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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 6, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news starts right now. >> breaking news now at 5:30 a raging truck fire causing some major problems on 495 in milford. there is good news. emergency crews just reopened the northbound lanes here at exit 20. and one southbound lane is opened. there are still the significant delays there if you can avoid the area, state police are telling us no injuries. also tonight three saugus firefighters battling a blaze trapped inside a burning home. it was a fire fighter from another city who risked his life to save them. everyone escaped unharmed. >> baby bella's mother back in court charged with helping her boyfriend get rid of her daughter's body. investigators say rachelle bond continued to collect money from
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girl was dead. this man accused of terrorizing a harvehill woman following her home after a road gun in her face. when police went to arrest the man they found something disturbing in the home. >> he is behind bars and ken macleod is live. >> reporter: i spoke to the victim of the incident on the phone and she said she was too frightened to talk about it and requested that we not use her name in this story but this is primrose street where the routine monday morning took a very, very wrong turn this is 6 #-year-old dennis bebar and weapons. the two never combined to be a problem until monday morning. that's when police say he abruptly stopped the car here on primrose street and the woman behind him swerved around him to avoid a collision. for some reason say police, he
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to her downtown apartment in an old factory and dishing out profanity laced incoo-- but when she said nice road rage he whipped out a pistol put it in her face and threatened to kill her. responding officers ran the plate number and the terrified victim and witness picked bebar out of a photo lineup but theadventure was not over because when police went to his home to arrest him, they seized 9 pistols and rifles and 3500 rounds of ammunition. he is charged with improperly storing the guns assault with a deadly weapon and trying to kill the woman and he claims the gun handle was sticking out of the pants but never grabbed it but the permit to care yea concealed weapon is revoked for now and he remains in jail pending a hearing tomorrow to
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to release on bail. ken macleod. >> thank you. a federal judge just dismissed a multi million dollar lawsuit brought against the government by the family of one of whitey bulger's victims. bulger killed paul mcgonigle senior in 1974. his family claimed former fbi agent john connally knew bulger killed him and dumped the body in dorchester. but never told anyone. the judge said while he sympathized with the family the government had no legal duty to report what it knew. tonight fire investigators in the town of spencer are looking into a suspicious fire that destroyed a carriage house there. everyone was inside the home sleeping when the fire started. but they got out safely. one firefighter suffered a burn on his face. on new year he's eve another fire in barn a block away. investigators thought a wood stove sparked that but are taking a closer look to see if they are related. it's an emergency a developing story flooded streets all over california.
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pound the state. there are nearly 2 dozen crashes during the morning commute just in san francisco. and the waves this evening could reach nearly 20 feet high. this is what one family living about 25 miles from los angeles saw yesterday. mud flowing through the backyard. governor brown just declared a state of emergency and eric unfortunately for them this pattern of storms is at the beginning. >> we are looking at a long line of storms reaching into the pacific and about half of this has to do with el nino and half with the fact it's stormy season. this is the time of year we expect big storms to move into california. but being enhanced by el nino which is the warming of the equatorial waters off the coast of south america. we have a powerful el nino going. that leads to rising air and storms which in turn gets a really busy subtropical jet. polar jet stream that brings us cold air the subtropical jet brings the storm track across the southern tier of the united
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moisture. what you end up with is moisture laidened storms and one is moving into california and big snow and rain and mud slides and big surf as well. a couple more behind this one. so this is a story they will deal with in california for many days and maybe a couple more months yet. david back to you. >> all right eric thanks. norwood police are searching for two men who went a and shopping spree with stolencredit cards. check out the video that shows a man inside the target in westwood buying a large screen tv and sound system for himself. the victim left his keys in an unlocked locker at the gym and his wallet was in his car and then suddenly the wallet was gone. state police want help finding the person who ruined the grass and fields at the francis crane wildlife management area in falmouth. looks like one drove across the there. cities and towns here in massachusetts will be getting money that in the end could help more people survive an overdose.
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today -- baker announced the police and fire departments in 40 communities will split 700,000 dollars to buy narcan and train emergency workers how to use it. jim axlerod is work on a investigative story about the opioid crisis in america and joins us live. i know your story focuses on west virginia there. the highest rate of prescription pill overdose deaths in the country. and there are lawsuits filed against doctors against pharmacist and drug distributors what might this mean? >> reporter: i guess what the law enforcement community is trying to do is figure out effective way to target the growing problem. you talked about the number one state in the country in terms of prescription pain pill overdose west virginia at 33 overdose deaths for every 100,000 residents in west virginia. and we are going to show you tonight on the cbs evening news what some of the pain pill mills look like inside.
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room believe it or not unsanitary and on this video from 6 years old they found prescription pads presigned. we found at one point in this completely unsanitary conditions and they show you a bird in a cage at what's supposed to be anexamination room a terrible problem in west virginia where you have people lyinged -- lined up dozens hundreds for 3, 4 are 5 hours to be seen at clinics for less than five minutes and they pain pill overdose. so you will see a lawsuit where we target not just the doctors and not just the pharmacies but the whole sale prescription pain pill distributors and that's one way the state of west virginia hopes to stop its problem that other states will be watching very closely to see if it is effective in places like massachusetts. >> so many families affected by this. looking forward to the piece thank you.
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evening news with scott pelley. campaign 2016 now and with 3 # days until the new -- 33 days until the new hampshire primary candidates are feeling the pre yushkevich -- feeling the pressure. donald trump has a new target ted cruz. weija jiang has details. >> we are bankrupting our kids and grand kids. >> reporter: in iowa ted cruz is brushing off an attack by his main rival in the republican race for president, donald trump is questioning how his candidacy. >> the problem is that if the democrats bring a lawsuit the lawsuit could take years to resolve. >> reporter: cruz was born in can did but his mother is american making him a citizen and he responded with there their tweet a link to the clip of the tv show happy days. >> i am going to stick with fonzi jumping the shark and let the rest of you battle it out. >> reporter: jump the shark is shorthand for the moment what tv show or anything else, begins to go downhill.
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other presidential candidates are battling too including carly fiorina who hosted a luncheon here in dover new hampshire.she used north korea's claim it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb to criticize democratic front- runner hillary clinton. >> they know nothing will happen and that's a failure that lights at the foot of hillary clinton. >> reporter: republican candidate chris christie directed the criticism at president obama. >> the president's been playing footsy with the iranians we have allowed north koreans to get down the nuclear road. >> reporter: as for the question about cruz's citizenship other foreign born republican presidents ran for president without serious challenges to their eligible. weija jiang. >> a warning from wegmans. >> why the the supermarket is in the fridge. wars. so why is she missing from a popular board game. what the company is telling fans.
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that captivated the internet pond. with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? you can. five minutes online and is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to it's that easy. done. i just registered. that was easy.
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you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sanders,
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on wbz feed hairs borrow responding to star wars fans demands. >> they will include daisy ridley character's rae in the new version of star wars monday oply -- monopoly the version that came out only had the male characters disspied rae is the lead player the decision was made to avoid spoilers. star wars the force awakens is now the top selling film of all time in the u.s. and canada. that didn't take long to go past avatar. >> now they know what a huge hit and she is it's only their advantage to have her in the game. >> which piece did you use? >> the car. >> i liked the boot. >> oh perfect. >> english marketing firm helped thousands stay entertained at work.
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and the creative ways that people get around it or over it. the stream was up on periscope consider periscope for 6 hours and thousands of people tuned in. some trying to jump over the puddle in the video and other people climbing around it. so you go around or over. >> i don't know. i think i go home at that point. >> coming up tomorrow, they will have video of paint drying. >> that's cool. aid good color. jelly boston cream chocolate glaze we have a favorite doughnut. >> how about one made from gold? the manila social club in brooklyn is selling this masterpiece for $100 each. it is covered in crystal champagne icing. and featuring 24 care carat gold flakes originally listed as a holiday special but because of overwhelming demand it's parts of the regular menu. how is there overwhelming demand who spends 100 dollars on a doughnut. >> nobody. >> was it crystal sham payne.
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car that can help you take a selfie behind the wheel. now it's reamount after the break the creations at the consumer electronics show. >> and our weather watchers network reporting some slightly warmer temperatures. everyone is ecstatic and everycomment is about how comfortable it was today. john in nashua recovery and enjoyed my walk. hopefully you got out and the forecast for the weekend is coming up next. >> and coming up tonight at 10 over on my tv38 power ball fever gripping the nation. katie brace is talking to local players to see what they plan to do with the potential 500 million dollars. and the spike of hoverboard injuries in the bay state what local doctors are seeing in the newest place that is the boards are being -- places that the boards are being banned.
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on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting
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their own rules. hillary clinton will work to equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, lower taxes for the middle class. she gets the job done for us. i'm hillary clinton and i
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look at breaking news a truck fire causing major problems on 495 in milford. emergency crews reopened the northbound lanes and one of the southbound lanes near exit 20ch the fire itself was in the southbound lane. but there are still big delays in that area. state police are telling us despite the problems there, no injuries. >> that's a tough commute home. let's talk about our weather because boy we were didn't last long. >> thank goodness. if we are going to have a harsh quick. >> it was great. >> you don't think it will get cold again. >>i don't know. you will tell us. >> we are not halfway done. so there's winter to come. but not in the next few days. >> okay. >> staying comfortable. here are the headlinesch the first is above average temperatures right through the weekend. so, kind of back and forth this month of january. i think we will be in and out of the warmer and colder days.
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weekend, freezing drizzle late friday and into saturday potentially causing icy spots on the roads. not a big event but enough to make it slick. approaches on sunday. and that brings with it little few hours. we will jump up into the 50s in many towns and heavy rainfall coming down on sunday. for tonight just quiet cool evening down to 29 in orange at 33. melted some of the snow today that fell over the first part of the week. we have high pressure still in control and it's moved a little farther south today that kicked our wind direction to the southwest. and brought in some of the milder air. so tonight not as cold but very he within theory. temperatures in the -- wentry. temperatures in the teens for most areas 20s in the cities and 30 nantucket. but it will be bright and sunshine again in the forecast. nice winter day. 40 at lunchtime and by the evening we are falling back through the 30s yet again with theset tomorrow just shy of 4:30.
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today. up to 42. central massachusetts. friday a change. we will bring in northeastern wind and you can see that flow of air coming down own -- out of the gull maine bringing a chilly -- did-- gulf of maine and bringing in a chilly feel. we are close to 40 along the the coastline will likely stay in the 30s all day. now late on friday, the evening overnight and into saturday morning, you don't see a lot here on the future model, but i think there will be spots of light freezing drizzle and maybe a couple snowflakes just enough light winter precipitation where maybe some of the crews will have to go out and salt sand the road and travel could get slick. something we are going to be monitoring. if any bigger storm system follows for sunday it tracks way up to the west. which is a warm track. we call those inside runners. and it's going to bring in maybe even a couple thunderstorms on sunday. and some really heavy rainfall. wind swept rain at that a half
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rain and we need to get to the mid-50s to set new record highs. so as we look towards the weekend roundup saturday low 40s towards the coast but 30s inland. some of those icy spots. sunday we jump into the 50s with the heavy rain mostly a washout and i think the heaviest rainfall last for 6 hours of the day. and if you are thinking about the key air -- ski areas, saturday is the day to go for sure. somebody is wherevery -- sunday is whereveryone changes over to -- where everyone changes to rain. colter -- cold irair for monday and much colder tuesday and wednesday and we will monday tar late tuesday into wednesday for snowflakes as well. so winter is going to show back newspaper my kids will be happy. -- back up. >> my kids will be happy. >> eventually it will snow i promise that much. >> sledding in the dirt is not that fun. >> no. wegmans announced a chicken recall. more than a thousand pounds of chicken sent to stores in massachusetts new york and four
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the recalled chicken has packed on days sunday january 2nd return it to the store for a full refund and we have more details on cbs right now the latest and greatest in technology is all on display in one place. >> the consumer electronics show in las vegas opened today and small gadgets and big household items are on display. danielle nottingham takes a closer look. >> reporter: the massive consumer electronics show provides a peek into the feature of high tech and some items are for the immediate future. including the marathon laundry machine a washer and drier in one comes with a touch screen wi-fi and can warn you if you accidentally leave your phone in your clothes. in the kitchen there's an lg fridge you can open with your foot or tap on the door to see what's inside. last year, 4k tvs were the the rage. cnet brian cooley says hdr is the next big thing. >> high dynamic range it means the television that can show
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and more of the colors your eye can see all at oncep. >> reporter: all the makers are here too. chevy unveiled the electrical called the bolt starting at 30,000 dollars no price stag for this concept car. >> the steering wheel retracks for comfort and convenience. >> reporter: experimental electric car can drive on its own and comes with a drone that can take selfies of you driving. the car is just one of the countless high tech items at this show that covers more than 2 million square feet of space. danielle nottingham cbs news los angeles. into that last one a little like the 100 doughnut. >> yeah. >> how good can they he get. friend. >> but a new england girl picked something else. animal that won't let her out of its sight coming up next. the commute. the truck fire that shut down 495 and created a mess.
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hurt during the women's winter classic. and we are getting a sense of how devastating this injury could be. also ahead. >> coming up new at 6, relatives of bicyclists killed on massachusetts roads pleads for new laws protecting those
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median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. this is a special bond between a girl in maine and her pet buck this is kylie brown and her duck snowflake.
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following the 5-year-old just about everywhere she goes for the past 6 months. and from a nap to a dip at the beach and a ride on the swings and even on halloween the two have been side by side. kylie's mom says snowflake waits for her friend until she gets off the school bus. is that a perfect children's book or what? we have much more still ahead. the news at 6 starts right now. now at 6, a dream game turns into a nightmare. the hockey player facing a long recovery after an accident on the ice. >> firefighters saving firefighters. >> give me a hand and let's get out. >> the hoareos who rushed into -- the heroes who rushed into the flames to pull the brothers to safety. >> the trend in the 40s and a little ice and a lot of rain. >> and making the roads safer for riders and drivers. the new proposal that could end deadly collisions. >> live from the channel 4
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wbz news at 6. starts right now. >> at first here at 6 we have breaking news tonight. a truck fire in milford shuts down 495 southbound in fact at one point the entire southbound side of the highway was shut down. >> one lane has reopened but it's a mess. jim smith is live in the satellite sent wert latest. >> reporter: well-offously not a good situation -- well, obviously not a good situation traffic wise on route 495 and skyeye just arrived. let's look at what's unfolding as we speak. you can see the fire is out, by. the damage has been done. we are told the backup southbound is as much as 8 miles as firefighters try to clean up this mess. of course, this all started a little bit more than an hour ago. at one time the truck was fully engulfed by the flames near exit 20 on the southbound side of 495 and a very busy section not far from the mass pike at this point it's too early to
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