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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news starts right now. following break news at 5:30. boston police officers shot in the line of duty tonight. the suspected gunman is in custody. the veteran officer was with the drug unit and is expected to be okay. >> paula ebben is here with a closer look at what led up to the shooting. >> reporter: the injured officer is at boston medical center where doctors are treating him for a serious leg injury. it was just before 10:30 this morning and the other officers were trying to pull over 27- year-old grant headley. his driver's license was suspended and police say that he is a known drug dealer in thearea. officers boxed him in on mount bowdoin teares and -- terrace and headley opened fire he and
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officers were able to tackle headley he's ran away. so the injured officer is expected to survive and headly face as young on monday. >> coming up here on wbz news at 6a. trauma surgeon talks about the tool that may have saved the david. investigators are still inside the north andover dow chemical facility trying to figure out exactly what sparked the explosion that critically injured several workers. hazmat teams spent most of the day at dow chemical trying to make sure the scene was safe. ken macleod is live. >> reporter: a mangled container with the explosive chemicals still in it was carted away by the bomb squad about 90 minutes ago. and finally investigators were able to get a closeup look at the blast site. hazmat and even bomb specialists went in this
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blast site and make sure no other explosions were imminent. >> the investigation can't start until they make the area safe. >> reporter: he is talking about the lab at dow chemical where 4 employees were working around a basketball size container of trimethylaluminium when it blew up. >> it can be be-- can't be overstated we have a chemical that is extremely volatile. >> reporter: so volatile that contact with water turns it into a bomb. >> that is process when it went wrong it violently went wrong. >> reporter: the explosion sent four workers to hospitals with critical burns and shrapnel wounds and shook the neighborhood but this was no chemical threat outside. >> certainly nothing which would involve or necessitate evacuations. >> reporter: investigators are confident mishab is not like the fatal blast in 2013 which killed worker carlos amerral
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>> but we need that forensic examination of that laboratory place here. >> reporter: late this afternoon investigators finally got into the damaged lab as contaminated debris was hauled away buried in a sand filled dump truck. that stuff was detonated by the bomb squad in a remote section of town. we are told the four injured workers are all men whose names have not been released and likewise investigators have not yet been able to talk with any of them so they say it's way too early to place blame. live in north andover tonight ken macleod. >> thank you. this is frightening to anyparent a nanny facing child endangerment charges accused of being so drunk on the job she couldn't unlock the door. salem police say the parents of a 4-month-old girl hired susan conway louly through the website firefighters broke the apartment door down so the baby's mother could reach the
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investigators say conway louie's blood alcohol level was four time the legal limit andadmitted she has serious drinking problem. did issue a statement saying that they are deeply troubled by the incident and they are taking it very seriously lisa. >> frightening. a developing story tonight, two iraqi men living in america faced a federal jumping on terrorism charges. investigators arrested one man in sacramento and the other in houston. court documents show one of the men traveled to syria in november of 2013 then returned to the u.s. two months later. officials say while they never planned any attacks on u.s. soil, the men talked about training and fighting overseas and then lied to investigators about it. the family of a salem woman killed in a tailgate accident settled. sigma phi epsilon rented a u haul truck that hit and killed nancy berry who was tailgating
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two other women were seriously hurt. maine governor lapage isapologizing for comments epidemic. this is what he said. >> now the traffickers these are people that take drugs these are guys that named shiesty d money and the guys that come from connecticut and new york and come up here and sell their heroin and they go back home. incidentally half the time they impregnate a young white girl before leaving. >> today lapage said he never meant to insert race into a discussion about the state's drug problem and called it a slip of the tongue. >> i was going impromptu in my brain and my brain didn't catch up to my mouth. instead of saying maine women i said white women. if you-- and i am not going to apologize to the maine women for that.
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will see that we're essentially 95% white. >> it's not the first time he had to apologize for something he he said. he has a history of saying things that get him into hot watter. tonight spotted owl is recovering at a wildlife center. someone in salem found the owl hurt on the side of the road and called police to help. two officers brought the bird to the wings of the dawn wildlife rehab to treat the owl's injured wing. how cute is that. >> beautiful. it's the series that has millions of fans richeted -- rifeed now making -- riveted now make a murder has them petition for a pardon. >> and how you can be a blockhead. >> every new year should start with a great breakfast. coming up, the phantom gourmet finds spots beyond just eggs and bacon. >> good brunch weather this weekend. a lot of clouds and gloomy conditions. checking in with the weather watchers temperatures in the 30s outside.
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hampshire dave at 32 in temple. chilly and raw on the eve of a weekend of sloppy weather and
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rin the middle of a time when senior povertyt is increasing. republicans and some democratsp came up with a brilliant idea for cutting cost-of-living adjustments for social security. we said, "it will be over our dead bodies if you cut social security." as president, i will do everything i can to extend the solvency of social security and expand benefits for people who desperately need them. i'm bernie sanders,
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a love people interested in the white house is weighing in on the netflix series making a murderer. >> fans of the show want the president to pardon the two men featured in the true crime documentary. right now stephen avery and brendan is serving time. nearly 130,000 people signed a petition saying they believe the men were yongly convicted and the white house says under the constitution they can't do anything because they were convicteded of state charges and not federal crimes. just finally started to get into this documentary started watching it. >> it's. >> wildly interesting. >> i will begin. does the world need blue
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pregnancy test. >> i they so -- think so. it is designed to make the process of getting the results less stressful answer the questions and the app offers information about the next steps and helps track your pregnancy over the next 9 months. >> from what i read you use the stick but you sort of put it down and there's an app allows you to listen to music and get like almost like a text that says yeah you are pregnant or no you are not. >> as opposed to looking at the color. how about technology. and a shop is creating your likeness in legos. >> all legos faces look the same some smiles and other frowns but now you can lego yourself. funky 3d face also create a mini version of your face onto lego bodies and send in two pictures of yourself one full faced and the other profile a month later get your custom head in the mail.
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david beckham and apparently it is. i don't know would you want that. >> no thank you. >> i like the cartoony face g's some award winning restaurants in greater boston are focused on serving asian small place. >> and dave samples the delicious trend of the phantom gourmet. >> reporter: one of the hottest and coolest restaurants in boston at the verb hotel in the fenway neighborhood puts a funky spin on japanese small plates like shrimp and pork pot stickers and chicken thighs fired up on a grill. >> in japan you find a lot of them and they are toonie hole in the walls where folks go to grab a drink and have a little snack and so we have an amazing bar program and all the food centers around things to eat while you are having a cocktail or having a beer. >> reporter: hidden in a basement level space in harbor
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energetic spot with graffiti art and shareable asian street foods from pepers to satisfying noodles. >> and i understand it's asian tapas things at night market. it's a fine are approach nicer ingredients but down home feel good food you find on the streets in asia. >> reporter: u can find outstanding asian small plates at show jo in chinatown and if you dumpling fan the gourmet dumpling house on beach street for more watch the phantom gourmet saturday and sunday at 10:30 and 11 on my tv38. >> all delicious. after the break the dream of winning power ball. more of a nightmare?
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if you hadn't heard 800 million dollars up for grabs. all you need to win is $ 2 and a whole lot of luck. tomorrow night's power ball drawing will be the lanchest lottery -- largest lottery jackpot in history and if you win you will be worth more than what some biggest celebrities made last year. singer katy perry last year made 135 million dollars. so basically it would take her about four years to catch up to night. shock jock howard stern made 95 million dollars last year so it would take him about 5 years to make what you make tomorrow night and then taylor swift 26 year. if you took the cash payout more than 496 million dollars, you could still top the list. again, 496 but wbz jon keller says winning may not be a good thing and how can that be jon? >> reporter: well for starters
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you get rich and a giant target on your back. just listen to the experience of one attorney who had 6 lottery winner clients who the historical assumption if you win the lottery you are set. unfortunately the overwhelming majority of lottery winners don't have that story. once the person wins the lottery they bill a global target they are literally people across the world who put these people on a list to harass and try to sell bad investments and also just flat out try to take their money. >> reporter: and while some winners do live happily ever after there are plenty of stories of jackpot multi million air who is see their lives come apart in addition to conartists and leeches the wealth can destroy relationships with family and lifestyle changes that sound winners. look i get it money can solve
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and fant lis sis are about as much fun for two bucks these days but consider the which is dolph that great philosophy oprah winfrey. one of the world's richest women who once said "everyone wants to ride with you in the limo what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down. let that be a warning to you all. >> all right. all of that said, did you buy a ticket? >> reporter: i think the pats will be fine once they get edelman back absolutely. >> the fact he is dodging the question tells you what you need to know. thanks so much lisa. >> i am taking that as yes david jon. if you won power ball would you spend a chunk on a dime? this 1894 dime sold for 2 million dollars. the coin is one of the rarest in the world. only 19 went into circulation and fewer than 10 are still around today. >> sounds like the worst negotiation ever here i will give you a dime and you give me
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>> okay. >> okay. >> that sounds great and lots of people lined up for that. >> you have a bridge to sell me too? too funny. the weather. >> and i know you are watching some sloppiness this coming weekend and pretty warm temperatures. >> we are going to be looking at changes for sure here and we will start with our sunday more significant one that we will be looking at this weekend this is going to bring quite a bit of rain and widespread 1 to 2 inches of rainfall and strong winds and gusts out of the south southeast at sunday at 40 to 60 miles per hour strongest in the southeastern part of massachusetts and record warmth mid-50s and we have a good shot of doing just that. here's the overall setup storm system moving up through the great lakes right now. from the north. big area of canadian high pressure funneling in the colder temperatures and we felt that today clouds and gloomy and a tough day to just stay awake at times. and i had a couple cups of coffee and at 40 in boston and norwood and worcester at 32.
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watching the temperatures closely tonight. i think we will stay above freezing all along the coastline and all of southeastern massachusetts but here across parts of worcester county even into middlesex and southern new hampshire close to the freeing mark and with that drizzle moving in off the ocean and some of that could freeze on contact. it's. >> the big type of system but these are the one that sneak up on everybody and create icy streets and so an abundance of caution tonight and the first half of the day tomorrow war few snowflakes might mix in acumulation limited there. like today. temperatures. and a few showers develop heading towards the evening. looking at the breakdown across freezing. no ice. if you are into the pink area sheer, areas of freezing -- here, areas of freezing low areas developing. across far northern massachusetts and new hampshire tomorrow. for saturday.
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to 47 and many areas across the interior will stay in the 30s tomorrow. and we will watch the more sunday. pretty dynamic storm here. rainfall. winds kick up and wet we will get the burst of warmer air during the afternoon and all toll even though there's no ice there should be a impact for the second half of the weekend. wind wise in the red area eastern massachusetts toward the cape and islands in particular, 45 to 60-mile-per- hour gusts even well inland we could gust up to 45 miles per hour. could bring down a couple trees isolated power outages not out of the question. locally heavy rainfall and strong winds are the main impact. ice and snow not part of the equation. so boston record high 56 degrees. it's a low hanging fruit record for january. but we will be close. worcester's record is 5 # and forecasting 52 on sunday after -- 53 and forecasting 52 on
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the jet stream will take a dig here. a midwinter feel and chance for snow next week. the accu-weather 7-day and the day we will watch is going to be wednesday. a storm system is nearby and i think at the least we will squeeze out snow showers or squalls and a chance for some of us to see more significant snow. it's one to watch and see a couple days there in the 20s. so winter in control. how about the school yard shout out danielle niles school visit at sheehan in westwood. a group of 5th graders. danielle visited the class several times in the school and they are wicked smart and they asked about whether or not winter is going to be as bad as last year last year she said it was going to be really rough and she gave them props good wbz outlook last wenter. -- winter. of course this outlook was not as harsh as last winter. >>s that is why they are-- that's why they are cheering. >> no school days yet. >> from one live audience to another get read every for the
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is going live no taping and no editing. guests are matthew broderick and casey musgrave it's tonight at11:35. hunks of moby dick fans will be in massachusetts for a mayor hon of -- marathon of sorts. new bedford whaling museum ishosting the nonstop reading of the classic. more than 150 volunteers will read portion of the novel outside and the cover to cover event starts tomorrow afternoonwill wrap up sunday 25 hours later. local man is about to put stars. >>r the break, what will be in the swag bags at golden globes. >> and coming up next at 6, the breaking news we have been following all day for you. a boston police officer shot. we will take you live to very active scene tonight and show you how this shooting unfolded and we will bring you what we suspect's violent past. also, we will take a closer look at the simple tool all boston police officers now have
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rin the middle of a time when senior povertyt is increasing. republicans and some democratsp came up with a brilliant idea for cutting cost-of-living adjustments for social security. we said, "it will be over our dead bodies if you cut social security." as president, i will do everything i can to extend the solvency of social security and expand benefits for people who desperately need them. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you. [mother] this is brendan. [agent] hey brendan. living room. [dad] hey. [mother] hey sweetie. [dad] sorry about that. what about this? this looks
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hollywood biggest names will be heading home from the golden globes with a momento from massachusetts. a real souvenir. swag bag includes the box and gym homeworkout video a boxing system created by a newton man who ought to know a two or thing about it. he says his father-in-law inspired him. he hold the record for the most
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garden and if you want to check out the system the workout, we have a link on the website, cbs and we have much more news ahead tonight. news at 6 starts now. breaking news. >> i am at 33 mount bowdoin terrace shot. >> a boston police officer shot in the line of duty. >> he he has a serious leg wound at this time his leg was bleeding pretty good. >> tonight the terrifying moments when neighbors heard a shoot out in the street here in dorchester. >> i will show you the suspect's outrageous criminal history that has people asking why was he a freeman. >> -- free man. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news at 6 starts right now. and we begin with a live look in dorchester tonight. close to 8 hours after an officer was shot. detectives still examining the scene looking for evidence.
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says that this shooting was completely unprovoked. >> officers were trying to stop a known drug dealer who was driving with a suspended license but as soon as they pulled his car over, he started to fire. hitting a 9 year veteran in theleg. others rushed down to take down the suspect and help wounded brother and he was rushed to boston medical center and put in intensive care but is expected to survive. we have team coverage on this story for you tonight looking at what happened and how the officer was saved and the suspect's back ground. >> we begin with beth germano live at boston medical center. >> reporter: police say the highly decorated officer was shot by a exconvict out on parole who is now recovering from a serious leg injury not critical. a relief to family and to the force that his injuries were not more serious and i-- he took steps that may have been life saving. >> in our minds he's hero because he is out there doing work god's work.
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police officer trying to nap a
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