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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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fourth straight practice today. and afterwards he briefly met with reporters to apologize for the events that landed him in the emergency room this past weekend. >> i want to start off saying i made a pretty stupid mistake this weekend. right now my main focus is becoming the best player i can be and helping the team and focus on kansas city i want to apologize to the fans and everyone's support but, um this weekend is probably going to be i am focusing on having probably the biggest game of my life try to clear this, but like i said i made a stupid mistake and hopefully it can blow by. >> now if there's a bright side bill belichick is a master of block out distractions. today he at that -- the tad team practiced inside and the players talk about a change of scenery and we have more to talk about guys. back to you. >> sew much more. -- so much more. foxboro police reloseed new
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when two officers first saw chandler jones in the parking lot. >> christina hagueer is is live at foxboro police tonight with the the new developments in the story. christina. >> reporter: well this police report came with a lengthy written explanation of why police didn't make the public sooner. officials saying they wanted to make sure they werer complying with privacy laws -- were complying with privacy laws and there's a reference to marijuana and a description of some bizarre behavior. when police first spotted chandler jones last sunday it seems they didn't know who he was. not only was he not wearing his number 95, he was not even wearing a shirt when he scurried through the rear lot of the foxboro police department making a b-line for the back door. without warning, or provocation, this man got down on his knees and interlocket locked a his fingers and placed
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it was like this man was trying to surrender. it's all laid out in the incident report police took four days to finally make public. it goes on. this man abruptly released his hands and started to move slowly toward the ground. appeared as if he was actively praying or worshiping. the report is heave hi blacked out. -- heavily blacked out but the man identified himself to police as chandler jones. and mentioned he left his keys at his home right behind the police department. when an officer went there, he found the door opened and while in the house he noticed the smell of burnt marijuana and he was sent off in an ambulance. >> i covered this. >> reporter: coach bill belichick true to character didn't have much to say about the star defensive end. >> there's nothing more important to me personly than the health and well-being of our players, staff and support people and the organization. >> reporter: well this report
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say that jones was just here trying to get medical help that he was polite and respectful and he didn't commit any crimes and he didn't have any drugs on his possession. in foxboro christina hager wbz news david back to you. >> all right thanks. and stay with wbz for the very latest and you can read the full reports by the way from foxboro police. they are on the website right now and cbs paula. david breaking news in methuen a school will shut down tomorrow because so many people are sick with the norovirus. classes will be canceled tomorrow and the building will be cleaned overthe long weekend. well, let's meet the newest massachusetts millionaire. over the last couple hours the two million dollar power ball prizes sold here in the bay state have been claimed. chantee lans is live in charlestown within wore of the tickets was sold. >> reporter: good evening -- where one of the tickets were sold.
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it was purchased here and it is triple 7 convenience store and true to its name, lucky number 7. one family here in charlestown purchased the ticket and look at this video. keith bauer was joined by his wife sara at the braintree head quarters and match the first five winning numbers on one of the quick pick tickets e says he plans to use the money to pay off his and his wife's student loans and help out their parents. now he purchased his lucky ticket here again. the store will receive 10 grand for its sales. he won during last night's 1.5 billion dollar jackpot drawing. now as far as the other winnings that person purchased a ticket his name is robert east bridgewater. chantee lans, wbz news. >> thank you so much. the bitter cold. it has been pretty cold out there today.
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behind it another storm. eric fisher is track it all. we talking snore orain. >> more rain than snow which is tough to think about considering how chilly it's been over the last couple days. and it's snow across the northeast right now. a few snow showers going through new york state and into parts of the vermont western facing slopes pick up fresh snow and arm of cloud cover spilling over the great lakes and into southern new england. we will see the clouds increase tonight. temperatures not falling too much more from where we are now but very chilly upper teens to low 20s across the area. we will start tomorrow with the cloud cover also. no major issues for the friday just going to be pretty benign winter day. storm we are watching arrives late at night after midnight and you see it's more rain than anything else. i think there's chance for wet snow but for the most part it's a shoft heavy rainfall during the -- shot of heavy rainfall during the morning and we wrap up heading towards the new england. much needed snow. the full-time line on this and what it means for the patriots coming up in bit. >> fans will watch closely thanks so much.
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call. -- at 6, it was close call. >> i blinked my ice and opened and saw a bullet hole in the front of my windshield. >> a mother and 6-year-old son nearly hit by stray bullets. just driving on a bottle boston tuesday night when the bullets came through the windshield. bill shield has the story. >> i pulled over and heard about 3 or 4 gunshots and then that's when i realized that you know they were gunshots and i could. >> reporter: the bullets three of them exploded into her car. and in the back seat, amber's 6- year-old son jackson what did you hear? >> a gunshot. >> reporter: were you scared? tuesday even she -- evening she took jackson to visit his older brother in boston but a wrong turn led her to geneva avenue where she stopped and the gun fire started. >> he was in the back seat and that bullet wit went over his
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and hit the windshield in front of my face i just felt like god's hands were around me just pushed me to the side because if i was a sent meeter to the right a little more that would have took my face-off. >> reporter: the gunfire was likely random but it didn't matter at that moment. her son was in the back seat. >> he was two inches taller he would have been shot in the back of the head. >> wave. >> reporter: wave? amber says if she learned anything from this is she never going to take anything or anybody for granted. news. >> so glad they are okay. >> absolutely. still ahead here tonight, als patient requires around the clock care. >> his family knew it would be costly but the big surprise, the sky-high electric bills. the gift they are getting that pete's dad calls a god send. >> and ge coming to boston. why hundreds of people who
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news 6 help from above. for pete brady inspiration behind the ice bucket challenge and his fallly are getting free solar panels. it's a lot of complications. >> and the family discovered one is sky-high electric bills. it was another thing to struggle with youw but a local solar company offered to help. caring for pete and his family's beverly home is a 24 hour a day challenge. pete has als lou gehrig's disease and needs not only around the clock nursing but also a huge amount of technology all drawing enormous aelectricity. >> we are running a icu unit.
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the electric bill went from 100dollars a month to a thousand. >> we are looking at the meter and they said they he never seen a household with a meter runing that quick. >> reporter: with the baby daughter lucy and wife jewely there for i -- julie there for him he is fighting but need help. >> he no longer has the ability to control and regulate the body temperature so we have to keep it at a certain temperature and humidity and doing so we have to run a lot of equipment. >> reporter: that's where boston solar comes in. donating a 60,000 dollar state of the art solar installation for the family. >> with the system they should go from a thousand dollars to zero as. >> reporter: and company is joining the fight against als. >> we believe in being good neighbors and supporting the people that inspire us. >> reporter: of course pete was bucket challenge. >> with the ice bucket money all those hundreds of millions of dollars, there's got to be
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treatment in the -- and the eventual cure. >> reporter: it's that hope that keeps the clan going. pete's dad told us his goal is to keep him from getting worse while the research he does so much to inspire searches for the answer. >> the family has done so much for the community and for the world really it's lovely to see a local company stepping up like that to give them help. >> reporter: that's why i love where we live a company from woburn. >> the best. so also about where we live everybody has been saying we said the same last year it was so warm and hasn't snowed where do we stand. >> and things changed what do you think. >> let's look compared to last january and temperature wise big difference. it's much warmer this january compared to last january. and i think that trend will continue in the month above average. precipitation wise about the same. snowfall wise about the same. not much. only .3 in boston so far. and so where do we end up.
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snow he fall right now that's not looking likely this january. heats look at the setup. we have chance for snow ahead. temperatures are in the 20s tonight and will fall back a little bit. a system is off to the west. the warm front the dividing loin and clouds run up along that line. that warm front isl strep into new england tonight. increasing cloudiness and lows 15 to 20. about 22 in the city of boston and near calm winds a cold and quiet winter's night. tomorrow chilly and quiet's winter's day. partly cloudy in the morning. rises at 7 lin 11. -- 7:11. northern areas towards the south coast and cape it gets fairly mild. but no precipitation all day. no issues for friday night. and here you see the divide. high near 35 in lawrence 34 in man chfter and j -- manchester. and 44 new bedford and 46 on nantucket. we will melt the snow that fell earlier on this morning. then we look towards tomorrow night and clouds will be thickening up and we will look at the advancing storm system
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offshore as we head into tomorrow night. nothing falls until after midnight any issues in terms of evening plans not problem for the weather. as we head towards the overnight, the rain moves in and inia few areas we may see freezing drizzle and we will have better picture tomorrow night. notice we head into saturday morning and it's more rain than anything else and could come down hfly at times. and most of the snow stays off to the north. i think we might see a little more wet snow mixing in and think the time something goingspeed up a little bit. by early afternoon we will be dry across the region. here's breakdown and anywhere massachusetts rhode island mainly rain and mostly rain farther north and west. snow. and then mainly snowfall heading up towards central new hampshire and vermont and maine snow. we are looking a at/y coating snow mixing in. one to 3 possible far northern worcester county but mainly up in new hampshire and the biggest totals will be across northern new hampshire and main
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areas. wet morning in foxboro temperatures climbing to 40 by 2 we are dry and clouds breaking up a chance for sunshine and then we will clear out as we head into the evening with temps in the 30. handle. the skiing forecast, locking good in the berkshires. fluffy snow and you can tell thetexture. snow likely on saturday as well as monday and a lot of cold on tap next week. here the full accu-weather seven-day and we are monitoring the chance for snowfall on monday as the system moves by. don't think it will be a big storm but chance for flakes and otherwise it's a cold bright and dry week ahead. paula dave back to you. >> thanks so much. and suddenly things are heating up around the patriots. >> yes. >> towards the weekend. >> you think it would be the week we are talking about you know alex smith the quarterbackback of the chiefs and x's and o's. >> alex smith? we haven't gotten to alex smith. >> it's thursday we are 48
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football. >> amazing. what a week it has been a lot has gone on behind the scenes and we have the chandler jones saga and rob gronkowski who missed practice for the second time and went to the hospital so yeah, there is a lot going on. espn adam schefter and mike reese are reporting that pats tightend had treatment done on his right knee that included an injection. the team still believes can he play on saturday. this was gronk at yesterday's practice having his arm wrapped. remember he didn't practice at all on tuesday. meanwhile chandler jones did practice today. he also met with the media. levan reid has the story. >> reporter: it's the obvious news of the day. >> i want to start off by saying i made a pretty stupid mistake this weekend. right now my main focus is becoming at best player i can be. >> reporter: chandler jones using the last two minutes of the locker room period to say he is sorry for the distraction.
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this weekend i am focusing on having probably the big of the game miff life. >> reporter: no one knows when he will play i mean coach is no help. >> i am xerox you a cop iest game plan and send it to kansas city might be easier. >> reporter: but he was in practice in the stadium. >> helps everybody to get out there and be on the turf running around. >> reporter: how did you feel about momentum because patriots lost the last 4 out of 6 and kansas city chiefs won 11 straight. going by that stat maybe the pats shouldn't take the field. stop it. pats don't believe in that. they believe it's one game and then on to the next one. >> bill says it all the time you have to win one game and that's in front of you and for thatreason tough play your best to the ball -- you have to play the best football. >> reporter: levan reid. >> one game season remember. for preview of the pats and chiefs check out live edition opatriots all access tomorrow
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as for saturday, wbz has you covered. starting with a special 90 minute edition of patriots game day at 2 and kick off at 4:35 followed by the 5th quarter post game show. as part of the game day special i go one-on-one with the new guy steven jackson who could play a key role for the pats and is feeling fresh after joining the team a few weeks ago. >> absolutely. absolutely. this is the best i felt in january probably since a high school kid. >> and you probably use that mentally as an advantage right? because a lot of guys are beaten up. >>i don't know my advantage is that i think my advantage is me being a veteran in the league and understanding what's at risk and to this last four or five months being at home understanding that this could be the very last run. at a super bowl championship. >> steven jackson frech as lettuce. that's sports for now now back to you. a lot going on.
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>> i like that. >> thanks. >> he is just like two huge neck mustels. >> amazing. >> wow. cbs even news is up next. >> scott pelley joins us live with a preview. >> david paula grade to be with you in bast boston. crashing oil prices are good news for most of us. airlines are making billions and consumers are paying a lot less at the pump. but, it is a crisis in much of the country. more than 100,000 jobs lost already. we will have a look at both sides of the double edged sword and we will have the latest on the upcoming republican debate tonight with a new poll on which republican is way out ahead. that's he coming up on the cbs evening news -- that's coming up on the cbs evening news in 10 minutes. up next a big win for boston but not everyone is celebrating ge's move to the city.
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the mayor said it was like the city had one power ball and business lead verse been celebrating ge's decision to move its corporate head quarters to boston. but not everyone wants to join that celebration. ge is in the process of shutting down a plant and the work here is moving to florida and when the doors are shut 300 people will have lost their jobs. and ge move to boston doesn't help them at all. >> we got a lot of skilled trades machinists and talented people, hopefully there's others but mamassachusetts it's a dying -- but in massachusetts it's dying industry. >> losing 300 jobs the move to boston will bring 800 jobs but those are corporate jobs and not manufacturing jobs. chipotle will shut down all of its stores for one day on february 8th to talk to its workers about food safety. a norovirus outbreak sickened more than 140 customers.
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e.coli in other states. they plan a new marketing push to try to win back customers. still to come, a mystery solved. >> the missing-official boston
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marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act
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marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the
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the boston police department buddy named s.w.a.t. cat is back. >> s.w.a.t. cat is a stray cat that hangs around the headquarters of the boston police special weapons and tactics team a month ago she disappeared and they launched a social media campaign to find her. this morning around 7 as cats do, s.w.a.t. cat returned on her own and hey guys. i have been out. now i am back. >> she was writing memoir nos adore me. >> cats are funny and they go through times and disappear. >> and probably a love interest. >> probably. >> interesting. >> i asked eric what's the weather like for the next day
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>> yeah upper 30s near 40. dry sun and clouds benign friday good day to go outside. >> we can hack it. >> see you back here from wbz news at 11.
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