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tv   WBZ News  CBS  December 24, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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it is a little muggy out there, this is in vermont, kids were out playing baseball, some wearing shorts, tomorrow looking a little warmer than we are used to for christmas as well. so pamela gardner, how warm are we talking. very warm, near record high temperatures for christmas day, we are going with a high of 60 degrees, i'll get some more of that in just a second. today's official high temperature, boston 69 degrees, old record was 61 degrees back in st. 96, the record now in worcester set at 65 degrees where the old record was 57, current temperatures still close to 770 degrees from fitch burg to norwood, boston we put down to 66 degrees but still no complaints here. and easy going for all the travelers but visibility is reduced once you get to the cape and islands, christmas forecast, overnight tonight into tomorrow morning, no
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temperatures will be comfortable, 54 degrees at 2:00 a.m., yes, tomorrow will be similar to what we had today, not quite as warm, high of 60 degrees in boston. coming up, we have changes on the way, we'll get to more seasonable temperatures, cold snap returns and we could be tracking our first winter storm of the season, katie. >> we'll take the warm weather while we can get it. well this time of year we are usually talking about snow, tornadoes. parts of the country slammed by severe weather, is 1 people are dead from this -- 11 people are dead from the storms. latest from dallas. >> many in the south are spending christmas eve cleaning up. dozens of homes were destroyed and thousands left without power. a state of emergency. >> it is difficult particularly at this time of year to see
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heartbreaks go along with that damage. >> this is believed to have been on the ground for more than one hundred miles, tossed several cars into the care killing a 7-year-old boy. marvin similars and his wife survived in the storm in their bathroom. >> the roof was blowing off the house, hold on, hold on, i held on to her. >> in polk county, arkansas, and 18-year-old was killed when a tree crashed into her bedroom, the severe weather is moving east. spring like temperatures fueled a a rare winter tornadoes, the only frozen precipitation to fall was hail, behind the storms, record smashing warm weather arrived, it was in the low 70s in new york this christmas eve, that's normal for may. and in vermont, playing outside meant bare elbows and knees, instead of snow boards and skis. more seasonable temperatures
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omar villafra muhammad youssef abdulazeez cbs news. the weather as we know not bad here but there are some delays in other parts of the country that of course is affecting flight times. coming up at 5:30, we will take a closer look at air travel across the country. back here at home we are all used to bundling up. >> we keep on talking about that, no hats or scarfs needed, folks breaking out flip flops and shorts, i have seen plenty of shorts today, susie steimle is live on the boston common, no jacket, no hats, no gloves. >> reporter: it's amazing, i was going to say can you believe it, i'm outside live shot in december, no coat, no hat. a ton of people out enjoying the weather today, one example they just closed the frog pond a couple moments ago. this is a holiday people associate with staying in,
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>> it may not look a lot like it. >> seems pretty warm for december. >> or feel a lot like it. >> it's 60 degrees, 70 degrees, it's craziness. >> but it is christmas eve. >> it seems like october. i mean, like, it's like we are a few months behind. >> families like tom's spent the day working through the commons seeing something less so, cherry blossoms in dose. >> cherry blossoms usually somewhere which happens during the summer. >> across new england records have been smashed, most cities are seeing temperatures in the high 60s, even 70 in some spots. in door chester, a different green that is ordinarily associated with this holiday. >> i think it's awesome, i golfed on tuesday in the rain. any time you get out and golf, 60 degrees it's beautiful. >> ordinarily this course closes after thanksgiving, instead hundreds of golfers came out to take advantage of a rare swing in temperature. >> have you ever golfed on december 24th here?
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>> some amiss the snow. >> i wish we had a white christmas. >> others are keeping in mind it's new england and soon enough we won't be wishing for winter weather. >> a little snow, a little cold, so, but this isn't bad. i'm sure we'll make up for it later on. >> reporter: exactly. and i can say, as a live reporter standing out here not reporting on snow in december, not a bad thing. live in the boston commons, susie steimle wbz news. remember you can get weather updates any time by downloading the cbs boston weather app, we have change in the weather next week. hour by hour conditions and video forecasts on your phone or tablet, it is free, you will find it in the itunes an android app store. developing story now, belgium authorities arrested a 9th person they say is connected to last month's terror attacks in paris, the man was in contact with the suspected ringleader.
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cousin were killed when french police raided their hideout near paris. also developing tonight, investigators in saudi arabia are trying to figure out what started a deadly fire inside a a hospital, 31 people died and more than 100 injured, fire started early this morning near the hospital's intensive care maternity and neonatal wards. today a judge postponed aaron hernandez' murder trial in definitely, that trial was supposed to start next month. attorneys op both sides have asked to delay until the state's highest court can decide if the former patriot's cell phone can be used as evidence in the case. hernandez skilled two men back in 2012, already serving a life sentence for the murder of odom lloyd. more trouble for cleveland circle chipotle was supposed to be back open, the restaurant remains closed, this time because of a water leak inside the building.
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brighton restaurant all clear following the outbreak earlier this month. we have not heard on when it will now reopen. tom brady and the boys are enjoying the holiday off before getting ready for the jets on sunday the team known for its tough defense. sports director steve burton on more on what brady had to say. >> patriots know just running a four game running streak, don't think for a moment patriots are overlooking the jets. it was a beautiful day to practice outside with the unseasonable temperatures, brady notes the jets are a stiff test on sunday. fighting for playoff lives, gave the pats all they could handle back in october. it could student be any different. >> there is a lot of things that they do that are challenging to prepare for. it's tough, we are grinding through it, trying to get everyone on the same page, i'm sure we will feel pretty good
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>> for more on the pats an jets check out all access tomorrow at 9:00, for sunday wbz has you covered from start to finish, game day is 11:30, kickoff at 1:00. post game show right here on wbz. so there you go, guys, merry christmas, back to you. >> merry christmas to you, thanks so much. how nice would it be having a winning powerball ticket, no one won last night's jackpot. disease. costing $2 each and the next drawing is on saturday night. well another sign of christmas cheer for sick children. >> there is one business lighting up faces of children recovering at hasbro's childrens hospital. taking hopping to the extreme a as last minute gift differs make the last ditch effort to find the perfect present. you are looking live at the
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santa is in europe right now apparently passing into more way, he is going to arrive there in just a few minutes. we'll keep track of him for you. i want to give a shotout to my sisters in brim field, massachusetts. i love you with all my heart,
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jeb bush: donald, you know, is great at the one-liners. but he's a chaos candidate. two months ago, donald trump said that isis was not our fight. donald trump: let syria and isis fight. why are we... why do we care? let isis and syria fight. jeb bush: he said that hillary clinton would be a great negotiator with iran. donald trump: hillary's always surrounded herself with very good people. i think hillary would do a good job. jeb bush: and he gets his foreign policy experience from the shows. chuck todd: who do you talk to for military advice right now? donald trump: well, i watch the shows. i mean, i really see a lot of great, you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... jeb bush: i don't know if that's saturday morning, or sunday morning. donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. if i'm president, i'll be a
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divider-in-chief... that i will lead this country in a way that will create greater security and greater safety. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the
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breaking news right now at a, we learned nci shirley prison is on lockdown following an incident there, our chopper is on the way, we will bring you updates as soon as we get lockdown is. a providence business is spreading cheer this holiday season. >> they are sending special messages to patients at hasbro story. >> it doesn't cost any money. not even much effort. just the flick of a switch. >> and this man came up with this simple simple act of kindness and it is just flying. >> seven neon red letters divided into two words flashing on and off across the providence river. >> we really want to make sure every kid, every night sees the lights. >> just a half mile away in
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right back. a sign that someone on the outside supports them during the fight of their lives. >> and it has become a thing for sure. >> steve is a volunteer at the hospital and started this by himself years ago with the patient who was heading home, when he left for the final time he flashed a light toward the hospital. >> i didn't expect this but he flashed his room light in recognition, i thought wow that is cool, i'm this far away and he is still in touch with he me. >> a week and a half ago he asked the before and grill on the east side if they wouldn't mind flashing their lights on wednesdays, 8:00 30 at night just for a minute. >> knowing somebody on the outside is thinking of them is huge. >> it raises their spirits, because they feel more a tended, they are not as alone even though that light's way over there, it's meant for me. >> this is obviously the
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a kid in a hospital. >> it is. and it's so nice you see that story and other stories where people really reach out to make this time of year special, it's other times of the year, too. right now it's feeling like another time of the year, it's feeling like muggy spring at this point. >> yeah. >> easter? >> maybe. >> jumping right ahead. but then -- then. >> buzz kill. >> coming. we have something coming up. i am a buzz kill. >> i was going to talk about it later. >> i want to put a wet blanket overall of you. >> say it. >> it's coming, right? we have a winter mix, yeah, crazy system moving in for next week, that may put a damper on some of your plans and travel plans too, that may affect you. but for now we are enjoying the spring like temperatures and here we take a live look at the common all lit up for christmas eve. and as we all await santa clause it looks like no weather
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weather worries for the day tomorrow, the record temperatures will continue into tomorrow, we'll be close to some record highs, today we shattered the old record of 61 degrees set back in 196, the high today in boston at least at the airport 6 degrees, average high at this time of the year 39 degrees. can't believe it, temperatures still running very warm for this time of the year. 688 in lawrence, 68 tau ton, 59 falmouth, 549 chattam, a bit on the -- 59 in chattam, a bit on compared to say this time lawrence. dewpoint temperatures are actually very high, very close to the current temperature, when we were talk being dewpoints at 60 or above i will really feel it. and close to the actual temperatures, too. so maybe you notice your hair is frizzy, mine is, i know that earlier.
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temperature here in boston. the dewpoints will subside by tomorrow. wind gusts are still strong in some spots in the cane and islands, gusts between 20-30 miles per hour for some spots, the wind will sub side as we get overnight tonight, we'll keep a southwesterly flow, keeping temperatures comfortable and warm tonight, 56 degrees by 11:00, fall to go a low 479 with some areas of patchy fog under a partly cloudy sky, we are already experiencing some fog go conditions actually as a i did see a report where we did have some very very light fog off the coast there, also thick fog on the outer cape. we have a full cold moon tonight, this is the first time since 1977 the full moon occurs on christmas. a.m. that is going to help light the way for santa clause. glorious temperatures once
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temperature of 60 degrees, high temperatures across the board low to mid-60s or some upper 50s in some locations. we will be close to record highs once again, but i don't think we will get it. worcester 59 degrees, the record is 60 set in 19694 for boston, we are going with -- 1964 for boston. we are going with it set in 1989. there is nothing moving our way, overnight, you notice the clouds increase on the cape and island, you may see a passing spring, plenty of clear conditions, partly cloudy skies for the rest of friday evening. and it's looking fantastic for all of your travel plan, you might have. here is the seven day forecast as we dip into the weekend, saturday much cooler 47, chance for evening showers, sunday 60 degrees, scattered rain. now i notice we hit monday and we are hit with that arctic
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temperature playing a huge role and these -- this system is going to be tricky l is one on tuesday, another one on wednesday that could affect us in terms of wintery mix. and there is still some uncertainty on the timing and track of this, stay tuned we will keep you posted for sure, didn't forget submit your prediction for snow falcon test, how much snow will we see at logan airport this winter, it could win you season passes. you have until new year's eve to submit your guess on back to you. >> pamela thank you. talk about procrastination nation, last minute shoppers flooded into stores with hours left to pick up that perfect gift. our julie is live where stores are closing, i have to ask you, are you one of these slacker as soon as. >> reporter: of course i did. of course. you send me to a mall i'm not going to shop, liam? i have to tell you, for those
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out of luck u have 30 minutes before the store closes, surprisingly most shoppers told me they weren't worried they do this every year. for a lot of people, men. >> we just started so it hadn't been too bad. >> it really is the most wonderful time of the year. >> i think you guys always go out last minute. >> usually. i like to figure out what i need for everybody, obviously before i go ahead and buy it. >> all right, it's what time is it? it's 1:30 christmas eve, why did you wait until now? >> procrastination. >> always very full. >> there is almost always an explanation. >> i didn't know what they wanted either. >> time isn't on anyone's side and window shopping isn't an option. >> suitcase. >> for dad. >> you have to get buying or go pajamas.
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support. from me to me. >> savvy shoppers will tell you where you shop. >> i think this location is a little bit better, i went to south bay one year and i was like get me out of here, it was like arrest me geddon, it was like the end of the world, the parking situation was horrible, the lines were out of control, people were just so rude. >> weren't those ladies fun? wouldn't you want to go shopping with them every holiday season? i did some thinking for the rest of you who are at home scratching your heads, some of the pharmacies are still open, you can get gift certificates or gold with cold hard cash. >> thanks, julie, the gift that keeps on giving. you may see one of santa's sleighs on boston streets, decked out with christmas
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donating $1 for every sleigh reservation, donate that go money to toys for tots, perhapser is a -- prancer. >> she busted out the is $00. >> i was going to say we have to wait to see what she is going to leave on our desk. christmas. an elf on the shelf joins the force promising to protect and to serve. and we are continuing to keep a close eye on santa who is now near ham burg, germany, he has delivered more than 3 billion gifts, he is averaging several gifts per person here, very general rouse santa, we'll keep an eye on him throughout
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we continue to follow breaking news, we just learned mci shirley is on lockdown, we just spoke to the state police spokesperson who tells us there were reports of shots fired in an area outside of the prison, patrols have been sent there to investigate, officers have not found anything or anyone yet, they are continue to go investigate. our helicopter is on the way right now along with a news crew, jim smith should have a report at 6:00 from shirley where we will get you updates. popular. he has a new job.
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sworn in to protect and serve, one elf has been busy helping out a pennsylvania police force, average as he is being called right there is taking his role seriously, conducting official police investigations and testing out his skills as a police artist. as you can imagine people are loving it. >> it's been an overwhelming response, it's kind of made it enjoyable. i've gotten a lot of good comments on our social media. >> well after christmas sarge will be heading back to the north pole, he will have a spot on the force next year as well. prince harry is giving his brother a run for his money. >> kensington palace tweeted out harry's christmas card showing the 95-year-old ex wing commander whom he met back in september, the caption says
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moments of 2015. but first round bye and the playoffs locked up tom brady and his family felt relaxed enough to get ready for santa. >> showing all of their stockings hung by the chimney with care. and we are confident it is going to be a good christmas over there for all of them as we hope it is for everyone. >> still to come, purchasing a car seat to keep your child safe, not an easy or cheap decision. >> some parents are paying more for the guarantee that it is free of harmful chemicals. but that extra money turns out may not mean extra safety, that story is coming up in the fox. saving childrens christmases, the grinch caught red handed right here in massachusetts. there is no place like home for the holidays, that is if you can get home, tonight we are keeping a close eye on this busy travel day. and from the air to the road, here is a live look outside of the conditions on pike, really not too bad for this hour, fingers crossed. we hope you are where you need
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and we are continuing to follow breaking news for you at 5:30, this is a live look at mci shirley which is currently
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chopper, we when to a spokes
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