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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  January 5, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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e good morning to you. it is 5:00. thanks for being with us. i'm chris mckinnon. >> i'm kathryn hauser. tuesday, january 5th. it is just downright cold, chilly, brutally cold you were saying. anything you could think of. anything cold that comes to mind, that's what's going on here. >> it's always the wind. the wind adds the bite to the air, you guys. yes, it's cold, but with the wind factored in, the real feel is running subzero, 7 degrees below zero, the wind chill in boston now. 12 below in worcester. subzero from southern maine to taunton, 2 below, single digit readings on the cape. 8 degrees in boston. the coldest we've been since march 6th. it's been a while. single digit readings north and west of town. the arctic air over us now and ocean effect snow showers continue. we've already had a coating to up to two to three inches in a
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the western fringe is positioned really from plymouth, a couple of light snow flurries from ducksbury, wareham gets more intense, right near the cape cod canal and through the mid-cape. these will taper off through early afternoon, but there may be an additional coating to as much as an inch or two near the cape cod canal. it is easy to move around because it's fluffy snow and mostly sunny for the rest of us. rising through the single digits to 20 at lunchtime. the snow will end on the cape. clear and cold, 23 for the ride home. we make rea bound tomorrow. we will talk about it coming up. let's get to the roads. robi? welcome back. >> good to see you again. >> you, too. >> it's been a while. happy new year. >> right back at ya. >> traffic is getting back to normal now that the holidayesare over and a lot of people, including yours truly, are back to work now. looking at 93 and the bridge. light to moderate volume now on 93 south into boston.
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are -- or on the other major routes. the expressway northbound, moderate to heavy, but moving along. route 3 north looks good. 24 north, 128, they all look trouble-free. back to you. >> thank you, robi. 5:02 now. happening today, boston mayor marty walsh will join president obama in washington. this is as the president lays out his plans for gun control. >> president obama is planning to sidestep congress and issue an executive order. susie steimle is live outside boston city hall plaza with a closer look at the plans. good morning, susie. >> reporter: good morning, chris and kathryn. this is something president obama said he wanted to do since the newtown shootings took place and that's make for tougher gun regulations in the united states and mayor walsh will head to washington, d.c. today to support the president as he does just that. >> reporter: in the first move of his final move, president obama will go around congress to make it tougher to get a hold of guns. critics have been quick to say
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mass murders. to that, the president responded -- >> this is not going to solve every violent crime in this country. it's not going to prevent every mass shooting. it's not going to keep every gun out of the hands of criminals. it will potentially save lives in this country. >> reporter: the regulations will require gun dealers to be licensed and conduct background checks, change of federal privacy rule to keep people with mental health restrictions from expressing guns and hire 230 fbi employees to process background checks 24/7. republicans gunning for the presidency say this action is reversible. >> it's not constitutional. and i am confident the courts will reject his attempts to do that. >> he has a phone and he has a pen, but if you live by the pen, you die by the pen. and my pen has got an eraser. .
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also said he wants to add 5 hundred million $500 million to improve mental health care, all of this will be discussth at today's white house event and mayor marty walsh will be there to show his support. we're live at city hall plaza in boston, susie steimle, "wbz this morning." >> thank you, susie. employees at the site of a terror attack last month are back to work. a memorial was held yesterday for the 14 people who were killed at the social service center in san bernardino, california. author and pastor rick warren urged employees not to bottle up their grief and become bitter. instead, warren told them to accept help from others when they need it. also, a sad update this morning. a teenager found shot under an overpass in everett has died. the middlesex da tells wbz the 19-year-old died from his injuries. police are looking for the shooter. commuters hoping for a smooth ride to work today after problems on the orange and blue lines left passengers dealing with delays in the bitter cold
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all of this as the "t" is proposing a fare increase. our nicole jacobs is live in quincy this morning with more on the proposal. good morning, nicole. >> reporter: good morning, chris. the big question is whether or not this is the right timing for any type of hike, especially when you consider the rough winter last year and, of course, the chilly temperatures today. today is yet another test for the mbta as temperatures dip the lowest this season. >> awful. seen. >> reporter: a common sediment for riders considering last winter's woes with public transportation, now having to weigh a possible hike in fares. >> it's the wrong year to do it since last year about this time they didn't run at all. so, it's a little frustrating to get to work. >> reporter: the fiscal control board's public monday meeting made for candid conversation. >> what is going to be until scenario?
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percent increase is on the table. >> if it doesn't benefit the people, they shouldn't raise it. >> reporter: but the money has to come from somewhere, but from where it will be pinched is the question. >> the budget document that the control board has been working with assumes a 5 percent fare increase across the board. if in the end the board were decide not to, they'd have to find savings else were in the budget. >> reporter: if there is an increase in fares it would go into effect in july. jacobs, "wbz this morning." >> thank you, nicole. 5:06 now on your tuesday morning. route 1 in peabody is back open this morning after a car crashed into a utility pole there. the accident yesterday brought down power lines and caused big delays and detours. crews were forced to shut down lanes, even into last night. today we're expecting to hear more allegations that students were sexually abused
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prep school. four alumni of st. george's school in newport will reportedly claim that the school ignored reports of sexual misconduct. that counters their own investigation that found no wrongdoing. 42 alleged victims have reportedly come forward. many say they were molested by a former athletic trainer at the school during the '70s and '80s. well, the complainant claims that two staff members admitted having sex with male students. the st. george's current administration tried to silence strict talking about the abuse and the school failed to contact police as required by law. there is no statute of limitations for rape in rhode island. if you spank your children, you can be denied a chance at being a foster parent. that's the decision from the state's highest court. gregory and melanie of fitch burg sued after the department of children and families denied their application to be foster parents. they admitted spanking their
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promised not to spank any foster child. the supreme and judicial court has now ruled for the child welfare agency saying the state has to protect foster children. 5:08 now. milford police -- a milford police officer is recovering from a brutal attack by a man who police say the officer was trying to help on new year's day. police say the suspect claims someone was chasing him with a gun when officer russell passant arrived on the scene, he saw the man running into oncoming traffic and stopped him. that's when the suspect reportedly attacked the officer, hitting him in the throat and choking him. the suspect is being held without bail until a dangerousness hearing is held this week. a bizarre scene in court for a man charged with carrying a stash of weapons outside gillette stadium. matthew bronson laughed during his arraignment yesterday. police found a meat cleaver, swords and a stun gun in his car on friday. bronson's been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. whitey bulger's long time
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guilty to new charges. she will admit to one count of contempt of court. prosecutors say she refused to testify about other people who may have helped bulger during his time on the run. the two were captured in california back in 2011. she is currently serving an 8- year prison sentence for helping him avoid capture. and front runners on both sides of campaign text trying to gain support. former president bill clinton hits the trail to support his wife. as donald trump rallies republicans here in massachusetts. bree is here with a look at the action. good morning, bree. >> reporter: good morning, kathryn. it's a mad dash to the early primaries and we're seeing a big push here in new england among the front runners. one thing is certain, both certainly know how to play to their audiencest. >> i love tom brady. that is the coolest shirt. i've got get one of those shirts. >> reporter: if you didn't know, trump thinks brady is a total winner. >> tom brady injured is still
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>> reporter: the gop candidate gave the lowell crowd his signature tough talk. >> people are tired and they're sick of the stupidity that we're seeing coming out of washington. if let's say hillary is president, ayyy, ohhhh. [ booing ] >> four more years of obama, that's what you call it. >> reporter: hillary clinton is in iowa, but dispatched her husband and former president to deliver a serious message to new hampshire. >> in all probability, the next president of the united states will make between 1 and 3 appointments to the united states supreme court. and i know who i want doing that. >> reporter: the emphasis for clinton? experience and track record. >> when she was secretary of state, she negotiated on sanctions on iran and unbelievably got russia and china to sign off on them. i didn't think she could do that. and -- [ laughter ] >> on the docket today, trump heads to new hampshire where many of his republican opponents are also making
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casic. chris, back to you. >> thank you, bree. 5:10 on your tuesday morning. fears over the world's economy tail spin. yesterday was the first day of trading in the new year. the dow dropped more than 460 points before recovering a little bit. points. we will have a live report from the stock exchange and what investors expect today coming up in 30 minutes. thanks for joining us, it is 5:11 now. up next, tom brady injured. >> what he says about his ankle sprain and getting ready for the playoffs someone and the celtics looking for a win on the road. the play that added fuel to the fire. danielle, good morning. >> good morning, kathryn, good morning, everybody. we have single digit temperature readings. the wind chills below zero now and this hour by hour features a lot of sunshine, but we don't get out of the teens until about midday early afternoon for most of us. we get a quick rebound on the way for tomorrow, though. we will talk all about it.
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welcome back. before taking the field on sunday, tom brady made a special stop in miami. >> he granted a sick team's christmas wish. 13-year-old ernesto has a rare abdominal cancer. he lives in miami and is a huge tom brady fan. brady came out and he gave him
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>> that's so nice. it's a good thing to do. >> a lot of pictures taken, as well. the weather, really the big story of the morning. it is so cold outside. as soon as you step out the door, you will feel it. it kind of hits you. >> it's like a slap in the face, as danielle said yesterday. >> it slaps you. >> yes, it is. this will wake you up this morning, guys. temperatures in the single digits. the wind chill at subzero. 7 below in the city of boston now is what the real feel is. 10 below in keane. 12 below in worcester and in the single digits back in the cape and the island. this is the coldest air since the beginning of march and it's because of the wind, too. adding the bite to the air. the sustained wind is between 5 and 15 miles per hour for a lot of us. it's higher on the cape and the islands. we've had gusts to 40 miles per hour now in hyannis. it's whipping around the snow we're tracking out there, as well. 8 in boston now.
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radar shows we're tracking ocean effect snow showers still. south side of marshfield, a couple of flurries around, but it's the western fringe that's cutting from ducksbury beach, back to carver and back down to wareham, so you get farther east than that, that's where we're still encountering slippery roads along route 3, route 6, near the cape cod canal. some of these are deeper blue, where the intensity of the snow picks up a little bit. it's a fluffy consistency. these ocean effect snow showers continue at times, through midday and early afternoon. so on top of what we've already had, which is a coating to an inch or two in some spots, and some higher amounts,we may get an additional coating to up to an inch or two near the cape cod canal, far south plymouth county and around to the mid cape because of the additional snowfall we'll see. so take it slow and easy out there. other than that, if we zoom the
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overhead and there is nothing going on weather-wise here. there is a big area of high pressure that's in control, providing a quiet drew and a rebound in temperatures heading into tomorrow. so the real feel forecast today, doesn't get out of the subzero readings until mid- to late morning for most of us. and even at that, it's still going to feel in the single digits. the afternoon features some improvement, if you want to call it that. the real feel in the teens to around 20 as we head through the late afternoon and evening hours. overnight tonight won't be as cold research as windy. so we'll make a difference. we drop back to 20 in boston. teens in the suburbs and look at this rebound, high temperatures tomorrow with mostly sunny skies, it will feel baume, right? 42 in the city of boston, a light southwest wind dragging in the mild air, by thursday, sun and a couple of clouds mixed in. temperatures in the mid-40s. clouds increase on friday and the if he could has unsettled
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showers, rain showers on saturday. and on sunday, as well. we will keep you posted on that. traffic and weather together. it's been so long, you picked the coldest morning so far to get back in action. >> and a nice, warm beard as of last night, too. >> you had to that i have off? -- had to shave it off? you must be freezing. >> yes! i guarantee my son will put shorts on at the bus today. >> listen to your parents. listen to your meteorologist. >> it won't work, danielle. chilly tuesday morning commute. danielle, checking the south with a live look over the expressway, moderate to heavy volume now from braintree to boston, but moving along. no reported backups there near the major routes from the south looking good. from the north, a smooth ride from andover so far. route 1 south, trouble free coming down from peabody. chris and kathryn?
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the celtics looking to losses. >> and the latest on tom brady's injury. sports. >> tom brady is banged up. we know that. he was limping after the loss in miami, but other than 2008, he's never missed a game since becoming a starter. plan on him being there for the playoffs. he's as tough as they come. when he was fell upon, that could have been the season, but he went through. brady has a sprained right ankle. he gave a status update callahan. >> i've had worse, so, you know, i've had plenty of worse injuries than this one. >> i'll work hard to get the right treatment and i've always dealt with injuries. i'm confident i know how to deal with injuries. i will do everything i can to be out there. nothing else in my life is a priority at this point other than, you know, getting to feel
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>> and the dolphins asked the pats permission to interview mcdaniels for their head coaching job. also, the lions got permission to talk to the director bob quinn about their gm opening. now to the celtics and knicks. coming out of the gate red hot. 14 points in the first quarter. cs led by 14 at the half. and remember the inbounds saving the clock? marcus smart wasn't letting that happen. dodging the ball, grabs it, forcing a jump ball. look at the replay, how great was that? next, hang around, but cs held on. got to have the flex. career high 24-points for him. they twin. and the bruins play their first game since the winter classic tonight, hosting the capitals at the garden. guys, over to you. las vegas seems to like
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new england is listed as a co- favorite, along with the cardinals and panthers to win the super bowl. let's hope it's the patriots. >> i know. >> right here on wbz, too. super bowl 50. coming up, one local woman distraught. >> she says her dogs were stolen just days after she returned home from the hospital. hear her heartbreaking flee get them back. and open towing coming to the mass pike. how soon it could be in place and what it means for your commute.
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and a caramel-flavored swirl. indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99 after 12:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. a woman broken. she believes someone stole her dogs just days after she came home from the hospital. missing on sunday. >> bree is here with the story. bree, the owner is pleading for the dogs' return. >> yes, she is, kathryn. security cameras on a building next to the dog owner's apartment do not show the dogs running away. instead, the cameras show two cars pulling into a nearby alleyway, just before these expensive yorkies disappeared. >> they're just incredible dogs. they really are.
5:23 am
for me than they are just a pet. >> reporter: nicole lives with lupus and spent days in the hospital last week. >> i had surgery and couldn't go down the steps with them. >> this is where i was and i sat in that chair. >> reporter: sunday afternoon, she took 2-year-old m&m and 9- month-old chi chi outside. >> i could hear them. and then i was like, okay, it's time to go in and they never came. >> reporter: in two minutes, they vanished, maybe in a car passing by. >> i have a funny feeling that one of them took the dogs and, you know, tried get money for them. they're expensive dogs. >> she says the 5-pound dogs have never once wandered off, but she's terrified that they're gone for good. >> i don't think they're going to come back. i don't think they're going to come back. >> reporter: the incident was control. >> thank you, bree. i hope they find the dogs. still to come in the next
5:24 am
>> bill clinton hitting the campaign trail for his wife. why he says he won't engage donald trump. >> and trump's message to voters here in the bay state. good morning, danielle. >> good morning, chris. good morning, everybody. it's a bitly cold start this morning. we're running in the single digits. we make a slow rebound into the 20s this afternoon. but it's going to feel like the teens. i will take you to the live radar and look at where the snow showers are right now and let you know when the ocean
5:25 am
right now at 5:30, president obama's ready to announce his new plans to take on gun control. there. and mbta commuters hoping for a smooth ride this morning after more delays on the orange and blue lines. and what riders have to say about a proposed fare hike. and bundle up this morning. and bitterly cold temperatures. we will tell you when we will
5:26 am
hey, good morning, everybody. it is 5:30. hauser. >> i'm chris mckinnon. it's tuesday, january 5th. we're talking about really cold >> frigid. >> a little bit of a shock when you step outside this >> yeah. >> if you're bundled up, it's not so bad. you need the cold gear today. >> absolutely. >> this is the coldest air we've had in 10 months. it's been a while, you guys. the real-feel now, 7 below zero in the city of boston. it is 12 below in worcester and keane. 2 below zero in taunton. 2 above in parts of the cape, we're in the single digits now in terms of real-feel. the kids need to be bundled up at the bus stop. 8 degrees on average and it feels colder than that. 20s by the end of school, but the real-feel will be running in the teens at that point. the actual temperature, 8 boston, coldest since march 6th. still have ocean effect snow showers, as well. they continue to impact the far south shore back to the cape.
5:27 am
now the western fringe is backing out of north plymouth, so, kingston, it extends down to plymouth beach and plymouth harbor. from wareham to the cape cod canal, areas of light snow accumulating. and the outer cape, too. the snow showers will come to an end by the time we get to early afternoon for most of us. for the rest of us, the sun will be shining. cold sunshine, with the cape snow ending, 20 by lunchtime and low 20s for the ride home. let's get out on the roads this morning. robi has a look. >> pretty normal tuesday commute so far, but construction is slowing things down in the worcester area. we get a little snow, too. work crews are bogging things down on 290 eastbound around the exit for mlk boulevard, that's exit 16 in worcester. a stop and go backup now to exit 13. that's kelly square. to the south, 128 southbound, sluggish in the braintree
5:28 am
and the snow is creating visibility problems on route 3 southbound, down in the plymouth stretch. looks like from clark road to the sag more bridge. from the north, 93 southbound, heavy and slow in the andover stretch between 133 and das cam road. back to you. >> thank you, robi. . our top stories this morning, marty walsh will be in washington today, supporting president obama's move on gun control. the president is expected to use executive action, meaning he wants to bypass congress and require gun dealers to b licensed and conduct background checks, even at gun shows. he wants to change privacy rules to keep people with mental health issues from getting guns. people say it infringes on the constitutional rights of gun owners. the deep freeze this morning has riders hoping for a smooth ride to work, after major delays on the blue and orange lines yesterday. even as the "t" held a public
5:29 am
by up to 10 percent. the t "t" needs to address a $242 million def sit for the next fiscal year. turning to campaign 2016, front runners trying to gain support ahead of the new hampshire primary. former president bill clinton hitting the campaign trail to support his wife as donald campaign in lowell. and as our jon keller reports, trump's campaign is shifting into a new gear. >> donald is a strong one. donald says what he means and he will do what he says. >> if you stand against us, we trump. >> reporter: outside the arena, a divided public and advice from a trump-leaning voter. >> tone it down and try to more. >> the next president of the united states, donald j. trump. . >> reporter: there was no toning down from trump here in
5:30 am
talk that's fueled his rise and sparked the protests that repeatedly interrupted him. >> folks, we have a revolution going on. people are tired and sick of the stupidity we're seeing out of washington. obama care is a disaster. we're going to repeal it and replace it. and by the way, we will build a wall, we will have a strong border. we will have strong border. >> reporter: trump didn't indulge in more of his recently bickering with hillary clinton, save for a few glancing jabs. >> if let's say hillary is president, ayyy, uhhhh. four more years of obama, that's what you call it. >> reporter: it appears his romance with tom brady continues. >> tom brady injured is still better than anybody else, okay? >> reporter: while there was nothing new from trump last night, there were a few signs of an effort to broaden his appeal, including an
5:31 am
children and some rhetoric. perhaps he's starting to realize you can catch more flies with a little honey than with all that vinegar. i'm jon keller at large, "wbz this morning". 5:35 right now. former president bill clinton hitting the campaign trail alone for the first time to stump for his wife in new hampshire. he offered a deeply-personal endorsement yesterday and says he won't engage in a war of words with trump who's repeatedly attacked hillary in recent days. >> i think this election is about restoring broadly-shared process parents. rebuilding the middle class, giving kids the american dream back. >> reporter: hillary was campaigning in iowa yesterday and criticized congressional republicans for their plans to repeal president obama's healthcare law. the iowa caucuses are about a month away. and several candidates will be on the campaign trail
5:32 am
donald allp, christie, fiorina, casic, all have events in the granite state. open tolling is coming to the mass pike. the first auto tolling structure went up over the weekend. massdot says the system is expected to be up and running by october. drivers with an e-z pass will be able to drive under the structure without slowing down to pay their tolls and if you don't have an e-z pass, cameras will take a picture of your license plate and send you a bill. still ahead, a check of the markets after yesterday's big plunge. >> what investors are expecting today and how the markets overseas are doing right now. boston's mayor will head to washington, d.c. with president obama, talking about gun control. we will tell you what the restrictions will look like coming up on "wbz this morning." the state's highest court stopped a local couple from becoming foster parents because
5:33 am
children. we want to know what you think.
5:34 am
it is 5:39 on your tuesday morning. the consumer electronics show in las vegas starts tomorrow and some companies are already showing off the items they're bringing. >> let's see. lg will debut a hi-def tv you can roll up like a newspaper. this is more about what's possible rather than to show real consumer products. >> a look into the future maybe?
5:35 am
>> if you have to move, it saves you a lot of space, right? burger king and starbucks both making menu changes. >> and all eyes on the markets after yesterday's big drop. jill wagner is live for us at the new york stock exchange with today's moneywatch. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, chris and kathryn. china's stock market is down slightly this morning. european markets rebounding a bit, but really this is not how investors are hoping to start the new year. yesterday, concern about china's economy sparked a massive sell-off. the dow down as much as 467 points, minutes after the open. it recovered a bit and ended with a loss of 276. the nasdaq fell 104. either way, it is the worst start to a year since the financial crisis. the fast food wars are heating up. burger king has a five for $4 deal. a bacon cheeseburger, small fry, four-piece chicken
5:36 am
chocolate chip cookie, that's down to $0.80 each. that's after mcdonald's made a move yesterday. and a new year, a new take on espresso drinks for starbucks. there is a new latte macatto today. the emphasis is on simplicity. it's espresso and milk in different layered variations with an espresso dot on the top of the drink. >> we're all sad when the holiday drinks went away with the fun flavors, but something new. >> i was going to say, simple is sometimes just as great. yeah. >> i like it. >> thanks, jill. keeping us caffeinated. >> or pumpkin spice latte. >> or psl. coming um, we've got a check of your traffic and weather together. >> and a look at the day's top stories, including the latest force on the campaign trail. bill clinton makes his first solo trip on behalf of his wife. after last year's winter weather troubles and this morning's chilly temperatures,
5:37 am
commuters want to hear about. that story coming up. checking in with weather watchers this morning and a lot of people up with temperatures running in the single digits now. we will check with the wind chill values. 12 below 0 in worcester right now. thank you to all of our weather watchers for your reports. we really appreciate them. to join in on the fun, send
5:38 am
good morning, everybody. it is 5:44 now. the big story of the day is just the cold. you will feel it as soon as you step outside. you could use a couple of extra new orleans warm up the car, too. >> get the gloves, the scarves, the hats. >> the kids have to be bundled up for sure. >> totally bundled up. the temperatures are in the single digits. as long as you're bundled up, you will do all right. international space station fly- by this morning, about a half an hour from now, by the way. not that you want to go outside and look up, but if you're walking to the car or in the car looking out, this will appear at 6:58. it will be very bright. travels from the west/southwest and then to the northeast. it will be visible for six minutes. so something cool in the skies just over a half hour from now. 7 below zero in boston now. the real-feel is 12 below in worcester.
5:39 am
south coast. it's all about the wind. it's 5 to 15 miles per hour sustained. but the current wind is gusting over 30 miles per hour for the cape and the islands. temperatures coldest now since the end of february. we've dipped to 8 degrees in boston. 9 degrees back on march 6th. so, 3 degrees in worcester. 3 in keane, as well. and ocean effect snow showers out here. you can see the western fringe making a little bit of eastward progress, but not moving that much. we have slick travel along route 3 back down to cape cod. ducksbury on the western fringe of the light snow showers, but look at the deeper blue back down hugging the coastline of plymouth county down to the cape cod canal. slick travel there. the snow is fluffier consistency, but blowing around because of the wind. route 16, snow-traveled roads. when does this snow come to an end? not even picking up on it here in the model, but between mid-
5:40 am
we're still dealing with that, tapering off by the early afternoon. additional snowfall totals may top out near an inch or two in localized areas. that's the key. one part of town may see a dusting. another area may see an inch. that's back down to the cape. otherwise, the skies are clear. we're in for a beautiful- looking day. barely a cloud in the day. sun will be out. big area of high pressure in control and that will be in control of our weather for the next several days. so, tomorrow as it slides to the south, we start to get a light southwest wind and rebound. temperatures will be around 40 degrees tomorrow and then into the 40s with sun and clouds on thursday. so, when do we get out of the subzero wind chill values? not until mid-morning for most of us and even into the afternoon. the real-feel will be in the teens. so that's what you want to dress for. tomorrow, up around 40, not nearly as cold. quiet through the end of the week and then showers possible
5:41 am
we may have to watch for a wintry mix well inland with a couple of flurries and cooler temperatures for the start of next week. traffic and weather together. robi? danielle, snow is causing problems for commuters south of boston now, down on route 3 southbound between clark road and plymouth and the sagamore bridge. reports of flurries creating poor visibility down there. that's slowing things down. also to the south we go, the expressway northbound, bumper- to-bumper, 128 southbound sluggish between logan express to the split. and to the north, 93 southbound, there is a couple of slow pockets now between route 110 110 and daskam road and 128 and park street. back to you. >> thank you. commuters dealing with delays as the mbta considers a fare increase. >> and president obama getting ready to take executive action on gun control. here's your top stories on this tuesday morning. >> reporter: good morning, i'm
5:42 am
plaza in boston where mayor marty walsh won't be in the office today. instead, he will be in washington, d.c. supporting the president's executive action on gun control. president obama will go around congress to make it tougher to purchase guns. it will require strict background checks online and at gun shows. there will be a change in a privacy rule to keep anyone with mental health restrictions from buying guns. republican presidential candidates, of course, are saying this won't last. we'll hear from them coming up at 6:00. for now, live in boston, susie steimle, "wbz this morning." a 23-year-old everett man accused of attacking a boston police officer is being held on bail this morning. prosecutors say early on new year's day, andrew bowman reached into the officer's vehicle near city hall plaza and repeatedly punched him in the face. bowman is charged with assault and battery on an officer. month. good morning.
5:43 am
quincy. we're experiencing some of the same chilly temperatures that crippled the "t" last winter. and as riders prepare to bush brace themselves for the winter to come, they have to digest the idea of fare hikes. the transportation fiscal control board held a public hearing yesterday on the potential of 5 to 10 percent increases. needless to say, riders are not too pleased with having to consider that possibility, especially given the issues last winter. coming up at 6:00, we'll hear from some of the commuters. we're live in quincy, nicole jacobs, "wbz this morning." in exactly five weeks, the first in the nation primary for president. you'd think we were nearing the general election with all the activity from the front runners. donald trump stumped in lowell last night, rallying a crowd of thousands with his signature tough talk on immigration and
5:44 am
hillary clinton is in iowa, but dispatched her husband and former president bill clinton to new hampshire with a message about her track record. coming up at 6:00, who is traveling to the granite state today. new developments this morning in the armed standoff at a national wildlife refuge in oregon. a father and son rancher convicted of setting fires to federal land, turned themselves in. they reported to prison to begin a five-year sentence, but anti-government activists refuse to budge from the federal property. the group wants an investigation into whether the government is forcing ranchers off their land. 5:51 now. on your tuesday morning, it's time for our daily talker. a local couple again denied the chance to become foster parents. >> the state's highest courts upheld an earlier decision saying this couple shouldn't receive foster kids because of the way they discipline their own children. here's robi with more. >> reporter: chris, melanie and dave have three biological
5:45 am
in 2012, they applied to become foster parents. anything was going fine until they told the state they sometimes discipline their children by spanking them. the massachusetts child welfare agency denied the request based on their use of corporal punishment. the couple explained this is in accordance with their religious faith, their crystal beliefs and say they do it sparingly, not to humiliate them. they also promise not to spank foster children. but the department of children and families said no, saying if foster kids saw other children being spanked, it could add to the trauma they've already gone through. yesterday, the lower court ruling was upheld, saying in part the religious beliefs are outweighed by the state's interest in protecting foster children. so, we're getting a number of responses to this this morning on the daily talker. checking the facebook page. sabrina agrees, posting foster kids go through enough hell.
5:46 am
marie says witnessing someone spanking another child would be traumatic. for that reason, these people are not the right choice for foster parents. you can comment on our talker by going to our web site, twitter page or facebook. we will read more at 6:05. >> thank you, robi. 5:53 now. still to come, the three signs you need to change your morning routine. and the top stories help you get going. stay with us, you're watching
5:47 am
all right. let's face it. early mornings aren't easy and it can be hard to just get out of bed and get your day started. >> we have things you can do to improve your morning routine. do you feel rushed, always running late? one life coach recommends easing yourself into waking up a little earlier. try 5 minutes earlier each day. prep as much you can the night before and plan what you're going to wear and what you're going to eat. and if you find yourself overtired, try energy boosters like drinking water to rehydrate, shower and let light into your home. you can also try exercising, even if only for five minutes. and if you're stressed out, don't look at your phone, text or e-mail before getting out of bed. try putting on music and watch "wbz this morning." naturally. >> because we are always up really early with smiles on our faces.
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i can hear the life coach saying getting up 5 minutes earlier, i don't think we can already do. nice. >> that's right. straight ahead.
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