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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  January 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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developing right now three people including a young child rushed to the hospital after an atv crash in fittsburgh. >> crews called in to -- fiches fitchburg. >> thousands hit the streets of munich to celebrate new year heave. >> in case you didn't make it to midnight we will show outfireworks show here in boston. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning it's 4:30 right now i am catherine hauser. >> happy new year.
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thanks for being here with us for the start of 2016. >> whether you are waking up or just going to bed. >> this is like coming into work this morning more cars were out than i had ever seen. >> i was going to say that it felt like the middle of the day. all right okay of course people are out. maybe people are up that's absolute thely happy new year. current conditions in boston right now the temperature is 37 degrees. the wind is light from the southwest at 9-mile-per-hour and humidity is about 67%. our temperatures didn't get as cold because we had clouds that moved in. so most of us in fact are running in the 30s. out the door right now 32 in the city of worcester but most of us are above freezing we are in the mid-30s with scattered clouds overhead and it is thicker to the west. flurries and lake-effect snow bands back across western new york. for us, though, it's quiet start to the new year. temperatures will come out of the 30s this morning. up to about 40 degrees this afternoon. and the wind is going to be a little gusty today.
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real feel is going to be in the 30s at the warmest time of the day today and this may be a couple flurries as we head towards the evening hours. no accumulation expected. but temperatures dropping back into the mid-30s through the evening. we have a weekend to talk about. and it's looking pretty good. more details in a few kathryn. >> police investigating a serious atv crash in fitchburg around 10 last night on ashburnham hill road and three people were seriously hurt one victim a young child. all three were taken to the hospital. conditions. accident reconstruction teams are working through the night to try to figure out what caused this crash. water pressure issues made it difficult for fire fighters in spencer. crews from several towns were called to battle this fire on main street. video shows how intense the flames were. the homeowner tells the worcester telegram no one was
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and there were no family pets inside either. no word on what caused the fire. terror threats didn't stop europeans from ringing in the new year. security was tight in every capital city. this is what it looked like in berlin as fireworks lit up thesky. despite warnings of a imminent threat thousands hit the street of munich to celebrate. hours earlier police were tipped off isis was planning attacks with 5 to 7 suicide bombers. two train stations were evacuate and people were told to stay away from certain areas. thousands of residents and visitors celebrated the start of the new year in paris overnight. unusual fireworks display was canceled and instead, a 5 minute video was played just before midnight. 60,000 police and troops including 11,000 in paris were deployed. security and id checks why done near the main festivities. and in brussels the official party was canceled as soldiers fanned out across the city. workers dismantled the stage where the new years show would
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it kale after two men were arrested suspected of plotting an attack on festivities. turk, i authorities say they foiled another new year's eve plot and arrested two men they say planned to bomb a shopping mall in a be -- and a crowded bar. it was big celebration in boston. thousands of people hit the city to celebrate. and if you didn't make it to midnight here's a look at the spectacular fireworks. that rang in 2016. an earlier show lit up the sky over the common for anyone who wanted to leave a little early. we have a closer look at the first night celebrations. >> reporter: it may have been small than in years past but judging by the enthusiastic crowds. >> happy new year. >> reporter: boston still knows how to put on a she. >> seems to be a bigger buzz. more of a buzz out in the streets which is great. >> i think it's nice. a little more contained so you
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much to see everything. >> very nice. everyone is having a good tile and the weather is not too bad. >> reporter: from the library light display, to the procession to fireworks on the common the new year's eve celebration was crowd pleaser and for the very first time was free. >> i wanted them to experience all that boston has to offer. ice sculptures are beautiful. >> reporter: security was tight. >> it's a delicate balance i don't want people to be intimidated we have plenty of resources and undercover working the crowd. >> reporter: a crowd that was just happy to be here even without a button. >> we love washington and new years and it's been a great year for us looking forward to next year. >> that was julie long check report.
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stay away from this hotel. the fireworks show was going off nearby. 16 people were hurt. katie brace has more. >> reporter: flames lit the outside of the address hotel in dubai. the united arab emirates didn't let the fire stop the new years eve fireworks a few hundred yards away at the tallest building. >> we were cordoned off and we saw the flames that were on the other side of the building but i was coming around this side. >> reporter: it's 6 # story hotel and condominium. the fire started a couple hours before the new year. some of those inside say fire alarms did not go off immediately. >> i was -- it was nerve- racking because i didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: the fire consumed 20 floors in minutes. official evacuated everyone from the building. firefighters raced to contain the fire and sprinklers and
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helped prevent the flames from spreading. witnesses heard several explosions. >> i heard a big bang and it was the fire. >> reporter: and the high rise burned tens of thousands turned their attention to the 1 million people were expected year's eve show. one of the prime viewing spots was the address hotel. >> official believe it began on the 20th floor. no word on what sparked it. u.s. amhurst is offering condolences to the family of a student who fell to his death from building in new york city. connor cummings was climbing scaffolding outside the four seasons when he fell 9 stories. police believe he and a friend may have been scaling the building to take pictures. connor was a sophomore psychology major and member of the alpha sigma fi fraternity. police are working to identified the body of a man pulled from the charles river.
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a student from northeastern has been missing for more than a month. so far police have not confirmed a connection in these cases. police releasing new images of two bank robers who terrorized customers in franklin. police tell us they ordered everyone even children inside the bank to hit the floor at the middlesex savings bank on wednesday morning. they took off with cash and investigators believe they got away in a dark colored bmw3 series. an andover man is free on bail accused of pointing a gun at a plow driver in what police are calling snow rage. michael mccullom was in court. police say he pointed a unloaded gun at the plow driver's head during tuesday's storm. prosecutor didn't want the judge to let him go free but his lawyer insist it was in self-defense. >> the intent was to protect himself. he put it in his pocket. it's not like he got out of the car brandishing the weapon. >> he was released on 2,000
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away from the plow driver and guns. cleanup is underway after the roof collapse in somerville. see the the ceiling fell into the carriage home. the building on the historic registry was being renovated. three workers were inside when the roof started to come down yesterday. luckily they were able to get out without any injuries. we appreciate you being here nice and early on this new year's day. coming up a. data brooch affecting u.s. voters. how many people are at risk. >> plus, bill cosby's wife in the hot seat and message from the comedian this morning. >> first a very scary scene on a massachusetts road. look at that. proving once again that why you have to clear the snow and ice off the the roof of your car.
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it's 4:42 on your new year's day. personal information of more than 191 million americans a the did -- is at risk after a massive data breach including names date of birth, addresss and home phone numbers of voters in all 50 states. it was left in a public area of the internet for 8 days. although voter data is generally public states restrict how the information can be used and by whom. investigators say right now,
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data base. plenty of people who partied too hard had someone sober drive them home. but if that ride comes from uber it is a costly one. uber surge pricing was in effect meaning rides between midnight and 2 a.m. cost double or even triple the usual amount. >> hey, still safer. >> exactly. >> right? if last year's resolution was too win a massive lottery jackpot and it didn't work out you have another chance. tomorrow's power ball jackpot is worth $334 million dollars. >> it's only going to go up too. people will buying tickets including myself. that's the 12th largest power ball prize in power ball history. the drawing tomorrow night and, of course, we will show outwinning numbers here on wbz. let's get a live look outside. this is one of my favorite shots. you notice the 16. >> i see it. >> happy 2016. >> can can you believe it. >> we made it. day one. starting fresh. >> the sit they looks a little
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shots out there. night. >> wow i was paying attention this morning. i mean there were a lot of cars so enjoying the festivities maybe you are up or getting up early this morning. the weather is quiet here as we kick off the first day of 2016. temperatures are running in the 30s and it could be colder this time of the year. it's 37 in boston same in taunton and we are uniformed because clouds have moved in. scattered in nature. we will get some sunshine out today as the clouds part for breaks as we head throughout mid to late morning. there's snow showers lake- effect back to the west. there's little disturbance in the upper levels of the atmosphere coming by later on today. what that means for us, maybe a stray flurry as we head into the evening hours. won't amount to a whole lot. that pushes off the coastline. and our weekend is shaping up to be pretty nice. tomorrow, we will feature mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies and the one thing about
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so, it's kind of going to be a blustery feel with temperatures up around 40 and it's going to feel like it's around 30 at the warmest time of the day tomorrow. now saturday night into sunday here comes the cold front. it's going -- it's good a energy that will spark scattered snow showers and squaws in the mountains of northern new england saturday night and into the first part of sunday. kind of loses steam as it comes over us in southern new england but brings a real cold shot of air as we head into the start of next week. with the potential at least for ocean effect snow showers heading into monday. so until then pretty quiet. notice how the skies clear out. later on today by 6 p.m. a couple of flurries possible coming off lake-effect bands. a few snow flors in the berkshires either side of the mass pike and snow showers possible through evening hours along the cape and islands. again later this evening. high temperatures today, manage to com around 40. we should be in the the -- come around 40. we should be around the 30s so
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start for january. 30th well north and west of boston. some melting a overnight tonight in the 20s. watch out for a few black icy patches early tomorrow morning and then by the time we get to the afternoon, we only come into the upper 30s. that is normal day. we have to factor in the wind tomorrow and it's going to be pretty gusty out of the west. at times to 20, 25 miles per hour. sunday will be up around 39 degrees. and starting next week, much colder. ocean effect snow possible on a monday. cape ann back to cape cod still in the 20s on tuesday and we rebound with plenty of sunshine and big area of high pressure through the middle part of the week. see you again at 5. did you see that a dangerous drive caught on camera. a massachusetts man captured the moment when a sheet of ice flew off another car. and smashed into his windshield. >> that driver spoke with about
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>> my thought was it's going hit the road in front of me and i will drive over ice and go on with my day. >> reporter: even as the rock hard sheet catapulted through the air towards jeff cody's he couldn't imagine this. look again. it felt like slow-motion but took just seconds for the block of ice and snow to slip off the top of the black suv in front of him and torpedo into his windshield. >> kind of a flash and i remember looking up from the windshield and watching it come straight at me. >> reporter: thankfully cody was unharmed as he drove to the side of the road. but it's not what the new hampshire man expected as he made the routine drive to work on 495 wednesday. the whole ordeal captured on a dash camera cody says he got for scenarios just like this. unfortunately, not clearly enough to record the license plate number of the black car that just drove away. >> wish they would clean off
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>>reporter: he says it was a terrifying experience that could have been much worse and so easily avoided. >> a few seconds and try to take as much off the roof as possible. because it could have gone worse and could save someone's life if you do a better job cleaning it. >> reporter: wbz news. >> so glad he is okay but how scary is that. >> that's a reminder to clear off the carp we do the windshield and the windows but sometimes you forget the roof. >> and it was just a little bit but you have to do it. >> scarry. coming up, coach bill belichick like you've never seen him before. >> hitting the ice. what bruins coach is saying about his skating skills. >> and bruins goalie paying tribute to the patriots at
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. it's 4:51. checking top stories this morning three people including a child were hurt in a late accident reconstruction teams worked through the night at the scene on ashburnham hill road in fitchburg trying to figure out what caused the crash. we will have a live report with the latest on the investigation coming up at 5. in spencer no one was hurt in the house fire on main street but firefighters had an especially tough time getting it under control because of water pressure issues. the worcester telegram reports the back of the home suffered
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route 9 was diverted for two hours. bill cosby's wife will have to testify in a deposition related to claims of sexual assault. yesterday, a massachusetts judge refused to throw out a subpoena against mr. cosby brought in in connection to a defamation of character lawsuit. camille worked as bill cosby's business manager but her attorneys claim she has no direct information about the case and bill cosby is sending a message to fans tweeting this yesterday friends and fans, thank you. this morning the mother of the so-called affluenza teen is behind bars in los angeles after being deported from mexico. she will remain jailed until officers can take her back to texas which likely won't happen until next week. texas prosecutors charged tonya couch with hindering apprehension of a felon. her bond was set at a million dollars. couch's attorney says she done nothing illegal and wants to get back to texas as soon as possible.
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-year-old ethan couch is fighting deportation. he remains locked up in mexico. earlier this week he was granted a temporary stay. new this morning if you missed the end of the cotton bowl we have it. alabama and michigan state and this was all crimson tide. look at this 50 yard pass. bama routes spartans 38-0. clemson take on oklahoma in the orange bowl. watson ran for a touchdown and threw for another. as the number one tigers win 37- 17 chemson and alabama will play for the national title -- clemson and alabama play for the national title. bruins were not the only ones testing out the rink. the pats and bruins coachs had their own skate. he gave belichick props for skills on the ice. >> what i saw from him to be honest is from the second he puts his skates onto how he
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bit i wish my players could improve that quickly. >> i love him and he is a great guy and you know i think we probably have a lot in common just in the way we coach and look at the game and look at you know the team and things like that. >> he is so serious. >> he is. look at the bruins goalie check out the mask for today's winter classic. it's a full patriots theme in the black and gold colors though. images of tom preyedy and rob gronkowski and hopefully the bees will be as tough to beat in foxboro -- foxborough as the pats are. >> he woo wanted to pay -- we wanted to pay tribute to their success and their players and make them the biggest part of the mask about the pats i guess with bruins colors so pretty happy with the result. >> i like the gold in the front. >> yeah. >> kind of cool. >> cool massk. >> what a beautiful painting
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the brewlins take on canadiens later today. >> yesterday it was all about the alum. >> i am. this year's winter class being alumni game went into a shoot out. ray scored the winner for the bruins legends and took it 5-4. all though the bruins won one player lost something. jay miller explained to dan roach what happened. >> he knows what happened and see a blade turn sideways and i am too slow so i got it in the mouth bleeding everywhere and i could feel the chicklet go flying across the ice but it's it. i will live. player there. >> i love him. he is funny. it's 4:55. still ahead this morning from box office hits to a new addition in late night a closer entertainment. >> first, a sob story with a happy ending how a woman helped
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this morning we have to tell you about a sob story a happy end nothing a good samaritan in michigan gave a woman a happy new year. cynthia plumbing's 2000 saab was not safe to drive but the car to -- price to fix it was too much and another woman in the shop overheard the situation and offered to help out. >> i started praying and said lord i don't have the money for
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>> and i said i don't know her story or what it is but we are all here on this earth and i feel look i need to help her out. >> the dealership cut the bill in half and amy took care of the rest which was 430 dollars. what a nice thing to do seeing swob in a tough situation. -- someone in a tough situation. >> your top stories and weather and traffic all ahead. >> the news at 5 starts now. developing right now an atv crash in fitchburg sends three people to the hospital including a young child. latest on the investigation underway this morning. >> crews from several towns called in to help battle fierce flames in spencer. why it was so difficult for fire fighters to put it out. >> the despite warnings of a imminent threat thousands hit the streets of munich. the security in place at celebration around the world. >> and plenty celebrating in boston. a look at the fireworks show in
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