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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  January 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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break news at 6 a deadly attack in indonesia. several explosions rock a starbucks cafe. the haste on the chaotic situation. >> residents race from the flames when fire break out in a kitchen. what officials say sparked it. >> and we have the winners. people in three states will share a record breaking jackpot plus, we will tell you where two million dollar tickets were sold in the bay state. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning. it's 6 a.m. right now. i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon.
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the let's go over to danielle niles track another chilly start. >> the wind won't be as strong as yesterday so that's a welcomed change. it's 22 in boston right now. it's chilly start. southwest wind is still active at 12 miles per hour. we are in the teens from wore star to ceebe -- keen -- onester to keene. it takes a bit of a breeze to add the bite to the air. real feel 10 in boston and 3 in worcester so be bundled up. clouds and flurries possible here as a little weak disturbance comes overhead. eye won't amount to anything but you may see a couple flakes through rush hour. sunrise at 7-eleven and -- 7:11. temperatures in the upper 20s through lunchtime and dry and chilly for the ride home in the upper 20s with the sunset at 4:35. quiet end to the week tomorrow and tracking a storm for the weekend. the latest update coming up. let's go on the roads with traffic and weather together. >> reporter: we have a huge backup right now that is going on in the south of the city. let's look at the traffic camera to see what we are talking about.
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over south station. see the taillights the crash inside the tunnel is on 93 northbound at the government center exit. the right lane is blockedch the bumper to bumper mess stretches back to granite avenue at least a 15ment delay. you are looking at 20 minutes stuck in that mess. to the south expressway hangs up between granite avenue and columbia road route 3 north stalls between union and split. 128 southbound heavy and slow from 37 to the split. to the north, 93 southbound now stop and go in the andover stretch between river road and dascum road and you will bog down tweer woburn. breaking news in indonesia this morning a deadly attack near a starbucks in jakarta. police say 7 people are dead and that includes 5 of the attackers. at least three explosion rocked the downtown area sending people running for safety. indonesian police say the attackers imitateed the terror
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linked to isis. this morning's attack is after warnings from police that isis militants were planning something big. but so far, no one claimed responsibility. also breaking this morning, at least 6 people dead. dozens hurt after a car bomb attack. this is outside a police station in turkey. official say kurdish rebels detonated the car bomb and attacked the station with rocket launchers and firearms. also breaking news in taunton. krause working through the night to knock down a grays fire. flames sparked at a home on pine street. investigators say it start on the second floor in the kitchen and neighbors say it got bad quickly. >> it was a bunch of smoke everywhere and then i came outside and there was flames every where. >> luckily everyone inside was able to get out of the house safely and there were no injuries reported. three power ball winning-- the jackpot three tickets but
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it was nearly 1.6 billion dollars. here's the bad news. the big jackpot tickets were not sold in massachusetts but florida and tennessee. >> check your tickets anyway there were two winners in prize. nicole jacobs is live where one good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the odds of one in 2 the 2-- 292 million winning did not fall in our favor this morning. but yes, two million dollar tickets sold in massachusetts. one of them at the convenience store here in charlestown. but we know around the country there were at least 3 big power ball winners. >> all right for your winning power ball number. >> reporter: and the winning power ball numbers are out of florida, tennessee, and california. chino hills to be exact. and more specifically at this 7- eleven.
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>> reporter: and so is the city apparently. >> a lot of excitement down there. a lot of people celebrating. >> reporter: thousands flocking to the streets for the winner. >> someone won the lottery and bought ticket and it's presty cool. >> reporter: over 1.5 billion dollars at least three tickets so far matching all 6 numbers which means there were also a millions in lottery tickets sold. right. >> reporter: massachusetts is not completely at a loss a couple of million dollar tickets were sold here in the bay state. massachusetts lottery officials say that just yesterday alone, more than 17 million dollars in lottery tickets were sold. we are live in charlestown nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> we have been saying if youhaven't checked your tickets
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4, 8, 19, 27, 34 the power ball number is 10 glofton police detectives is are investigating a deadly shooting in roxbury a block away from brigham and women's hospital. officers say man was shot several times and he has not been identified. woman arrested in a deadly hit-and-run in dorchester is newdue in court this morning. officers used-- is due in court this morning. officer used video to track her down. police are investigating a crash involving a bus and commuter rail train. they collided at high street last night. we are told no passengers were on the bus or the train at the time a no injuries. new developments on chandler jones mysterious trip to the hospital. boston globe reports he had a bad reaction to sin thet inmarijuana. susie steimle is -- synthetic marijuana. susie steimle is live with more
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>> reporter: in true patriots fashion chandler jones is not hospital sunday. ignoring this distraction and preparing for the playoffs saturday. all cameras were trained on wednesday. not in anticipation of the activities. during which he stumbled into the foxboro police department. >> [audio not understandable] evaluation medical. >> reporter: chandler jones walked therefrom his foxbor heo home after apparently having a bad reaction to synthetic marijuana. according to the boston globe. the pats conterm he was more than that. in a statement the patriots saychandler jones was' mited to the hospital on sunday -- was admit to the hospital on sunday and released that day and reported to work on time monday morn morning and participated in all meetings and practices since then. jones teammates ignore the
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>> just ignore all the distractions. whether it's that situation or deflategate any other situation. >> chandler has great support in the locker room and he is a great football player and i am excited to see what he does this week. >> reporter: coach bill check will hold a press conference at 9 this morning but i wouldn't --belichick will hold a press conference at 9 this morning but i won't expect him to talk about this incident but the game on saturday. susie steimle. >> thanks we will carry coach belichick's news conference live at 9 this morning. as for saturday, we have got you covered. starting with a special 90 minute edition of patriots game day at 2 kick can off at 4:35 immediately followed by the 5th quarter post game show. and this morning's money watch a volatile day for asian markets reacting to explosions in jakarta and yesterday's losses on wall street. most asian markets fell today.
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we will see how u.s. stocksrespond today. dow tumbled 365 points and nasdaq down 160 points. one of the biggest companies general electric is moving to boston. they will move the corporate headquarters to the seaport district along with 800 jobs as part of the package. the state will offer ge120 million dollars in tax incentives and boston will add up to another 25 million in incentives. officials say that's the cost of doing business. >> the big message is that is great plagues to be not for the next 2 or 5 years but 50 years. >> for two deb it's we have had people moving out and now we have people moving in and that's a big win. >> employees will begin moving to temporary locations this summer until a permanent structure is completed. that should happen by 2018. it's 6:09 right now a controversial movie in the spotlight.
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>> cardinal sean o'malley speaks exclusively to wbz about what he thought of the film. >> and developing news on the murder of a american woman in italy a suspect is now in custody. new details we just learned>> and tracking down a stolen ipad. accused thief makes one big mistake. we will tell you about it. hey danielle. >> good morning. we have a couple clouds and flurries out there this morning. we may get one or two in the city of boston over the next couple hours and we come up to around 30 with increasing sunshine less wind today and i will keep a close eye on the weekend storms. details after the break. look live over the city of boston this morning. stay with us. you are watching wbz this morning.
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it maybe cold but it doesn't look like this. near whiteout conditions in buffalo new york strong winds made the heavy snowfall worse and remember this a couple days ago. the frozen car. block of ice near buffalo is free this morning. crews chipping off enough of the ice to drag the car onto its tow truck. >> wasn't a easy as itk. >> the car sickle moves. >> good one car sickle. very good.
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all i will say. >> danielle normally we talk about blizzards and snowstorms and you are talking about subtropical storm. >> in case you missed it. >> it was crazy yesterday. so obviously hurricane season doesn't start until june right so we had the first subtropical storm the season alex forming near africa but this is the first time this happened in january since 1978 and it's impressive with maximum winds 70 miles per hour. so the season in june starts with bonnie since we have what pretty interesting stuff. shifting back to a little snow. and light snow showers and it's not going to amount to a whole lot but there will be a couple flakes. manchester notice the radar echoes through the merrimack valley and a couple flakes extending inside 495. near framingham sile couple down near milford and southern
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story is the cold. wint won't be nearly as strong as yesterday. but the real feel is running in the single digits and teens. it feels like 10 in boston because the wind is still about 5 to 15 miles per hour. so that does add the bite. 15 is the air temperature in worcester 22 in boston. and any of the snow showers and flurries that comes through should be in and out quickly by late morning. and then after that, the sun breaks out. so it turns into not a bad day. it's not going to feel as cold as yesterday. tomorrow we see warmer air try to push in so we will come up around 40 but tomorrow a lot of clouds and peaks of sunshine here or there and here comes the weekend storm. look at the amount of rain with this thing saturday morning bands of heavy rain whip in off the ocean saturday morning until midday. but here's thing. i stopped things at 4:30. what's going on at 4:30 on saturday. gillette stadium drying out. there will be snow to the north. now obviously this many days out there stale little uncertainty as to the exact
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but i have to say there's not a ton of cold air it will be a chilly rain on saturday morning. but it looks like we will start to dry out and the wind shouldn't be as strong as originally thought. 7 to 14 miles per hour. if you are going to gillette stadium it is wet for tailgating and we dry out with the real feel running in the 20s. so that's what you want to dress for. today's highs, up around just over 30. tonight dipping into the 20s but wind goes calm and there's scattered frost that develops and scrape the windshield tomorrow mong and up around 40 degrees which will feel balmy compared to what we have had especially with the wind yesterday. still around 40 on saturday too with the rain moving in. probably overnight on friday into early on saturday morning. and then dipping into the 30s again on sunday only in the 20s for the start of next week. and another chance of light snow on monday. by the way, barry had a blast yesterday he went to the mill
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the 5th frayeders the motto together we learn and mascot red tailed hawk. >> reporter: people will wish they were in the back of red tail hawks we are seeing an epic traffic mess on 93 falling acrash inside the o'neal tunnel. see the taillights right there, the two right lanes are blocked inside the tunnel following an accident before government center. total traffic network tells me the backup is close to 9 miles right now. that's basically the length of the expressway. from the tunnel back to the braintree split. delay was 45 minutes last check but could be an hour soon. so if you haven't head out take an alternate into the city from the south. the other tieups including route 3 north which hangs up between union street and the split. that seems like nothing right now. to the north, 93 southbound stop and. the woburn stretch between 128 and park street. and route 3 south heavy between 495 and concord road.
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>> all right thanks. a developingtory one man is in -- developing story. one man is in custody in connection to the murder of a american work in -- woman in italy. ashley olson was found strangled now a 25-year-old man from senegal has been detained. prosecutors say he arrived in italy a few months ago illegally. they say he was spotted leaving a nightclub with olson. and entering her apartment. >> two stories here, the story about the degenerate clergy and lawyers turning child abuse into a industry. which story do you wan to us write?we are writing one of them. >> critics love spotlight and today we will find out if it is up for the ultimate prize when the oscar nominations are announced at 8:30 this morning. now it's based on the boston glob's pulitzer prize winning investigation into the sex abuse crisis in the catholic church. when spotlight was first released, cardinal sean o'malley released a statement that church leaders continued to ask victims of abuse for forgiveness. at the time he hadn't seen the
6:18 am
but he he has now and he is sharing his thoughts exclusively with wbz paula ebben. >> reporter: you put out a statement in october when spotlight was released, have you had a chance to see the film. >> i have. >> reporter: any thoughts. >> it's a very powerful film and i think that it's a contribution to. >> this is the first time the cardinal sean publicly acknowledged he has seen spotlight and he leads the sex abuse panel set up by pope fran ies is today advice him on the issue. a teen in rhode island faces charges. police say he took a selfie with a stolen ipad. the victim told police someone stole the ipad from his car and the suspect selfies turned up on the cloud serve ver. police used the find my phone app and tracked the device to a home in woonsocket and they arrested the 19 -year-old and returned the ipad to the owner. 6:19a warning for pet owners. >> a new strain of dog flu is spreading. how to protect your pet.
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the subject of a class action lawsuit. claims against eos products
6:20 am
listen up this is important. a now ham sure hospital asking more than 800 children to get their shots again. the alice peck day memorial hospital in lebanon says the vaccines were stored at inconsistent temperatures. meaning some might have lost potency. any child vaccinated between september 2014 and october 2015 could be at risk affected families have been notified and will not have to pay for the new vaccines. law makers in massachusetts approved a bill addressing the state's opioid crisis. the bill passed by a unanimous vote with limit opioid prescription to a 7-day supply
6:21 am
hold overdose patients up to 24 hours for an evaluation. which is less than the 72 hour hold governor baker was pushing for. drug smugglers get reative. board -- get creative. a shipment of marijuana was busted head hidden in vegetables nearly 3,000 packages of marijuana were hidden among real carrots. they were headed into the u united states from mexico and the conphysical kuwaited -- confiscated drugs would be worthhalf a million dollars on the streets. if you use the eos lip balm it's the senter's of class action law siew. some customerssay they had rashs and bleeding and blistering. the product is sold in egg shaped pods. kim kardashian is among the brand ambassadors. the company says the products are safe and the lawsuit is without merit. chipotle is trying to win back customers by giving away more free food.
6:22 am
year's highs. sales are way down after e.coli and nor row virus outbreaks including one in boston. they will double the amount of free food it gives away to get customers back in the door. 6:25 right now. hospitals in ten states including massachusetts have seen infections linked to contaminated medical scopes in the last three years. federal investigators say at least 2 50 people have gotten sick. a number almost double what federal investigators initially thought. infections are not just a problem for humans. at least 2,000 dogs in 25 states have come down with a canine version of the flu that can't be spread to humans but easilyup pes from dog to dog and can lead to seriouslycations. vets say have dogs vaccinate and keep them away from unknown dogs especially strays. it's 6:25. on this thursday morning a lot more in the next half-hour including a controversy surrounding a republican presidential candidate.
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>> plus if you thought there was a power ball frenzy before last night's drawing. you have to check out thepandemonium at a california store that sold one of the three winning tickets. why the video is our daley talker. >> he heading to break, here are four things to know as you head out the door today.
6:24 am
right now at 6:30, jackpot. three tickets sharing a record power ball prize. where they were sold and the big winners right here in massachusetts. >> and we are following breaking news overseas. an explosion rocks a starbucks in indonesia's capital. latest on the deadly attack. >> this is jon keller ge is moving the headquarters here. great news. why we need a lot more than that to make our economy rosy
6:25 am
>> from the channel 4 studios in boston this is wbz this morning. >> welcome back it's 6:30 i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser great to have you on this thursday january 14th. people are wake up and the first thing they will do is get the tickets. we all had the moment this morning didn't we. >> yeah. and you have a exciting moment 7 dollar winner over there. >> yes 7 dollar winner right here. >> see how she has it underneath lock and key she doesn't see it. >> that's two lattes. >> depending where you go to true that's very true. >> three could haveees after the show. i am just saying a few flurries as well you guys. it's a hat and gloves morning. we are in the teens single digits too and in terms of what it feels like out there and the today. we come up around 30 and won't be as gusty as yesterday.
6:26 am
are in the teens from worcester into nashua and the real feel is single digits in worcester. 10 in boston. here's satellite and radar. flurries. don't be caught off guard. it's not going amount to a lot but he will see the flakes flying a dusting here or there possible. brookfield to worcester and framingham the leading edge of some of the flurries coming inside 495 to from lawrence to salem new hampshire to derry flakes. rise at 7:11 and there's the sun that breaks out and flurries coming to an end upper 20s through the afternoon. we top out around 30. the real feel is in the 20s but dry and chilly for your ride home. speaking of drive let's go on the roads with traffic and weather together hi. >> reporter: good news on the traffic mess on 93. we have been talking about it for the past 45 minutes or so. there was a crash inside the o'neal tubal that had two lanes blocked on 93 northbound at the government center exitch the backup was huge.
6:27 am
now the scene is cleared and traffic is moving. still there's residual backups but it's a 20 to 25 minute delay. now. and we have an accident on the mass pike on eastbound side out in framingham at route 30. left lane is blocked there. and the backup is to route 9 that looks like a delay of about 10 minutes right now. and then north of the city a disabled bus causing problems at the 93 southbound at park street. the bus is a flat and backup to concord. 93 south bumper to bumper wilmington to medford. >> thanks very much. a nearly 1.6 billion dollar power ball jackpot will be shared. >> the three winning tickets were sold in california, florida and tennessee, but check your numbers because two tickets here in massachusetts match 5 numbers for a million bucks. so, what are the numbers? here they are. 4, 8, 19, 27 and 34 and the
6:28 am
>> there you go. >> excited. nicole jacobs is live outside one of the stores that sold one of the winning million dollar tickets. it's a lot of excitement nicole. >> reporter: a lot of excitementkathryn. it was not a complete loss for all lottery players in massachusetts. two, winning million dollar tickets sold here in the bay state. one of them as a convenient store in charlestown but if you can just imagine the excitement for a city, like chino hills let's look at this video here. we know that three power ball winners were discovered in tennessee and florida as well as california. california wasting no time tweeting that a winning ticket was sold there. and you can see from video he the entire city celebrated with hundreds flocking to the 7- eleven where the winning ticket was sold. >> i am proud and i am really excited too. >> someone won the lote here
6:29 am
>> reporter: here in massachusetts lottery officials say just on wednesday alone, more than 17 million dollars in lottery tickets were sold. live in charlestown nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thank you very much. 6:34. breaking news in taunton this morning. crews working through the night to knock down a grease fire. flames sparked at a home on pine street. investigators tell us it start on the second floor in the kitchen of the home. safely. no injuries were reported. also breaking news in indonesia. police say that the attackers who targeted a bessy shopping area were copying the terror attacks in paris. and could be linked to isis. at least three explosions rocked jakarta. one right outside of a starbucks cafe. the country has been on high alert after recent warnings that isis militants were planning something big. so far this morning, no one claimed responsibility for the attacks.
6:30 am
he did not properly report 1 million in loans used to finance his senate campaign. the money includes a low interest loan from goldman saves whereby his wife -- sachs where his wife works he also didn't report a came payne loan from citibank and he calls it a filing error. bernie sanders will be in new hampshire. he will announce an important endorsement and lead a town hall discussion at dartmouth college a monmouth university poll released this week shows sanders leading hillary clinton in new hampshire but a cbs news poll from the same date shows clinton ahead nationally. whitey bulger's long time girlfriend will plead if they to new charges. she be back in court february 3rd where she enterer's guilty plea on contempt charges. she refused to testify before a grand jury investigating if other people helped the gangster hide. she is serving 8 years for
6:31 am
on the run. business col by is off the -- bill cosby is off the hook for now. a judge in worcester ruled he won't have to answer questions as part of a lawsuit filed by assaulted them. but cosby's wife will have to testify during deposition. new developments on patriots star chandler jones' hospital. boston globe is reporting he marijuana. susie steimle is live with a lowser -- close are look at the situation -- closer look at the situation and what his teammates are saying. >> reporter: good morning. as you expect defensive end chandler jones is not commenting about this incident and it was the boston globe reported synthetic marijuana that sent him to the hospital on sunday. apparently walked to the foxboro police department on his own accord. he lives nearby is what we have been hearing and he was transported to norwood
6:32 am
he has been at practice ever since all week long. patriots organization to their true fashion not commenting diverting attention to the game against the chiefs on saturday. we did catch up with a couple players after practice yesterday and they stand by their man. >> just i go north distractions and whether it's that situation or deflategate any other situation. >> chandler has great support in the locker room and he is a great football player and i am he can sighted to see what he does this week. >> reporter: belichick will hold a press conference at 9 this morning and we don't think he will spend much time or any time talking about this incident. live in foxboro susie steimle wbz this morning. >> thanks very much. general electric is boston bound. one of the world's biggest companies is relocating its headquarters to the the seaport district. this morning jon keller looks at what that means for the city.
6:33 am
when the politicians blow it we are among the first to point it out so he it's only fair that when they deliver the goods they get a pat on the back. so, governor baker and mayor walsh partners in the successful drive to convince industrial giant general electric to move its cooperate headquarters here consider yourself patted. it's an especially sweet victory because when it comes to attracting new investment our state struggles with the reputation as an expensive place to do business. but this time the role of the antibusiness losers was played by connecticut which raised corporate taxes over ge's objections and further i'll aid the suits with a slide show pitch that used a picture of an airplane engine built by one of oops. that's what you get when you put yankee fans in charge. so ge will be moving here son. presumably bringing most of the 800 employees with them.
6:34 am
yesterday that the company is shutting its valve vacry in avon sending 300 blow collar jobs to florida instead. the pauls say over time ge's presence will promote job creation of the blue and white color variety. they he better be right. it's swell for ge executives to come here and overpay for housing, boost our tax revenues and overtip in local restaurants. but the working class people who have been suffering through the drain of local manufacturing jobs over the years needs help too. let's see our eager beaver pauls deliver the bacon on that front then you will really see some vyingous back patting feedback is welcomed e-mail me at or reach outon twitter at keller at large. time for the daily talker. most of us are waking up to the news we are not instant billionaires but there are some
6:35 am
>> and while you may be happy for the newly super rich people, would you want to cheer them on. rob sigh here with details on an unusual celebration. hey robi. >> reporter: hey. the scene is rim nighs enterof a aftermath of a pro championship. in this case the people are cheering for strangers. look at the hoopla outside the 7-eleven in chino hills, california. they didn't come for 50% off slepee -- slurpees. winning ticket was sold here it's like hanging outside the gates of willie wonka chocolate factory to get a glim phs of the golden ticket. people were taking self -- glimpse of the golden ticket. people were taking selfies of the cashier dude. store gets the maximum 1 million dollar pay out for sealing winner. one fan was screaming this puts chino hills on the map. and another woman yelled, i
6:36 am
so we are asking what do you think of the celebration? would you storm your local convenience store like this? even if you didn't win and even if you didn't know the winner? take a look at comments. seth says the only reason they are celebrating is because they hope to get a glimpse of the winner and maybe they will toss them some dough. and theo says well, the california is around 8 at night warm and on wednesday so sure, let's share the joy. if not the cash. number of ways to comment website twitter or facebook. we would love to hear from you all day long winners and losers. guys. >> i don't think theo is a big fan of the cold that's funny talking about the weather. ahead ready to run for the record books. >> the send off party for a massachusetts woman trying who -- who is trying to complete 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days. >> and frightening video. the freak wave that some
6:37 am
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>> scare have i scene -- scary scene at an australia beach. dozens of people at the beach. a a long coast of sydney what rogue way of hit the shore. -- along the coast of sydneywhen a rogue wave hit the shore. >> rough wave. >> yes.
6:39 am
weather and it's he not beach weather. >> not at all. >> a couple flakes out there too that will come here to the station too. outside boston within the next 20 minutes or so a couple flurries coming through. this morning they are he not going to amount to a whole much a dusting here and there in a couple communities. but we have a few flakes from newbeery and acton and route 2 corridor and inside 495 milford a couple flurries stating to. >> i and the leading edge from waltham and arlington. we see couple flakes. the real feel is chilly. 4 in wore skerster. the wind -- worcester. the wind won't be as strong as yesterday and it's subsiding more. without the gusty wind it will feel a little bit better by the afternoon. temperatures right now still in in boston. this morning. by late morning the sun is breaking back out.
6:40 am
it will be a little cooler than average. but we have got a little surge of warm air that tries to come in tonight and tomorrow. with it will come clouds and it will be a dry friday. temperatures up around 40. here comes the storm. with it. a lot of rain and rain moves in during the predawn on saturday and in fact overnight on friday night into saturday, and that's when the leading edge comes in. and then the rain comes down hard. saturday morning, to about dry out. a couple days out still so we will watch the timing. and it will be areas of snow and jackpot across maine as the storm whips out heading into saturday evening. so our latest thinking is this is not changed aid fast mover quickly. the track is still a little uncertain how close to the coast it is going to come. but nonetheless, there's just with this thing. nonetheless there may be wet snowflakes that mix in across
6:41 am
yield mainly rain in southern new england. heaviest saturday morning until midday. today's high up to around 30 degrees. and boston in through the merrimack valley upper 20s jaffrey and low 30s from plymouth back down to the cape and dropping into the 20s tonight and wind goes calm and tomorrow up around 40 degrees same on saturday and sunday a little cooler. and sun is back out and a chance of a little light snow on monday in the 20s for the start of next week. plenty of sunshine tuesday and wednesday. traffic and weather together what's going on. >> reporter: a couple problems north and west of the boston. cause slow downs skyeye 4 over the scene and stoneham a bus with a flat tire. 93 southbound at park street the bus is off to the right shoulder and you can see some wrecker he is there and stop and go backup is to concord a delay of about 20 minutes. we have a crash on the mass pike out in framingham on eastbound side at route 30. backup there is to route 9 and looks like a delay of about 15
6:42 am
>> thanks very much. 6:47. we are following breaking news in indonesia explosions rock a popular shopping district in the country's capital. police say 7 people are dead including 5 of the attackers at least 3 explosions rocked jakarta one near a starbucks. indonesian official say attackers were imitating the terror attacks in paris. so far no one claimed responsibility for the attack. back here at home breaking news in taunton. crews battling a grease fire at a home on pine street and they believe it started when someone was cooking in the kitchen everyone got out safely and no injuries were reported. it's 6:48 right now. checking the other top stories 3 winning tickets will split that record power ball jackpot. and tennessee. the one in california was in chino hills. crowds flocked to the stores and we had two lucky winners
6:43 am
charlestown and east bridgewater matched 5 numbers and those are million dollars each. boston police detectives are investigating a deadly shooting in roxbury on fenwood road a block away from brigham and women's hospital. a man watt shot several times. new developments on patriots star chandler jones and his mysterious trip to the hospital. boston globe reporting that he what bad reaction to synthetic marijuana. he was rushed to norwood hospital. pats won't confirm much more than that. jones did participate in the team's practice yesterday. bruins and celtics in action last night. >> celtics trying to keep pace with endy and bees try to fly past philly highlightsfor you. >> and stamina. local runner setting off for an ultimate endurance test later this month.
6:44 am
7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days. a send off will be held for belmont resident becka pissi before attempting the world marathon challenge trying to become the first american woman
6:45 am
finishing races in antarctica chile. the send off is from 3 to 5. champions are returning to the boston marathon. >> among the least four past champions including last year's male winner and he will look for his third title and the men's race will include 6 men with personal best under 2 hours and 5 minutes. which is amaying women's side the field includes an olympic gold metalist and last year's winner. wbz is very proud to be the exclusive home for live coverage of the press timeous race the 120 boston marathon monday april 18th. the hits keep coming for the bees they have lost five of the last 6 games. the team were in philly last night take on flyers. bees were leading 2-1 after 2 but give it away.
6:46 am
away his rebound tying it 2 and fill scores again on this play flyers go onto win it 3-2. over to basketball now celtics hosting indiana and this one came down to the celtics defense in the fourth. look at this. jay crowder flexing the steel playing at home a strong defensive stand by celtics they go onto win 103-94 snapping a 4- game losing streak. it's 6:54 right now time for a closer look at what's coming up at 7 on cbs this morning. >> let's check in with nora o'donnell. >> good morning. ahead on cbs this morning what are the stores that sold a winning power ball ticket. plus bough be chiefer in studio 57 as the newest political contributor and we might with james bey up for three grammys awards and news is back in the morning. see you at 7. >> all right thanks. up next getting your goat. the farm looking for some very
6:47 am
probably daniel's -- danielle's favorite thing in the morning heregoat snuggling. you've chance to do it. >> a virginia farm expects 90 newborn goats by mid-february
6:48 am
danielle to snuggle and feed the babies. they need to be bottle fed 4 times a day and the farm says no experience is necessary for volunteers. this song is. >> open arms. >> i said experience cuddling i could do this. >> put it on the resume. >> the wind not going to be nearly as strong today making a difference but flurries this morning. so you will see a couple flakes. >> sound good. congratulations to the 2 million dollar winners for the power ball in massachusetts. cbs this morning is next.
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