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tv   WBZ News  CBS  December 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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coast and down towards the cape. i do think there's a chance for a few of the snow showers and flurries from the west to spill into the region. maybe some festive flakes to mix in and temperatures will fall back quickly into the 20s tomorrow night. winds also gusting between 30 and 40 miles per hour. that make it is feel colder but it won't last. a warmer christmas week forecast coming up in just a bit. developing right now at 1 11:00, a family run down while trying to cross the street. >> a father pushing his two young children in a stroller hit by a car in lowell. let's get right to jim smith live tonight with the story. jip jim -- jim? >> reporter: we just got new information from lowell police. it turns out the most seriously hurt is a little girl just shy of her third birthday.
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injured along with her father, but all three are expected to survive. >> my here. we heard the lady screaming. she was sitting on the guy. she was sitting next to the baby. the baby was in the carriage. that was pretty much what we saw and heard the baby cry a few minutes and then the baby stopped. >> the mother of the children was not struck. >> reporter: police say the father was thrown to the pavement. all three victims, including the 9-month-old were taken to a
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local hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the 2-year-old was transported to boston also with nonlife threatening injuries. people who live in the neighborhood say speed is a big problem on fletcher street. >> you see people drive down the street. it's only a matter of time before anybody walks across the street out here or backs out of the driveway here before they get hit by somebody. >> reporter: the driver of the car was not hurt. he did stop and he did talk with police. as of now he does not face charges but the investigation still continues. live in lowell, jim smith, wbz news. the teenage driver of a stolen jeep and his passenger are under arrest tonight after a crash that badly injured a man in summerville. the 18-year-old driver was trying to get away from police. it happened late this afternoon near mystic avenue under 93. the victim was hit while standing in the the median. he suffered serious injuries but is expected to survive. right now boston detectives are investigating a deadly shooting in roxbury.
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young man shot and killed on enunciation road late this no arrests so far. anyone with information is asked to call boston police. we're following a developing story from california. in san bernardino. he will meet with survivors and relatives of the 14 people killed in the shooting massacre earlier this month. before he left washington, the president signed into law a $1 trillion bill to keep the government running through september. and we have a bombshell tonight in campaign 2016. bernie sanders' campaign is accused of stealing secrets from hillary clinton's political playbook. >> clinton is fighting back in a war of words that is certain to carry over into tomorrow night's democratic debate in manchester, new hampshire. let's get right to julie live in the satellite center tonight. >> reporter: tonight we have learned that bernie sanders didn't learn of the security breach from his own staffers but rather the dnc chair. 24 hours after it happened, his reaction shock.
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>> we need our data which has been stolen by the dnc. >> reporter: on friday the vermont senator's campaign sued the democratic national committee in federal court after the dnc blocked the campaign from accessing a key voter database. hostage. we have a grass roots campaign. when we have people come to our campaign headquarters to call voters, we can't generate phone numbers to do that. >> reporter: jeff weaver accused the dnc of sabotage saying the suspension cripples their operation and could cost more than $600,000 a day in lost donations. it also started when a 45- minute computer glitch wednesday allowed sanders' staffers to view voter data collected by rilhillry clinton's campaign -- by hillary clinton's campaign. the director said he wasn't trying to spy. >> i was trying to correct a wrong so i could accurately assess both the campaign and for the dnc and what my
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>> reporter: he was fired and the dnc says in reality four different users examining clinton's voter files from ten exporting data. >> this campaign in its official capacity does not possess any data, does not retain any data, doesn't want any of their data. we're running a clean campaign. >> reporter: tonight the clinton campaign calls it all an egregious breach of data. the debate should be interesting tomorrow. kate, back to you. >> thank you. tonight there are new charges in the murder of bela bond, the little girl formally known as baby dough. a grand jury has in-- doe. a grand jury has indicted her mother and boyfriend. she's accused of collecting state benefits for her daughter even though she knew her little girl was dead. the body of bela rushed in june. the fired operator of the
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is not giving up his job without a fight. david vasquez has filed a grievance. the chief fired him earlier this week. he wrapped a cord around the train's throttle and failed to set an emergency break before he left the cab to fix a switch. a rude awakening for a family forced from their home after a teenage driver suddenly slammed into their living room. katie is live in foxboro at the scene. it's amazing there were no serious injuries here. >> reporter: it certainly is. the family of a 16-year-old teenage driver is not talking, but police say he was behind the wheel of an suv that went off the road into this car and then into the house. and the damage you see here only gives you an idea of the impact this has had on the family. christmas was not supposed to look like this. a relative summed it up. >> not good. it ruins tradition. >> reporter: harold and his
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annual family gathering in foxboro until... >> i thought it wassen protection -- i thought it wassen explosion. >> reporter: a 16-year-old was on his way to hockey practice from school. he hit their car and stopped in their living room. the teen drove a chevy tahoe. he was not hurt. nor was harry or his wife. cures shored up the house but so many prize keepsakes are beyond saving. relatives. the building inspector deemed
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years. they want the high court to them trespassing. the boston archdiocese ordered massive reorganization. brady. the patriots fb missing practice -- quarterback missing practice today. >> is he going to be able to play sunday? let's get right to dan. >> i would be shocked if he doesn't play. a week ago he was feeling good,
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lettuce but the lettuce wilting today. he missed a practice due to what the team is calling an illness. he rarely misses any practice or games for that matter n. 2008 he went down with an injury in week one and missed the rest of the season. since then 109 games in a row for tom. from what we've been told, he'll make it 110 this weekend unless the illness takes an unexpected turn for the worse. he was not the only patriot to miss extra today. we'll tell you who else does -- practice today. we'll tell you who else missed practice coming up. what police recognized in a video that game him away. >> a major twist in the search for a teen too spoiled for prison. why the feds think his mother helped him escape. >> a blast from the past. r handicaps the g.o.p. row owe from the past handicaps the g.o.p. race and disturbing insight into how the president stays in
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of our weekly roundup of
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es. a target employee driven to revenge in missouri. take a look at this video of a driver crashing into a target store filled with holiday shoppers. the drama does not end there. watch as he tries to crawl out of the car window. he constitutional bams and ends up stuck -- he constitutional bams and ends up in a shopping court. turns out he is a disgruntled employee on leave for harassing a coworker. u.s. martials just release add new wanted poster for ethan couch. you may know him as the affluenza teen. investigators say he was too spoiled for prison after killing four people in a drunk driving crash. this week he skipped out on his probation and tonight the feds are investigating if his mother might have helped him escape.
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the title of holiday hero tonight. >> he helped unite a little girl with her lost stuffed animal on the road. we have this heart warming story. >> reporter: his name is polar, polly for short. no matter what the 4-yard is doing, the -- 4-year-old is doing, the well worn bear get as front proceed. a couple of weeks ago the family was cruising down 495 in milford with the car windows rolled down and you can probably guess what happened. >> emma started trying hysterically. i said what's the matter? she said polar is out the window. >> reporter: it was polly overboard so mom pulled over with hysterical child and called state police. >> and they asked in f it was an emergency. i was very embarrassed to say it's not an emergency. my daughter lost her lovey. >> reporter: mom admits she would have understood if police declined the stuff bear rescue but it didn't happen. a trooper responded, a father himself and understood the emergency.
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traffic as darkness fell and snagged it off the rumble strip by the left-hand lane. >> i don't know if it was a first for him but totally a first for me. >> reporter: what did the trooper get for his empts? well, how about a -- efforts? well, how about a happy reunion photo and handwritten note from especial ma with her mom's help- - >> emma with her mom's help. the trooper didn't want to talk about his good deed and neither did a shy emma but words aren't always needed. definitely a happy ending. news. week. >> a tight squeeze for that polar bear. >> that little escape out the window for a few minutes. now he's back. >> that state trooper is awesome awesome. it feels like winter. >> it's a little bit jarring.
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10 degrees above the norm this december. we've seen 13 days above 50 degrees. we're irching closer to that record which is 16 -- inching closer to that record which is 16 back in 1953. i put all of these together in a blog post. you can find it on twitter or facebook or web week. mattically, even if every day was -- mathematically, we've only hit the freezing mark all month in boston. we have another chance tonight. 30 degrees on the afternoon. many towns west of the city into the 20s. here's the set yum. we have a cold front moving off shore. we have snow showers and squalls out across parts of the appalachians and penn state and new york state. i think some of those are going to survive the trip eastward late tonight and into tomorrow. now, the future model is not always going to perfect. it will certainly have snow showers into vermont tomorrow, the berkshires. i think some of them are going to sur vierch the trip. -- survive the trip. we should see a few flurries around. we' call them festive flakes.
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across most of the mountains, vermont and new hampshire. you better believe the ski areas looking for any natural snow at this point. temps tomorrow between 34 and 40 degrees across the area. coldest in the worcester hills and we'll reach 40 toward the coastline, the cape and islands and the south coast. when you factor in the wind, it will feel colder. peak gusts out of the west at 30 to 40 miles per hour. wind wheel values are mainly going to -- wind wheel values are mainly going to be in the 20s and in the evening fall back to the teens and 20s. if you're doing holiday shopping, we all have stuff to do this weekend, you want to have all the winter layers o. it's the first time -- layers on. it's the first time we'll need them this month. sunday still cold outside. the wind subsields a little bit. -- subsides a little bit. we'll also see sunshine. up comes the milder air again by monday. many towns will be pushing 50
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the winter solstice. saturday with a few flurries, windy and cold, 35 to 40 tomorrow. still breezy tomorrow night and temps in the 20s. it will be very chilly outside. on sunday partly cloudy and breezy. high temps in the upper 30s and lower 40s. for the tailgate full winter attire. a chilly game. we have a few snow squalls tomorrow. weekend. they'll at least be able to make snow fall which is at least a start. monday 51 with a couple of showers. same idea on tuesday, a little milder into the mid-50s. we'll -- cooler on wednesday but then the warmth. you can almost call it heat this time of year. forecasting 64 on christmas eve and that would be a record high. >> take all your toys out in the driveway christmas day. >> absolutely. good way to enjoy them. thank you very much. we go to the drama that is the presidential race. >> tonight jon keller with a
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unusual moments from the campaign trial this week. -- >> trail this week. >> we know you've been wondering who does sarah palin like for in the race for. she said ted cruz and donald trump are her favorites but she's not quite ready to pick just one. >> i'm so happy that we have a competitive primary, sincerely as opposed to the other side of the aisle where it's just a bunch of grumpy old white guys and gals. >> reporter: the week started well for bernie sanders as he won the endorsement of a major communication workers union but it ended with a fiasco when a sanders staffer was caught accessing confidential clinton campaign data on a democratic national committee website, a move that got sanders barred for now from accessing his own voter information. and if you ever suspected that washington politicians were prone to falling out of touch
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right. president obama admitted today that after the terror attacks in paris and san bernardino, he did not see enough cable television to fully appreciate the anxiety. according to a "new york times" paraphraser of his remarks, oh, my, that's a problem. as the year winds down and the holidays divert everyone's attention, you can expect a brief break from the campaign oddities and bloopers we document in this segment but don't worry. come the new year they'll be back rested and ready to amaze and amuse us with much more of the same. i'm jon keller @ large, wbz news. >> thank you. eight a double feature for boston sports fans tonight. the celtics in action. >> and a career night for a young player as the bruin
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es. we had a few surprise absences today from patriots practice. >> let's hope they were excused and dan roche is taking a look at what was going on today at practice. >> we told you earlier in the newscast tom brady missed practice with an illness but gronkowski also didn't practice but he was attending to a personal matter. both are expected to play against the titans at gillette sunday afternoon. blunt is done for the season. the pats only have two running backs on their active roster. brandon bolden and james white. it's one their head coach has
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things, you won't hear bill belichick making any excuses. >> it's certainly not ideal but, you know, could we do it? given our offense, you know, we have versatility. there are other ways of dealing with things. but, you know, we played the majority of the game last week with two. there's just no way going into a game and having three of everything. it's impossible. >> the pats are also thin at the receiving position with julian edelman still recovering from his ankle injury. 26 catches and six touchdowns for the season, he's been productive and something bill belichick too notice of. >> it's been a good player and he was available. it's not that frequent that you see players like that available this time of year. >> it's a totally different system than what i was in. you've got to come in and work hard.
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down, know what you're doing and be on top of your stuff. the most important thing is knowing what you're doing. know what you've got to do, know how to get back to the locker room and just learn everything, how things are done. >> we'll kick things off sunday morning, patriots game day gets started at 11:30 against the titans under way at 1:00. our 5th quarter post-game show is on my tv38 as soon as the game is over. bruins in pittsburgh and down a goal but frank changes that. his third of the year. play. to the 3rd, a 4-2 bruins lead but per he does it again, his second of the night. yup, a hat trick for the kid. two goals on the year coming in but his three-goal performance, first n.f.l. career hat trick leads the they're on fire.
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trade a year ago today, ten boards celtics by 6 early. in the 4th, evan turner with the long alley-oop with a nice rejers jam. boston up -- reverse jam. boston up. then off the inbounds pass. he'll nail a 3 and gets fouled. boston up 79-77. thomas with 29. but the cs couldn't pull away. celtics lose their third in a row 109-101 the final. one football neat. university of kentucky quarterback is a fifth year senior announcing today he's transferring to boston college. sounds like a good get for the coach. >> thank you so much, dan. the boston pops getting into the fan frenzy. >> see the surprise they
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[ dog barks ] [ bark ] there it is! [ gasps ] oh no! look, the sky's awake! that. was. epic!
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es. tonight the boston pops joining the star wars frenzy. >> keith lockhart leading the popular theme song with a lightsaber in his hand. former pops conductor john williams composed the score for the movie. nothing like listening to them play that. >> everybody is getting in on that, the john williams score.
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es. we're not firing up the shuffles this weekend -- shovels this weekend.
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