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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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but this is gronk at yesterday's practice having the arm wrapped and he was a limited participant yesterday and missed all of tuesday's practice. the team believes he will play on saturday night and brady -- he originally sprained the right knee on november 29th. chandler jones did take part in the fourth straight practice today inside git gillette stadium and apologized for transgression that is led to him being hospitalized this past weekend. >> i made a pretty stupid mistake this weekend. right now my main focus is becoming the best player i can be and helping the team and focus on the the kansas city. >> i feel he apologized to everyone but right now like i said, i made a mistake. this weekend is probably going to be i am focusing on having the biggest game of my life to
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made a stupid mistake and hopefully it can blow by. >> so you give jones credit for apologizing and facing the media right away and not letting this linger into this weekend. a lot going on down here in foxboro now back to you. >> thanks. foxboro police released new documents today that give us a better idea of what happened when jones arrive at the police station. >> christina hager is live with the closer look at the reports that came out. christina. >> reporter: well david there's a lot we can't see that's been blacked out of this report. but, it does say that chandler jones came to the foxboro police department seeking help desperately. there's a reference to marijuana and a description of some very bizarre behavior. unhike most sunday chandler jones was not in his usual athletic form this past weekend. that is according to the incident report foxboro police took for days to finally release.
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parking lot of the police department. where officers saw a shirtless man matching jones' description run towards the back door. without warning, or provocation, this man got down on his knees and interlocketed his fingers and -- locket-- interlocked hisfecial feng ies and -- fingers and placed his hand in the backhis head. he abruptly moved his hands and moved slowly toward the groned appeared as if he was actively praying or worshiping. the report is heavily blacked out. but it does say that the man identified himself to police as chanted chandler jones and mentioned he -- chantler jones and mentioned he left his keys at the home behind the the police dfs-- department. when a officer went there he found the door open and noticed the smell of burnt marijuana and was sent off in an ambulance. >> i covered this. >> reporter: coach belichick didn't have much to say about
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the week of a major playoff game in the police department parking lot. >> there's nothing more important to me personally than the health and well-being of our players. >> reporter: this report goes out of the way to note that jones was polite and respectful with the officers and he had not committed any crimes and he was not armed. and he was-- didn't have drugs in his possession. in foxboro christina hager wbz news david back to you. >> thanks and stay with wbz news for continuing coverage of the story. see all of the police documents by the way we received on the case all on the website cbs now to a story about beating the odds. three lucky winners will split 1.6 billion dollars because they matched the winning power ball numbers last night and you can see them right here. the numbers we didn't have. >> look at the beautiful numbers. at the store in southern california that sold one of those tickets, as soon as word
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win started to celebrate. we will have more on the big winners in chino hills california and florida and in tennessee in a moment. but first, massachusetts had a little luck on its side as well. chantee lans is live and both our winners came forward. >> reporter: that's right. yeah. one in east bridgewater came out but right here this convenience store triple 7 convenience store was where the million dollar winning ticket was found and lucky number 7 as you can see is true to its name. one family here in charlestown purchased that ticket. look at this video. keith bauer was joined by his wife sarah at the braintree headquarters to claim the prize. he match the first five on one of the quick pick tickets. he says he plans to use the money to pay off his and his wife's student loans and to help out their parents. he purchased the lucky ticket at the convenience store i showed you triple 7 in charlestown.
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bonus for the sale and he won the 1.5 billion dollar-- the night of the billion dollar jackpot drawing last night. as far as bridgewater they came forward and his name is robert dole. for now reporting live chantee lans. >> thanks. many of us woke up to the disappointing news none of the big winners was in ms shutes. >> but the big -- massachusetts. >> but the big winers were in chino hills came munford tennessee and florida. whoa continue coverage from california. >> reporter: -- we continue coverage from california california. >> reporter: it's a party atmosphere where one of the winning power ball tickets was sold. people are taking pictures of a buffet going on inside. each one of the three stores gets money just for selling the winning tickets. there was no stopping the celebration the dream come true.
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where luck -- chino hills where luck beat out impossible odds including the store on here got a million dollar check for selling one of the winning power ball tickets. >> it feels so great. >>reporter: california lottery so 386 million dollars worth of power ball tickets. inside customers are hoping the store will bring them luck for the next power ball drawing. >> i bought ticket maybe it's a lucky one. >> wanted to stop by and get in on the action. >> reporter: the power ball winner in chino hills california overcame astronomical odds to win the world record jackpot. that person will split the winning 1.6 billion dollars with two other winners in tennessee and florida. the winning ticket in florida was sold at this melbourne beach grocery store betsy winner didn't within but is richer. >> i won 100. so, i am going spend two dollars on a ticket. >> reporter: the third in mumford tennessee near memphis.
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winners have year to come forward and california here the win are's name public record so we will know who holds the winning ticket in california. one way or another. in chino hills california, edward lawrence wbz news. >> thank you. so how much will each of the three winners actually get. now the lump sum value of the jackpot was 930 million and if you split that three ways do the division it's 310 million each person. but then you have to take out the nearly 40% in federal taxes so you are down to just 187 million dollars. and there's a bonus here in all three states where the winners live, they don't have to pay any statement tax. so that's the number they get right there. >> i hope they can make it on that. david thank you. developing news tonight, a frustrating day for jetblue passengers. a computer outage caused headaches for travelers. they had to cancel or delay flights all over the country including flights in and out of logan.
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center is fixed tonight but with so many nights backed up airports are still experiencing delays. turning to the weather we are keeping a very close eye on a storm system that's heading our way this weekend. i want to send it over to eric fisher. >> a new snowflakes this to that much. the vineyard got a inch of snowfall and tonight kelly and temperatures in the 20s. blanket of cloud cover that's sweeping from the great lakes. all tolled it will be another quiet and cold night. cloud increasing. lows #15 to 20 -- 15 to 20. 20 for the low in downtown boston. toward the weekend, tomorrow it's partly to mostly cloudy skies. but a quiet day for us. aid late on friday night and after midnight we start to see the storm system moving in -- move n it starts with a touch offreezing rain in a few spots but mostly we are talking about regular old rainfall that moves through. that is storm track that usually mid-january does not the produce rain but produces snow but a little too warm this time around. quite a bit of rainfall in the morning.
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northern new england and it will be wrapping up heading into saturday afternoon. so pretty quick mover a look at impact across the area. many of us seeing just rain a little wet snow mixing in north. we will talk about totals what this means for the patriots game and tailgate and to the celebration at end. lisa. >> curious about the timing thanks. tonight the woman accused in a deadly hit-and-run in dorchester is trying to explain what happened and she is still behind bars. melissa benedict told a judge she was adjusting the sun adviser and heat what she -- visor and heat what she heard a bump. she says she was not able to stop but a witness testified that she was speeding and cut off other drivers. she is being held on a thousand dollars bail. a brockton teen hit by a spray bullet in his home is out of intensive care. zack sidelinger was standing in the kitchen monday night when a bullet came ride rite through the wall. police say people in two cars
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zack was an innocent victim. his father says zack is improving but far from 100% and the family is asking friends to post pictures in flannel to show their support for zack. house fire in taunton lighting up the night sky last night. firefighters working for hours to put the flames out. this is at a home on pine street. firefighters say a grease fire in the kitchen is to blame. the good news is no one was hurt. we are following two big developing stories overseas. we want to goat liam martin with the latest on terror attacks in indonesia. >> reporter: the scene was much like the one in paris a bustling shopping area shaken by suicide bombs and gun fire. the death toll in this attack was far lower than it was in paris. this was in gentleman cartate capital. 7 people killed and 5 of those were the attackers themselves. two civilians were killed and another 20 people were wounded. and the attackers carried handguns and grenades and homemade bombs and they struck a starbucks there and a traffic
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attacks and they detonated the suicide -- separate attacks and they detonated the suicide vests and attackers were inspired by isis. message of their presence in the largely muslim majority nation. tonight at main site of the eu nights. the man under arrest for the murder of an american woman living in italy' admits he fought with ashley olson in her florence apartment but says he did not kill her. the 35-year-old florida native weekend. next month chipotle restaurants will voluntarily be shutting down. the wall street journal reports the chain will close on february 8th to hold staff meeting at the restaurants. image. this fall e.coli outbreak was linked to the chain and last month hundreds of people in boston alone got sick with
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we have video that shows the moment a driver lost control and slammed into a wall inside the o'neil tunnel. see other drivers jamming their brakes onto avoid a collision. it happened 5:30 this morning and caused backups for the morning commute in still to come tonight, trapped and in trouble on an icy pond. >> a dog falls through the ice and can't get out on its own. coming up next a. closer look at the rescue of the sweet pep. >> and it's a popular lip balm that promises to use the best and natural ingroad cents but at least one -- ingredients but at least one woman is chairman it's not true and has proof in her-- is claiming it's not true and has proof in her pictures. >> billy joel will be in a
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marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the
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now at 5 the race to rescue a curious dog that fell throughout ice at a local pond and couldn't get out. it happened when the dog you for wall. >> and once she fell through it was a race to get her out. ken macleod has the story. >> reporter: mya got exthat roive -- extra love from the okay. >> reporter: indeed the-year- old pit bull rottweiler mix was playful as ever but the broken ice was a remainder of what could have been. >> she seen a squirrel and ran
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>> reporter: see was off leash when she chased the squirrel on it. >> she was crying and which was heart breaking. >> reporter: but mya had her front paws on the ice and mike felt he had a little time so he called 911 while getting ready to jump in himself. >> she is part of my family so her. >> reporter: fire fight -- rex -- rescue her. >> reporter: firefightersarrived in minutes and donned the special suit and plucked her out. >> she was calm like she was -- knew three were there to help. >> reporter: the firefighters didn't want to talk about their good deed but let mike take this picture to document it. >> i couldn't thank them enough. >> reporter: the vet recommended a snooze by the fire but mya wanted to play with the coveted toy outside and enjoy her favorite snack. cheese. >> good girl. >> reporter: still, the leash is in mya he's future even show she won't like it. >> i am going to give hear lot more love.
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>> soft a -- such a great story. >> i think dogs block the unpleasant things from their mind right away it's like let's move it. >> the dog things it -- thinks it happened 10 years ago. >> unusual thing is happening in the atlantic ocean. >> we have the first hurricane of the year and it's january. alex is the first hurricane to form this early since 1938. the storm expected to hit parts of the azors on friday morning. and eric one more thing to watch in an interesting period for weather. >> certainly here and something you don't see in the atlantic very often. we have what couple tropical system in general and tropical storms in february before but they are very rare and back in 1954 we had alice that formed into december and became a hurricane in january. this is the first to be named a hurricane in january since 1938. 85-mile-per-hour winds is strong for a system in this part of the world. it's rare to get hurricanes here in the first place at any time of the season. let alone in january. you see the track goes right up
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-- azorse heading into tonight and tomorrow morning. it heads into greenland and it will weaken as it runs into the colder water which takes away the life source for the tropical systems. just a very strange weather occurrence right now. for us, nothing too strange about the day. a typical winters day. little west breeze. we are watching the cold air that's just off to the north. and we have got a surge of valley. and the warm front is that dividing line between the two and it's going to snake over day tomorrow. actually splitting the high temperatures tomorrow. as for tonight it's upper teens to low 20s across the area. a chilly evening and increasing cloud cover and partly sunny but quiet out the door tomorrow morning. temps near 20. heading towards midday a gray skies tilling in and milder in the southern end of the state and then as we head towards the evening it is mostly cloudy and chilly and temp in the 30s. here's plight i -- split. bedford up around 44 and nantucket at 46 the cape in the
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chfter at 34 and low -- manchester at 34. so winter chill will still be in the air. and there's the warm front across us for tomorrow heading into tomorrow night this is where we watch the developing nor'easter he. after midnight we will start to see rain move in and could be a couple pockets of freezing rain. that's going to be a game time call tomorrow night we will look at the trends there. and don't think it would be too widespread. most of this is rainfall and it comes down hfly on saturday morning. it's just very bizarre to see a storm take this track which is near what we call the bench mark 40 north and 70 west on your latitude and longitude and it's a huge snowstorm and there's notenough cold. head heading towards midday -- heading towards midday some wet snow and in the afternoon and evening we will continue the drying trend. so aid quick moving system. right -- it's a quick moving system. right now all rain southeastern massachusetts and could see wet snow mixing in across the interior and mainly snow heading up into parts of
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-- maine. where we have a chance for wet snow we could see a slushy coating to as much as a inch come down and a chance for some accumulation here north central worcester county but mainly in new hampshire and the bigger totalas across northern new england amount decent chance of snow up around maine where they had significant snow. for the patriots in the park lot rain until mi day and drying out and a chance for sunshine in the afternoon. we will fall back into the 30s for the game itself and it will be dry and temps go subfreezing for the drive home. keep that in mind. i mentioned the ski slopes with slow coming down on saturday cold on sunday and more snow and cold on monday. it's cold all next week so things are looking up for the ski industry in new england. accu-weatherp 7-day plenty of chill in the air monday and tuesday and wednesday but for the most part it's cold and dry week. david and lisa back to you. >> all right thank you. well, it has not been the longest time since billy joel
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back. he will play fenway this summer and it's going to be his thirdstraight year playing at fenway. tickets go on sale next friday for the concert coming up on august 18th. >> he puts on a good show. >> and it's so magical to see an artist there. fashionable timeless and a bona fide investment. >> a study says to make money all you need to do is buy a purse. >> and the new project training dogs to be lifesavers. >> coming up new at 6, caring for. [audio not understandable] the surprise the family ran into skyrocketing electric bills. >> they never seen a household runing that quick. >> how a local coming is --
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cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders,
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tonight people using the eos lip balm is saying the product left the skin cracked and bleeding. dr. mallika marshall are suing. >> reporter: they are suing. it's cold and many of us are reaping for lip bams to soothe our dry cracked lips including a relatively new lip balm called eos and you probably seen it in drugstores and the cute colorful pods but some customers filed a class action lawsuit claim that it caused rashes and blisters around the lips it's not clear whether the lip balm is to blame but it's important reminder that almost any skin product can cause a reaction called contact dermatitis whether it's a
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so if it happens to you, you simply should stop using it. one of the best things to use on your lip that's highly is petroleum jelly. >> new program that is helping dogs save lives. >> reporter: that he special k- 9 training as what they call the fido project work dogs are long how to alert humans of potential danger like if they hear a fire alarm or the owner isincapacitated by sending tex through a touch screen monitor or activating sensors on a wearable computer vest. the hope is within a couple years dog who assist people with disabilities or police or military will be able to communicate more easily and more efficiently. those are very smart dog and a video. >> my dogs would try order more food. for 11. >> reporter: okay.
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breaking the mold when it comes to custom fit ear buds a local company promising a more comfortable listening experience and one that could be safer for your ears. >> so how did it feel while you are having it done? >> it was cool. it didn't hurt at all. >> reporter: that's good. coming up tonight at 11, i will show you the local company using mit created technology to gib your ear buds the perfect fit. and i will explain to you why it might be healthier too. >> just from a comfort standpoint the ones you have that are not custom by the time you take them out you feel like they reshaped your ear. >> reporter: and you can't run with them and they are always falling out. we will explain more tonight. >> excellent thank you. >> david. thanks you so much. honoring hollywood's best. boston globe reporter's reaction to the oscar nominated film based on the pulitzer prize winning work and an i- team follow up. three man accused of setting up
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job facing a judge. then serious concerns over a big change to the sex offender registry. why dangerous sex offenders are removed from the public data
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live from the channel 4 studios in boston wbz news starts right now. now at 5:30 breaking news tonight for the new england participates ron rob grone cowsy missing -- gronkowski
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he was at hospital getting
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