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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  January 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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. from the channel 4 studios in boston. this is wbz this morning. good morning everybody. 5:00 on this saturday, happy new year to you, hopefully you had a wonderful holiday season. good morning! 2016 is here. new year, new you. >> first weekend, all of a sudden winter is here. >> reality set in. temperatures are quite chilly, right around the freezing mark frosty spots and icy locations out there too. because we did have a few snow flurries that put down a
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county, nothing falling from the sky, boston, norwood, the satellite and radar shows a few clouds and a couple flurries and lake effect snow in up state new york as the showers continue to hold together they may continue into the brookshires today. forecast model not picking up on anything heavy. most of us will be mainly sunny by 5:00 temperatures will be in the mid-30s after reaching temperatures in the upper 30s for those ultimate highs. in just a bit. blustery conditions all weekend that winter will be a factor we have a big arctic blast from monday into tuesday with ocean affect snow showers and flurries i'll have the hour by hour timing in just a few minutes. all right pamela thank you. a scare in the sky over logan airport. >> fwi, looks like we have a
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700 feet just saw it a few seconds ago. >> a pilot says a drone flew into the path of him, and this is the second drone reported near logan within a week as katie brace reports federal officials fear the problem is only going to get worse. >> a jetblue crew landing at local had a distraction, a drone. >> tower looks like we have a drone off to our right about 700 feet just spotted a few seconds ago. >> it landed safely the crew reported the drone was 1 mile northeast of the airport. they must stay five miles away from airports and up to 400 feet. an air canada said there was a drone, and that flight too
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>> i've heard bad stuff about that because of like interference. >> the faa requires owners register their drones. >> accidents, mishaps, controlling air spaces is going to become a bigger issues. many passengers are wrapping their heads around the technology. >> i think it is a cool advancement in technology. >> locally i'm not really concerned. i've seen a few things on the news. the faa sees reports around the country about drones flying on planes. on the first of the year the numbers are already adding up. the faa was notified and state police are now investigating. at local airport, wbz this morning. a developing story, were two men were hit by a car in front of the restaurant and being treated at beverly hospital.
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a man walked into a convenient store and pulled an unconventional weapon. the robbery caught on camera helped break open several cases, leah martin has more. >> reporter: on christmas eve, the suspect walks in the door right up to the clerk that item he is pulling out a hypodermic needle, he jabs its at the clerk and opens the register. >> he completely scared of working here. this man didn't want his face shown, he says this clerk has quit, he has been robbed four times now on the job. >> first three times with knife, then he came with a needle. >> this led to a break the surveillance video of this man and this woman who was with him led boston police to four suspects, they arrested angel lebron and bridget on drug dealing as well as two of their
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as for the store itself the owner has decided to close all together at the end of january, they've lost $2,000 in the four rob ribs and say the area is simply too dangerous. >> that was leah martin reporting the clerk was not injured in the attack and get this boston police say when they caught those suspects, they were carrying crowbars and hypodermic needle and may have been preparing to strike again. this morning four people including two young children are still being treated for serious injuries from an atv collision, one of the people lost his leg in the accident on thursday night. investigators cannot release the names of anyone involved. a house fire in spencer, fire crews had a difficult time getting it under control because of low water pressure on scene. no one was home when the fire started. right now a massive man hunt is underway for the person
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you can see customers at the tel aviv location, diving for cover. two people were killed, at least three others hurt, the shooter was an arab and the father recognized him. but not confirmed nor denied those details. the worst of the dangerous winter floodingis over for now. people who live there are faced with a massive clean up on friday two more levies gave way making at least 11 that have failed in all the flooding was caused by 10 inches of rain over the three days last week and it is blamed for 22 deaths. from water to ice in a daring rescue in action three good se samaritans spotted a
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freezing making every second count. >> i decided to just break the ice as i walked tall way out there and i grabbed him. >> thanks to their quick action that 9-year-old boy is doing fine now. well if you didn't get what you wanted from santa you could get it from the lottery tonight's power ball jackpot is estimated at $334 million, the 12th largest of all time power ball prizes your odds aren't greet at 1 and 292 million, owners are the ones hitting the jackpot right now. >> usually when it is lower or 100 or less millions, sales have been down because of that, they like to play when the jackpot is high. >> yeah, baby. the big draws tonight will have the winning numbers on wbz news at 11 and for you right here tomorrow morning. the morning paper describe it best a winter classic great
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the atmosphere and energy gilette stadium, the rivalry fierce between the bruins and canadians, hoping to give the home team a lift, this was montreal already up 2-0. brenden gallager, and the canadians did that on three separate occasions as boston loses 5-1. >> while the bruins are gilette, they'll play without some of the key players, julian didn't travel with the team and not play tomorrow. the initial thought was he'd be back in time for the play offs and that's still the hope. chandler jones and dante also have been ruled out. >> remember wbz your official patriot station join us sunday for kickoff at 1 and then after
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running for a reason, how a nurse is turning tragedy into an amazing accomplishment in the name of a friend. >> why al-qaeda is looking to donald trump to recruit more people for the cause. and temperatures are running on the chilly side, 20s and 30s, and eric has 28 degrees, and in maine, 30 degrees. chilly temperatures, blustery winds at least we stay mainly dry, when we'll see ocean
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. a woman in maine will run this year's boston marathon with a powerful inspiration to honor a friend gone too soon,
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is fueling her drive to keep her legacy alive. >> amanda will be running every step with me. i know that. >> nancy eden is a mare marathon runner, she'll run for her friend, amanda turner russell, a fellow nurse in israel. >> running for boston was one of her dreams and on her bucket list something she always wanted to do. >> now you're going to do it for her. >> amanda was training just before christmas on this road in hanson. a car swerved over the median hitting amanda and plowing into a utility pole. amanda passed away this week. >> it was actually at her bedside in the hospital and her mom asked if i would take her bib for her and run for her. >> amanda and nancy ran for her before. >> she looked at amanda's fund raising.
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>> in the matter of days the number swelled to more than $16,000, much from people whose lives amanda touched. >> amanda just has a zest for life that was unmatchable. >> in labor and delivery she had a special touch, especially with difficult deliveries she loved her son, loved running, she loved sun rises and snuck up to the hospital roof every morning to take pictures. >> it is just hard to believe she's gone. >> a legacy of light nancy will channel in every stride. >> to be able to run in her memory is probably the biggest honor, i think in my life and other than being a mom myself and i hope that i can do her proud. wbz news. that is so sweet. something tells me she is going to run that thing pretty darn well. going to have her pal right
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what's going on pamela in the weather world? >> it is wintertime and you know. >> feels it. 2016, we keep the winter weather around we have a chance for a couple of flurries today, for the next several days just ocean affect snow showers by monday, i'll go through those details in a second here is your live look, here is a look right now at december temperatures, yes we're live here this morning. so far, well, this month this entire month of december, we're passed that now but we've been extremely warm. 10.6 degrees above normal for the entire month and for precipitation, we were actually right around normal. but taking a look ahead for january, average high temperatures will be between 37 and 36 degrees. longer days, that's some promising news we gain 50 minutes of daylight. the s-word snow on average we should have 13.3 inches of snowfall the average for december, we ran extremely
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up a little bit of snow if you remember on tuesday, and we don't have a big snowstorm on the way that's good news here at least some easy travel weather for this next week boston, 31 degrees a cold start to the day real feel temperatures, 21 degrees because of that breeze mixed in here. 26 in worcester. 29 degrees, and temperatures will remain in the thursday all day long reaching 32 degrees by 9 a.m., frosty start here, we keep chilly temperatures around through noon through 1 p.m. 37 degrees by that time. highs today top off in the upper 30s or lower 30s. 37 boston, 39 degrees plymouth. it will be a blustery day because the wind will be strong coming from the west. 20s and lower 30s around the freezing mark for boston. many locations in the mid-20s further inland. tomorrow, slightly milder, upper 30s still more lower 40s expected in the forecast and here is the deal we have a
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snow showers in up state new york here, some of those snow showers make their way into the brookshire, not expecting any hefty snow accumulation from snow showers that may make their way to the higher elevations, mostly clear, this area of low pressure and arctic front pushes through once we get into late sunday, still no snow for us. wind direction changes just a bit november so that we could see ocean affect snow showers monday afternoon right along the cape and islands and south shore a lot of this will be hit or miss and it is really going to be tricky to see how much snow we get into pinpoint exactly who will get the snow, if you live along the coast be on monday. cold weather really takes over after that high temperatures only be in the 20s monday and
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temperatures for the end of the week. today, 38 degrees, blustery, a brisk breeze, 40. monday, 27 goes with ocean affect snow showers, 27 tuesday, tuesday 23 a couple flurries still around, wednesday 39 and dry, thursday 41 still looking dry for friday, high 42. thank you, pamela. this year started off with a harsh message for donald trump written in the sky. 6 planes wrote the message over the rose parade in california it reads america is great trump is disgusting at this point there is a lot of speculation but the person who sponsored the message remains a mystery. that's not even the worst thing linked to trump's name on friday a branch of al-qaeda in,
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authenticated by an outside group. democrat candidate bernie sanders will bring his campaign to massachusetts today, he'll host rallies at north high school in worcester. the theme of the events a future to believe in. her voice was unforgettable coming up a look back on the life of singer natalie cole.
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you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sanders,
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. this morning harlem's famous theater is just one of the locations paying tribute to natalie cole was a graduate with a big name to live up to. she started as a soul singer in the 70s and recordedded hits in r and b, known using old recordings which won her a grammy for record of the year. investigators are trying to figure out what caused that massive fire at a luxury hotel that started on new year's eve and smoldered well into the next day. we're looking into the aftermath the blaze started on the 20th floor and spread up the side of the building.
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and great britain say flammable building materials are often used in the construction of sky scapers. the waiting may be the hardest part this morning dozens of families reunite with loves ones who spent most of 2015 serving over seas, love that. today is the second day of january the beginning of the new year and the new you is it your birthday? windy phillips is 64, david, 62 and 46. if it is your birthday happy
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. 2016 is extra sweet for dozens of local families they waited months to see loved ones who had been serving over seas, yesterday they got their wish. 100 soldiers from the national guard returned to a heroes yesterday. they had spent the past 9 months in the middle east it it? most of us will never truly know what soldiers go through on a daily basis, now you can get a taste of that experience coming up at 5:30 why the army needs you for a very important test. heartless vandels picked a local cemetery, not the first
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. from the channel 4 studios in boston. this is wbz this morning. good morning, 5:30 on this january second, happy new year to you. bringing us the winter weather, it is finally here. i know the skiers are excited. >> i was at the mountain on
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it looks like we had a jump start to the season. kid's break. >> thankfully. it was looking up there for the ski resorts we'll have your ski forecast coming up in just a fewminutes. i want to get you started on your morning, 31 degrees in boston, not as cold as it could be, temperatures are below freezing, 31 degrees in lawrence, feels much colder the wind chill temperature, 29 degrees, and want to have an extra layer if you're out for a run, temperatures will be in the 30s with sunshine, chance for a flurry or two and the wind will be fairly strong making it feel like the lower 30s. satellite and radar shows lake effect snow showers up there in up state new york, they could reach the brookshires, other than a couple flurries making their way in the area to keep the forecast dry. no big storms on the way we
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next part of next week, we'll go through those temperatures in just a few minutes. pilots reporting a close airport. this time it was a jetblue flight crew that noticed it and called it into the air traffic control tower. the faa says drones are becoming incredibly popular register. drones are not allowed within 5- miles of airports and must stay below 400 feet in altitude. police have made four arrests the weapon of choice a hypodermic needle. investigators say the suspects jabbed the needle at the clerk at the convenience store and made off with the cash. the clerk wasn't hurt, they were carrying crowbars and another needle. again. >> do you want to start the new
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do i need to ask you that question? probably won't happen but aren't deterring people all over new england, and the rest of the country from buying those power ball tickets tonight's jackpot is estimated at $334 million that's the 12th largest in power ball history. i might have to play it. it's becoming an unwelcome tradition. vandels striking a cemetery around the holidays as wbz julie reports these crimes are taking a tole on families. this is now the fifth time this cemetery has been hit in five years but this by far is the worst damage. most of it can't be repaired. >> it is heartbreaking i pulled in here expected to see a couple stones over, seeing the carnage everywhere, i wanted to bursinto tiers.
5:28 am
stone was one of them. >> she simply had enough. >> unfortunately one step forward, two steps back like we just start to get going and more damage and more damage. >> the pleasant hill cemetery has been targeted time and time after time. >> memorial day veteran's day, fourth of july, labor day. always on a holiday. >> we are still trying to deal with old spray painted stones. they targeted the cemetery three times in 2015, in fact we were just here this past november. these aren't just stones, they belong to veterans, to parents most. i don't know what makes people don't. >> police have been patrolling the cemetery on a regular basis, in fact they were just here on thursday. boston police are looking for a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman in
5:29 am
happened 7:00 friday morning on annabell street. the man grabbed her from behind and said he had a weapon before assaulting her. if you have any information call the boston police department. medford police are searching for a robber, the man gave the teller a note demanding crash and took off out the back door. investigators say he never showed or mentioned a weapon. we are learning disturbing new details about a foil terror plot in up state new york federal investigators say emmanuel planned to bomb and kidnap party goers in rochester to prove himself to isis. he was arrested after he met with a confidential source for the justice department. he's been charged with trying to provide material support to terrorists. after deadly attacks like the one in san bernardino, president obama is taking matters into his own hands. if the congress won't act on gun control, he will.
5:30 am
>> it was just after the mass shooting at an oregon community college that the president decided to take executive action on guns. he made the announcement today in his weekly address posted on the white house website. >> i directed my team at the white house to look into any new actions i could take to help reduce gun violence. on monday, i'll meet with our attorney general loretta lynch to discuss our options. sources tell cbs news they include expanding the definition of who is in the business of selling drugs so they trigger background checks and requiring enhanced reporting and tracking of lost and stolen guns. today the president blames the republican congress for giving him no choice but to take unilateral action. >> we know we can't stop every act of violence, what if we tried to stop one, what if congress did something to protect kids from gun violence.
5:31 am
proposals that would prevent people on the terror watch list and require background checks for onlinepurchases meanwhile some states are taking actions on their own in california allowing judges if order the seizure of guns from people deemed dangerous by their own family or law enforcement. texas is going in the other direction on gun control with a new law allowing guns to be carried openly in public places. >> the nra did not respond to our request for a comment. when the details of the president's plan are announced which could be as early as next week, the response is expected to be. the lowest paid workers in massachusetts are getting a break the minimum wage is $10 an hour, it will lock in at $11 an hour. new york state's attorney
5:32 am
fandual to give back all of the money the sites won in the state. he wants the sites to return the money to users who lost it and pay a fine of up to $5,000 per case. new york is trying to keep the sites from operating claiming illegal gambling operations. ever wonder who it is like to be like the military? they are looking for volunteers for taste. you have to eat the food for 21 days and researchers will test the affect they have on your digestive health, by the way those mre's have the withstand parachute drops and last three and a half years on the shelf. still interested? we know julian is out coming up we'll rundown the growing list of other patriot who is will not be taking the field tomorrow against the dolphins. pamela?
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store with a chance of a few flurries, mostly sunny and high temperature of 38 degrees all though feeling more like 30 when you factor in the real feel temperature. we'll have colder air on the way when we'll have highs in the 20s coming up in your forecast first weather trivia time, a first question of the morning the diameter is 12,151- miles less than what two u.s. cities? d.c. to las vegas, chicago to new york city, boston to l.a., or seattle to miami?
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. good morning everyone, a top winter classic day for the boston bruins and their fans, got smokes by the canadians, said it was probably the bruins playing their worst game at the worst time. sometimes just not meant to be, yesterday one of those days. the winter classic banner up with the past banners hoping to give the home team a lift. this one was montreal right from the get-go. up 2-0. into the net, the canadians did that on three
5:35 am
after the bruins pulled within 3-1 early in the third, making it 4-1 on this breakaway all montreal yesterday as they win it 5-1 over the bruins after the game, having this to say. >> they came out hard, and you know we weren't making any plays we had surprises all over the ice, they got the first goal and think that might have did it even more. first two periods, i haven't seen this, it was bad. >> you seemed stunned. >> well, yeah. you would think that, especially when we're missing guys like we are, you have to play hard and stick with a system and definitely didn't look like that today. after the patriots, they have certainly regulars tom brady and company getting set for regular season finale tomorrow against the dolphins,
5:36 am
will not play in the game tomorrow. the team did practice yesterday in south florida without the following players all out for sunday's game. sebastien, justin coleman, dante, and patrick says getting home field advantage is important but winning tomorrow is just as big of deal. >> i mean, it is just important just to win a game. it is going to help us to get home field advantage even if we lose we are still going to keep winning. we have to get there first and see how it goes from there, and get that week off to get our bodies back. >> don't forget we have the regular season finale coming up tomorrow. patriots game at 11:30, patriots and dolphins at 1:00, followed by our post game show over on mytv38. if you'd like to see the play off game in person a limited number of tickets will
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only through ticket master, though, not at gilette stadium. wbz sports. much. a little chilly out there starting to feel like winter. it is. >> we have a wind chill to factor into that to add to that you want to have an extra layer for our morning run and a walk temperatures are downright chilly we have 30s but it feels like 21 degrees in boston with december precipitation, we want to show you the end result for the month we were just a tad below average for the entire month green indicates the rain that we had, one day with measurable snow picked up .9 inches of snow accumulation helping kickoff the winter season finally december temperatures ran extremely warm all month and over all we ended above normal. and it looks like january is
5:38 am
above average with the recent trends, but average highs should be 36 degrees by the end of the month longer days we're gaining daylight, yay! and the s-word, the snow average for the month, 13.3 inches of snow, so far again we're expecting this month to be slightly below normal. boston right now, running 31 degrees, real feel temps, west at 13 miles per hour making it feel just ever so blustery out there 31, and icy patches out there because we did see some light snowfall, had to report a light dusting from the few snow showers late yesterday evening. hour by hour forecast, temperatures will remain in the 30s, 37 degrees by 2:00, and all though we can't rule out the possibility of an isolated flurry.
5:39 am
40s, 42 degrees nantucket, and over night mostly clear, 28 degrees for the low, with tomorrow's highs gaining a degree or two still milder than average 42 degrees for boston, lower 40s for a lot of spots. if you're heading to the north and going skiing, great conditions saturday and sunday temperatures in the upper 20s for highs snow showers in both days and even a chance for some snow squalls heavier downpours of those snow showers basically on sunday. hour by hour forecast. want to show you the next several days here, as we continue tonight we have the chance for those flurries still in the mountains low pressure system and a cold front will move in from canada once we get into the later part of sunday. 7:30 notice we're dry here in boston. no heavy snow showers expected that cold front pushes through helping to change the wind direction giving us the potential for ocean affect snow showers monday afternoon. cold temperatures takeover that's going to be the main story for monday.
5:40 am
cold temperatures while only a few folks will experience the snow squalls on monday. into tuesday we keep those few snow flurries around. worst case scenario we'll pick up an inch of snow with isolated snow showers, here is the seven day for today, 38 degrees sunday, 40. brisk, chilly monday 27, tuesday's high reading it right, 23 degrees after morning low of 5. wednesday, 39, finally milder for thursday into friday, highs in the low 40s. weather trivia time we have the first question of the morning here the diameter of the moon is 2,151-miles. >> this is a good one. what would it be? c seems kind of far, i'm going to go with a. >> oh, man, love it! process of elimination. d.c. to las vegas and the distance is 2,406-miles between
5:41 am
other cities, chicago to new york city 970-miles. >> boston to l.a. and seattle to miami, a whopping 3,299-miles. that's interesting. >> all right that's good. love that one. >> thank you pamela. >> you're welcome. it is 5:48. >> as if living through last winter, homeowners are still dealing with the after affect why it is costing them big
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. an i-team investigation insurance companies are dropping more and more customers because of damage claims they filed last winter. and as lauren discovered, it is costing homeowners thousands. >> we were soaked for two, three weeks. >> this is awesome. >> kevin and karen's home nearly a year later contractors are still facing the damage. but it wasn't just the snow that dumped on this family, it was their insurance too. >> this was our first claim in 10 years. and. on top of that paper work mix up meant they weren't given proper notification. they had to scramble to find
5:44 am
fighting to get their house fixed. >> because our claim is open and you know they know we're being canceled now we're uninsured. finally after dozens of calls they wound up on massachusetts state plan that will cost hundreds of dollars more. there are no hard numbers how many massachusetts homeowners were dropped this year after filing a claim. several contacted the i-team. the division of insurance had a number of complaints from homeowners insurance agents tell the iteam with more nonrenewals. >> i want more information from more companies on cancellations and on non-renewals. the senator who heads the committee on the insurance says the systems rigged against consumers. after holding statewide hearings on a proposed rate increase he is filing a bill for more transparency.
5:45 am
public and insurance companies, openly competing to convince a neutral of what the proper rate should be, who should be canceled, who should be nonrenewed. >> regulations on when an ensurer, only rules require 45 day notice. >> hopefully we don't have a next time. if we do i'll be thinking of this. the massachusetts insurance federation tells me they aren't aware of the spike in non renewals and doesn't happen on one claim. do you have a story for the iteam? let us know send an e-mail to iteam @cbsbottom or 617-779- tips. if the thought of ice and snow damage sends chills down your spine here is something to
5:46 am
the rescue of an animal in distress, how that deer is now
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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. welcome back, 5:56. a minnesota man stuck in icy
5:49 am
right after that has everyone talking. steven peterson reached the animal just in time you can see how cold it is by the ice and the deer in the cold water for peterson to record a selfie. exclaimed in sign long wind language, she looks shocked. in your accuweather forecast coming up at the top of the hour we are glad you're
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