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tv   WBZ News  CBS  December 31, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> i felt it on my back, on the back of my neck, it went from a significant fire to the entire building is in flames and we need to get a little bit further away from it. >> about a million people gathered in the area, witnesses say at first there was confusion about whether explosions were practice for the show. >> you heard a loud pop, people didn't know what was going on, when you look back and you see this building that it's on fire, everybody. >> officials believe it may 20th floor. witnesses say, given the huge ordinarily and fast. perhaps contribute to go what so far have been minor injury reports. the building an inferno as dubai continued its celebration. >> right now that fire is still burning l is black smoke billowing across that city. but people who are on the ground say really those
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celebration in downtown dubai is business as usual. lauren. because the average fire hose and ladder wouldn't make a dent in fighting a blaze in a sky scrape per, world wide those buildings are designed with several fire resistant features there are often door that shut automatically or barriers built to stop fires. in fact, in february, there was a similar sky scrap per fire in dubai where everyone survived, coincidentally the name of that hotel was torch. high rights in massachusetts are under strict fire codes with mandatory friar sprinklers and massive pumps to get to the hire floors, fire crews are designed to stop elevators, others deal with evacuations, and some move in and begin immediately fighting prefaring for emergencies like
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>> the firefighters usually go into these buildings before they are opened, the property managers take them around, they become acquainted where the fire control rule is, fire pump is, where the join lets to put water into the building are. >> we will have continuing coverage of the sky scraper fire in dubai, we will bring you any new information that is we get it. security concerns prompting several major cities over seas to cancel their planned new year's eve parties. officials say with crowds expected in the thousands the risk was too great. here in boston balancing the fun and safety as first night celebrations are already under way much the parade is about and hour away and later tonight the fireworks will welcome 2016 with a bang. ken live in boston. >> reporter: no button this year, everything is free, there are two sets of fireworks, one at 7:00 over the common, the
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midnight, as you can plainly see behind me here, swarms of people have come to the square, apparently the fears of terrorism you were talking about not enough to stop them from welcoming 2016, this event got off to a rough start. family friendly is this event's middle name. but just and hour before it got under way, the bomb squad was summoned for a suspicious briefcase tossed in a trash can. >> we had our bomb squad, it turned out to be nothing. >> nothing except a reminder of amped up concern about soft targets for terrorism. but as performers strutted their stuff, show folks had to walk on their hands and literally played with fire, revelers did not seem shy about being in the mist of a public gathering. >> police are doing a great job
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live or love. >> nicole johnson brought all the kids. >> i drove in but at the same time we are going to move forward. >> it was a little warm and a too sunny for the ice sculptures but the face painting was a go and so was the fun. >> we live in carlisle so we are happy to be in the city and in the mist of all the action and people and celebrating a great time of year. >> there was plenty to jug he will and the festival atmosphere clearly ruled even as plain clothes cops blended in. >> it is going to be a friendly approach, i encourage everyone to come down, the wet sir beautiful i think we are going to have a great night. >> back live now, there are parking restrictions all around here, so certainly you want to heed that warning to take the t. keep in mind this event is different, tomorrow running through mid afternoon, for now ken macleod wbz news.
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the first time first night events are free, for a complete guide to what is going on later this evening check our website we have a developing story over seas, officials in at least two major european cities have canceled fireworks shows because of concerns about terrorism, and even after they canceled the show in brussels, police spent the morning patrolling public areas, also arrested another person in connection with last month's deadly attacks in paris. the fireworks show was canceled in paris where people right now are gathered on the shores ready to ring in the new year. 6000 police officers are patrolling times square but no plans to change the traditional ball drop, taking you live to hour. back here at home we are looking at a nice, fairly typical forecast. cold but no snow in sight at least for to night. first look at your last
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little melon collie, we had a pretty good run especially during the second half of 2015, comfortable tonight, it's 42 right now in boston, 40 in fitchburg, orange 38 degrees, cape mid 40s, we have the sunshine, that sound of water dripping off the roof tops today, the ice melting outdoors, and if you are heading out tonight, doing some traveling, we are going to stay on the comfortable side, 40 at 6:00 p.m., back through the 30s as the evening goes on, the usual refreezing of everything that was melting during the course of the day today, but otherwise no weather issues, most towns falling back into the mid to upper 20s by tomorrow important. preview of the start of the new year, temperatures close to average, the first few days. but then you knew it was coming, the bottom drops out, coldest air since february in the forecast and some snow and we'll talk about both coming up, liam. >> eric, thank you. state police are
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a man's body in the charles river, crews were near the foot bridge, the person has not yet been identified, the medical examiner is trying to determine how the man dyed. franklin police are searching for two bank robbers who terrified bank customers, middlesex savings bank at the franklin village shopping center, they ordered everyone to hit the floor and then took off with cash. police say they got away in a dark colored volkswagen sedan. tonight there is a mess in summerville, the roof of an old carriage house behind a triple decker collapsed. workers were actually in the process of fixing that roof and there were workers inside when it collapsed, everybody made it out safely. bill shields spoke with someone who used to live in that building. >> it happened in a split second, first a noise, a kind of creeing then the roof came crashing down taking the second floor with it. >> and for some reason had a major collapse, why at this time we don't know.
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secondary collapse. >> it was an antique carriage house, the owner of the property had redone the triple decker and starting work on the old carriage house in back, several worker were inside when everything came crashing down. there were workers, we were told they were evacuated out there, we did do a sweep of the building just to make sure nobody else was in there. >> that carriage house has served a lot of purposes over the years, but 60 years ago it was actually a broom factory and pillow factory. >> my whole spirit's in this neighborhood. 70 years i lived on this street. >> jerry lived here when he was a little boy, he remembers the brock making, now it's just memories. >> when you are a kid and you go up there and see all of the workers and machines, you are told to get in and get out, you are a kid. >> the building had historical
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be demolished, summerville bill shields wbz news. coming up here at 5:00, a snow raged faceoff in court, tonight the man accused of pointing a gun at a plow driver is free, the man charged with snow rage. and stopping that new year's day hangover before it starts what you need to know ahead of the festivities tonight. it's not about football tonight, it's about the winter classic, it's the alumni game going on. celebrating new year's eve all over the country, we are going to start with the big party in japan, ringing in 2016
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live look now at gillette stadium where the football field has been transformed into an ice rink, we are just a day away from the winter classic, two original 16, bruins and canadians. >> fun already started, this morning there was the big sled hockey game where disabled athletes had a chance to check out the ice. fans of all ages came out for the fan fest to check out
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met retired players. fan fest continues tomorrow and that is where we find steve burton at gillette with that strange site of the who can i don't rink behind you. >> yeah, it is sort of strange, fans are having a blast. you know, when fenway parked hosted the classic, it was still a relatively new event, six years later now it is a major production, as bruins and canadians are fighting and bottling it out in their division race, bruins got to practice today for the first time, took a team photo and then had a a workout, bees are used to playing on causeway street, but taking their talents to gillette stadium they feel like another winning legacy. >> we are happy to be playing in the stadium where they've won so many championships in front of several thousand fans. >> it's a special moment, especially here at gillette
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it's something that we don't get to experience at all. so, we are going to try to take everything in and enjoy the moment. >> bruins weren't the only ones to test out the ice, bill belichick and bruins coach had their own skate this well. thanks to our friends at craft sports productions for this great video, bill belichick on ice, tom brady and company had their last practice, the team flew down to florida because the winter classic here, pats will workout at florida atlantic university tomorrow. they played offense in miami on sunday. and the alumni game is going on right behind me now, bruins are down 2-1 in that game. local team, the boston pride had a player injured, went to the boards, had to be transported pow mass general
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okay. that is the story here, winter classic alumni game. you never know what they are going to do next. >> it is pretty exciting. tell us about the mask. >> it's all about -- he's so creative and he wants the painting a certain way, he loves it, he is into it, check it out, he has all types of things on it, gronk, you see gronk, you see patriot players, you see -- i'm trying to look closely at this thing, the kicker, brady is on it as well. i imagine at the end he is going to want to get this mask autographed, it's all about pro hockey players getting with the pro football players and sharing their treasures. he will keep that probably forever. he will probably have two and auction one off, back to you. >> that is a good souvenir. >> thank you very much. preview of the patriots
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check out patriots all access to tomorrow and wbz is your official patriot station, sunday at is 1:30 patriots game day. after the gage you can flip over to my tv 38 for patriots 5th quarter. it's good we don't have to worry about the ice melting at gillette. it is going to be 80 degrees in miami. >> plenty warm down there, incredibly warm enough, for any snow birds who ditched us early on it's hot in south florida. not so hot around here. warm enough to set some records. our warmest december by a really wide margin, and it's kind of tough to describe why that's a big deal, to beat a record warmest by 4 degrees, usually the separation in any month is a 10th, margin of 4 was unprecedented, there was a unique monday, we had most 50-
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of them were about 50, some back in the corner of our minds, we also had by far in worcester and boston the fewest amount of sub freezing night, and things are going to change in january we'll make up for lost time a little bit here over the course of the next few weeks. current weather we have dry conditions moving in. going to calm down the country for a few days as we kickoff a new year, preponderance in worcester, 40 in portsmouth, lawrence, chattam at 49 degrees, all across the region, a nice new year's eve, taking a look at partly cloudy skies, temperatures falling back by midnight, ranging from 30-37 degrees across the area. and then by tomorrow morning settling back into 20s for most of the towns, nothing unusual and a great way to ring in the new year. tomorrow morning bright and chilly, winds starts to gust west, shout west, mix of sun and clouds and not quite as
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average, temps in the 40s and mainly clear skies in the evening. no weather issues for friday night. a high of had 41, a west, southwesterly breeze, comfortable for all the fans, a little bit of melting but not so warm that i think it is going to an big issue, high of had 92 in boston, new bedford up to 94, some 30s across worcester county and southwestern new hampshire, quiet stuff here, if you have any plans we'll see snow showers moving through, but we are tracking an arctic front, this is going to be our next weather maker sunday night and monday, it's seasonal, bright skies, maybe a few late flurries on sunday. you will start to not some of the pond ice beginning to form. if you are going skiing or snowboarding, fresh snow coming
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england, best ski and snow board in the season. below freezing the entire next few days, snow guns will enhance some of the snow on the trails. sunday night into monday, this brings in our coldest air of the season, we are talking a pair of days in the to -- 20s. keeping an eye on this, keep tabs on this weekend, most likely in him out county, the cape and islands, we'll have to see how the wind trajectory set up, it looks like a snowy monday, cold air to start next week for monday and tuesday, won't stick around for too long, it looks like by wednesday and thursday we are back to florallal levels. >> sound good eric. record flooding is making for treacherous conditions and the water is still rising, historic flooding has killed at least 20 people, rivers cresting at historic levels at
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record by nearly 2 feet, one man celebrated his new year's trying to save his home. >> we are just fighting the water and it's up to the redline right there. >> major highways have been shut down, many towns urging people to stay indoors until the flood waters subside. still ahead, it's the end of an era. celebrating the retirement of the longest serving mayor. something hold is new again, why you might want to
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breaking news right now police are causing it an eminent threat in germany. >> hi, at this point we know trains are being evacuated after the munich police tweeted there was an eminent threat that could have possibly occur in munich, we only know trains, we don't know a number of trains, munich police also saying for people not to gather in groups in the area. this also coming, of course, after brussels canceled its plans for a new year as celebration, prosecutors questioned six people in the city of brussels, as of now we know munich police warning of a possible eminent terror attack, asking people evacuating train stations in the city and telling people not to gather in groups, as we have more information we will certainly bring it to you. i am going to send it back to
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well at the stroke of midnight millions will be raising a glass to ring in the new year, while many will toast with champagne, it is called orange wine, the new drink is actually a very old one. >> at this new york city wine bar, customers reason just ordering red or white but orange. >> different. >> orange wine which looks almost amber gets its color by leaving crushed white grapes in contact with their skin for an extended period. >> it's woodsy, it's like a complex white wine. >> first produced thousands of years ago, orange wine -- but now restaurants nationwide are adding it to their menus. >> i think will a lot of people are curious about it. >> joe co-owner says it's a
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displaced by dry white wines in the 19960s and it's creating a buzz. >> i think a lot of people like the sense of discovery, for me these wines represent so much discovery about what is old and what's new. i find that with these wines you either love them or hate them, there is very little middle ground. >> i like it. >> it didn't have that orange flavor i was expected. >> although it is enjoying a resurgence, orange wine is unlikely to go main stream. but that won't stop some enthusiasts wanting more. >> would you order it again? >> definitely, with a big bowl of meaty pasta. >> we are told if you like sherry you will probably enjoy orange wine, pairs well with meat and fish we are told. it is best served at cellar temperature. in you canning in too much wine, you want to celebrated but not start 2016 with a hangover, dr. mallika marshall
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advice on how to avoid that headache. i'm not encouraging people to go out there. >> we need to say that first. >> if you are going to drink dark liquors contain more chemicals which can make your hangover worse. and dehydration is your biggest enemy, so for every drink you consume drink a glass of water and plenty of it before you go to bed. there are three things that can lead a rapid absorption, first empty stomach so eat before you drink and then continue smacking along the way. bubblely beverages like champagne or boar or mixing alcohol with carbonated water can also enhance the effects of alcohol and you may want to avoid using diet soda as a mixer because of the artificial sweeteners. information particularly the bubblely part. what should you do if you wake up feeling miserable in the morning, people talk about the hair of the dog, have another drink?
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but that could be a sign that you actually have a drinking problem. that is one of the warning signs much so instead of. >> not encouraging that. >> best thing to do is rehide rate, so lots of water, go for the sports drink, take ibuprofen or aspirin for a headache. and in the end the only real cure for a hangover is time. >> or not to drink at all but i know a lot of you. >> now. >> limit the champagne, but not four. >> excellent advice. thank you, dr. the man charged with snow rage, the only ones in the courtroom as he came face to face with his accusers. investigators say she helped her son flee to mexico, the "affluenza" teen's mom is back in the u.s.
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you think are just completely out of their mind? >> pretty sizeable percent. >> president obama's show about nothing, the commander in chief's turned comedian take as spin with jerry sign field. new year's eve festivities in red square moscow welcoming in 2016. find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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