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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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it's a little winter one two punch. it will snow for some and a whole lot of cold for everyone. the first arctic blast with temperatures the coldest in nearly a year. >> it will feel below zero in many places tomorrow morning. let's get to eric fisher. the one thing is we knew this was coming. >> it wasn't going to be 70 all year long work it's all sorts of winter out there tonight. we have some snow moving down across the south shore and the cape. we saw nasty travel conditions earlier with accidents. the plymouth area into carver
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down to buzzards bay. we have also seen this stretch further eastward. the vineyard as well as the cape getting those flakes. we are looking for another 2 inches of snow. this is certainly enough to cause some of those treacherous driving conditions. we know it's not milking because it is plenty cold. looking at your hour by hour, that's no band is moving goes on. snowflakes tomorrow morning across cape cod and the northern islands. eventually, these snow showers taper off into the afternoon and all of us wake up to frigid cold. it's already in the single digits in some town's. >> the snow certainly didn't pile up but it made for some tough driving out there. this is a shot from route three. the visibility was terrible.
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lisa, a little bit of snow and a whole lot of problems. >> reporter: that's right. it looks so beautiful and picturesque right now with this beautiful quiet area where restaurants and bars are hoping that as you said, and as you will see, it definitely caused a terror on the road. snowflakes and wind whipped through plymouth center sunday night, a light dusting to cap off a surprisingly dicey day on the roads. one that kept firefighters on their toes. >> we saw how fast it was coming in. unfortunately, it's a matter of time before we are up on route 3. >> reporter: and this is what they found: a sudden wideout and slick pavement causing dozens to slide under the treacherous conditions. >> numerous cars off the road and into the woods.
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conditions and how fast this >> reporter: four were transferred to the hospital with minor injuries. but for six-month-old golden retriever brody and his owners, bad. >> i like the cold. >> reporter: a shock to some systems. >> i was just fishing a couple days ago and 400 weather. >> reporter: brody is making the best of it. right? >> reporter: thank you. someone is enjoying the snow but wasn't it not so great on the roads because people weren't paying attention? we will send it back to you guys. we are going to track the snow and the cold all night. for the latest, watch wbz this morning starting at 4:30 am.
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battleground in the race for president. donald trump rallies republicans in massachusetts while bill clinton charges into new hampshire, touting his wife's leadership. the republican front runner was in lowell this evening. john, donald trumps campaign shifting into a new gear? >> reporter: these final five weeks, until new hampshire votes are a crucial period for donald trump, who leads a divided pack but fails to pull away from them. has first paid tv ad, featuring some trump lines appeared but we wondered if we would see a new gear tonight. >> trump is the sound -- is the strong one. donald will be what he says. >> if you stand against us, we will stand against you, donald trump. >> reporter: a divided public outside and some advice from a trampolining letter. >> maybe tone it down and try
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little more. >> the next president of the united states, mr. donald j trump. >> reporter: but there was no toning down trump here in lowell. just more tough talk that has fueled his rise and >> the protest that repeatedly interrupted him. >> folks, we have a revolution going on. people are sick and tired of the stupidity we see coming out of washington. obamacare is a disaster. we are going to repeal it and replace it. by the way, we will build a wall. we are going to have a strong border. >> reporter: trump didn't indulge in more of his recent bickering with hillary clinton, save for a few glancing jabs. >> let's say hillary is president. four more years of obama is what you call it. >> reporter: but it appears his romance with tom brady continues. >> tom brady injured is still
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there. while there was nothing really new from trump, there were a few signs of an effort to broaden his appeal including an introductory video featuring his children and the absence of some of his more scatological references. perhaps, he realizes honey can catch more flies than vinegar.>> he would be wise to take that. today marked the first day in the campaign that bill clinton appeared for his wife, hillary clinton. he offered a deeply personal endorsement and said he will not engage in wars with donald trump who has attacked hillary clinton in recent days. >> i think this election is about restoring broadly shared prosperity. rebuilding the middle class and giving kids the american dream back. >> meantime, hillary clinton campaigned in iowa today criticizing congressional republicans for their plan to
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care laws. at 11:00, there are still delays on route 1 in peabody. a car crashed into a utility pole on the southbound side bringing down power lines and causing massive delays and detours throughout the evening. almost bound lanes opened a few hours ago but still only one southbound lane is getting by right now. white he bulger's longtime girlfriend -- james bulger's longtime girlfriend will appear in court. prosecutors say she refused to testify about other people who may have helped bulger on his time on the run. the two were captured in 2011. she is currently serving time for helping him avoid capture. a man charged with carrying an arsenal of weapons outside gillette stadium. matthew bramson laughed out loud during his arraignment today.
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meat cleaver to swords and a stun gun in his car before the winter classic. he has been ordered to go under psychiatric evaluation. president obama is setting sights on gun control. tomorrow, he will sidestep congress and issue an executive order tightening on sales. kate merrill is working this story live in the satellite center. >> reporter: the president says congress must still act on gun control but since he hasn't, he is going to do what he has to to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. in his first move of the new year and last year in office, president obama says he is tackling guns. >> make sure that criminals, people who are mentally unstable and those who pose a danger to themselves or others are less likely to get a gun. >> reporter: with the attorney general by his side, the president says he will implement new gun roles by executive action. >> this is not going to solve every violent crime in this country. it's not going to prevent every mass shooting. it's not going to keep every
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criminal, but it will potentially save lives. >> reporter: the initiatives we are include requiring gun dealers including online and gun show dealers to be licensed and conduct background checks. to change federal privacy rules to keep people with mental health estrogens from possessing guns, he will hire 230 fbi employees to process background checks and make it harder for convicted domestic abusers to purchase a gun. >> it's not constitutional and i'm confident the courts will reject his attempts to do that. >> reporter: republicans are not wasting any time blasting the president saying it won't last if they are elected. >> he has a phone and a pen but if you live by the pen, you die by the pen. my pen has got an eraser.>> reporter: senator walsh commenting that he is proud to washington tomorrow when he
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tonight, people in southern california gathered to remember the 14 victims of the san bernardino shooting. the social service center where they worked reopened today for attack last month. wall street off to a rough start in 2016. fear of the world's economy sent the dow jones into a tailspin on this first trading day of the year. blue chips were down 160 points down 276 points. the disappointing day on wall street gives us our number of the night, 2008. the beginning of the great recession is the last time the new year. tom brady and an mri, two things you don't like hearing in the same sentence especially going into the playoffs. brady injured his ankle yesterday. let's get to steve burton. steve, got to hope this won't bother him much. >> reporter: when tom brady takes the field in 12 days, the
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he knows had a win. he also knows how to win when he is hurt. that offensive line needs to step up because brady took some shots yesterday. he could have been done for the year. brady has a sprained right ankle and he is okay.>> i am doing all right. we will see how it goes this week. i'm sure there will be some treatment. is always. a lot of guys are banged up. it's just part of football season. >> reporter: coming up in sports, brady's teammates tell us just how tough he really is. las vegas seems to like the patriots chances this year. new england was listed as the 9- 2 co-favorites along with the arizona cardinals and the carolina panthers to win the super bowl.>> like that. this is an urgent plea from a woman who believes someone stole her dogs. >> taken from her front yard days after her return from the hospital.
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a fair increased is proposed on the scene pulled a many passengers had to put up with delays. >> both the orange and blue lines had troubles today. this on the same day the t board proposed to raise fees by as much as 10%. the problems of last winter still on many minds. >> about this time, they didn't run at all so it's a little frustrating to get to work. >> what's it going to be until we get another doomsday
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>> the t would have to make cuts somewhere if the fee hike wasn't approved. any fee proof would go into effect in july. the boston globe says it could take 4-6 months to correct home delivery problems. thousands have gone without the paper since the globe switched to a new service last week -- last month. a woman believes someone stole her dogs days after she came home from the hospital. the two yorkshire terriers went missing on sunday. >> and as julie explains, the owner is pleading for their return. >> i have gotten some negative comments like these are only dogs. people lose pets every day. these are my kids. >> reporter: they may only way 5 pounds each but to nicole innocent, these yorkshire terriers are her everything. >> they are incredible dogs. they are more like a therapy dog for me than just a pet.>>
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for days last week. >> i had surgery so i couldn't go down with -- couldn't go down the steps with them. i sat in that chair. >> reporter: sunday afternoon, outside. >> i could hear them and then i thought it's time to go in but they never came. >> reporter: in two minutes, they had vanished. >> they have never taken off before. they have never even gone to the bottom of the driveway. >>reporter: there are security cameras all over the building but they don't show the dogs running away. instead, they show something else entirely. >> what it shows is two different cars pulling into the back through the alleyway and that's it. i have a funny feeling that one of them took the dogs and is going to try to get money for them.>> reporter: but they are
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>> i don't think they are going to come back if somebody took them. >> hopefully, if someone took them, they will have a change of heart. my dogs got the shortest walk today and it might be shorter tomorrow. >> tomorrow morning, it may be dangerous to take them out.>> i think the general rule of thumb is if you are cold, your pets are too cold. you don't want them outside too much. we will have very cold temperatures and we haven't experienced that up until now. snow totals coming in from our weather spotters. 2.5 inches at kings. marshfield, not a lot of snow but enough to cause issues. we saw that this afternoon for sure. take a look at our live doppler radar. persisted bands of rain -- is now. some of that moisture with temperature difference allows for lift. same scale in new york.
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light flakes right now. some steadier snowfall from plymouth into carver and the steadiest of all reaching into where ham and buzzards bay. this area should start to pivot toward the canal and then over into the upper cape as we head through these next few hours. the snow has moved on to martha's vineyard. it's not the whole area but it is causing issues. if you aren't driving, it's quite beautiful. that's what a snowflakes actually look like. kind of beautiful if you're not traveling. looking at a coating to a couple inches additional. watch that band start to shift ever slow slowly -- ever so slowly across the cape. tomorrow morning is the best chance of snow. everywhere north and west, sunshine but frigid. as we head toward lunch and
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continue to taper off. causing some slick travel, especially with the cold. it's 180 it in new bedford. manchester down to 90. we haven't seen a map like that in quite a while. it's still breezy with gusts over 20 miles per hour. nantucket is at 36 miles per hour. cold temperatures and the wind with subzero wind chills tonight and into tomorrow morning. full winter arsenal out the day -- out the door tomorrow morning. bundle up, make sure the kids are ready. as the day goes on, wins will start to die down and wind chill values will relax. a very cold tuesday. temperatures mainly in the single digits with a northerly wind and wind chill values below zero at times for the cape. by midday, sunshine but clear and cold for the evening commute. we will start to drop off quickly in the temperature department. our high temperatures in the mid-to upper 20s but many towns
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after that, we warm up. the rest of the week very quiet and bright skies thursday and friday. each day milder. 40s by thursday afternoon. the next winter system to watch is saturday. just enough cold air, we could see a wintry mix especially for the interior. right now, it doesn't look like a major storm. notice the above average temperatures wednesday, thursday and friday. after we get past that saturday winter weather event, there is another one to watch. a little revenge for the celtics tonight. >> the heads-up play and extra
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the paris attacks? jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. it's good to have a little distance from yesterday's game. >> that wasn't fun.>> no, not fun. >> the one thing you couldn't have happened, happened. tom brady got hurt. >> but, he's going to be okay. she was limping up to
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has never missed a game. plan on brady being a goal for the playoffs. >> how tough in your mind as tom brady? >> i will tell you this, i have never played with a tougher football player in my entire career from high school to now. he is one of the toughest guys. he has been here in a while. >> tom is a tough guy. he will do what he needs to. >> he is tough as nails. the one thing i know about him after playing with him for eight years is there's not too many dudes tougher than him. >> we know he will be there and be ready to go. >> when -- fell yesterday, that could have been the season. the nfl network reports it's a high ankle injury. tom brady gave his own update this morning. >> i've had worse.
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them is one. i just work hard to get the right treatment and i have always that with injuries. i'm confident i know how to deal with injuries. i will do everything i can to be out there. there's nothing else in my life that's a priority other than feeling like 100%. >> adam schechter also reports the dolphins have asked the patriots permission to interview josh mcdaniels and -- for their head coaching job. and we talked to rob quinn about their gm opening. on saturday night, you can watch the steelers and bengals wild-card game. on sunday, patriots game they and sports final. the celtics have the second best road record in the league. the only team builders the golden state warriors. they won 17 of the last 23.
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brooklyn. he came out of the game red hot with 14 points in the first quarter. third quarter, isaiah thomas turns on the jets, takes it to 19.7. remember how -- used to let the ball roll, marcus mari dodge on the ball, forces a jump ball. check out the replay. they credit the hoop and the fell work check out the plays. career high of 25 points. one of 3-94. one more football not for you. tom coughlin resigned as head coach of the new york giants. >> no big surprise. it's a feast for pasta lovers. >> spaghetti day has some
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it's not going to be hard to convince the kids to where the codes tomorrow. >> we are still tracking the snow. for tomorrow's drive, especially the south shore, down toward buzzards bay and the cope is where -- and the cape's work will be ics. the snow is sticking. a very cold day tomorrow with subzero wind chills and cold tomorrow night. after that, and warm up. >> but a nice warm up after that. >> much of that snow will melt thursday and friday. you are convinced that brady is going to be fine?>>
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