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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> plenty of chill in the air. high temperature rebounded to 26 in boston. coldest high temp since early march and the low of 8. that was the coldest reading since last february. chilly tonight. 13 in orange. 16 norwood. plymouth down to 14 degrees. the cold air sinking southward. a big sprawling area of high pressure. as that builds in in,ing the winds diminish. it means no real windchill tonight. lows in the single digits to teens. cold readings out the door tomorrow morning. look at the rebound. again calmer winds, bright skies, tons of sunshine. 40 for most towns. it gets warmer after that. trend above average as we finish out this week and look forward to the weekend. still ice in the weekend forecast. few minutes. >> eric, thanks. the cold is being blamed for the newest round of
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on the red line the t had to bus passengers because of a track problem and on the commuter rail line, hopefully getting that up, north of the city, every single line had at least one canceled train this morning. jim smith is live in andover with the latest on this. another tough day, jim? >> reporter: sure was, paula. this is what the nbta did not need one day after talking about possible fare increases, big problems with commuter rail north of the city. the end result was a miserable morning commute. maintenance crews hammering away at the commuter rail track in lawrence a short distance from a disabled train. that train derailed this morning clogging the line for around 1:00 p.m. it was back up right and slowly rolling away.
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does not run well in the winter time. >> reporter: the damage was done. damage to the morning commute and damage to the t's fragile reputation. >> last year was not too good. they started off good this year, the first snowstorm we had the trains were on time. that was encouraging, but this is just another step back. >> commuters had to be bussed between lawrence and the and dover stop where they were able to get back on board for the trip into boston. all of this one day after the t unveiled a plan to raise fares. >> the prices keep going up. it's expensive. it's something like $300 a month for all of this. unacceptable. >> commuter rail operator says the derailment was caused by a track failure of some kind. late today state transportation officials blamed the weather. >> cold weather makes tracks
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>> reporter: service is back to normal up here tonight. even though officials are blaming the weather, they are looking into every other possibility. state police and transit police spent part of this afternoon checking out the derailment scene up here and looking into a track problem that they had on the red line in dorchester. tonight authorities are saying at this point there is no sign of foul play or tampering with the tracks. live in and dover, jim smith, wbz news. >> thank you, jim. president obama taking aim at gun violence announcing executive orders to try to tighten gun restrictions. the president says he has asked congress to act and they haven't. so, he is going to use the powers of his office to try to bring about change. the executive actions would redefine a gun dealer to include one that sells firearms at gun shows, flee markets and online. he wants to hire more fbi and
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background checks and enforce the current laws. christina hager is live in boston with the story. christina. >> reporter: paula, some boston gun control advocates in washington, d.c. with the president today including the head of stop handgun violence which recently put up this massive billboard that can be seen on boylston and the president became emotional, even breaking down as he of matt shootings. >> every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. by the way, it happens on the streets of chicago every day. >> when a tearful president obama threw his executive authority behind gun control, marty walsh was there. he traveled to the white house. even though massachusetts has some of the tightest controls in the country, walsh says by gun violence. >> two thirds of the guns on
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boston and massachusetts. >> mary franklin knows too well. >> we need much more to happen. >> reporter: over her heart a picture of her husband melvin franklin gunned down in boston in 1997. a minister and father of three. every time she hears about a new fatal shooting, those painful memories come rushing back. she said more background checks will help but she wishes obama would focus on the casualties from daily street violence inbound stead of -- instead of mass shootings. >> under served communities where crimes like this that happen happen on a constant basis, almost every day in inner cities people are murdered. >> reporter: even though the rate of homicides in the city has hit a 16-year low, the number of shootings is up. the mayor says most involve
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out of state. in the back bay, christina hager, wbz news. >> thanks. we will have more on the "cbs evening news" at 6:30. a manchester, new hampshire woman took matters in her own hands when a man tried to rob her. the 65-year-old victim told police she became concerned when a man followed her into the parking lot. he got out of his car and jumped in front of her car blocking her path. the woman 4-foot 11 was able to protect herself against the much larger man. >> the male subject attempted to rob her was roughly a foot taller and 100 pounds heavier. she has a concealed valid permit to carry a handgun. she basically turned around, fired one round, stopped the threat, went into a safe zone. >> i'm not happy about it. i hope i never have to do it
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that, i would imagine i would do it again. >> she is not charged. the man she shot is charged. he was arraigned in his hospital bed and will be in court later in the month. auburn. a body was found alongside 290 east this morning. the right lane was closed for a investigated. we know the body is of a man. authorities have not released any more information. the "boston globe" may hire deliver the papers. the globe switched to new delivery service last week and since then tens of thousands of papers haven't been delivered. the globe ceo is considering all options including getting another distributor to get the job done. the new distributor says it can take up to six months to normalize service. tomorrow night's big powerball jackpot is bigger now. the prize has grown to $450 million. that would be the third biggest
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you know, what is the point you get to where you think, all right, that's big enough, i will buy a ticket. >> 400 million. >> over 400 million. >> otherwise what would you do with it? former students of a prestigious school say they were sexually assaulted on campus. >> the victim myzation didn't end there. what happened when they looked for help. >> patriots looking to the playoffs without knowing who they will play.
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>> threatened not to tell anyone. >> nothing was done or record. >> they say they tried to speak up. they were ignored. former students are suing a school that they say ignored them when they were raped.
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in middleton, rhode island. st. george's was founded in 1896. it is highly selective. last year 800 applied and 100 were enrolled. tuition including room and board is $56,000 a year. bill shields has the story new at 6:00. >> i was repeatedly raped by al gibbs for a two-year period. >> reporter: the rapist the school athletic trainer. one of 40 people allegedly abused when they were students at a rhode island prep school. >> i was publicly raped at st. george as a freshman by a fellow student. >> reporter: they say this is where it happened at the prestigious st. george prep school. the victims claim seven staff members sexually abused students from the late '70s into the ' 0s and a succession of head masters hid the truth. >> there is no explanation for an environment like st.
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these predators dressed up like sheep to prey like wolves on children at the school. >> reporter: katie whales was 15 when she was sexually assaulted the first time by the athletic trainer. then photos found their way to the student population. >> it was horrible. i became known as the absolute of the school. that i would show my body to anybody. >> reporter: they say over the year the school used the legal system to keep them quiet. >> when you are raped your voice is stolen, your soul is taken away. all that a gag order does is preserve the institution's reputation. >> reporter: school administrators apologized to unlimited counseling. they say the school's current head master was active in the continuing cover up. bill shields, wbz news. >> thanks. here we are mid-20s in the evening and it says something
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>> even the 20s feel good after this morning. this was rough this morning. >> lonely numbers out there earlier on today. three for a low temperature in worcester. concord 4 degrees. ed to get to the cape and island to get teens. 20 in chatham. a beautiful sunset tonight. meg o'leary sent this in. you can see the curvature of the beach looking to the pilgrim monument. that will make a difference through tonight and tomorrow. less wind outside. a winter trifecta has been completed. we had the earliest sunset in early november. we had the least amount of daylight on the solstice. today the latest sunrise. sunrises will get earlier and sunsets later. they don't all happen at the same time. it's brighter on both ends of the day. satellite picture all star light out there now. clearing skies behind a departing school system and the east is quiet. temperatures falling back
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they will continue to drop back 5 to 12 for the overnight lows. 14 in downtown boston. a chilly night and seeing pond and lake ice increasing. still a dangerous time for the ice. it hasn't been cold enough for long enough. keep that in mind h. cold temps out the door. midday bright sunshine, less wind. nice rebound. into the 70s at lunch. afternoon up around 40. holding in the upper 30s tomorrow evening with the sunset getting later at 4:27. a high generally around 40 for boston. lower 40s for the cape and 30s across worcester and southern new hampshire. better. warmer still into thursday. high pressure is in control. that allows for milder air. one thing we will watch the end of this week, friday the wind starts to turn on shore you can see the clouds starting to move down from the gulf of maine. it will be cooler on friday.
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enough cold air being fund in to give us icy weather to start the weekend. i am watching late friday into saturday morning. especially for the interior around 495 points north and west could be freezing rain and sleet. this is not a potent storm system. just enough to make things slick. we will update it through the week. another storm behind it. this is more potent. it will track to the west. with that it could be all rain, not just here in southern new england but up into northern new england. it does not look like a snow system. behind the storm, big outbreak. week. that will trickle in our direction but probably doesn't get here until tuesday or wednesday. forecast. tomorrow and thursday are the best days. more cloud cover on friday. light wintry mix saturday. then sunday we could get into the 50s especially for the southeastern part of the state. a mild almost spring-like day
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>> eric, thank you so much. a quiet week ahead and weekend. >> patriots getting r and r wondering who they will play next. levan reid says they don't care >> reporter: they don't know who they are going to play. welcome to the postseason, everybody. you know the patriots will use the bye week to fine tune and they can watch and get a jump on the team they have to play. this is the sixth year in a row first round bye. bill belichick knows how to use the extra time to prepare for the play-off run. we asked what message did he have for them when he spoke to the team. >> without too much detail, i think we all need to understand what time of year this is, how hard we worked to get here and forward. >> the message we got from bill
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we need to work hard to improve the team. >> doesn't matter which team you face? >> i wouldn't say some. >> it doesn't matter if we don't play good ball we won't get anything done. >> reporter: playing good ball is the key. pats lost four of the last six games and the teams usually peak at the end of the year but the pats head coach has no time for that. >> no, i don't really care about any other season or game just the one coming up. that's the only one we are focused on. i don't care about what happened to any other -- it's irrelevant to me. >> he laid it out there for you. now the pats, no game this weekend, we will have patriots all access friday night at 7:00 on wbz. saturday night watch the steelers and bengals here on wbz at 8:15 and we will update the play-off picture on sunday with patriots game day as sports final. bruins host the washington capitol tolls at the garden,
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gillette stadium winter classic against the montreal ccanadiens. they spend the next five games on the road. >> we need to win here. we have slipped a bit and we got to get our game back on track. we have challenges. we have to overcome those things and we have to overcome them against teams playing well. >> things got back on track in brooklyn after a couple of losses. jay crowder team high 25. the green hospitals the pistons at the garr -- hosts the pistons at the garden. by the way, if you look behind me, you can't see but gone is the rink. it was here for two weeks from the winter classic. gone is the mojo that the rink had. hopefully that good mojo, that good mojo for the patriots will happen. here. i know it's cold outside.
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i know it will be 52 degrees. back to you in the studio. >> hang out in the restaurant. >> all right, levan, thank you. scott pelley joins us live from new york with a preview. hi, scott. >> paula, david, greeted to be with you in boston. a rare sight at the white house today. the president brought down in tears as we remembered those who were killed in newtown, connecticut, in 2012. he was announcing unilateral executive orders to tighten gun laws in this country, orders that he is issuing without the assent of congress. we will have those details and the rest of the world news on the "cbs evening news" in about 10 minutes. you. forgotten. the hilltop steak house may
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the fish and game service
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searching for a coyote to help it. >> it was last seen like this with a plastic jar stuck on its head. the picture was taken over the weekend. several people saw it and a officer tried to help it but the coyote toe ran off. it's -- ran off. it's possible he got it off on his own. >> that is not an easy job to approach that coyote. >> used to happy tore the bear. the owners of the tuck away tavern and butchery in raymond new hampshire posted a message on the facebook page that the spot. >> keep the cactus? >> i'm not sure. is the cake tuts -- >> that -- cactus. >> that would make sense. here is a great question.
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>> boston magazine posed that question to the readers and experts and published an interesting list. on top john and abigail adams. ralph waldo emerson, malcolm x. some other interesting pics. julia child, ben franklin and tom brady finished at 29. when you were teasing the story earlier in the newscast you mentioned benjamin franklin, tom brady. my wife texted to say my 2-year- old yield at the screen tom brady. >> his father trained his well
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on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting
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single digits and teens
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a little warmer than last night. tomorrow near 40. it will feel great in the sun. >> warmer in quotes. >> all about the relative change. >> thanks eric. thanks for watching.
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