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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  January 7, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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new details this morning about the scandal that is alarming parents and police. >> breaking news overnight a pedestrian suffers serious injuries after be hit by -- being hit by a car in brighton. the latest on the investigation. >> may day may day. >> and the call for help from firefighters trapped inside a burning home. how they were able to get out. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. good morning it's 5:00 and thanks for waking up with us i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn haus are we appreciate you being here on this thursday january 7th and we call it little friday and it's not as cold this morning. >> we are about 5 to 10 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. so it makes a difference absolutely. good morning, temperature right now is 27 dough grows at logan airport. humidity is at 49% so there's dry air in place and wind is
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miles per hour right now. 17 in taunton. 15 in nashua where we were in the single digits yesterday. and that bit of a breeze in spots making it feel colder. so the real feel logan airport is 18 and 14 in worcester. skies are clear and we are in for another day featuring plenty of sunshine. sunrise at 7:13 again we bounding to near 40 at lunchtime a light wind throughout the air noon. low to mid-40s and we will cool off into the mid-30s for the ride home with a couple clouds into the picture. we are going to see another quiet end to the week tomorrow. but more clouds move in. i will have details on the weekend coming up. let's go to the roads this morning good morning robi. >> reporter: we are almost there. thursday one more day to go. thursday morning commute underway. yesterday we had a ton of accidents hopefully that is not the case this morning. let's start off with a live look over the expressway. moderate to heavy volume braintree to boston no reported
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route 3 north looks good coming up and the rest of major routes from the south are trouble free. checking the north map, a 93 southbound looks decent in the andover and medford stretches. route 1 south was a mess right now. route 3 south and 128 south are speeds on the rise. >> thanks very much. breaking news overnight. police investigating after a brighton. this happened late last night union street. the pedestrian is in the injuries. the driver was also taken to the hospital. no word on their conditions. breaking this morning fire forcing three adults out of their home. firefighters were called to a multifamily home and gaston street in rox bury a around 3 this morning no one was hurt and everybody was able to get out of the home safely. fire is out and the chief 400,000 dollars. >> vandalism outside fenway
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someone spray painted part of johnny peski's number 6. it's unfortunate someone who do this but we have to deal with graffiti in the area and they hope to have it cleaned up. boston police looking into this. now to an i-team investigation a scandal at a north shore high school that forced a principal to suddenly resign and wbz learned he was caught in an online sting. >> the swampscott principal is accused of having explicit conversations with someone he thought was young girl. susie steimle is live with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning kathryn and chris. in december ed rozmiarek was put on leave for enappropriate content on his computer but we didn't know what it was. we know he was trying to have sexual conversation was 13-year- old girl and got caught. former principal ed rozmiarek
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and students wondering why. >> i guess we are wondering what's going on. >> it's rumors but no one knows anything for sure. >> reporter: now the questions are being answered in a police report object tanned by wbzi- team. the principal is caught in an online sting having what he thought was a sexual explicit conversation with a 13-year-old girl in a chat room. much of the activity tracked to his school issued computer. all of this a ruse by a foundation whose goal is to catch online predators. >> i thought he was a great guy i didn't think whoa do anything bad. >> reporter: that's how he was introduced himself online as a high school principal but just a regular guy. when asked why he did it he told police because it's exciting. he will not face criminal charges. district torn's office says he may have crossed a morale line but not a criminal one. live in swampscott susie steimle.
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this morning we are hearing the call for help after the massive fire in saugus. we first told you about it yesterday morning. three firefighters were trapped inside. nicole jacobs is live in saugus with more on how they were able to get out safely good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. it was 24 hours ago that may day call was heard here. of course reminding us all how dangerous this job can be. it's the coined of heart stopping call filled with panic. >> may day may day on the fire ground. >> reporter: may day alerting firefighters of the surrounding dangers. >> may day, may day. >> reporter: it was a call heard at 2:40 e-- 240 essex street in saugus as flames and smoke smoothered the home three firefighters found themselves trapped and overcome. >> i heard him pounding the window to break it and seen his
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brother. >> reporter: a true mark of lines. rescuers. >> within moments we turned around and the room was fully involved and kind of he said you saved my life and i said kind of embraced and went back supposed to do. firefighters chris rizza's brothers. >> he -- saved one of hisbrothers. >> he honestly thought he would die in the fire and was running low on air and he felt like he had a couple seconds left of air and that was going to be it. >> reporter: taking a live look now at this essex street home that has been torn down now, i should add that the three people who were inside the house at the time this fire started they were able to escape and the three firefighters also escaped with
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live in saugus nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thank you very much. also fire sparked an italian restaurant while customers were inside. this happened last night at carmella's in kingston. no one was hurt. firefighters says it start on the second floor. so far no word on what caused it. 5:07. questions still swirling aboutnorth korea's claims it successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb but the white house says an early and a sis by the u.s. government is not consistent with a bomb blast. and they doubt north korea has the technology to pull it off. >> there's nothing that occurred in the last 24 hours that has caused the united states government to change our assessment of north korea's technical and military capabilities. >> the announcement prompted an emergency closed-door meeting of the united nations security council and could result in widening sanctions against north korea. disturbing now details about the charges against the mother of a little girl whose
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in court yesterday, prosecutors say rachelle bond was with her boyfriend when he put baby bella's body in a duffle bag and weighed it down and threw it in the ocean. rachelle bond is charged with larceny for taking money from the state on her daughter's old was dead. bill cosby will not face angeles. the da passed on filing charges in two alleged cases. two women accused the comedian of abusing them several years ago when they were teens. the da says there is not enough evidence and too much time has passed. last month cosby was charged with sexual assault in pennsylvania. 40 massachusetts communities are receiving state funds to stockpile supplies of a drug that can counter opioid overdoses. governor baker says police and fire departments can use the money to purchase narcan. most of the money is going to the state's larger cities but
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at least 4 overdose deaths last year will also receive a grant. a new england patriots player in hot water with his neighbors. providence homeowners say wide receiver danny amendola carport is a blight on the neighborhood. bree has a closer look at the offending structure. bree. >> reporter: oh chris the problems we have. he is renting a house on historic benefit street in providence. that house was built in 1776. benefit street in the college hill historic district wherethey are generally about picky coping things consistent with the age of the neighborhood but he put up this a temporary and much more modern carport and applied for a permit and told the city it will come down in february when he is under less pressure to get to bill belichick's early morning practices on time. he is the pass starting wide receiver logging three touchdowns despite being injured for two of the games.
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hoopla but he has at least one neighbor in his corpser's former member of the historic district commission suggest he instead. a minor sin. the neighbor is thrilled to have amendolla living down the street and said it would be now back to you. >> there you go thanks very much. new trouble for chipotle the restaurant chain is part of a criminal investigation for a norovirus outbreak in california. now norovirus sickened 140 people at chipotle in cleveland circle that is not part of the criminal case. meantime, chipotle says sales plunged 30% in december. and macy's announced they are cutting more than 4,000 jobs and closing dozens of stores nationwide including two locations in western mass. the department store blames the cuts on poor holiday sales. coming up, no jackpot winner for last night's big power ball drawing.
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the ticket yet because the -- the conis it a lation prize -- conis it a lation -- consolation prize a person is about to get. >> we have highlights coming up. >> another chilly start and not as cold as it was this time yesterday. and it's going to be another nice winter day. plenty of sunshine a light wind and temperatures coming in the mid-40s. changes on the way for the weekend. i will let you know which day we will see heavy rain.
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. all right there were no big jackpot winners in last night's power ball drawing but that means the prize is growing. >> for saturday's drawing. >> but, it's not going to be up to 675 million dollars which is what they project it as one person in massachusetts will get some money. a ticket sold in plymouth matched 5 of the winning numbers. so here they are. if you want to get your tickets out 2-11-47-62-63 and that person only missed the power ball which was 17. >> and that prize is 1 million dollars. check your tickets. and we have to wait until saturday to see if a win again it's only growing. we have got that going. >> and there's always a little bit of a chance. >> tell me there's chance. there she is. >> oh, no -- there's a chance.
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>> oh no. >> he got one number. >> that's worth something. >> now you ripped up the ticket. >> so we will-- there's always a chance. >> i will line up in solidarity with you. >> at least the weather is going to be beautiful. it's about 5 to 10 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. it's going to be another great winter day especially by january standards and we will stay above average through the weekend. freezing drizzle possible. tomorrow night into saturday morning, it labor cross the far interior and anything that develops should be light but may create a couple slick spots big weather maker. sunday though, a lot of rain heavy rain at that and possible warmer air. temperatures are likely to come into the 50s on sunday. records to beat mid-50s in many communities. we will see if we can get this. 27 in boston right now. 24 in worcester. 15 in nashua and 10 degrees in keene where we were in the single digits yesterday. and just like yesterday the
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there's a bit of a wind creating a real feel of 18 at logan airport. sun is shining once it comes up. rise at 7:13 this morning. and couple high thin clouds may mix in today. so them off to the south but that wouldn't be until later this afternoon. high pressure is the dominant feature on the weather map and it will be with us today and tomorrow. it's going to weaken a bit. what's going to happen tomorrow is the wind starts to come in off the ocean. so, there's going to be a deck of clouds that will fill in off the water during the day tomorrow. so any sunshine tomorrow morning will fade away and skies become overcast mostly cloudy for friday. and there may be a couple patches of drizzle that develop as we head into friday night. but notice even on saturday morning, this is what i am talking about. there's not a ton of moisture but it will be saturated at the low levels of the atmosphere. so maybe a couple patches of dries kohl mix with a touch of freezing ran across the interior. it would be very light. it takes a trace and that's why we are mention it to create slick roads. saturday is the pick of the weekend.
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rest of the day because look at the moisture that has to come in heading into sunday. it will rain hard probably around an inch either side of that heading into the day on sunday but it will drag in warmer air. so highs coming up into the 50s week. highs today, low to mid-40s. overnight tonight 20 in the suburbs 31 downtown and accu- weather seven-day forecast keeps us cooler tomorrow because of the clod cover. saturday 43p look at that on sunday -- 43. lock at that on sunday colder and brighter temperatures in the mid-30s by the way pamela had a blast and want to show outvideo of her visiting the kids out in bellingham. got a chance to talk all about the weather and it's nice to have a small group because you can connect and that he had great time pamela did as well. wbz school visits track and weather together back at it we will be after the school break.
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>> mine does that too. >> -- footage from 1990. >> mine does that too. >> when we don't heart audio i giving is fine. good to -- giggling is fine. pretty quiet except we have an dent south of town. crash down in braintree 128 southbound before the split. that's a bad spot. total traffic network says the there. now seeing a bumper to bumper backup to the logan expressway. we will keep an eye on that. chris and kathryn. >> thanks. 5:18. here at home the patriots getback on the practice field. >> and steve burton has morning sports. >> good morning. celtics what 13-point lead and let it have away outscored 33- 19 in the fourth quarter and they lose to detroit last night at garden all the starters were in double figures and they still lost. 3 of 6 from downtown after one
5:19 am
the last 163-pointers. yikes. this team seems to fall in love with the three-ball and ugly when they he don't hit them. pistons with the ball and one- point lead. jackson finds johnson who drains the 3. putting the pistons up 4. they couldn't recover as pistons win 99-94. celtics back in action tonight in chicago against the bulls. the football patriots back on the practice field yesterday and this was nice to see tom brady who reportedly has a sprained right ankle lightly workout. he looked fine entering the press conference yesterday morning and said he is feeling better and said despite the injury his frame of mind is where it needs to be. ready to go. you know physically you want to feel your best and i think you have to work as hard as you can at doing the right things to get to that point. so, that's where i feel like i am at.
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junior and mike pee asa -- pee asa. -- pee asa. griffey made it and mike pia. zia made it after receiving will 3 -- 38% of the vote all time record for home runs by a catcher. and two bruins notes b-urgeron was selected for the all star game and a suspension that knocked quaid out of the game. now over to you. 5:20. here-- here straight ahead new details on gardner museum heist. >> why the fbi could get the break they were look for to solve the mystery. this is jon keller if a candidate would lie about a favorite sports team how can they be trusted to run our country. we are wrestling with that one
5:21 am
5eudz:23a lot of candidates try to use sports as way to connect with voters. >> and some are honest about it. more hon of the i should say than others. jon keller looks closer. >> reporter: good morning. actor samuel l jackson witnessed donald trump cheating at golf. trump denies it but jackson is only the latest trump golfing
5:22 am
according to the washington post, avid golfer's and rock star alice cooper said trum of is the worst celebrity golf cheat. rick riley wrote afterwards who cadied for trum he said he is the 11 on a scale of 1 to 10 but the truth is toys honesty loves company and trump has plenty. richard nixon lindennionson and bill clinton were said to be notorious golf cheats. clinton was so famous for his habit of taking illegal mulligans they had their own nickname. president obama takes heat for the amount of golf he plays but no one accused him of cheating that i know of. and jimmy carter's record on the links was pure. he didn't play golf. who cares about any of this. maybe we ought to. the writer once wrote if there's any larceny in man, golf will bring it out.
5:23 am
procliiveity of a candidate can give you unsight into their character or lack of it. i appreciate it when dolphins fan marco rubio stands by his team while campaigning in patriots country or president obama sticks with the white sox even after leaving chicago. what sort of person would lie about such an important loyalty? so in this election year voters should ask themselves, if i can't trust you to be honest about sports, how can i trust you with the nuclear codes. if you have a comment e-mail it at or reach out on twitter at keller at large. >> it's 5:25. congress approving legislation to repeal the affordable care act better known as obamacare. it was near party line vote and white house promises a swift veto. gop law makers say they are fulfilling a promise to voters in a presidential election jeer
5:24 am
pointless political theater joe biden opening up about his decision not to run for president in 2016. the vice president says he regrets not joining the race but believes he made the right decision for himself and his family. biden says he will be very involved in the campaign for the eventual democratic nominee. 5:26. still to come in the next half- hour, more on the breaking news we are following out of brighton. >> a pedestrian hit on chestnut hill avenue. the latest on the investigation. >> plus rescue to make -- a rescue that would make lassie proud. good morning danielle. >> good morning. temperatures in the teens and 20s out the door and we will rise into the 30s by mid to late morning. plenty of sunshine again today. we top out in the 40s and wind is going to be light too. so a nice winter day and changes for the weekend. we will talk about it.
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breaking news right now at 5:30. a pedestrian hit by a car in brighton.
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>> a local high school principal suddenly resigns. new details this morning about the scandal that is alarming parents and police. >> could it be the key to crack the gardner museum art heist. the new evidence the fbi sayslinks a mobster to the decades old mystery. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. good morning. it's 5:30 right now. welcome back i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon thursday january 7th a-so far so good out there. night as cold as it has been the past couple mornings. >> tepees and 20s and the winds will be lighter today than -- teens and 20s and the winds will be lighter today than yesterday. >> teens and 20s not so bad. >> 40 this afternoon will feel nice because of the sunshine. when you are in the sun it makes a difference.
5:29 am
morning. england. heavy coat and hats and gloves may be necessary. we will be up around 40 by the end of school. nice by january standards. 24 in worcester or in the teens in taunton and we are at 15 in nashua. this is where we were in the yesterday. a bit of a breeze and the real deal is 18 in boston. and 14 in worcester and the skies are clear overhead so. we are in for bright sunshine rise 7:13. and light southwest wind about 5 to 10 miles an hour and it will be light through the day. wispy clouds that mix in during especially. evening drive. no big weather concerns. sunset at 4:28 and temperatures cooling into the mid-30s for your ride home. traffic and weather together. >> reporter: an accident south of the city causing big slow downs right now. the crash is down in braintree,
5:30 am
northbound in that stretch, the scene is just before the braintree split. i am told -- total traffic network says four cars are involved with injuries. the left lane is blocked. seeing a bumper to bumper backup to logan express a so minute delay but -- 10 minute get worse. 5:32. our top story a high cool sting. wbzi-team obtained a police report showing edward rozmiarek had online conversation was person he believed to be a 13- year-old girl and police say the conversations included enappropriate sexual references. rose mark has resigned -- rozmiarek has resigned. a pedestrian is in the hospital after being hit in the car in brighton. it happen the last night on chestnut hill avenue on union street. driver was taken to the hospital and police are investigating. new details this morning official identify the body of a
5:31 am
woke. the worcester county da says david lar o's body was found at the bot oosm steep embankment on tuesday. his family was searching for him. police say it seems he exited a car in the breakdown lane the night before and an autopsy will be performed. a saugus man is in trouble after he broke into the same business twice in the same day. officers say that joseph lanzilli hit the final finishcollision center tuesday morning and was spotted in the shop later that night when he threaten the manage wear knife. he ran off but police caught him. he is facing a number of charges. a federal judge dismissed a multi million dollar lawsuit brought gebs the government by a -- against the government by a family of whitey bull injure's victim. he he called paul mcgonagle senior in 1994. the family claimed a fbi agent
5:32 am
body and never told them. the government had no legal duty to report what it knew. rare disclosures from the federal government about the gardner museum art heist. prosecutors laid out new evidence against a rue peteed connect -- reputed connecticut mobster tying him to the artwork missing for almost 26 years. bree has a closer look at the new information. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. robert bobby the cook gentile was in court claiming weapons charges should be dropped because of weapons misconduct. that led prosecutetors at that today lay out evidence including he failed a polygraph about the gardner museum heist. you will recall the fbi dug up his property a couple years ago and hunting for the missing artwork.
5:33 am
the artwork. further the prosecution says he told three people in the past three years he knew about the art heist and drawing up some sort of contract with one of the informants that included that art. gentile's partner died of cancer a decade ago that man's wife says transferred two paintings to gentile before he died and he denies knowing anything about the robbery and what became of the art and has never been charged in the museum heist. but yesterday the federal judge didn't toss out the weapons charges. cathin and chris back to you -- kathryn and chris back to you. new year's resolutions are about jump-starting your career. >> and this morning we have the best career resolutions based upon your age. if you are in your 30s, is city strategic goal that you can hit in 6 months like improving work quality and productivity. kick it up a notch. take advantage of any doors that open up for you. find a mentor and learn more about how they he got to where
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and finally get your finances in line and save up for retirement. >> and if you are in your 40, take stock of where you are in your career and figure where you want to go. get a mentor that can help you take the next leap maybe into a management or leadership role orbecome a mentor and share your insight with someone less experienced and finally, keep up with technology. >> all right. >> always changing. >> that it is. still ahead, we could be in for another bumpy ride on wall street today. >> good news on the jobs front good morning robi. >> reporter: you have a boston accent like one you had forever. hollywood casting agents are look for people like you from or mortified. jump on your computer and let us know.
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general mills crow ating a cereal showdown. >> and it could be another bumpy day on wall street for investors. jill wagner is live with today's money watch. good morning jill. >> reporter: good morning. right. we could be in for another rough day on wall street. earlier today china stock market halted trading for a second time in three days. this time stocks plunged at 7% after just half oop hour triggering an automatic circuit break he or stop trading. the big concern is china's economy is slowing down which is the second largest in the world. now good news about the u.s. economy. job growth surged in december
5:36 am
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>> thanks very much jill i guess we can put it on kathryn's birthday wish. >> okay deal. >> i will start cask my >> you should. love that. coming up we have a check together. >> and a look at top stories including controversy for danny amendolla. why residents are calling him a bad neighbor. >> the former swampscott principal trying to have sexual girl online. charges coming up. >> a check in with the weather watchers a lot up early with temperatures running in the teens and 20s. even a couple 30s. key knees in plymouth says 31 but her comment is the best clear skies overhead but a plymouth she is in plymouth plymouth winning ticket if it's my power ball ticket i am take you all out to dinnerism love it denisecheck the numbers. i've got the -- dinner. i love it denise. check the numbers. ive he's got the forecast --
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5:41 am
they need the rain but when it comes this hard this fast, it has nowhere to go. and more rain is expected through tomorrow and then another storm this weekend. so, so many extremes and it's like i keep saying in different parts of the country but imagine that being your backyard how do you clean that up? >> typically in el nino year parts of southern get a lot of rain it's just when you get that amount. >> and it's been so dry. >> the ground can't handel it. our weather has been dry which is great news. clear skies overhead right now. perfect for another iss flyby. 6:07 this morning. keep an it out. it will be bright and visible for 5 minutes from west to northeast in the sky. check out that international space station. 27 in before theon right now. 24 in worcester and in the teens keene at 10, nashua at 15 and 17 in taunton so it's another chilly start, not as cold as yesterday. the wind is calm in some communities but there's a little breeze creating real
5:42 am
14 in worcester. 23 in falmouth. saddle lie and radar is quiet. we have a couple clouds to the west and we may get a couple wispy clouds in play today. we will have sunshine and another nice winter afternoon by january standards. tomorrow, things start to change a little bit. so we start with sunshine in the morning. but an onshore wind is going to keep some moisture or actually bring some moisture in from the ocean. so we turn overcast with a deck of clouds developing during the day tomorrow. i think tomorrow stays mainly dry. the only exception may be for a couple of patches of drizzle that develop late in the day tomorrow. and then as we head into friday night and saturday it's going to be a surge of warmth trying to come in. ofprecip with it. that's why on saturday morning we will keep an eye out for a enough of a light wintry mix to create a couple of slick spots. particularly outside of 495. pick.
5:43 am
tonight best day. clouds will be in place temperatures will be in the low 40s. but, we are tracking a storm for sunday. it's going to drag in a lot of warmth with it. so the area of low pressure will travel well to the north and west. we drag in the mild temperatures and we come into the 50s on sunday and it comes up areas of rain that look to be steadiest during the first half of the day. we may get partial drying as we head into sunday late afternoon and evening. so it's dry day today. 44 for a high in boston. lower 40s here from bedford to nashua. low 40s in keene and jaffrey. but the wind will be light this afternoon. so it is not going to add that chill to the air. 42 in plymouth. 45 in the vineyard and above average day. tonight partly cloudy. the suburbs. 31 downtown and highs tomorrow coming up around 40. and it will be a little cooler than today because of the clouds. patchy drizzle and a couple -- in a couple spots possible
5:44 am
accu-weather seven-day, low 40s on saturday a light mix in the interior possible. area of rain and wind not looking fun on sunday. should come up into the 50s and much colder for the start of next week as we dry out. traffic be a weather together. -- and weather together. >> reporter: it's getting worse after an earlier crash in braintree. the accident is down in braintree 128 southbound known as 93 northbound in that stretch before the braintree split. 4 cars are involved and the left slain blocked. bumper to bumper backup is to route 28 at least a 15ment delay right now. checking the ride from the north a live look over 93. 93 southbound two heavy and slow pockets up in the andover stretch between 495 and 133. you will get booth bogged down between 128 and park street in woburn. in brighton. >> plus new details on why a resigned. this thursday morning.
5:45 am
here are your top stories-- resigned. here are your top stories. >> reporter: we knowy the -- why the prins -- we now know why the principal wept on leave he was having enappropriate sexual relationss with what he thought was 13-year-old girl a lot of which on his school-ish sued computer. it was not a 13-year-old girl but a ruse from a group called perverted just hoist goes after predators who talk to children on line. rozmiarek won't face charges because the da says he may have crossed a moral lien but not criminal one. live in swampscott susie steimle wbz this morning. >> reporter: good morning i am nicole jacobs live in saugus where the mark of true firefighter brotherhood was exemptly fied here yesterday as three firefighters became overcome with smoke and flames. let's look at this video here.
5:46 am
i can tell you that several stepped in to rescue them. the saugus fire chief says undoubtedly, those were life saving actions. one firefighter was pulled from a window to safety and anotherwas rescued minutes before running out of air. coming up at 6, hear from the rescuers as well as the may day call that started it all. live in saugus, nicole jacobs wbz this morning. vandalism outside fenway park. someone spray painted on part of johnny pesky's number 6. a red sox spokesman said it's unfortunate that someone would do this but we occasionellally have to deal with a -- occasionally have to deal with graffiti in the area. boston police are investigating. patriots wide receiver danny amendola catches heat from his neighbors in providence. he is renting a home on historic benefit street and the cottage hill historic district. historic districts can get pky
5:47 am
neighborhood but he put up modern carport. he applied for a permit and told the city it will come down in february. at 6 a.m. who calls his carport a minor sin and why amendolla says he needs to have it. drone owners registered more than 180,000 aircraft in the last two weeks. the new mandatory registration cost $5 but that money is refundable for people who register by january 20th. an estimated 400,000 drones were sold this holiday season alone. so many americans still need to register their devices. it's time for our daily talker or should we say the daily talka. we are talking about wicked good accents boston accents. >> growing up here in mass i been hearing it forever right robi? now it turns out the way we talk is hot in hollywood. robi has more. >> reporter: oh my god chris
5:48 am
shout out to my peeps in worcester fall river and gloucester right now even revere. last night at cbs news they did a wicked good piece on boston accents and interviewed a casting agent who finds actors to talk like this. her name is angela perry from boston casting and one day like 400 freakin people showed up for an audition a at warehouse or whatever. and then they are not going to be stars oring in but bit players. anyway and will tested them out asking them to say stuff not like harvard yard or whatever. shut up open your ears and listen. >> i am natalie from high pock. >> you are done. >> welcome to fenway park the greatest ball park ever. >> ever. >> ever. >> reporter: yeah. not bad. so what do you think about this right in you think it could hurt your career or you like it has it helped or get hooked up or whatever dennis says i pronounce my english correctly and i am from worcester. not boston even. yeah. so what.
5:49 am
tammy on facebook says sometimes actors go crazy with the ireless pot for the -- r's for the record you are wicked cool. phene you want to talk about it. we have a website if you know how to use the computer jump on there. you want to go on twitter make a fool out of yourself fine go on facebook too what do i care. back to you guys. >> oh, boy. >> it was the best daily talk ever. >> ever. you know i love it because my parents are notorious for saying i got a great eye idear thoag a r on where it's not supposed to be. >> the r debate continues stay with us. still to come an animal rescue that plays like a scene from lassie. >> how doctors found the
5:50 am
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welcome back. 5:56a real lime lassie lives in orange massachusetts and proved his hero credits by getting his considering -- creds by getting his doggy friend out. >> scottish terrier jacque and anna except belle are friends for live life tuesday the own her a medical issue and in the confusion they he ran off into the woods jacque found police and annabelle went missing so he sent a message.
5:53 am
do this and he is smarter than me i didn't know what was going on but, he kept doing it and leading me to the edge of the field where there was ice embankment. >> and down the steep 30 foot embankment the officer could hear annabelle was tuck and -- stuck and couldn't get back up and her pal knew how to find her and get her help. >> they are adorable too by the way. >> awesome. >> such an amazing story. >> loyalty. >> you got that right. keep it here to wbz this morning. top stories are straight ahead. find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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