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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news starts right now. >> now at 5:30, slick streets on the south shore.
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the road in the afternoon's snow squall. >> route 3 is the big problem spot. a lot of backups and we have seen basically standstill as far as the highway goes. >> and cars off the road with the flashers on. for most of us though even those of us not on route 3 right now suffering through this. we are going to notice the cold. eric is back with details. >> let's look at the a wintry outlook here on the monday evening. we are getting back into the swing of things after the holidays and greeted very much so by winter weather. we have had the snow on the south shore and now moving its way down towards the cape this evening few heavier bands mixed in here and since it's cold enough it's stacking up looking at sandwich and plymouth pretty decent rates into born and over the canal snowflakes flying many of the weather watchers on came cod has been reporting the snow in the air and over 3 that's a problem spot. crossing the bridge over on route 6 as well. it's going to be slick without any major total. very icy travel.
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cold wind moving in the milder ocean waters and gusty conditions especially near the shoreline and that's going to continue as we they had through -- head through the overnight bringing in colder and colder air and tomorrow morning pretty breezy and especially for cape cod and islands and at times some subzero wind chills and that diminishes heading no tomorrow afternoon a coating to a couple inches of snow additional is expected through tomorrow morning and 8 a.m. and the flakes will taper off and winter weather advisory continue for cape cod and nantucket. full forecast for the week coming up in a few. >> thank. now at 5:30, police say it's no laughing matter. but this connecticut man facing serious charges and he thinks it's funny accused of bringing a bunch of weapons to gillette stadium. officers found a samurai sword and meat cleaver during the winter classic inside his car. >> the man acted like the whole thing was just a joke. >> i did it because i just like i am just santa claus.
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matthew bro mson seemed to be amused listening to the prosecutor. were anything but funny. on new year's day, police say bromson showed up at the parking lot the reserved for the employees and he then started pointing what appeared to be a shotgun at three shuttle bus drivers. >> the second witness said he believed the man had a gun and stated she experienced fear and show says she never experienced anything like it. >> reporter: police soon discovered and arsenal in the car. a stun gun crossbow and samurai sword and knives and a meat cleaver. then they found out bromson was wanted in can't cut and a year ago he held police at bay -- connecticut and a year ago he held police at bay for 8 hours. >> along with other reports from 2014 where he was alleged to have a stand off with the connecticut police in 2014 and
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>> reporter: there's no rational explanation as to what matt bromson was doing here on new year's day or with he had the weapons he allegedly had but that's why he has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. bill shield wbz now is. >> tonight members of the northeastern university community are mourning loss of one of their own. the school's president says a stewed hospital disappeared has been found dead. police found 21-year-old dennis njoroge on new year eve. the body was found in the charles river last week. he disappeared around thanksgiving and students spent the past the few weeks putting up flyers and holding vigils and praying for his safe return. northeastern will offercounseling to students. developing tonight a closer loo being-- lock at the aftermath of a 6.7 earthquake in india. witnesses say the ground shook for about a minute and
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also developing the white house is urging saudi arabia and iran not to left diplomatic tension derail talks to end the connick in syria. late -- conflict in syria. late yesterday saudi arabia cut ties with iran after protesters set fire to the saudi embassy. they were protesting saudi arabia's execution of a shiite cleric. it may be months before the so-called affluenza teen is back in the u.s. ethan couch's attorney is fighting extradition. that teen is currently in mexico on a temporary stay. mexican police arrested couch and his mother he last month after they disappeared. he is on probation for killing 4 people in a drunk driving accident. his defense was that he was too rich and too spoiled to understand the consequences of his actions. the wreckage of the el faro is holding onto secrets. drivers shot the video seen for the first time on 60 minutes. it went down in october near the bahamas in hurricane joaquin.
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victory but divers didn't find the data recorder or the bodies of the crew. >> reporter: this video was taken nearly three miles under water see reeling -- revealing the twisted crushed and scattered remains. bridge the ship's command center is where they hoped to find the data recorder. but lead ntsb investigator told scott pelley on sunday's 60 minutes they were shocked when it was not there knee got up to the level and to see -- there. >> we got up to that level and to see open just extremely moving and difficult-- it was big surprise to see that. >> moving in what way. >> just to see the violence of the sea and the wind that it would have had to occur to cause that kind of, shock, to
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>> reporter: they found the the wreckage. but with no data recorder to explain exactly what happened. on the morning of unget 1st el faro's captain sent a distress call from neither eye of the hurricane and the ship lot of propulsion and listing at a 15 degree angle facing waves forecasted at 30 feet high. to find missing ship the ntsb used sonar and equipment called the curve but finding the wreck has not and heed the biggest question -- not answered the biggest question werey he ended up on a collision course with a monster storm. >> we are looking at oversight and direction and the advice provided by the operating company tote to see what information was available to him. >> reporter: frank's son richard was the ship's chief engineer. >> i guarantee you they were injured and they were knocked out and that was over.
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that's how i want to believe it. >> reporter: tote maritime the company that operated the ship didn't respond for our request for comment. chris van cleave cbs news washington. >> 28 crew members and a half dozen with ties to new england went down with the ship and there are no further search missions planned. still ahead at 5, checking off the items on your iphone wish lists. >> what we secretary to -- exsphoact see on the. >>est -- expect to see on the newest version. >> australia's watermelon boy. >> and the latest from the consumer electronic show is a high deftv with the convenience of a newspapers. for tough leadership handling nine hurricanes? which governor made his state number one in job creation? which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before
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agents based on your happiness...
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you can forget the curveed television. >> there's a high def television to roll up like a newspaper. check it out.
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electronic show in las vegas. 18 inch display one of the cool concepts visitors will see. it's not for sale and in fact we may never be able to buy it. creators used the show every year to unveil what's possible so it's a giant tease. >> also one of the things you think how would i use that. i can't imagine when do i feel look i need to roll up the television and go for a walk. >> and watch stuff on your phone if you need to bring it. not to shoot it down the watermelon. >> it's summer in australia and a boy has a unique way to eat the fruit. on saturday he was at a cricket match when cameras captured him eating the watermelon skin and all. the video went viral intersanity -- instantly with the internet dubbing him as the watermelon boy. >> strong colon. >> i don't know. only he knows. online. >> this is not about the oneabout the dog in the pants
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somebody posted this picture on redit with someone brought this bear into the doggy day care and the owner said it's a mom rainian mix and some suggest it's a bush dog a rare animal found mostly in south america. sure. others wrote can someone exlane to my wife that's not a bear and that's not a dog it's a baby ewalk. >> whatever it is it is cute and it can have its own calendar. coming up a shoppers's discovery and now the search for the owner of a missing wedding band. the area. weather watchers sending in the snow reports out there. temps back in the teens already. very cold night. some of the snow totals coming in. we have got 2 inches in marshfield and frank sent that in and denise in plymouth at half inch. we will track the end of the snowfall coming up in a few. >> and coming up tonight at 10 on my tv38 donald trump is in lowell jon keller will
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woman desperate after someone stole her dogs from her yard. the surveillance video that could help break that case open.
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. what appears to be a lost symbol of love has been found but not by its owner. plainville police are trying to find the person who lost it a shopper at tj maxx found it and dropped it off the place station. >> reporter: searching for a house warming present came with a unexpected find when she wandered by sweat pants. >> i put my hand in the pocket. i have no idea why and felt a piece of metal. >> reporter: travers was in theplainville tj maxx and
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>> saw it had an engraving on the inside and i knew it was someone's wedding ring. it was a odd feeling. >> reporter: she brought it to the police. >> i knew if it was my wedding ring i would be fant beingly look for it. >> reporter: it's now with plainville police and they posta photo on line and -- onlineand have characteristics and have yet to receive phone call. >> to find someone's wedding ring is unique. >> reporter: it's a small ringinscribed is aj to db with the date november 27th, 1974. plainville police say whoever claims the ring will have to know a few more features. >> so the proper person can identify it. >> reporter: for now it is in lost and found. >> i know how much it means to someone. >> reporter: travers left the store with more than she expected. >> and i had to buy the sweat pants i felt like it was weird fate connection even though they are just sweat pants.
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>> saw her with the scar and people bundled up earlier and for good reason. this was a cold day. >> and yet i think eric you said to us that it was not really that cold today. >> relatively speaking. >> we feel like it's super cold because what have we are used to. >> it's a relative change. as far as winter goes it's winter day. january day and you said you are training for the marathon last year. this would have been a warm day. >> yeah and that was exceptional. >> but coldest air of the season is moving in tonight and area. this is from middleboro this is a travel issue and not a big thing for plows to be heading out or using the snow blower. live doppler radar shows snow moving in shifting down the south shore and moving towards the cape. so earlier on, around marshfield and scituate we had the stet steddiest snowfall. so the radar looking into that particular sight and about two inches onotal snow.
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snow and lower totals outside of it. about an inch on the northern end of plymouth and it's the route 3 corridor that's seen the trickiest travel as long as well route 44 i should say. so as we look at rest of the night and tomorrow morning a coating to as much as 2 inches to additional snowfall the ban moves farther east towards the cape and islands during the overnight. at the other storeity cold and yes it's cold outside. not near record levels typical january stuff. 23 in boston. and burlington at 3 degrees and that's where the air is coming from down from northern new england and the northeast looks more like winter than it has recently. looking at real feel temperatures that combination of the temperature plus the wind that's been blowing outside feeling like the single digits for most towns this evening. and any time late tonight and into tomorrow morning, full winter gear. we have not what lot of nights to use everything the hats and mittens and scarves and subzero wind chills into tomorrow morning's commute. very, very cold start as we head through the day and still wind chill values in the teens
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looking at the overnight lows the actual air temperatures single digits for manyafterry to one below zero. boston down to 11 and rockport a low of 10. here. you have to go back to last that. looking at tomorrow cape flakes for the morning cold start andmoderation by midday. wind start to -- winds start to drop back and that's the change for the afternoon and evening. our sun seat 4:26 and temps in the 20s for tomorrow evening. our high temps mainly in the mid and upper 20s across the area. so a chilly day and again the idea is not too unusual and not stick around either. high pressure is in control and each day looks dry and each day looks warmer. so as we head through wednesday, thursday and friday, we will have hadn'ty of dry conditions here. and -- plenty of dry conditions and the weekend is when we track the next storm system. this is interesting heading into saturday. might have enough cold air for wintry mix especially inland. not a major storm system but could cause icy travel and
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that's on saturday. there's another storm system and into monday. and that one has larger potential but at this point it's too early for the specifics. exactly where the track sets up how much cold air we will have available a lot of question marks with that. it's one to watch. here's the accu-weather 7-day. notice wednesday and thursday and friday and saturday are above age days of temperatures for this time year. not by too much. it will be chilly and this weekend watching the chang for wentry mix for saturday plans and as we get closer that's the case picture is clearer how that pans out. >> it could be rain and snow. >> i think it's going to be a little mix of each. farther inland best chance of snow. >> thanks. prince william says fatherhood changed him. he and his wife the duchess of cambridge have two children george and charlotte. during a british documentary about his father prince charles william said his kids turned him into a modern touchy feely dad. >> i am a lot more emotional than i used to be.
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wound up or worried about things but now the smallest things i feel you well up a little more and you get affected by things that happen around the world or whatever lot more as a father because you realize how precious life is. >> yeah. >> and puts it p sper expectative and not being around to see your children. >> he realize that is more than most. he was 15 when his mother princess diana was killed in car crash. star wars is now believe it or not the 2nd highest grossing film in the u.s. of all time but it's block buster status may not be a good thing. in less than three weeks the force aswackens brought in 7 -- awakens brought in 740 million dollars the u.s. more than 20% of the sales came from the top five movies and that has some worried that smaller films may be swallowed up.
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from now on find the mcpick two men you pick two items for two dollars from a very limited menu. how limited? four items mcdouble mcchicken small fries and mozzarella sticks. general motors is partnering with lyft. it plans to open a network of locations where the drivers can rent gm vehicles that will give people who don't own cars a chance to work for lyfi and the iphone 7 plus could feature key changes. a chinese tech site reports the iphone 7 will have more storage and a battery that is 13% model. >> it feels like we are running out of things to be excited about with the iphone. batteries. it will be great. the must-have piece of clothing for nap lovers. extra z's. next at 6 in the midst of a winter blast cold and snow making it miserable tore out
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how long all of this is going to last. plus, the dangers of heroin. tonight, massachusetts police are warning about a glamorous label for what could be the
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what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores.
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napping station although that depends on who's next to you. blow into the hood's built in tab to inflate the pillow and the project is in the final days of funding on kick starter. a 49 dollar pledge will let you preorder for a march ship date. one more thing to look forward to this spring right? we have much more still ahead. news at 6 starts now. >> live from the studios in boston wbz news at 6 starts now. before you head out you have to bundle up. temperatures are dropping down to the coldest they have been in almost a year. over the next 48 hours we are in for an arctic blast. >> and with the cold temperatures, some of us are even seeing snow and here's what it looked like on the south shore earlier. snow coming down so hard it was difficult to see. really slowing down the evening commute. traffic was backed up for miles on route 3. white and red lights everywhere.
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weather beginning with the chief meteorologist eric fisher welcome to 2016. >> it's tough day. patriots game yesterday and we don't have to talk about that. but the holidays are over and it's january and eds cold and snowing. we will look at live doppler radar. most of this has been focus on the south shore throughout the course of the afternoon and early evening. moving slightly down towards the cape. we will see that continue heading through the night. the steadiest snow in and around plymouth and carver and middleboro and wareham and heading over to route 6 towards the cape also snow flying there and light snow extend over towards hyannis and so this is where you will have the slowest travel. we are not looking at big totals but enough to make it slick especially because it's so cold outside. of course none of this melting. marshfield at 2 inches hanover at 1 1/2 inches and scituate a half inand ran doll of a little more than a coding. heading through tonight and tomorrow morning an additional coding to as -- coating to as
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low totals foe can you on --
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