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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  December 29, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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right now it's 6:00, we have our eye on the storm, the first winter storm of the season,. and it is making a mess of the roads, slick and dangerous conditions, this is a live look from mobile 4. showing you the commute. certainly a tricky one out there with snow and sleet working its way down. but still having an impact, we have the time line for the morning and when roads will start to improve. after the warmest december massachusetts are trying to get
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as we deal with this storm. good morning, everybody, we appreciate you being here, i'm kathryn hauser. and i'm chris mckinnon, it is tuesday, december 29th. break out the ice scraper, went sir definitely here, the snow started falling in some places overnight. now a lot of areas are seeing sleet. >> yeah, that's a changeover making a big ole miss of things, we are keeping an eye on it all, let's begin with chief meteorologist eric fisher who is live in fitchburg, it this is all about timing and location. >> reporter: it really is, it's not like a lot of storms that we had last winter were basically all of them were all snow. and everyone was getting the big snow totals, this time different depending where you are. let's catch up with headlines,
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storm, still some snow holding on sleet is going to be the weather type for us, sleet doesn't accumulate as well as snow fall. this morning commute very slick out there, there have been many accidents reported, big issues on 4995, it is -- 495. talk being location, we change owe to heavy rainfall, snow and sleets accumulates this morning, a coat to go a couple inches for most, farther north into central and northern new hampshire the ski areas liking this storm, even there many spots will change over to some sleet, pure snow in maine. you can see the conditions of the streets, we are seeing a few more out there, a little bit more traffic, plenty of plows, it's more tricky to pick
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rain than it is pure snow, something we'll monitor and the biggest impact is thigh midday. we'll get a check of radar, send it back into the studio where continue yell nile is standing by. it is, eric, you are right. we are keeping a close eye on that rain line, we've got everything on the map this morning, temperature right now 34 degrees, 93 in plymouth, the groan is where we made the change over to rain. let's zoom in, extending back for norwell, pembroke, halt, you will be next, over the next hour or so. north and west of boston though we've seen colder temperatures, so it's 29 in lowell, and we've been mixing with some flakes and some sleet somewhere like bedford in through southern new hampshire, too. it is mainly snow well to our
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concord temperature 21 degrees in concord, just starting to push through the new hampshire sea coast, coming into maine. hour by hour rain line continues to press north into the city of boston around 8:00 a.m., temperature up a degree at 394 degrees, notice the sleet, areas of pink hang on longest north and west of boston until about late morning and midday, folk etis over the border from manchester, still slick travel with a sloppy, crusty mess, still areas of rain, too, tapering off in the afternoon with a much easier evening commute, temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40s with a couple leftover sprinkles and showers. pamela has been in nashua, still have the sleet going on, pamela. >> reporter: oh, yes still all sleet here, early this morning about a couple hours ago we had
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it is all sleet, ice pellets falling all over everything, if you can zoom in, we can see pellets bouncing off my gloves here and if you are just waking up or maybe you got woken up from the noise, it sounds like almost hail hitting the homes and the trees, but it is ice pellets that we are dealing with this morning. and that is making it slick on the roads, we've had salt trucks out here, snow plow trucks out here as well, middlesex road leading up to the mall entrance, leading up to the entrance of route 3 and it's slick, we've seen a few cars and semis go by, taking it very fast and almost fishtailing at one point. so be careful out there, please. it is slick. just take your time and use some patience. we want to make sure you make it out there safely. traffic and weather together now, susie. that's right, pamela, good
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we want to remind you that the roads are slick, word is just in from the mass pike, an accident east bound has the lane blocked in framingham, there is a big problem north, route 4995 northbound south of route 3 has been shut down after two tractor trailers jack breakdown lane is allowing traffic to pass through that area, a live look at the express in dorchester near the gas tank, has been been moving at a good pace, we will take a look out at mobile had 4 in boston and the back by, we are on com avenue. you can see a little bit of wet coverage, not as much as the snow as earlier, we are taking time, mbta saying the redline braintree branch experiencing moderate delays due to a switch problem at the jfk u mass stop. chris and kathryn over to you.
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it's funny to think about it, couple days ago we were talk being 70 degrees, a lot of people trying to find the winter weather gore. >> talking about people lining up for shovel the, snow plowers, salt and sand all to deal with today's mucee weather out there, it's a. >> reporter: it's not too bad out here though, on the roadways certainly it is slick, we've seen several plows and salt trucks come through treating the roadways, many people who are new englanders, tried and true to night. this one may be pretty low. >> i had people here at l in the morning, it was kind of
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>> but the preparation for winter's first appearance is all the same starting with the ice melt. up till now has been require actually untouched. >> i would see a couple gone and be excite bad that. >> this one is set to be nothing like what we know new england can bring and who can forget. >> i was really hoping, i mean i'm tired of of snow. >> a little elbow grease can breakdown the rest of themment and that wasn't the only thing to break, the t has a deicing remedy for that sub born third rail. >> similar to if you take a flight during the winter and deicing chemical. no need to worry about the amount of energy expert -- exerted during this storm. taking a live look here on interstate 93 you can see still regular traffic, if you will.
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certainly taking it nice and easy, mass dot has more than 1200 crews out working making sure these roads are treated, certainly we know at this juncture in the game things will get much worse as we move on into winter, chris and kathryn back to you. >> i think that is the theme this morning. >> susie steimle has been monitoring the highways. >> first storm of the season is like that reminder of oh, yeah, i have to drive a certain way, so it's good just to be safe. this is a good time to remind you, if you want to be up to date on the storm app. >> all great information. coming up, we have breaking news overnight, the plot to target new year's celebration. plus an anonymous threat. we are tracking it all, we have the snow, the sleet, the
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over, when it all comes to an end, when we come back, stay
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coming up on 6:13 on does morning, this says it all, katherine, doling with the first winner storm of the season. a lot of colors on the map, you can tell that means varying conditions, snow, sleet and rain, we have team coverage for you, let's begin with chief meteorologist eric fisher who is live for us in fitchburg, eric, nice location. >> reporter: good morning, kathryn and chris, a lot going on out there this morning, we got you ready for the day, all things will change because it is location dependent, we are set up in fitchburg in close proximity to a little caffeine, take a look at some of the scenes earlier as we look back
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around midnight, shrewsbury, coating the ground, first flakes of the season. perfect with a little bit of snow and ice coming done. then as we look forward to the rest of the day, it is going to be more ice than snow, how unusual is this to get other first snow fall arriving at this point in the season just before new year's eve, a stretch of 60s and 90s, in worcester this is the latest first measurable snow fall on record, previously the record had been december 24th, we bet it by five days. the latest on record in boston was 2000 we waited until january 13th to get a measurable snow fall. so this will end up being the fifth latest, really a wide range there from the 1800s to the 50s to the 90s to now -- 70s. to now. sleet count as measurable snow
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measurement about 7:00 a.m. at boston logan. certainly we have measured, overall it's not a huge block buster storm, it's just for really icy travel for the morning commute. we've seen that manifested in a lot of accidents, road closures out there, even with a lower volume a lot of people on vacation, no school is in sex this week, still tracking issues, making sure everyone takes it easy on the first wintery event. let's head back to the studio, continue yell niles is watching the trends for us, making a comparison to the filed december last year and then what happen afterwards, we should probably ease the continuation little bit and say we don't expected hundred inches of know. nothing like last winter, it's like last year we saw the bottom drop out, nothing like that year, we are getting a preview, eric. we are talk being a
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southeastern massachusetts. everything out the door right now, the best idea slow your speeds, leave extra time, temperatures 394 degrees, we made that change over to rain on the cape and eye happens, it is going to create different issues, ponding on the roads, zooming in to where we get the transition from rain to sleet, it's been wobbling on the north shore, and then back along route 3, norwell down to pembroke, hanson and handover, too. it is all sleet in the city of boston, it's fast crew out there, we've got the crusty it. so a sloppy mess, you are zooming in along route 3, we get more snowflakes mixing in with the sleet as well, and then concord sitting at 21 degrees, sleet coming down north and east of that is so we are dealing with snow back across parts of southern new hampshire.
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boston, 15 in keene, so the wind while only gusting over 20 miles per hour certainly add as bite to the air. the steadiest moisture is coming through eastern new york and pennsylvania right now, so we've got several hours to go but it will be a much dryer evening commute overall. so let's bring you through the mid, between now and 7:00 pow with start to see the rain line creep up, into the city of boston around 8:00 a.m., notice still north and west of town pockets of sleet that linger through late morning and midday from parts like manchester down through keene and orange, .5-1 in spots, creates reduced visibility and tapering off. leftover sprinkle with temperatures in the 30s and 40 degrees on the cape.
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ruled 0 you on the berkshires, ice secretion likely, only a trace of that, maybe just enough to cause a few out ages in those areas. tomorrow quieter, we may get a patch or two of drizzle north and west of boston, anything untreated will become slick, tomorrow mostly cloudy but much quieter overall, a couple showers nick the south coast as we head into wednesday night and thursday morning, we clear out, we'll be gusty, breezy on thursday afternoon and thursday night as we ring in the new year, cloudy with patches of drizzle, 33 most of us will freezing mark, mainly cloudy tomorrow with a few sun and breaks, temperatures should manage come into the low whos, which is above -- 40s, which is above average much as we ring in the new year at midnight, if you are heading out to festivities it won't be the arctic air, temperatures in the low 30s, windchill will be in the 20s because of a gusty
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around 40 degrees. it will be a couple flurries into the weekend but no big storms, temperatures really cold only in the upper 20s. traffic and weather together it's been a mess out there. that's right, danielle. we thought the not school vacation week, the ride is very slow along route had 99995 north bound, the road has gist been shut down south of route 3 after two track at the trailers -- tractor trailers broke down. there is an accident on route is 128 southbound around route 35 in danvers, austin the lanes on the right side head nothing the city looking pretty good out there as far as traffic is concerned this morning. and an update from the mbta saying a switch problem is
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redline at the jfk commute stop chris and kathryn over to you. >> susie, thank you very much for keeping an eye on this. we do have breaking knew out of belgium, two people have been arrested suspected of landing attacks in brussels, investigators say the pair were targeting several symbolic locations during the city's if you year's celebrations, searches turned up military style uniforms, no weapons or explosives were found, the pair is not connected to the paris attack. it is 6:20 right now, boston police and the fbi are looking an an anonymous threat against the city, the threat was made into the city's 911 yesterday, there was no mention of specific target or time, residents say even vague threats make them concerned. >> every time you hear that you get nervous, yenning, times
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unsettled, hopefully not an actual threat. >> when you have a non-credible threat it's hard because they can create havoc in the city to do that. >> boston police say they'll continue keeping a high visibility presence. 6:11 right now, lots more -- 6:21 right now. bill belichick standing his ground. plus the new investigation into peyton manning who wants to make sure he didn't use performance enhancing drugs. we are keeping an eye on things, the first winter storm of the season, this is a live look from noble 4, heading north you can see there is a
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welcome back, it is 6:25 right now on a messy tuesday morning, it is slick on roads, this is a live look in nashua, new hampshire, don't see too many drivers, it's not a big snow event but just enough on the roads to make it treacherous, so keep it in mind. this is the coins to that people can't stop talking about, should bill belichick have taken the ball in overtime against the jets instead of kicking it off? well bill belichick maintains there was no confusion during the coins to, that is what he wanted and i doesn't regret it. >> i thought that was our best opportunity, that is why we did it. i didn't like the way it worked out, but i thought -- to me
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our team at that time. >> the pats already looking ahead their matchup with the dolphins will get started at 11:30, kickoff at 12:00, at 1:00, tune over to 5th game. reports of peyton manning used performance enhancing drugs, this comes after an algia zero reporting. thanks for being us with us, we've got l team coverage on our first wanter storm of the season. well tell you what you can expect as you head out this morning. this morning's weather may bring out your shovels and snow scrapers, we'll have a live report, what you could be up
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good tuesday morning from fitchburg, we are tracking the first winter storm of the season, a snowy sleeting mess and already having a big impact on travel, we'll talk about the transition between ice and rain in the forecast. you heard it right there, snow, sleet, rain making a mess of the roads this morning, here is a live look at the bridge, susie steimle is monitoring a a the will accidents. whether you are ready or not, how people across the state tried to repair prepare -- prepare for the first storm. good morning it is 6:30 on your tuesday morning thanks for joining us, i'm chris mckinnon. i'm kathryn hauser. we are tracking the first
6:26 am
this one is all about timing, a lot of people on vacation this week, especially kids who are off for holiday vacation as well. for those who don't have to have the day off and have to get out there this morning, give yourself some extra time, snow and sleet making a mess of the roads, but first we want to talk about our team coverage this morning, we have our meteorologists in this morning, we'll start with eric fisher live in fitchburg, what is going on out there, eric. watching the snow and sleet fallout here in fitchburg all morning long, let me count the ways that i detest sleet, there is nothing enjoyable about vote, it's harder to pick up for all the cruels, for the kids you can't make a snowman out of it, it holds accumulations down, for the ski areas they are changing over to sleet, it's and icy mix spoiled
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in fact for all of us this morning. we'll get you caught up, as expect the nothing huge on the board. like an icy version of sand stacked up on the ground, south borrow main, bell month, new hampshire at 4, hudson and hollace 2.5. looking at generally .5-1.5, some reports up to 2-inch the of snow and sleet. it's not a block buster storm but it's that combo, the snow and sleet and the morning commute that we seem to have a big impact, a lot of of departments out there already. a coating to 2 inches, 2-4-inch range, and the higher totallies so we'll see the bigger amounts to the white mountains, getting into maine, sugar loaf, icy conditions are remain in this
6:28 am
day, but it will be different depending on where you live. danielle niles in the studio this morning tracking some of those changes, defending where you are it will feel comfortable to still below freezing. >> exactly, eric. depends on location, we are going to see the temperatures warm up, it's all relative, let's zoom you around, warm enough that we have made the transition over to rain. temperatures 34 in sugar, 37 on the vineyard with areas of light rain. it's really been hovering right over the marsh field, sit wit area, back to norwell, that transition from rain to sleet, city of boston sitting at 33 degrees, it's 30 in lowell, so the wind is coming off the ocean, we are going to warm those temperatures up, areas of
6:29 am
southern new england with snowflakes north and west of boston i think we make the transition over to rain around l a.m. this morning -- 8:00 a.m. this morning. up around 40 in the city through early afternoon. hour by hour forecast notice that rain line pressing northward, by the time we get to 8:30, even as we head into late morning, areas of sleet north and west of bast on and into southern new hampshire until lunch time, temperatures right or around over freezing, man chestier back to keene much the rain is causing some issue, ponding water, puddles on the road, use caution, the good news is we are not going to see crashing temperatures behind, temperatures will still be around 40 through the evening hours with a up could he will leftover drizzles, pamela, how are you dealing with the sleet up there? >> reporter: sleet is still
6:30 am
here, it looks like an inch of sleet/snow combination. then it changed to sleet and it's still bouncing off of everything out here on my gloves, you can see the pellets bouncing around, it's very slick. so the roads could haved in this sleet/snow mix tour, we've had snow clouds, salt trucks outside at the sand plain mall in nashua. and we just had a plow truck pass through, but z you can see it's that crunchy snow/sleet combination making it slick, entrance ramp you can see, more cars on the roads, take some extra time to get to where you need to go, this storm is a bummer cared to last season, we were hoping for more snow, mather nature gave us sleet. i want to take you back in studio, traffic and weather together, suzy.
6:31 am
don't like the sleet, i am' just guessing. the big traffic problem remains north of the city right now, let's get to the map. two tractor trailers jack knifed south of route 3, the road has been shut down, only breakdown rain travel is allowed at this point, expressway the volume is continuing to build, you can see a couple more cars out there. and there are delays after an accident along route 24 in brockton near exit 18. also the mvpa says the -- mbta said there is a switch line, chris and kathryn over to you. >> susie, thank you very much. it is 6:36, it was 70 degrees be people were wearing shorts, t-shirts and today much different scene you are going to need the coat, the shovel, ice scraper.
6:32 am
breaking their shovels i think, nicole jacobs is live in andover, nicole what are people saying about our first storm. >> reporter: hopefully we won't need snow blowers today, just a lot of sleet in andover, just as pamela was saying, mother nature brought us sleet instead of snow. here on 93 traffic is moving right along, of course a lot of drivers taking it easy because they know that the winter is still young. >> on a scale from 1-10 this one may be pretty low. i had people here at 9:00 in the morning with the doors open, it was kind of like black friday. >> but the preparation for winter's first appearance is all the same starting with the ice melt that up till now has been virtually untouched. >> i would see a couple gone and be excite bad that, yes. >> this one is set to be nothing like we know what new england can bring, and who can forget.
6:33 am
tired of snow. >> a little elbow gross can wear down the west of tell. >> i broke be two shovels last year. that wasn't the only thing to break, although this year the t has a deicing remedy for the third rail. during the winter. >> but no need to worry about the amount of energy exerted during this storm, there is sure to be left in the tank for as winter as we really know it. taking a live look here at interstate 93, you can see there is accumulation on the roadway here, we haven't see a plow come through in quite impa awhile -- i can't while. we know what can happen here in new england, certainly the roadways are a bit slippery, dot is prepared, there are more than 1200 crews on the ready. live in and dove are, nicole jacobs.
6:34 am
we want to update you on a situation, two tract injury trailers that had -- tractor trailers that had crashed that is one of the examples of the many accidents that we've been seeing. >> it's deceiving out there, deceivingly slick, keep that in mind. coming up, the anonymous threat made against the city of boston. >> why a hack attack may have bumper to bumper the best thing for ashley madison. chris morning, checking in with weather watchers, love to see all the reports coming in, temperatures in the 20s and 30s, let's check out the snow falls, .75 in hand i don't have, says arnold, 4 inches says ryan, picking up a sloppy .5-1, snow and sleet on top of it.
6:35 am
and good tuesday morning to you, it is 6:49:29 right now, we have our eye on the first storm of the season, here is a live look at mobile had 9 on route 2 heading out west through the belmont area this morning. you can see some headlights out there. and the big warning this morning is to take a it it a little bit more slowly. >> first storm of the season
6:36 am
looking at the different conditions in each area, fitchburg is where eric fisher is keeping us up to speed, hi, eric. >> reporter: good morning to beth of you again, we moved here to fitchburg for this particular storm because many areas north and west of 4995 are going to stay with the went -- 495 are going to stay with the wintery precipitation, staying locked in for the particular storm, we brought the mobile lab, it's a doseee drive, spots on the roads are clear. so why is it in the low 20s, very cold air and we are still not seeing snow fall outside. it's mostly sleet. take a look how this all breaks down, it's counter intuitive, we have the low 20s at the surface, it's closer to 40
6:37 am
so when you look at a profile of the atmosphere, if there is a shallow area of cold air below freezing we get freezing rain, if that area is deeper we get sleet basically the raindrop had a longer time to refreeze and that gives you your sleet pellet, that is what we are holding on to, there is plenty of cold air at the surface, much warmer above our heads, here is look at current temperatures, 23 in nashua, worcester, 23 in keene, look along the coast, 33 in boston, climbing into the mid-30s in the cape. mild air has easier time moving across the coastal plain, that is why we'll see the changeover in those locations. totals, couple inches for many. and bigger totallies farther off toward the north. it's not about the big number the on the map it's about wintery weather, icy conditions on the roads, things are starting to get better this afternoon much let's get a
6:38 am
studio, down what i'm looking forward to most with this storm? >> making a sleet angel? >> reporter: sleet angel, i like that. there is still time. for me, it's the end of the winter is coming means online on facebook and twitter, winner is just here. >> winter is here, we flipped the switch, you know they are going to start coming out later this morning, thank you for that report, get a nice warm cup of coffee. current radar shows we have snow, sleet, rain, we have it all here, we've made that transition over to rain, parts of the south shore, 37 on the vineyard, with light to moderate rain for the most part, that rain to sleet line has been pretty constant over the last hour or so, near sit witch, marsh field and duxbury, you are encountering the raindrops through norwell,
6:39 am
seeing the sleet mix in as well. .75-25%. concord areas, snow the farther north you go, parts of central new hampshire that is where the highest totals are coming back, 4 inches in some spots. real feel is chilly, wind coming out of the east, northeast, 211 degrees the windchill at who begun airport, now the storm itself, bulk of the moisture coming through between now and let's say early afternoon. we let up in terms of the steadiest rain and snow with some leftover snow showers and parts of the great lakes as area of low pressure continues to spin. where do we go from here, between now and let's say 8:00 a.m. we make that transition over to rain for the remainder of the
6:40 am
we are talking about sleet still mixing in mid to late morning, through midday still some pockets of sleet from manchester back down through route 2 corridor, for the rest of us it is going to rain and rain hard, that will create ponding and puddles on the roads, so use caution, temperatures all the while come up to around or just over 40 from boston back down to the cape, 30s north and west of town. there may be a couple slick patches that result, anything untreated, late this evening into tonight with a couple leftover showers, light ice secretion is likely too, berkshires, we may see a few isolated out ands. otherwise tomorrow, much quieter day, but the clouds are stub born, we should still manage to come into the lower 40s, wednesday night and thursday, we are go hing to be skirted by area of low
6:41 am
up on new year's eve day to cloudy skies that will part for breaks of sunshine and some partial clearing that comes in, so it's looking good for new year's eve festivities, drizzle patches, be aware that. mainly cloudy, lows in the 30s, mainly cloudy with a few sunny breaks tomorrow, as we head into new year's eve, temperatures that could be worse this time of year, p 2 degrees for the ball drop at midnight, windchills in the 20s, you want to be bundled up, turning colder this weekend, notice only in the 30s for highs on saturday and sunday, that is normal for this time of the i don't remember, upper 20s to start next week, traffic and weather together, you have been busy. i have some good news, there is relief north of the city now, all of the lanes of route 495 has been reopened,
6:42 am
removed from the roadway there. volume is continuing to build this morning, route 24 north bound at back ton, stop and go after an accident near exit 18. the ride along 93 south to the bridge is slowing a little bit now because of some volume there. and mbta reporting delays this time minor delays along the b branch the groan line, also a switch -- greenline, also a switch. chris and kathryn. thank you very much for keeping us up to speed will. this is a live look at andover at the conditions there, it is a slick go of things so keep that in mind before you head out the gosh, we have team coverage for you
6:43 am
good morning once again it is 6:52 right now, it's just been a messy tuesday morning and the big story is the compute, it's been tough both on 0 the roads and the rail. morning frank. >> good morning. >> i want to ask you a couple questions, there has been switch problems on the redline and green line b branch is this weather related. >> we had earlier problems this
6:44 am
the weather much we have a million functioning switch, crews have already addressed that. similar to the b line on the green line we have crews out there. part of our new process we have additional people in the filed so we can respond quickly when things rice. >> you talk about part of this new process, last winter historic year, this year mbta is saying we are more ready. >> i think we are much better prepared than we have been go nothing a winter. we have a more organized approach, additional hands on station so that we can respond to issues and minimize their impact to the schedule. there has been a big change in temperatures, we were talk being 70 degrees today we have 20s-30s, how does that affect the rail? well, the very temperature is affecting us generally as it
6:45 am
long as we have an idea what is coming we can prepare and handle it. >> is this a good practice round for you, but a good practice to make sure protocol is in place. >> it's a good test to use the method we developed to see how they work out and this storm is of the right size to be the first one to try out the new methods on. thank you so much for your time this morning. we've been talking about how this is the eric fisher saying it is the appetizer storm to the withinner, compared to last winner it is pretty small, but again still affecting roads and rail as soon as we'll be back with more
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good morning, a. they must have put that there, i'm thinking pamela gardner, it's been steady sleet all morning long in this particular location. >> you can hear it ping ping ping off the cars and the road, just take it slow out there. >> that is the big story is the
6:48 am
>> so the south shore parts of the south shore back down to the cape have already made the transition, that will move north so just slow your speeds, leave some extra space between the car in front of you. the rain is going to come down hard, still icy spots north and west of boston, tomorrow mostly cloudy 40s for new year's eve day. then we drop into the 30s as the ball drops at midnight. >> we just have to get thousand this morning. we'll see i back here for an update in 25 minutes. here is a live look outside, have a great day,
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