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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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but the good news is state police tell us there are no injuries. the cleanup is obviously going to take a while so avoid the area if at all possible. state police can't tell us when this roadway might reopen. david and paula back to you. >> that's a long ride home. jim smith thanks. new at 6 a devastating injury a woman living out her dream playing in the women's winter classic now facing a long recovery. denna laing was playing for the new woman's league. >> she crashed into the boards and now there's a push to raise at least 50,000 dollars to help with her recovery. beth is live at the scene. >> reporter: a somber and frightening moment a game a massive step forward for women's hockey. denna laing is the ultimate team player with numerous awards to her credit. another community is -- and now the community is rallying
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for 24-year-old ford denna laing it was a landmark moment her boston pride professional women's hockey team taking to the ice at gill jet stadium. this could be the most exciting day of my life she wrote on her facebook page. headed outdoors at 2 p.m., to play in the first ever women's winter classic. but late in the first period, the unthinkable. when she lost her footing crashed into the boards and was seriously injured taken from the ice on a stretcher. >> i stopped breathing. i stopped breathing. >> reporter: carl gray owns the concord hockey rink where laing began the sport at 9 years old under the coaching of her father bringing home championships. she excelled in high school and college hockey and joined the pride in the newly formed national women's hockey league this season. >> her ability to interrelate is -- it was very strong. the fact she was voted by the players down in princeton to be
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happen. >> reporter: how the accident happened on new year's eve is still unclear but there were concerns about ice conditions on the sunny day. friend have now set up a gofundme page to help the family with medical expenses which continues to grow. a long -- along with emotional support. >> it's going to be her will not to get discouraged and it's great that there's such a strong support network. >> reporter: now denna laing is a victim witness advocate who said in a statement i have every confidence she will face the recovery with the upbeat attitude and determination that she brings to her work. her family is keeping a details of her condition private. reporting live from foxborough beth germano. three firefighters trapped in the fire are alive thanks to the heroics of their brothers. family in the home had escaped.
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out the second floor when they became trapped. chantee lanes is live with the -- lans is live with the incredible story. >> reporter: the firefighters were trapped on the first floor on essex street. tonight they have those -- their own colleagues to thank forsake their lives. a routine house fire on essex street nearly turns tragic for three saugus firefighters. they got an 84-year-old her daughter and granddaughter out safely and then they became trapped. >> i was lucky to be at that window at that time. >> reporter: 15 year malden fire fight vet spotted one of them from outside. >> i reached in and said brother give me your hand brother. >> reporter: this is the living room window where the firefighter pulled his colleague out. he says he landed in the bushes. >> within moments we turned around and that room was fully involved and you know, kind of he said you saved my life and i said kind of embraced him and
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what we are supposed to do. >> reporter: 20 years saugus firefighter vet pulled the two remaining trapped firefighters out of the front door. >> he honestly thought he was going to die in the fire and that he might not make it out. he he was running really low on air. >> i never want to see a brother or sister in harm's way ever again. >> i couldn't be prouder of my guys specifically firefighter he jean did a outstanding job today and we are very proud of him. >> reporter: investigators believe that fire strted -- started in the basement crews remain on scene because there's and they will tear down a portion of the house tonight. report live in saugus, chantee lans. it was rebound day for the weather after another chilly start. temperatures rose into the 40s eric fisher is here tracking the brief warmup. it felt good. >> not florida but it felt nice in the sunshine after a couple
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this time at 6 last night. temperatures running 10 to as much as 20 degrees warmer. what does that mean? it's 37 in boston. 30 in norwood and new bed foreat 35 and nantucket at 40. and pretty comfortable stuff. high pressure is in control and moved farther south today which allowed for the southwesterly breezes bringing in that milder air. and so tonight, cold yes, as cold not quite. 14 to 22 in the suburbs and about 26 in downtown boston under mainly clear skies. the trend stays above that average line here over the next several days. all the way through the weekend and into the start of next week with very heavy rainfall we could come close to record highs on sunday. we will take a focus on the weekend coming up in a few minutes including a chance for ice to be begin. >> time for ice. all right thanks very much. tonight, new details in the deaths of baby bella. prosecutors revealed new information about how her murder was covered up. as her mother returned to court. we have the details from liam martin.
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accused of storing the body of her daughter in a refrigerator before traveling with her boyfriend to drop it in the ocean and today she was charged with accessories and a larceny. mother of bella bond charged with concealing the murder. authorities aelectric that in late may -- alleged that in late may she sent her boyfriend to put her 2-year-old daughter to bed he killed her calling hear demon. >> she told police she knew her daughter was dead and went to hold her but mr. mccarthy prevented her from seeing her daughter and told her to leave the room which she did. >> reporter: mccarthy and bond are accused of later placing the body into a duffle bag with weights and dropping it into the ocean. the body of bella bond ehe ventually washed-up on deer island her mother is accused of staying silent for more than 3 months all while collecting daughter's name. >> the fact the district attorney has gone on and on and on is an ndcation this case is
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the cameras for the benefit of potential jury pool and poiseoningonning any trial. >> reporter: her attorney argues the state is trying it in the public and says mccarthy used drugs and threats to keep her quiet. >> we dispute she aest is mr. mccarthy and while there can be physical control of a person there can be emotional and psychological control of a person. >> reporter: bond is held on 1 million dollars cash bail. her boyfriend is expected to be arraigned next week after he was indicted on murder charges. david. >> all right liam thanks. chipotle's problems pile up. they say they have been -- piling up. they they have been subpoenaed into a noro vice you outbreak. they have revealed -- nor row vie -- norovirus outbreak. they have revealed how muchsuffered from the outbreak here. the company says it has or will spend up to 16 million
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food samples for safety and paying legal claims. chipotle says the sales nationwide dropped about 15% during and after the outbreak. you know running can be a benefit for your health. >> but this light jog may make everyone in new england feel better. coming up tom brady and his wounded ankle return to the practice field. >> plus, bicyclists versus drivers. the new ideas to make the road safer. >> and it's the award that brought us a parade of hollywood stars. tonight who is going to be this year's hastings puddy award winning. >> and we continue to keep an eye on the traffic mess for you tonight. skyeye over 495 south. still just one lane getting by. last word was it was a 8-mile backup.
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bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. dear fellow citizen, i know what it' s like to buy a house. i know how it feels to be stressed about money. i understand what a scary word "retirement" is, and i can help. because i' m not just a fellow dad, fellow mom, fellow saver, m a fellow citizen. her best. just like you. elizabeth trackler samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison jared duemling alex payne someone has stolen a plow north attleboro fire
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away from the department's headquarters with the stolen plow blade on their pickup truck. the fire department hopes that someone is going to recognize the truck. new at 6 making it safer for riders and drivers a plea to protect everyone out on the roadways. drivers and riders each have their own complaints about the others. >> but sometimes the situation becomes more than just aggravating and it can become downright dangerous and deadly. tonight christina hager shows us some of the solutions. >> reporter: even though dustin's brother died if bicycling accident he still rides everywhere. today, to a hearing on beacon hill. >> to prevent a tragedy. >> reporter: testifying about ways to make cycling safer in massachusetts. >> this is something that can just make that safer. it's easy enough to do and i think it's well worth the time and effort for it. >> reporter: he is pushing for a law requiring side guards on trucks.
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them if a truck were to hate bike, the guard would stop it from being pulled under the wheels. that's what happened to his brother cyst to ever more than 3 -- christopher more than three years ago as he rode along comm avenue. >> it feels like it's still not real and hard to describe. >> reporter: also brianna arnold who is -- whose uncle was killed in on -- on a bike one week ago in worcester. william phoenix. >> anything can help the extra bike lace or anything. >> reporter: another proposal would prevent scenes like this prohibiting cars from parking or even just stopping in a marked bike labor. -- lane. also vehicle would be required to keep a 3 foot distance from bikes when passing. lawmaker talked through the bills, dustin will continue to do what his brother loved to do. ride.
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streets safer than his brother ever saw them. in boston christina hager wbz news. >> by the late afternoon you could have taken your bike to work if you wanted to because it did feel so warm didn't have the multiple layers we needed yesterday. >> i will admit last night eric you said 40 was going to feel good today and i was not convinced but it felt great. >> ever skeptical. i appreciate that that's a great quality in a scientist good healthy kepttism i walk to the gym in shorts today and thought there's something not right but this about -- skepticism. i walk to the gym in shorts today and thought there's something not right about this. it's balancing out the last couple cold days. right now, still not bad. aid great winter evening. 32 in plymouth nashua at 30 worcester at 31 and more within theory map across the northeast nothing too harsh and nothing tarrably mild either. we got clear skies up in and
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the story nest is -- storminess is along the west coast. right now outside san diego, there are tornadoes warnings which is not something you see in southern california. it was expected the storm prediction center in norman oklahoma they do the outlooks and they had outlined the san diego area a good forecast for them. but nasty storms. around here quiet and cold and winter night. in the teens for most towns 20s in the city and tomorrow morning a bright start to the day. sunshine again tomorrow. and very light winds will be around 40 degrees at lunch. and ready comfortable stuff. and the evening dry quiet and no issues and sunset at 4:28. looking for a high exactly the same. 45 in boston and 41 in rockport and bedford to 42 and worcester much of the higher elevation owore store into the upper 30s. things change into the weekend beginning in friday. wind out the northeast bring clouds out of the gulf maine and spotty drizzle and we have temps near 40 along the coast
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stay in the 30s and it will feel chillier. friday night into saturday morning, you notice the future model is not showing a lot of activity. but i do think there will be freezing drizzle and a couple sleet pellets and snowflakes mixed in through saturday morning. it's not a lot but it's enough to cause slick roads and for thedpw crews cause for sanding and salting. so something we will monitor. the next storm a larger one arrives on sunday inside runner and goes well to the west. and pulls in mild air and some very he heavy rainfall on sunday. could see very gusty winds possibly damaging level winds and also talking about street flooding and will clear drains if they are blocked up by ice. watching for the street flooding gusty south winds ice and snow not a factor on sunday. it will be way up above the norm. and looking at temps revenge the -- reaching the 50s on sunday afternoon a short time that won't last long but a spike to near record levels and the party ends and we go back to the colder pattern as we head into next week.
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racing off into a mild january like in a mild december. the full accu-weather seven-day a few icy spots on saturday. colder in the interior again in the 30s. sunday is the mild day. and look for a chance of a little snowfall late tuesday into wednesday. that's the next chance for more significant flakes. paula and david back to you. >> thanks so much. so, when last we saw tom brady there was a disconcerting we won't call it a limp but he was gingerly stepping away. >> sounds like the beginning of a documentary when we last saw. >> yeah i know but today. >> he looks better steve. >> but today yes it's all good news. patriots went back to work and what tom brady hit the practice field it was no sign of a limp. remember he was bruised his right ankle during the loss on sunday in miami. down at practice he said even though it was a walk-through, it was just what the doctor ordered. so all we needed to see on
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tom brady starting a jog at the end of the media session portion of practice. but then it was also good to hear this. >> better. better than a couple days ago. >> reporter: after 12 it was rolled up by suh on sunday who knew what the next couple days would bring? but now nor seems he is okay and the mind set is where it needs to be. >> we worked hard to get to this point. so, i read a cool quote that said i didn't come this far to come this far. so, whoa still got further to go. >> reporter: the team has work to do. the biggest obstacle may be forgetting how they he ended the season and getting a start on make sure they ready for what's next. >> you don't have a game this week so we are not preparing to you know install the plays this week. we don't know who we are playing. so, you know we will focus on us and what we need to improve. >> it's competing and getting better at small things you lose throughout the season so we get to compete against each other and have fun.
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said something interesting in the press caverns and -- press conference and i am paraphrasing he says the pats have to play better because the team coming in will have already won a playoff game and all that is very true. at gillett stadium levan reid wbz sports. >> thanks very much. no patriots game this weekend but all access friday night at 7 on wbz and i go one-on-one with matthew slater. >> when you sit around this weekend, will you watch? >> certainly. not only as an opoppet scouting a potential matchup but i think as a fan i will enjoy watching the games and i love the game of football so i will definitely be tuned in. >> saturday night watch the steelers and bengals wild card game on wbz at 8:15 and we will update the playoff picture on sunday with patriots game day and sports final. baseball who will of familiar announced the class of 2016 a few minutes ago. cooperstown.
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over 99% of the ballots only 3 voters left him off. and 22 seasons he hit 630 home runs and 6th all time and he is 13 time all star won 10 gold gloves and 7 silver slug are awards and 1997al, mvp also head mike pee asa -- peeasa. you need -- pee asa. schilling roger clemons got 45% of the vote. bruins news percentageron was named to the all star team. he leads the black and gold with 37 points and 15 goals and 22 assist tied for team lead in both categories. he also is second in the league in face-offs and the set celtics takes on -- take on pistons all wrapped in one sports package. guys back to you. >> we like it. thanks very much.
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at 6:30. >> and scott pelley joins us live from new york with a preview. hey scott. >> david and paula grade to be -- great to be with you. we have a great story for you in boston. it will be at the end of the brought cast -- broadcast about the boston accent what being a to ask. we follow a movie casting director around boston looking for exactly the right accent. let's have a look at what she had to say. >> it's diamond search you know i am sifting through the city. you look good. >> what is the perfect boston accent for the movies? we will show you tonight on the cbs evening news coming up at 6:30. >> looks like a good story thanks scott. have a good night. >> next, joining the multi million air club. famous names you will beat out
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>> you need that for four kids. winning numbers tonight at 11. when we come back, the oscars press tigeous and sammy is good. >> -- emmys too. >> the harvard institution
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that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. officially award season in hollywood goanld globes are headed on sunday and oscars at end of next month. >> we know who gets the pudding pot woman of the year kerry washington. washington earned emmy and golden globe nominations for work on scandal but this is probably the prize she really wants. who doesn't want to ride in a parade through harvard square in the middle of winter with too -- 20-year-old men wearing bras. >> she is beautiful and she is. >> that's the dream. >> that's the dream. >> living the dream and hopefully at that point it won't be too cold for her sake. >> we will see if we can make


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