving the
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--. you will hear this inspiring story that impressed the celtics and basketball's
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he is cute and cuddly and not old enough to chew rizzo food -- to his own food but he is stealing hearts all over the world. meet the biggest --
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national zoo. . it was introduced for the first time wednesday morning. >> it's so special. >> thousands have been following his progress online via a smithsonian webcam. the world has already seen his first exam and first wobbly steps. he is a healthy panda cub. >> these first few months are the most critical for giant pandas, to make sure they are growing and healthy. he's about at the four-month mark.>> like all of the pandas one of the man journal zoo -- national zoo, eventually bei bei will be mated to help increase the panda population. >> we want to make a change for this critical endangered species.>> but for now, bei bei spends most of his time napping
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great. [ laughter ] >> zoo officials are hoping to have another panda cub by the time bei bei leaves for china. his mother is scheduled for artificial insemination and 2016. weijia jiang cbs news washington. we have much more ahead. news at 6:00 starts now. a doctor facing disturbing charges. exclusive information that shows this isn't the first time. a mother crust on a plywood wall crashes onto her. what protected her two-year-old son who escaped without a scratch? the warmest december on record but winter is around the corner. lebron james winning play, he has even the most diehard celtics fans cheering. live from the
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wbz news -- boston police commissioner william evans starts right now. doctor cooper, can we talk to you about this? gentlemen, is any of this true?>> a doctor darjeeling -- dodging or questions. wbz learns he has been in trouble before. dr. marcus cooper has been accused of using his cell phone to take pictures of a medical student in a bathroom stall. >> investigators are having trouble finding the key -- getting the p keith -- key piece of evidence for this case. we have exclusive information.>> reporter: dr. marcus cooper is a married father of two but his tenure career at the umass medical center has been blown up by a pair of misdemeanors he faced in court today.>> doctor cooper, can we talk with you?>> reporter: he scrambled up the court steps to avoid our
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