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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  January 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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breaking news right now at 4:30 a deadly attack in indonesia. several explosions rock a starbucks cafe. latest on the chaotic situation. >> and break news in taunton. residents race from the flames when a fire breaks out in a kitchen. >> and we have winners people in three states will share a record jackpot plus, two million dollar tickets sold here in massachusetts. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbd this morning. >> good morning and it's 4:30 i am kathryn hauser.
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>>-- we didn't win. >> we have been talking about the power ball fever and now we know. >> you told me earlier i convinced myself i had the moment please i think we are going to do it. we didn't do it. >> it didn't happen but twos fun to play. >> yeah. >> a there be-- but it was fun to play. >> yeah. >> and two million dollar tickets in mass again so someone is waking up happy. >> come on. hey, there's always another shot sometime right you guys? good morning. the the. in the city of boston we are in the 20s. 22 at logan airport. humidity at 53% and winds out of the west at 10 miles per hour. the wind won't be nearly as strong as it was yesterday. we had the gusts over 50 miles per hour in spots. but it's cold in the between from nashua to worcester. there's a bit of a wind and it's about 5 to 10 miles per hour in spots.
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it feels like 11 degrees at logan airport. saturdayel the lie and -- satellite and radar shows a lot of clouds a little disturbance out of new york state diving to the south. but a couple of flurries are possible this morning. don't want that to catch you off guard a brief snow shower that comes through between now and the end of morning rush hour. other than that, the sun breaks out by late morning. lunchtime we are in the upper 20s. the wind from the west southwest 5 to 15 miles per hour and it's going to be dry and chilly a quiet end to the week tomorrow and we will keep ion on the weekend storm. i will break down the timeline hour by hour in a couple minutes. >> thanks in we begin with breaking news in indonesia, a deadly attack near a starbucks in jakarta. police say 7 people are dead including several of the attackers. at least 3 explosions rocked the downtown area followed by more than 2 hours of gun battles. it's unclear if more attackers are at large. indonesian police say the
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pairs attacks and were like-- paris attacks and were likely connected to isis. the attacks are after warnings from police that isis militants were planning something big but so far no one claimed responsibility. breaking news in taunton. crews worked through the night to knock down a grease fire. investigators tell us it started on the second floor in the kitchen. everyone was able to get out safely. no injuries were votered -- reported. three jackpot winners for the power ball. splitting a nearly 1.6 billion dollar prize. here's the bad news they were sold in california, florida and tennessee. >> check your numbers. this is the silver lining. two tickets in massachusetts matched 5 numbers. those are million dollar winning tickets they were sold in charlestown and east bridge wattwater. drunk roll winning numbers are
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ball number is 10. cbs danielle nottingham has the, sim from the store that sold the-- excitement from the store that sold the ticket in california. >> reporter: crowds descend on the 7-eleven in chino hill where one power ball ticket was sold. >> i live down the street i could have won. >> your winning power ball number. >> reporter: california lottery officials posted the news minutes after the winning numbers were drawn. those who didn't win still came to the store to celebrate. even congratulating this store clerk who admitted he has no idea who the winner is. >> it's my pleasure and i am proud and excited too. >> reporter: the 7-eleven clerk says the store sold thousands of dollars worth of tickets over the last few days as power ball fever took over the country. >> we will have a winner here tonight. >> reporter: many waited for hours in long lines for a chance at becoming an instant billionaire. shane and ryan of tampa florida
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facebook pool for a buy in of $500. >> no matter how many people we got it didn't matter. you know 3, 4, 5 million dollars is enough for everyone. >> reporter: jackpot winning tickets were sold in florida and tennessee. meaning the big pay off will at least be split three ways. california state lottery officials plan to head to the 7- eleven in chino hills today hoping the state's winner comes forward. danielle nottingham cbs news, chino hills california. this morning boston police detectives are investigating a deadly shooting in rox beery. it happened -- rox bury -- roxbury. officers say a man was shot several times and they have not released has identity. a woman arrested in a deadly hit-and-run in dorchester is due in course this -- court this morning. officers iced video to track her down. police say she was driving a van when she hit a man who was crossing the street and took off.
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crash in medford involving a bus and a commuter rail train. they collided on high street last night. we are told no passengers on the bus or the train were on either of them at the time. no injuries to report. new developments on patriots star chandler jones his mysterious trip to the hospital. the boston globe is reporting that he what bad reaction to synthetic marijuana. jim armstrong takes a closer look at that situation and the tam's response. the team's response. >> reporter: a fit and able chandler jones at pats practice on wednesday. in much better shape than earlier sunday morning when he stumbled into the foxboro police department. >> parking lot and sought medical. >> reporter: as it turns out the patriots defensive end lives just a tom brady throw away from the pd and apparently walked there after having a bad reaction to what the boston globe says was synthetic marijuana. an officer later goes back to
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>> keys off the kitchen table and was able to lock the front door. he you want to pass along to the fire definitely involved in class e delta before this happened so they know. >> reporter: class d includes marijuana. jones ended up being rushed to norwood but his employer won't confirm much more than that. in a statement the patriots say chandler jones was admitted to the hospital on sunday and released that day. he reported to work on time monday morning and has participated in all meetings and practices since then. his teammates equally tightlipped. >> we ignore the distractions. whether it's that situation deflategate any other situation. >> chandler has a lot of great support in the locker room and is a great football player and i am excited to see what he does this week. >> reporter: patriots fans excited but some admit they are anxious as well just like the team, patriots nation not too happy about the thought of a distraction this big coming so
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at gillette stadium jim armstrong wbz this morning. as for saturday we have it here starting with a special 90 minute edition of patriots gay dame at 2. kick off is at 4:35. and immediately followed by the 5th quarter post game show. house law makers in massachusetts approved a bell addressing the state's opioid crisisch the bill passed by unanimous vote would limit prescriptions to a 7-day supply and allow hospitals to hold overdose patients for up to 24 hours for evaluation which is less than the 7 #. 2 hour hold governor baker was pushing. very big news in the boston business world general electric is relocating it's headquarters to the seaport. julie loncich has more on what it means for the city and taxpayers. >> reporter: as if it was not crowded enough another new neighbor is moving in. >> i am exciteed about ge what it will bring to the city and the city of boston and we have
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>> reporter: after months of lobbying we heard that they are coming to the most in demand neighborhood bringing 800 jobs. >> the big messages is this -- message is this is great place for the next 50 years. >> reporter: the manufacturing giant considered 40 other locations, the 130 billion dollar company was not without incentives. 120 million from the state, 25 million from the city itself. >> two decades we have had companies move out of the city and now people are moving into the city and that's a big win. >> reporter: especially for an area so completely transformed most bostonians no longer recognize it. >> the the seaport is exciting. up. guys are from a different area to show them the changes and what's happening. >> used to park 7 dollars a day and now there's giant construction so it's really a massive transformation. proud. >> reporter: employees will begin to move into the
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they will be in their permanent home wherever it is here by 2018. in the seaport district julie loncich wbz this morning. 4:30 on this thursday morning. a controversial movie in the spotlight ahead of the oscar nomination. >> and coming up, cardinal o'malley speaking to wbz about what he thought of the film. >> and tracking down a stolen ipad. the accused thief makes one big mistake. >> and a popular lip balm is the subject of a class action lawsuit that claims against eos
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welcome back 4:43. chipotle is trying to lure customers back and a lawsuit is filed over a popular lip balm. >> we are in for another rocky day on wall street. jill wagner is live with today's money watch. good morning jill. >> reporter: good morning chris and kathryn. it was a volatile day for asian markets reacting to exflogsy carta and wall street losses. most asian markets fell. china's market rebounded. 2016 sell off continues on wall street. dow fell nearly 365 points wednesday.
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what's called the correction and it's dropped 10% from recent highs. chipotle is the plan to win back customers give away more free food. the stock plunged 40% from last year's highs and sales are also weighed down after e.coli and norovirus outbreaks including one in boston and chipotle will double the amount of free food it gives away to get customers back in the door and the eos lip balm is in the center of a class action lawsuit. some customers had harsh side effects like rashs bleeding and blistering. it's sold in egg shape pods. kim kardashian is one of the brand investors. >> doesn't sound like a good situation with lip balm at all. >> reporter: yeah. >> supposed to be soothing. >> take off the birthday list. >> thanks very much jill. you are remembering 9 months to go. >> you remind us very often. >> that i do.
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your thursday morning and it's a little chilly we didn't win the power ball and here we are you are welcome a lot of people waking up not so happy in that same boat. >> it's one of the things you know and you get the clouds and maybe rain this weekend and it's like. >> debbie downer. >> we will turn it around at 5. >> the sun is coming out today you guys. storm is going to be quick hitter. we are looking at the positives. satellite and radar shows a lot of cloud around this morning. you may encounter's couple flurries. just don't want to catch you off guard if you see couple flakes for the light blue shading for man chaster -- manchester and over the border near ashby and a couple flakes pushing offshore and clipping eastern essex county from gloucester back to plum island and either side of route 91. this is near springfield and palmer and then stretching back into northern connecticut. so a flurry or two is not out
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morning. otherwise the real feel is cold. we are in the single digits from worcester to lawrence. 11 in boston but, the wind won't be as strong today as it was yesterday. so i think it will make a difference in the afternoon. it won't feel as chilly through the course of the day. 14 is the air temperature in worcester and # 2 in boston and most of us are running in the teens and 20s so we have good couple snow showers. there's steadier snow back to the west but it's going lose a little steam as it comes overhead over the next several hours. a chance of a flurry or brief snow shower is in the forecast until the tail end of rush hour and then the sun breaks out. temperatures around or over 0 degrees this afternoon. tomorrow a quiet day but there's warmth trying to push in. so with that, means some clouds during the day tomorrow but it will be dry and temperatures up around 40 here comes our storm for weekend. look at that amount of rain.
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there may be snowflakes across the far interior pouring on but look at that. i stopped things at 4:30 and that's a pretty important time. rain pulling out for the patriots game with partial clearing coming in and this is going to be full fledged snow it canly in northern new hampshire through maine but we will be dreg out heading into saturday -- drying out heading evening techly. temperatures in the upper 30s falling to mid-30s by the end of the game. real feel is in the 20s. winds should be 7 to 14 miles per hour so shouldn't be a huge impact. today's highs up around or over 30. it's going to feel like 20s and in fact tonight we drop back into the 20s. accu-weather seven-day forecast. 40 tomorrow and to start weekend and partly sunny and cooler on sunday but especially for the start of next week another round of light snow on monday but plenty of sunshine by tuesday and wednesday.
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>> we have two stories here. which story do you want to us write because we are writing one. >> critics love spotlight and today we will find out if it's up for the ultimate prize when the oscar nominations are announced at 8:30 this morning. it's based on the boston globe's pulitzer prize winning investigation into the sex abuse crisis in the catholic church. when spotlight was firsted relee -- released cardinal o'malley released a statement and hadn't seen the movie but he has now and is sharing his thoughts on it exclusively with wbz paula ebben>> reporter: you put out a statement in october when spotlight was release have film. >> reporter: any thoughts. >> it's a powerful film and i think that it's a contribution. >> this is the first timecard
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publicly he's seen spotlight he leads the sex abuse panel set up by pope fran ies is advice -- francis to advice him on thissue. >> cathin -- kathryn-- catherine greig will be back in court. she refused to testify if other people head the gangster hide. a teenage in rhode island faces charges. police say that he took a selfie with a stolen ipad. the victim told police someone stole the ipad from his car and the suspect selfie turned up on the victim's cloud server. police used the fiend my phone app and tracked the device to a home in woonsocket and arrested the 19-year-old and returned the ipad to the owner. 4:49. a new controversy surrounding a republican presidential candidate. >> ahead, the financial mistake senator ted cruz is now admitting to.
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owners, the new strain of dog flu is spreading.
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breaking news in i been dough nearbia -- indonesia a deadly attack near a starbucks in jakarta. 7 people are dead including several attackers. at least 3 explosions rocked the downtown area followed by more than 2 hours of gun battles. indonesian police say the jakarta attackers imitateed actions in paris.
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several warnings from police that isis militants were planning something big. but so far no one has claimed responsibility. checking our other top stories three winning tickets ball jackpot. they were sold in california, florida and tennessee. the lucky ticket in california was sold at a 7-eleven in chino hills a suburb of l.a. cloud flocked to the store last night and we had two lucky winners here in massachusetts. tickets bought in charlestown and east bridgewater matched 5 numbers and that means the winning tickets are worth a million bucks each. also new developments on patriots star chandler jones' mysterious trip to the hospital. the boston globe reports he had a bad reaction to synthetic marijuana. jones ended up being rushed to norwood hospital and the pats won't confirm much more than that. jones did participate in the team's practice yesterday. police reportedly had a man in custody in connection with the murder of an american woman
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ashley olson was found strangled in her florence apartment last weekend. investigators focus odd and a man walking her from a nightclub hours before she was killed. italian media is reporting that man is now under arrest his name has not been released. and this morning, 10 u.s. sailors are back in the base in bahrain. and we are seeing new video as one of the sailors was forced to apologize for drifting into iranian waters. >> it was a mistake that was our fault and we apologize for our mistake. >> we still don't know the name of the sailor in this clip. they spent less than a day in iranian custody after the two boats they were on were accidently strayed into iranian waters. senator ted cruz now admits he didn't properly report a million dollars in loans used to finance his senate campaign. the money includes a low interest loan from goldman sach where his wife works "new york times" published documents showing didn't support a
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bank and he he calls it a filing error. bernie sanders will be in new hampshire today. the vermont senator and democratic candidate for president will announce a important endorsement and lead a town hall discussion at dartmouth. a monmouth university poll shows this week the sanders lead hillary clinton in new hampshire but a cbs news poll from the seam day shows clinton ahead nationally. here's something that parents probably don't want to hear a new hampshire hospital is asking more than 800 children to get their shots again. the alice pack day memorial hospital in lebanon says that the vaccines were stored in -- at inconsistent temperatures. meaning some might have lost potency. any child vaccinated between september 2014 and october 2014 could be at risk affected families have been notified and will not have to pay for the new sax even the. in other -- vaccines. hospitals in 10 stays clots mag shutes have seen infections
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in the last three years federal investigators say at least 2 50 people have gotten sick. a number almost double what federal investigators initially thought. the scopes were used to identify and treat conditions of the pancreas and bile duct. infections are not just a problem for humans. 2000 dogs have come down with acanine version of the flu. it can't be spread to humans but jumps from dog to dog and could lead to serious comply cases. get your dog vaccinate and keep them away from unfamiliar dogs especially strays. if you are like most of the country you didn't win the power ball. >> but if you want a unique experience a farm in virginia is look for you.
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(buzzer) hey, you're a lucky guy. you'll probably win the jackpot. (bell) you know, luck doesn't play any role in slot machines. the odds of winning are the same every time you play. (buzzer) if you lose money, just keep playing. you'll win it back. (bell) don't chase your losses. set a limit on the time and money you want to spend. learn more about gambling and how to keep it fun. visit the gamesense info center at the plainridge park casino. (buzzer)
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all right. have you ever wanted to be a goat snuggler? i never knew there was such a thing. your chance is here. >> been waiting for this moment. i am kidding. virginia farm expects about 90 new bosh goats by mid february. they need volunteers to snuggle and feed the babies. newborn goats have to be bottled fed 4 times a day and they must be kept warm. the farm says no experience is necessary to be a volunteer. a lot of babies there. the start of that story do you
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