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tv   WBZ News  CBS  December 30, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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in fact in new york the fbi is working with the police to have at least $6000 -- 6000 officers patrolling the area. someone found the remains of this man in the woods of upton over the weekend, 53 miles away from his home. robinson -- robertson vanished after two man claiming to be home. there's no one a lot -- there isn't any other way to explain it. you don't think about it. you just go in.>> humble heroes, three officers that saved in elderly women -- woman inside of her home. they are now telling their story. >> they knew they were risking their lives to save someone. that's just out of the job. >> my first initial thought was i was going to die.>> reporter: officer rob larochelle led the officers in to the home with two other officers behind him.
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house on granite street by neighbors who told them 65-year- old aileen sherry was trapped on the first floor of her apartment. the trio knew they couldn't wait. at that point you are not thinking. you are just acting.>> when officer larochelle pushed his way through the door, the smoke and flames forced him to the floor. that is when he was able to see ms. ellie who was sprawled on the kitchen floor unconscious. he dragged her a few feet before the smoke drove him out, gasping for air. they devised a quick plan. >> we work in shifts trying to get as much air as we could. we went back in and finally freed her it. we got her out.>> reporter: as a major exit they heard another woman stumbling down the stairs from the second floor. >> when i heard her, all i could see was her eggs. i couldn't see the top of her because of the big thick black >> -- >> reporter: she was okay but they officers could not -- the her cat.
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treated for smoke inhalation. heroes. anyone in this police department would do the same exact thing. >> reporter: even so they were commended for their selfless bravery this morning, preferring not to focus on what could have happened in that inferno.>> i didn't put much thought into that. it's probably a good thing i didn't. >> reporter: as the humble officers are ready for a return to work, the site of their heroics is slated for demolition. >> investigators now believe a sin a great -- e-cigarettes park that fire. we had our first dose less my. >> it was so icy. it's not going to get much better tonight. >> not just freezing rain but also freezing fog developing out across the area. we have a freezing area advisory in all -- for all areas in the hot pink areas.
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been holding steadily. we are staying around state college, pa the area we are arrive here about 9:00 tonight and points thereafter. we're seeing the temperatures below freezing. fog can freeze on services. on a lot of ice but enough to make a very slick. i am urging a lot of caution. if you are walking or driving, be careful. this is moving its way in during the overnight hours, especially from boston to providence north and west. the radar is showing rainfall but i think it's freezing rate -- rainfall. tomorrow we start a warming trend. we will have some sunshine and warmer temperatures that will melt the ice, about 40 degrees tomorrow afternoon. how about the first day of 2016? we will look at that in a few. developing story,
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evacuations. this drone video shows cities emerged. the floodwaters have been blamed on -- for at least 20 deaths. >> reporter: floodwaters trapped a man on top of his pickup truck near st. louis. a fire truck towed him to safety vehicle. this is it one of a number of rescues today as rivers and streams reach records.>> water levels are expected to exceed the historic crest during the great flood of 1993. >> reporter: back than 150 major rivers in tributaries flooded killing 50 people. today in eureka the distraction is everywhere. water is creeping up next to the high school. roads are now rivers trailers are underwater. so our homes. many are lining sandbags near homes and businesses. >> i am seeing sandbags that
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be. >> reporter: other sandbags will likely be submerged in. 20 levees along the mississippi river and tributaries could fail which could cause greater problems. residents have evacuated 2 of the hardest hit towns. the mississippi is still climbing and expected to reach almost 15 feet above flood stage tomorrow. marlie hall cbs news was all the misery pick a new hampshire man convicted of torturing his girlfriend's three-year-old son was a shorter prison sentence. he is serving 25 years. the attorney says he never hurt a boy and was convicted as an accomplice to the mother who serve just 2 1/2 years. they want a panel of judges to reduce his sentence to 10 years. prosecutors are asking the same judges to increase his minimum sentenced to 30 years. the search is on for a missing man, 56-year-old
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fleming who was reported to police. on monday his car was found but no sign of him. call police. just as this winter that's underway, insurance companies are dropping more and more customers because of claims they finals last winter. this is costing homeowners thousands.>> we were soaked for awesome. >> reporter: ice dams damage their home. the damage is still being assessed two years later. dumped on their home. it was their insurance company as well. >> this was our first claimant 10 years. when we finally needed them, they dropped us. >> reporter: on top of that a weren't given proper notification. they had to scramble to find new coverage while still
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>> we called two different companies. both said we were red flagged. they won't touch is because they claim is open. they know we are being canceled. now were uninsured. >> reporter: finally after dozens of calls they ended up on the massachusetts state plan, an option that will cost hundreds of dollars more. there are no hard numbers on how many messages it's -- massachusetts homeowners were dropped after filing a claim. several of them contacted the i- team. there's an increased number of complaints from homeowners this year. insurance agents say they are also dealing with more nonrenewal is. >> i want more information for more companies on cancellations and nonrenewal spent >> reporter: after holding statewide hearings on a proposed rate increase, this
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>> we need advocates for the public and insurance companies openly competing to convince a neutral of what the proper rates should be, who should be canceled, who should be nonrenewed. >> reporter: there is no regulation on when an insurer can cancel or drop a customer. there's only a rule that they must give 45 days notice. kevin says he will think twice before using the insurance that he is paying for. >> hopefully i don't need to file a claim but if i do, i will be thinking of this. >> reporter: this often doesn't happen because of just one claim. still ahead, following the clues to one sweet surprise. >> you will see what happens when a has been opened a life- changing present. let's call this pants on animals. what question is burning up the
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say hello to one of the best adult parodies we have seen . >> this had us laughing out loud in the roots -- newsroom. we wanted you to check it out too.>> music back hello, it's me. -- [ music ]. it's me. i am avoiding you forever white -- while consuming [ indiscernible ] they say kale is in and leafy greens. hello pizza late at night. i can't -- keeps saying just one
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and i feel [ indiscernible ] breakfast, dinner and lunch. and the only reason i run anymore. >> this would really catch on if people could sing along. >> i don't think this will accomplish anything. >> maybe all of this singing and dancing. >> they have beautiful voices. they have a career. also the dog debate. >> this one is taken over the dog debate. this is a simple concept. if a dog wore pants, would it wear them on its hind legs or all four legs. people are debating this. if the pants are for a certain purpose, which is to cover up certain things, it would be just on the hind legs. >> i think so otherwise it's like a dog onesie. . >> it's disconnected.
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>> we have a lot of time to think about this. a wife gave this man a series of clues to tell him he would be a father. >> this man is deaf but he doesn't need that -- a voice to express his emotions. first he pulled out [ indiscernible ] in many pulled out dads root beer then he pulled out two positive pregnancy test. his hands start taking and then he looks at his wife were tears of joy.>> that was so sweet. otherwise you're thinking, baby ruth? these are so turtles. coming up after the break, dozens of sea turtles are heading south for a second chance. a few folks will think about going south after the weather we've been having.
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governors. but which governor won national praise for tough leadership handling nine hurricanes? which governor made his state number one in job creation? which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before the paris attacks? jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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if you are back home for the holidays, just be glad that you are not at o'hare airport. they had to set up 400 cots last night because of the weather. it could be days before all of the passengers can get a. the delays and cancellations started on monday with the
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>> we have frost in the immediate forecast. winter has said in. we went from 70s around christmas to -- >> -- i agree what does with ago. where are the 60s? [ laughter ] this point. now it is normal. we have ice in the forecast for tonight and freezing rain as well as fog developing out there is special -- especially for parts further weston more. this will linger into tomorrow morning, especially for southern new hampshire where temperatures will possibly stay below freezing the entire time. the sun will return and the melting will begin tomorrow afternoon in many areas. and freezing rain advisories across the region. i believe
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county and wooster -- worcester there will be hardest hit. there is warmer air aloft and it eventually will be dragged down in that will help us to avoid elamite icing. we have pockets of fog, three quarters of a mile visibility in taunton. we have moisture and it freezes on the roads and tax. it will be -- decks. it will be really slick work i think anywhere -- slick. i think freezing rain will be after 9 pm especially northwest of boston. tomorrow morning, still below freezing north and west of town. there will still be lingering showers south end his. by midmorning we break this
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and will have warmer temperatures. breaking clouds by midday, cool and breezy and near 40 degrees. many towns will be about 40 by midday, cool and breezy and near 40 degrees. many towns will be about 44 the afternoon. it will be a quiet but breezy night. we're not expecting any weather issues for new year's eve. 44 in boston, close to 50 toward the cape and islands were ice is not a concern. for tomorrow night, new year's eve, were looking at temperatures that will fall through the 30s. it looks dry and the wind will subside. it will be 30 on the dot at midnight tonight. that's pretty easy to take. even though winter has shown up and we are talking about the cold a nice, look at the departures for the month, from dc to philly to new york, not just breaking records for the warmest december on record by crushing them by an unbelievable margin. a couple of cool days doesn't make a whole month for the weekend as we look at the first saturday and sunday at 2016,
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a mix of sun and clouds. the best skiing weekend of the whole season by far, sugarloaf, look at all the fresh snow. we will have flurries on friday and snow showers on sunday as well as snow squall's on sunday. we are also watching the arctic front bringing in the snow squalls. ocean-effect near the coastline. winter is in full control of our forecast. we will have snow showers moving in at this time. we could even see accumulating snow on monday. it all comes down to wind direction. 24 will be the coldest day since late february. >> that's more than i months. >> it has been a longtime. we know birds of fly south for the winter.
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well. 50 turtles left of florida in florida -- left the coast of florida. >> suzy will explain what's happening. >> reporter: it's a species known for taking its time but these turtles might have stayed a little too long. >> they got to the north side of the cape which is a big bucket. they often can't figure the navigation out of there. if they don't figure that out, if they don't get rescue, they will die.>> reporter: these are the lucky ones who were rescued in time and are now going to rehab at the new england aquarium. they have been brought back from hypothermia and have been flown to florida. turtles getting stuck on the cape has always been a problem but never of this magnitude. this year there were 290 turtles rescued. to esther. last year we had about 733 sea turtles -- last year.
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turtles. >> usually just about before christmas is when they are all gone. because of the warm temperatures , the continued rescues could go well into january. researchers don't all believe this is a bad thing. it could indicate that the population of these endangered animals is increasing. >> it's not necessarily a concern for the population. it might be partially a good thing for the population that there are more turtles out there which leads to more turtles being stranded.>> reporter: one thing is certain, the rescue efforts are not likely to slow down anytime soon. >> thank goodness for the rescuers. [ laughter ] we know our city is a hub for culture but what does arrest of the country think of our city?
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bill cosby's massachusetts home where he has been staying since he has been accused of sexual assault by dozens of women. we will have the latest on the official criminal charges as
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bostonians are thinkers and you keep it classy. >> a new survey says so.
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to boston -- culture, boston is only second to new york city. they define success dictation as confidence and interest in the arts and culture. only one in 3 americans considers themselves to be classy. >> we are second to new york? we have still much more ahead. another dose of icy roads possible tonight. i am tracking a threat for freezing rain. there's also a return for -- a return of sun coming up. will cosby is charged in providing drugs and sexually assaulting women. terror threats in 3 major us 50 ahead of new jersey. tonight what boston is doing to keep you safe as you ring in 2016. one last time at the the garden, a basketball
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boston. now at 6:00, temperatures have dropped and many of us will be dealing with freezing rain tonight. with our first winter storm under our belts, we are in for more nasty weather tonight. >> this time it will be snow, freezing rain instead making it more slippery and dangerous. let's take it over to our chief meterologist eric fisher. >> we went the whole season without any ice or snow to worry about. all of a sudden we are in the thick of it. we have freezing rain advisories across much of the reason tonight -- region tonight until at least 3 am. parts will be extended into tomorrow morning especially northern massachusetts in southern new hampshire. we have a spread in temperatures as yesterday. southern new hampshire and the north shore, upper 20s and lower 30s. boston is sitting at 30 degrees.
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above freezing.
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