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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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jackpot ever. >> a staggering $1.5 billion. let's get to the drawing and the winning numbers. tonight's jackpot is approaching $1.6 billion. that's billion with a b. i hope you have your tickets. first number is 8, 27, 34, 4 and 19. your winning powerball number is
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is 2. take one more close look at tonight's winning numbers. have a great night. we will see back here saturday night. >> you just saw the numbers. odds are someone hit tonight's powerball jackpot. i am lisa hughes. >> and im david wade work we should know within a few hours -- and i'm david wade. we should knife there is a winner within a few hours. 80% of all combinations have been sold. in massachusetts alone, more than $22 million in ticket sales for tonight's drawing going if more than 37,000 tickets a minute. let's get to lisa moeller, live in boston. powerball is a windfall across our state.
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thing for me. i didn't win. i just found out from a massachusetts lottery worker that one guy actually flew in from switzerland, but 500 tickets and then flew back. here. we could see it at convenience stores all over the state. pony up a couple dollars and get a shot at a dream. american culture that has reached a fever pitch with the promise of a gigantic powerball jackpot. now, let's not get carried away. we are only talking $1.5 billion, a world record. the mere sound of it leaving some speechless. >> i have no idea. it's a lot of money. maybe, purchase an island. >> what would i do with all that money?
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all over the world. i would go in with bill gates. >> reporter: residents pat -- residents snatched tickets by the millions. sales expected to skyrocket until closing. despite the one in 290 shown -- 292 million odds of winning, someone in the commonwealth will come out on top. >> the state of massachusetts gets 42% of all powerball sales which goes back into the general fund. >> reporter: not to mention the extra business to convenience stores. then, that one maddening but undeniable fact. >> i can't win if i don't play.>> you can't win if you don't plan to can't win them all. i'm trying to get over my devastation but here is an interesting tidbit. if you thought it was unreal the jackpot was this large, that's because the powerball made it more difficult for mess
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jackpot by including 10 extra numbers. that means we may see billion dollar jackpots in the future. good luck to all of you out there. new developments tonight. chandler jones and his mysterious trip to the hospital. >> the boston globe now reports he had a bad reaction to synthetic marijuana. let's get to jim armstrong who is working the story live in foxboro. >> reporter: the focus is on the playoff calendar. the chiefs are coming here in three days. right now, the team wants to stay focused on that. chandler jones himself is saying absolutely nothing today and patriots fans say they are anxious for a distraction this close to a big game. a fit and able chandler jones at practice on wednesday in much better shape than early sunday morning when he stumbled
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department. as it turns out, the patriots offensive end lives just a tom brady throw away from pdn walked thereafter having a bad reaction to at the boston globe says was synthetic marijuana. an officer later returns to jones's house to confirm that. >> definitely classic d. >> reporter: class d does include marijuana. jones ended up being rushed to norwood hospital but his employer want confirm more than that. in a statement, the patriots say chandler jones was admitted to the hospital on sunday and released that day. he reported to work on time on monday morning and has participated in all meetings and practices since then. his teammates are equally tightlipped.
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the distractions. whether it's that situation, deflategate, any situation. >> chandler has great support in this room. i am excited to see what he does this week. >> reporter: synthetic marijuana by the way as you might have guessed doesn't contain any actual marijuana. it's composed of chemicals that are sprayed on plants and generally smoked. it is also illegal here in massachusetts. >> of course the timing isn't great. it happens as the patriots prepare for a big playoff game on saturday. steve burton is here in studio. you think this will be a distraction for the team? >> reporter: it's a big distraction but nothing they can't handle. they have been through this before. ignoring the noise is something this team has down to a science gronkowski were practicing today. here is number 95 taking part in warm-ups and participating
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he looks fine. he was listed as a limited participant on the injury report with an abdomen and toe injury but he has been dealing with those for some time and he saturday night. as for rob gronkowski cut -- he missed yesterday's practice. breaking news in boston, police investigating a deadly shooting. katie brace is live at the scene with the latest. >> reporter: police tell me a man died after being shot several times. we are about a block away from the emergency room entrance to brigham and women's hospital. the activity was at this house. i want to show you some video. this started about 7:30 pm when police were called to the house for a medical situation. you can see some evidence markers in front of the house. there is a large police witnesses were questioned.
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this investigation but homicide is leading it. back here live at the scene, we do have several police vehicles who are staying here overnight. i am told they are waiting for a search warrant and that is expected to come tomorrow morning. live in mission health. -- hill. bundle up for another round of arctic air tomorrow. >> very clear out there now. let's get to eric fisher who is tracking what could be a powerful weekend storm. >> reporter: a little more witchery. it feels that way tonight. teams to 200 and a little colder by tomorrow morning. we are watching a week system with a couple flurries and cloud cover. a few flakes in the air. teams and up around 300 tomorrow afternoon. then our attention turns to the weekend storm. there is a bit of a spoiler alert. you see a lot of green and not
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the white departs by the time this comes in. we will see whether this will stick around for the patriots in a few minutes. new at 11:00, woman under arrest in a deadly hit and run in dorchester. police say she was driving a van that hit a man and she then officers used surveillance video to find that driver. she will be in court tomorrow. police investigating a crash in medford involving a bus and a commuter rail train that collided at high street. we are told no passengers were on the bus or train so no injuries to report. bound. one of the world's biggest, -- biggest companies is relocating to the seaport. what this means for the city and for taxpayers. >> reporter: lisa, some might say it's actually more about bragging rights than it is about money.
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enough, another new neighbor is moving in. >> i'm excited about ge and what it's going to bring. we just have to figure out what building to put them in. >> reporter: after months of lovering -- of lobbying, ge is coming to the city's most in demand neighborhood bringing with it 800 jobs. >> the big message here is this is a great place not to be for the next two years or five years but for the next 50. >> reporter: the manufacturing giant considered 40 other locations. the $130 billion company wasn't without incentives. $120 million from the state, $25 million from the city itself. >> for two decades we have cod -- had companies moving out and now we have companies moving in. >> reporter: especially for an area so completely transformed that most bostonians now no longer recognize it. >> in four or five years, this place has blown up. just to show these guys the
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now there is giant construction. it's really a massive transformation. >> reporter: employees will begin moving to their temporary locations this summer. they will be in their permanent home by 2018. julie lunch act wbz news -- loncheck wbz news. you have heard of self- incrimination. how about selfie incrimination? a teenager took pictures of himself with based on ipad. the victim told police someone stole the ipad from his car. the suspect's selfie turned up on the clouds surfer. using the find my phone app, police tracked it to a home where they arrested the 19-year- old and returned the ipad back
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a possible break in the case of an american woman found dead overseas. >> the new clue police believe may have led them to her killer. in the spotlight of oscar nominations. cardinal o'malley offering a rare critique of the movies. a day of celebrations. we are getting closer to some big questions about what ge really means for us. and another look at the winning numbers for tonight's
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dear fellow citizen, i know how it feels to save for retirement and college - times two. i get that it can be overwhelming, because i' m living it. but i always tell people - saving' s not that complicated. you just have to work with what you have. if you have a question about saving, ask me. sincerely, alex payne.
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we have two stories here. a story about degenerate clergy and lowers turning child-abuse into a industry. what story do you want us to write?>> film critics love spotlight and tomorrow, we will find out if it's up for the
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nominations. >> spotlight is based on the boston globe's pulitzer prize- winning investigation into the sex abuse crisis in the catholic church. sean o'malley shared his thoughts. >> reporter: when spotlight was first released, cardinal sean o'malley said church leaders continue to ask victims for forgiveness. he has now seen the movie and in my exclusive interview with him today, i asked him what he thought. you put out a statement in october at the release, have you had a chance to see the film? any thoughts?>> it's a very powerful film and i think it's a contribution. >> reporter: this is the first time the cardinal has publicly acknowledged that he has seen spotlight. of course, the cardinal leads the sex abuse scandal established by pope francis. paula ebben.
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custody in the murder of an american woman in italy. ashley olsen's boyfriend found her strangled in her apartment last weekend. investigators influence focused on a man caught on surveillance video walking olson home from a nightclub hours before she was killed. cnn is reporting tonight that man is under arrest. his name has not been released. you may remember this incredible picture. a car frozen in a block of ice near buffalo. it is finally free tonight. crews chipped away the ice enough to drive the car onto a tow truck but as you can see, it wasn't easy. we are all trying to guess what kind of car it was. talk a wr x -- >> a wrx maybe? >> a mitsubishi. definitely. truck we had gusts overnight, but 50 miles per hour.
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and pierced the roof in the living room. a sign of what those strong winds can do. winds are diminishing tonight. a couple left over gusts of 20 miles per hour but they continue dying down until tomorrow morning. temperatures in the teens and low 20s, only dropping a couple more degrees before daybreak that winter weather across the northeast and great lakes. a few snowflakes and a weak system diving down across lake erie. this might bring us a couple snowflakes and cloud cover. i do not expect accumulation. there will also be more cloud cover. a bit of a gray start, scattered snow showers and flurries with no accumulation and more sunshine may danger the afternoon. a very typical midwinter kind of day for us. the wind won't be nearly as much of an issue. tomorrow morning, few flurries. 7:11 am sunrise.
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a mix of sun and clouds. breeze out of the southwest tomorrow. our sunset is at 4:35 pm. temperatures will quickly drop overnight. pay high of 300 in bedford. pittsburgh 270. nantucket around 360. a lot of attention on what will happen toward the weekend. develop. the question is, where will this track? the trend has been farther east limiting its impact here. lack of cold air when this will pass by, the initial storm system in the great lakes brings in some warmer air so mainly rainfall and a little wet snow. it's gone by saturday afternoon. it's a quick mover. rain and wet snow will move in late friday night after midnight and early saturday
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it's gone a little after lunch on saturday. the trend is uncertain but it has been farther east. we will really nail it down tomorrow and it looks more wet than white. some snowfall may accumulate in snow -- small amounts. here's your patriots forecast. hopefully the tailgate will be dry. kickoff is dry. augusta county northwest wind. entering the end zone blowing on the field. low 30s into the 4th quarter. it will feel like the 20s. for the slopes, snow likely on saturday to start the weekend. more snow possible afterword. a weather oddity for you this evening. there's a name subtropical storm by the azores. it's the first time we have named a storm in the atlantic in january since 1964. it's name is alex. late sunday night into monday,
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looks like a mess -- miss. ge will move its corporate headquarters to boston. >> seems like a great thing but the move does raise questions. jon keller joins us with key questions. >> reporter: for a state that has struggled to do business in the past, this has -- was an location but willie move actually deliver on the hype you have been hearing all day? >> this is one of the biggest accomplishments in the history of our city. >> a huge win for massachusetts. >> reporter: it was a ge victory parade but to this business expert, -- >> it's more of a challenge than a reason to roll out the duck boats. >> reporter: no question, the move is a boost to our image as a place to do business eroding
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achussetts reputation but what confirmation do we have that new ge jobs will be confirmed here? no jobs will go to boston workers if they lack the high tech experience. >> it's all about analysis. if the students coming out of our public school system are not able to get into bu, harvard or northeastern, that would be the missed opportunity. >> ge will track other companies -- attract other companies into our city, which will get students and people we need to train for jobs. >> reporter: but that costs money. connecticut lost ge in part because they raise corporate taxes. will that fact forestall future tax hikes here? does this good news today send a message to beacon hill, you better layoff future tax heights? >> i just think people need to understand the importance of business. >> reporter: ge employees roughly 800 people at its headquarters and presumably most of them will make the
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meanwhile, the company is closing its avon plant sending 300 jobs down to florida. net job gains it seems will have to wait. coming up next in sports, the celtics up to steely win. >> and try to snap a four-game
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we have been showing you the winning powerball numbers and we just got word from the california lottery they know they have one winner out there. we don't know how many there are nationwide but a winner in chino hills, a suburb of valley. if you have an on tour uncle in chino hills, maybe your life just got more interesting. meanwhile, what's happening here. >> so much has been made of the chandler jones story. let's make this clear. he has not missed a practice or meeting. the bottom line is, he should be ready to go on saturday. jones was listed on the injury report with an abdomen and a toe injury. he has been dealing with those for some time. he has taken place in all practices this week and seems to be moving fine. he did not meet the media today
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teammates stood behind him. >> we are obviously going to support one another. we have each other's backs. us. >> the way we just sit here and have fun together. we go out there and play for each other. everybody here cares about each other and we just like to keep it at home. support here. i'm excited to see what he does this week. >> -- the bruins in the second period. kevan miller risks his third of the year. that tied the game at one. later in the second, bruins take the lead on the power play. loui eriksson has a rebound. the bees give it away in the two. wayne simmonds first shot at
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time the game at two. then, one minute 22 later, the flyers jump ahead. -- pounces on the rebound putting philly ahead. the bees have now lost five of the last six games. celtics hosting indiana. this all came down to defense. the steel, slams at home. two minutes later, amir johnson one way and then the other. 94-93. this is just great defense. marcus smart getting in the passing lane, back the other way, put the green in front, 95- 94 with 1.5 minutes to go. same score, celtics do it again. carter again with the strip. celtics up by three. they win one of 3-94 snapping a
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powerball coection.
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