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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  December 17, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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hey chris. traffic, weather straight ahead right here on wbz. the news at 5:00 starts right now. a doctor charged with trying to take pictures of a woman in a bathroom, the witness now speaking exclusively to wbz. the t operator in charge of the run away redline train fired his next move in the fight to get his job back. protests in baltimore in jury couldn't reach a decision. good morning to you, it's 5:00, i'm chris mckinnon and i'm kathryn hauser, it's december the 17th. it feels chilly but that is okay, that is where we need to be. cool temperatures, this is where we should be, back to
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we are tracking the chance for an isolated shower, nothing too heavy at this point in time but the drizzle will continue to develop this morning. and we have a freezing rain advisory in place for friends in new hampshire. visibility an issue for some locations once you get into western massachusetts, visibility down to 2.5 or less. indicating that location could experience some freezing drizzle this morning, worcester hills in those spots. 41 degrees, okay, it's not going to slick in the city. 47 degrees for the lunch hour drive home. friday shaping up to be another fantastic day. heavy rains tonight, hour by hour timing in just a bit.
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take a live look at the expressway, northbound side has moderate to braintree. here is the north map, east boston on route 1 a northbound, all northbound lanes are closed before board man streets, 93 southbound coming down from andover, the rest of the major routes up there are speed limits. we want to update you more, northbound lanes on 1 a closed in east boston, it was just before 4:00 this morning that a toyota slammed into a utility pole knocking down the pole and wires causing the wires to fall i can't i don't cross the road. firefighters and utility crews are still on the scene. also breaking, a man stabbed on freemont street in
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emergency crew -- matt i pam. the knife slashed a major artery, first responders were able to stop it. the man is expected to survive, no word though on any motive or any arrests. a doctor in trouble and on the run from our cameras after pleading not guilty to snapping photos of a woman while in the restroom a witness in that incident now speaking exclusively to wbz. >> and this as we learned the doctor has been accused before. louisa mole letter is live. >> good morning, kathryn and scheduled here today to discuss whether enough was done to help alleged incident. while u mass telling us dr. marcus cooper who is a practicing cardiologist and associate professor no longer an employee. >> she was very upset, she was
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>> claudia fallini recalls a moment. >> it was really shocking, i didn't expect anything like that. >> on september iss a 26-year- old medical student accused dr. marcus cooper of secretly her. victim describes seeing knuckles and cell phone camera lens. >> at that time she observed what she described as knuckles and a camera lens of a phone pointing down toward her. >> on wednesday 46-year-old cooper plead not guilty to misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct. sources tell wbz this is not the first sordid accusation against him. as a medical student at johns hopkins he was suspended for
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>> this person i think he is sick, he has some problem and needs some help, he is not going to stop. >> when reporters tried to get his side of the story. >> doctor, can we talk to you? >> he sprinted away. you can see dr. cooper ran away, his attorney would not talk to us either. he was released on a promise to appear in court and ordered to stay away from the victim and the school. louisa moehler back to you. developing story out of baltimore, dozens of protesters in the streets after a mistrial is declared in the case of the first officer to be tried to the death of freddie gray. bree is here with the developments and the next step in the case. >> reporter: the protests were peaceful particularly when compared to the riots in baltimore after gray die from injuries he received in the back of a police van. six police officers are charged
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william porter's trial was considered a bell weather indicator in this case and his jury couldn't reach a verdict on manslaughter. porter cared so little about gray's life and failed to call him a medic. the defense team said porter is a good cop who went beyond what most officers would do much the gray family says they will wait for justice. >> they did the best they could, we are full ms. mosley will retry officer porter as soon as possible and this next jury will reach a verdict. once again, we ask the public to remain calm. >> this family wants only justice, they don't want a guilty or not guilty, they want adjust verdict, they want a verdict of some kind. >> jurors first told the judge they were dead locked during deliberations. the judge declared a mistrial on day three though. it's unclear how those jurors split. prosecutors can retry officer porter, they are expected to
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morning and potentially pick a new trial date. >> bree thank you very much. grand jury indicted two men materials. in april police found joseph brennan with serious burns, he and exploded. search of his home found more bomb making components, that search led to another at benjamin young's home. they don't think there was any specific target and public was never in any danger. this, an explosive discovery, a new business owner was cleaning out a warehouse when he found boxes of dynamite and blasting caps,. fired, a t operator in charge of the run away redline train is officially out of a job, but an appeal is likely, the mbta terminated david
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investigators say he wrapped a telephone cord around a lever signal. vazquez's attorney says he still has questions, why the what is the hurry? if this is the kind of process for employees what process do they give for safety, the union lever. the principal of high school has resigned, edward has been on leave for in appropriate use of school computers, in a letter to parents the school superintendent says none of the allegations involve student. here is some food for fought, as of december 21stit will be tougher to own a drone than an assault rifle including new hampshire, all annually purchased drones that weigh more than 9 ounces will have to
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before they can be flown, current owners have million dollars mid february to register them. >> if you are go to go regulate automobiles and regulate drones why wouldn't you regulate military style assault rep weapons that are the common denominator in everyone of the daily mass shootings in this country. >> drones are expected to be a hot holiday gift this year. the founder of chipotle taking out ads in the globe and harold to apologize, 140 people, many of them boston college students, got the norovirus from a sick worker at chipotle. in the ad the founder says the chain will put new safety and sanitation procedures in place, the chipotle is still closed. today a big vote from
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are considering mayor marty walsh's proposal to raise the legal age from 18 to 21. the state legislature considering a similar proposal and could decide next year if the bill should move forward. it is just about 5:10 right now, coming up, coach bill belichick is joking around the bruins and celtics. if you are heading off to the bus stop you want the heavy coat, temperatures in the mid- 30s, areas of drizzle and slick spots in the worcester hills and berkshires, temperatures just too warm to see any after school you will want the umbrella, at least we'll have milder temperatures, heavy rain on the way, i will have the hour by hour timing in your forecast next. each cup uniquely you. brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'.
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catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. after 12:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. . many new england ski resorts are feeling the heat. >> they can't even make snow, with christmas temperatures expected to be around 60 degrees, there are concerns about the season as soon as it drops below 32 degrees the snow machines are running. >> we are 50/50 for saturday if we can get snow making for saturday night, sunday morning, you are checking the weather
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>> we have 28 for a low on friday. >> there we go, we are in business. >> 27 for a low on saturday. that's good. >> yeah. >> that will do it for you. >> yeah, that's what we need. >> operators say they are trying to stay positive, jim armstrong playing weatherman, remembering last year december was quite a month snow wise and we know how the weather turned out during winter. >> in the meantime, the lack of snow forcing one ski resort to close down, they haven't been able to make know all monday so they are suspending operations until sunday. >> i feel like we've kind of done a back and forth in the beginning of november, it felt colder where they were, you know, excited, they were starting the snow guns early and now it's the opposite. >> the frog pond skating, sometimes i walk by, it's a little slushy. yeah, it's been too warm. overnight lows if you heard
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enough to make snow, friday night into saturday night and even into sunday temperatures during the day should stay around freezing. for us here in boston and areas to the south, temperatures will be around 40 degrees for this weekend, i will show you the weekend planner in a second. satellite and radar radar overcast conditions, areas of drizzle and sprinkles developing along the south coast, the concern this morning freezing drizzle that is why there is a freeze rain advisory up into maine. the icy patches that we are concerned with could be around northern part of massachusetts into new hampshire, into the berkshires, the concern with the freezing drizzle for this morning. in your hour by hour forecast we have specs of green indicating the drizzle potential. spotty showers, areas of fog
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rain continues to march toward the state here, 77:00 p.m. heavy showers. heavier rain by 10:00 in northern new england here, the showers move out, all the rain tapers off by friday morning, the exception to the rule here, the cape and islands you might see a leftover shower in the temperatures actually soaring into the 50s. for now we are starting off in the 40s in a lot of spots, 36 degrees in worcester, it's really in the outlying areas that we expect temperatures to be around freezing. high today warm into the upper 40s and 50s by later this evening. tonight a rather mild one, 47 degrees with the rain coming to an end after midnight. here is the weekend outlook overnight again snow machine should be going up in ski country, for the day planner for saturday, 39 degrees, a few flurries and breezy. sunday 40 degrees feeling more
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seven day forecast, friday afternoon of 0-degree, a few cape showers, partly sunny, sunday 40 degrees, monday back to 550. tuesday 55, wednesday 58, and yes looking ahead to christmas temperatures could be right around 60 degrees. traffic and weather together. i notice how you saved that one for last. >> take it now. >> 60 degrees, not that depressing yet. good start to thursday morning commute, pamela so far, no major accidents or slow downs, keeping north with a live look over 93, 93 southbound mild, stretch. 128. to the south, expressways along. like smooth ride.
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running back. plus bows trying to snap their losing streak. good morning, everyone, both the bruins and celtics were in action last night. bees hosting the penguin the. start with the black and gold, penguins coach mike sullivan, no score, tall bert scores his first score as the bruins. same score second period, sliding one in front, it bounces off, penguins defender. review held it up. took awhile to stop all 339 shots he faced for a shutout. 3-0 in the final. motor city, taking on the pistons, jackson takes over. tough step back, playing
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seconds to go. celtics down. looking for the quick two. former piss ons drives it and misses the layoff, detroit rebound, hangs on from there. is 19-116 the final. going to football, he is done for the year, multiple reports saying pats are talking to steven jackson who hasn't played at all this season, yesterday bill belichick had some fun on the subject. there? >> i didn't think you were going to like it, i didn't want to end it. >> a lot, do we want to end on no problem. >> there is a report out steven jackson -- >> let's end on a high note.
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that is sunday wbz starts you off with patriots game day at 11:30. that will do it, i'm steve burton. >> we will be watching, that is for sure. a heads up here, a spoiler alert, there is a new champion on survivor and it's cambridge firefighter jeremy collins. >> the local dad won the competition and a million dollars. >> the winner of survivor second chance, jeremy. >> christmas coming early for collin and his wife val, she was pregnant while he combat he willed it you own cambodia, she knows what it takes, the foxborough couple was on the show last year. second chance, the cambridge fire department tweeted last night saying they are proud of him. >> i hope the kids were there,
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>> a mill i don't know bucks in time of for christmas. finding a. revolutionary study taking on that challenge, we'll have a closer look at our matters of the mind series. this is jon keller. the classy yes, sir your lebron james made me do a is 80.
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welcome back, if you are a celtics fan you may not have the greatest opinion of lebron james. >> jon keller may have changed minds. >> good morning, we live in a celebrity obsessed culture and we often form strong opinions about famous people who we've never met and never will meet. but it's a funny thing about those strong opinions. they can change sometimes on a dime. when lebron james first came into the nba with cleveland 12 years ago i was a fan. i liked the way he handled himself on and off the court, seven years later i was appauled at the seemingly arrogant way he handled his departure, i have disdaned his on court failures and whining to the refs. but my opinion of lebron has done a is 80 once again after the touching, classy gesture he made.
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a young fan who has fought a honored. he walked right over to aaron and embraced him. after the game he visited with sneakers. and it turns out, aaron's own sneakers are a special type commissioned by james that are easier with kids with disabilities to wear. all that. he could have had someone else deliver those shoes but he did do it, lebron told him "you're an inspiration." and after seeing this story before i go back to demanding the refs call traveling on him, i have to say, lebron james you're an inspiration, too. share your comments with me via e-mail at keller at or on twitter at keller at large. 5:25, the champions will
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>> the winners of this year's race will try to defend their crowns next year. they will be going for a third boston title, the 120th boston marathon is april 18th right here on wbz. still to come in our next half-hour, philip chism spending part of his murder sentence in a juvenile detense center. >> why he requires a unique type of extra security. findings on psychotic like schizophrenia, diagnosis are failing. next in our matters of the mind series. good morning, we have areas of drizzle, overcast skies and chilly temperatures, freezing drizzle for some, i will explain.
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right now at ac 30, a doctor charged with trying to
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bathroom, the witness now speaking exclusively to wbz. mistrial in the freddie gray case. and learning more about life behind bars for philip chism, the restrictions the convicted teenager is facing in lockdown. good morning, 5:30 right now, i'm kathryn hauser. and i'm chris mckinnon, it's thursday, december 17th, rolling right along the christmas holiday. >> yes, we are and it feels more like the season. >> one week from christmas eve today. >> can you believe it? >> getting those items on the list. >> christmas looking way warmer than what we are experiencing now. >> really? >> yes, i will just say it. >> how warm are we talking about? >> right around 60.
5:26 am
>> here, it's still the season, our you are photographer pat gives us the season from boston common, it's still beautiful out there. if you have last minute holiday shopping to do it should be a decent forecast, you have to bundle up, temperatures will be slightly cooler. today you will want the umbrella, we have a chance for heavy showers to push in, on satellite and radar radar picture, dealing with drizzle along the south coast, buzzard by, there is a chance for roads to freeze in southeastern new hampshire. that is why, icy watches also possible in the worcester hills, berkshires, temperatures around 32 degrees. for a lot of us we are starting off in the 40s. and for many locations to the south and east, too warm to see freezing conditions, hour by
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into the upper 40s and lower 50s with more rain after 3:00 p.m. traffic and weather together. pamela still looking good out there. take a live look at the expressway, heavy volume now, braintree to boston but no backups reported. however 128 southbound you are being down in the brain tree stretch between 37 and the split. taking a look at the north map 93 southbound already has a bumper to bumper pocket in and dove are between 195 and route 33. it is 5:32 on your thursday morning, checking our top stories u mass medical school officials just fire add doctor after a female student accused him of using his cell phone to take pictures of her in a bathroom stall. dr. marcus cooper plead the not guilty to the charges, wbz has learned he faced similar accusations as a head student at johns hopkins, he was suspended for a year and had to write an apology letter.
5:28 am
was in charge of the run away redline train is officially out of a job this morning, the t just fired david vazquez, but he is expected to appeal the decision, he wrapped a telephone cord around the lever of the train. the train traveled unmanned five miles down the tracks with 50 passengers on board. he is a convicted rapest and killer, because philip chism is only 16 years old he can't go to a maximum security state prison, earl whyer this week a jury convicted of he is facing charges of attacking a at the mall staff worker at this secure juvenile facility where he has been staying since he arrest, he requires a unique type of extra security. >> it's a constant watch on someone like that, you have to watch his movements and watch what he is doing, he is a very dangerous person. >> chism will remain at the
5:29 am
birthday, unlike most other teens there he eats meals in isolation, has limits on visits and allowed outside in the yard shackles. experts disagreeing about the extent of a mental illness. >> a revolutionary study in boston is working to making the identification of psychotic disorders reliable, bree gets potential solution. >> good morning, guys, without the availability like lab tests like blood tests or biopsy, symptoms like hallucinations or hearing voices are subjective and hard to measure. this month a study in the american journal of psychiatry makes the case that we need to look at psychotic disorders in a whole new way. 100billion neurons in a human
5:30 am
determine your whole life, as the doctor will tell you, psych tri resembles other disciplines from 100 years ago. >> we have in grinned in thinking the mind and brain are separate entities or millennium, and that is a mindset that to change. >> the doctor heads a team of researchers at beth israel one of five teams finding new ways to classify psychotic disorders. >> we need better labels based on objective measurable biological data as opposed to symptom based data. >> court cases highlight the problem with relying on similar comes. experts came to different conclusions about the defendant's mental health. what the jury didn't hear was how his brain is different from a normal brain. the judge ruled it in admissible in court but for research purposes. >> these disorders are the
5:31 am
together well. >> biological brain differences are crucial. the doctor's team interviewed hundreds of people and measured brain activity through eeg's. >> these are eye blinks. >> the data gather from 1900 people across the country is part of a study that identifies three specific biological types being able to diagnose psychosis with data instead of symptoms that can be faked or miss interpreted with a big step, better predictions on treatment response and outcome, identifying molecules to target for new treatments and one day might help identify a cause, further studies like this reinforce and important point much one of the major advantages of studies like this is to drive home the point again that these are real illnesses, these are biological diseases. >> now this study and this story is in no way saying mental illness is responsible for philip chism's crime.
5:32 am
we can do better than traditional method of diagnosis psychotic disorders, the team has funding for another five years and their goal is to replicate and expand on the findings published this month. coming up next, good news christmas shoppers. will stay open without closing. weather watch reports out there and it looks like as we head to the north it is 34 new hampshire. some drizzle may freeze on the roads, i'll explain that plus
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decision. good morning, chris and kathryn, the fed raised short- term interest rates for the first time since the financial crisis, with that major banks announce they are raising rates on loans, interest rates on mortgages, car loans going up slightly as will loans on credit cards. facebook is teaming up with uber so you can book a car without leaving facebook messenger, type in an address, it's still in the testing phase. if you are worried about finding the time to finish your holiday shopping, kohle's wants to help, the department store
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straight hours starting today at 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. on christmas eve. it could be a smart move at this point, if you order items online of course you run the risk they may not arrive in time for christmas. chris and kathryn. >> i'm hoping amazon. everything gets here on time. i only have a few more days. >> jill, thank you very much. coming up, we have a check of your traffic and weather together. plus a look at today's top stories, a reaction in baltimore in a mistrial in the freddie gray case. yom. if you are a high school student watching us right now, go back to sleep, that's the experts talking not me, dvr us if you are going to. a growing number of high school is letting students sleep in, catching more z's improves their productivity and health, should we push back the start
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how cute is he? workers at the national zoo just presented their newest panda cub to the public. >> that is a very healthy cub, gained weight and healthy, he is four months old, he gets tired easily and spends most of his time napping and hanging out with his mom. >> sounds like someone else i know. ethan.
5:36 am
was going to say it sounds like you. >> i get tired easily and i hang out with my mom, my work mom. >> that panda is so cute. >> it is the can you tell usest. you were talking about christmas, i gotta go back to this, you were saying potentially 60 degrees? >> i know, and it's ear illegally similar to last year. >> yeah, what's up with that. >> buell nino that is the big player this winter and we still have plenty of winter, looking milder than last winter and definitely less snow, so that is good news. but, unfortunately not looking like it is going to snow for christmas, it is going to be too warm, today we are dealing with some wintery weather as we could be dealing with freezing drizzle in some spots. satellite and radar shows nothing falling, we have lower visibility especially once you get into the connecticut river valley, south coast a few
5:37 am
sprinkles areas of drizzle, too, through boston area. through 9:00 a.m. freeze rain advisory, we don't expect freezing rain, there could be icy patches for new hampshire and maine, that is where we are dealing with a wintery mix. ice patches likely this morning and it's very very very patchy where those temperatures are near or below 32 degrees. in northern parts of massachusetts into vermont, into the higher elevations in the berkshires, hour by hour forecast through this morning, keep the drizzle around in isolated patches. before noon we'll start to see isolated showers ramping up in intensity, coverage 3:00, more showers through the area, pockets of rain in southern massachusetts. hour by hour 10:00 p.m., most of that heavy rain now to the north of us and moving out, the
5:38 am
morning and we could see an isolated leftover shower on the cape and islands, otherwise a dry day for us friday and comfortable, temperatures will be in the 50s with friday afternoon. projected rainfall, quarter inch-.5-inch of rain, beneficial showers overnight tonight. current temperatures starting off in the 40s and 40 degrees in lawrence, highs today will top off in the lower 50s, but that is later this evening, overnight 47 degrees, areas of patchy fog and the rain comes to an end, here is that seven saturday 39, flurries sunday pamela we have tough rides out there south of the city right now they include the expressway jammed from furnace brook, and route 3 north that is stop and go route 18 to the split.
5:39 am
look over 93 in summerville, 93 southbound was one bumper to bumper pocket and dover stretch between 135. protesting. >> plus a doctor pleads not guilty to taking pictures of a woman in a bathroom, here are morning. louisa moller live outside whether enough was done after a professor snuck into a woman's bathroom and then took pictures of a woman in a stall. that picture dr. -- that professor dr. marcus cooper with a practicing cardiologist here for the last ten years he pleaded not guilty to the crime yesterday, but sources tell us this is not the first time has been accused of such an incident, we are going to have more on his past coming up at
5:40 am
a child killer will not be able to change his name, charles james said he needed to change his names, his victims objected. james and sal have tore abducted and murdered jeffrey curly in 1997. a relatively quiet night in baltimore after a mistrial in the freddie gray case, the jury couldn't reach a verdict for the first of six police officers to be tried in gray's death. william porter is charged with manslaughter. prosecutors say he failed to call a medic for freddie gray and left him to die inside a police van. coming up at 6:00, today as meeting with the judge in this case and how it could impact the cases against other officers. the department of homeland security is changing its terror
5:41 am
agency added a new category called bulletin, and issued the first alert under it much the goal is to keep the public better informed about general threats as part of the first bulletin officials say they are concerned about the increasing use of the internet by terrorist. tomorrow president obama will meet with families of the victims killed in the san bernardino shooting. a couple pledging allegiance to isis gunned down 14 people earlier this month. he and the first family are spending the christmas holiday. senator ted kennedy's dead accident could play out on the big screen, a film will tell the story of what happen after the crash, kennedy drove off a bridge, swam to shore and did not report the accident for hours. he pleaded guilty to leaving the scene, early reports sam taylor johnson will direct the film. the pentagon has acknowledged a report that found defense secretary ash
5:42 am
for official business, the new york times report said carter sent and received 792 e-mails in his first few months at the pentagon, carter's press secretary said believes the use of personal e-mail was a mistake. it is 5:51 now time for daily talker, are there any high school students awake in your house, if they are up, experts say it's way too early. >> many school systems paying attention to sleep studies that suggest teens sleep in and go to school later. >> good morning, kathryn, there are more than 24,000 high schools in the united states, most of them start classes before 9:00 a.m., but seattle just 70 other districts and moved their start time to 8:45 after recent studies show kids need to sleep to be productive. recent research by the american academy of pediatrics found
5:43 am
combat sleep deprivation, improve academic success, increase success. a researcher from childrens hospital here in boston told the associated press, any domain you look at improves dramatically with more sleep, it's expensive, bus transportation costs go up, it pushes back the times for afternoon activities and some push back time messes with their logistics, so we want to know what you think, should kids go to school later? dave says, later school times mean school busses will be out later in the day and that means more heavy traffic during the evening commute. lauri put her comment in the form of an equation, later start equals later end equals later afternoon/events/homework equals later bedtime, same amount of sleep. look at you with the equation,
5:44 am
website, twitter or facebook, reading more coming up at 6:00 a.m. if you tend to have a foul mouth, keep it up, it might actually be better for your brain. >> this is part of a new study published in language science journals showing people who swear are more articulate than those who don't, one of the study's author is a professor who says knowing more curse words translates into a larger vocabulary overall. and i have a feeling that might be an excuse, i'm showing my expansive vocabulary, right? >> you know we like to replace curse words with random words. >> right, it works. >> and it works. >> it does work. >> non-knows what we are talking about. still to come, spoil alert, literally. >> how to avoid hearing details from the upcoming "star wars" film before you see it in theaters, stay with us, you are
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new "star wars" movie opened tonight. >> yes, it does. >> but not everyone will be able to see it right away, wondering how can you keep away the spoilers. >> i know you were concerned about that. it turns out there is an app for that, google's chrome browser has an extension called force block, if you download it
5:48 am
descriptions from the film, and apple has an app called spoil are block so you can set it to block anything i want including spoilers for tv shows even the score of the pats game, there you go. >> that is cool. >> i didn't know about this. but, yeah, they could help i think. >> review will be on wednesday. >> reviews have been good so far.
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