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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  January 15, 2016 4:30am-4:59am EST

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right now at 4:30 a high school on alert. the threat that brought out the bomb squad and what they are telling parents and students. >> a teacher off the job for- appropriate messages to a students. >> will gronk be on the field? there's new concerns about the tight nd's health. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning it's friday, we made it to the end of the workweek. i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon it feels beter when you say friday. >> right. >> january 15th. >> pamela gashedner is in.
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we have a chilly start to the day. good news is no precipitation falling from the clouds in your forecast for this friday afternoon. temperatures in the 39. 20s. worcester starting off your day with 22 be a it feels colder when you factor in the wind chill. real feel in boston 24 and taughton 28 and 19 manchester but feels more like 14 degrees in worcester. heavy coats necessary as you head out to the bus stop or for that morning drive. burst in the -- temperatures in the 20s by the lunch hour 38. very seasonable a peak or two ofshon by the drive home. 35 and we keep it dry through the evening. rain moves in and it's going to be a soggy start to your saturday. i will have the hour by hourtiming to let you know how it could affect patriots game forecast in a few minutes back to you. >> thanks very much. new this morning, chelsea high school will be opened
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the school tells us they believe it's a hoax. but additional security is going to be in place throughout the day. building and surrounding campus was searched last night by the state police bomb squad and k-9 units. the school is asking anyone with information about the threat to contact police. we are following a developing story this morning. a teacher accused of sending- appropriate messages to-- accepting inappropriate messages to a -- sending inappropriate messages to the student. police interviewed the student and teacher and investigators tell wbz they will ask for a warrant today toer is. teacher's home. new -- to search theteacher's home. new concerns for the pay rots as they prepare to face the showdown with the chiefs. we are learning rob gronkowski hurt his back. >> he missed practice and multiple reports say it's because he was at a boston hospital getting treatment on his right knee. during wednesday's practice we
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and didn't know how well he was moving. as for the knee there's differenting reports about whether he got an injection or not acording to espn the pats think he'll be able to play against the chiefs but they will have to see how he feels tomorrow. pats fans are worrying about his injury chandler jones is trying to clear the air. >> he says it was a stupid mistake that landed him in the hospital and in the headlines. jim armstrong reports. >> reporter: another day of practice like nothing was wrong but chandler jones talked. >> i made a pretty stupid mistake this weekend. >> reporter: but in terms of details, nothing. >> i want to apologize to the fans and everyone's support but this week send probably going to be i am focusing on having probably the biggest game of my life. >> reporter: earlier thursday foxboro police shed some light on the situation releasing new documents very early sunday morning, jones walked from his house to the foxboro police
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no shoes no shirt and acting bizarre. without warning or provocation the man got down on his knees and enterlocked his fingers and placed his hands tightly against the back of his head the incident report explains. it was like this man was trying to surrender. the man eventually jones. man abruptly released his hands and moved slowly to the ground appearing as if he was actively praying or worshiping. once inside his house they smelled burnt marijuana.foxboro town administrator won't say anything about why it took so long for this information to come to light. >> no further comment. >> reporter: and chandler's boss is done talking. >> there's nothing more important than the health and well-being of our staff and players. so, to me that covers it. >> reporter: patriots fans also excited although some would admit they are anxious as well.
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nation -- participates rots -- patriots nation not so thrilled about a distraction this close to the game. >> we have you covered on saturday. starting with the 90 minute edition of patriots game day tomorrow at 2. pats and chiefs kick off for the game at 4:35 after the game join us for the 5th quarter post game show on wbz. a midair emergency forces a small plane to land at last night. pilot reported smoke coming from the cockpit. two people were on board at the time. the pilot managed to land the plane safely. no injuries to report there. a jetblue i should say the he jetblue is working to get flights on track. a computer outage caused delays and headaches for customers in boston and across the country. the outage at verizon data center is fixed. came bane 2016--- campaign 2016 and the gloves came off with two weeks until the iowa
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republican cab dates faced off in south carolina. -- candidates faced off in south carolina. jon keller looks at the big moments. >> we need to unite behind the winner so we can can defeat hillary cline done. >> reporter: jeb bush found no argument there. but this group is not rade for unity as increstingly rubio and christie demonstrated. increasingly rivals rubio and christie demonstrated. >> first i didn't support sonia sotomayor and i never wrote a check to planned parenthood and if you look at my record as governor of new jersey i have vetoed a 50 caliber rifle ban. >> reporter: the main event was center stage trump versus cruz and when cruz's birth in canada to american parents was raised it was on. >> the democrats are going to bring a lawsuit and you have to have certainty you can't have a question.
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but you can't have a question. >> you want to respond. >> listen i spent my entire life defensing the constitution before the u.s. supreme comfort and i will tell you i am not going to be -- court and i ami will tell you i won't take legal advice. donald you kindly offered me the vp slot, i will tell you what, if this all works out i am happy to consider naming you as vp and so if you happen to be right you can get the top job at the end of the day. >> reporter: trump had a nice exchange with cruz. over cruz's claim that trump represents new york values. for the most part, i saw nothing in this debate that will change the dynamic of the cruz and trump show dominating the gop marquee. jon keller at large, wbz this morning. >> it's 4:37. a very close call for a mother and her 6-year-old son. they were nearly hit by stray
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they were driving out of the city tuesday night when a wrong turn led her down geneva avenue when three bullets tore through her car barely missing her and her son jackson in the back seat. >> the bullet went over his head right past my right ear. and hit the windshield in front of my face. for me to close my ice and open my ice again i felt like god hands were around mere pushed me to the side. >> boston police believe the gunfire was random and that she was not targeted. the grammar skew in methuen will be closed because so many teachers and students are sick with the norovirus. crews will spend the weekend cleaning the building. classes will resume on tuesday. a police officer moved to tears. k-9 officer bill chapman's house burned down no one was home at the time. but now the community is donating clothing toys and
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and two young kids and in addition, a resident started a gofundme page that reached more than 30,000 dollars in just 1 day. >> i would just say you know thank you everybody for that. >> i. [audio not understandable] >> yep. that's nice. thank you. >> chapman's father was the one who called 911 when he saw flames. he was able to rescue officer chapman's working bloodhound tessie but another dog his son was training died in a outdoor kennel. >> it's amazing to see people come together to help them out. coming up on wbz this morning, some mbta riders charged double. >> the refunds coming your way if you used a popular app. >> ahead music to your ears. the local company offering custom fit ear buds and it could help your hearing. >> and the piano man is coming back to boston. when you can see belly joel
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billy joel will return to fenway park this summer.
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playing at the ball park. the concert is thursday august 18th. tickets go on sale a week from today. i am so excited. i can't wait to get tickets. >> all right. >> i am very excited. >> i know you've been excited since you heard the news come out. 4:43. worldwide chocolate crunch and shake shack shaking up menu. >> and can the markets end on a high note? jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange with today's money watch. happy friday. >> reporter: happy friday for the record i would be excited as well billy joel if he was headed to my area. he can't get seats for madison 30 seconds. anyway chinese markets in a bear market. shanghai composite fell again today. it's down 20% from recent highs. there is concern that drastic steps from chinese authorities to stop the sell off just are not working. it's worry about china's
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into a free fall. yesterday a rebound. the dow jones 220 points. here's the not so sweet news. the world could be heading for a chocolate shortage. demand is up especially in asia and cocoa growers are struggling to meet it. production is down because of pathors like rough weather and diseased crops. the wall street journal says prices for cocoa jumped nearly 40% in just 3 years. and there's something new on the menu at shake shack they debuted the first ever chicken sandwich at most locations across the country. the chicken shack is a crispy 100% all natural and antibiotic free patty and lettuce pickles tomatoes and mayo. >> hold the pickles and i would eat it. >> reporter: they rang the opening bell and were giving out chicken sandwiches and my producer and i were running around trying and begging for
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quickly. >> all right. jill. >> reporter: don't forget us. good luck next time. see you in about an hour. >> i feel so bad. >> i know. >> on point. forecast on this friday. friday. >> good to see you guys too. and happy friday. we have a fantastic way to enter the workweek really. temperatures will be seasonable and we don't expect any snow or rain to fall from the sky. once we get into your weekend forecast, big changes on the way. and i will pinpoint who could see rain and who could see more of a wentry mix coming up in a -- wentry -- wintry mix coming up in minute. real feel temperature 24 as you factor in the light southwest wind at 5 miles per hour and makes a little difference out there. we are 19 degrees nashu after 20 in worcester. 27 falmouth and chatham 29 degrees. but your real feel temperatures are few degree colders in some locations where we have the subtle breeze.
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boston feeling like 24. heavy coat necessary as you head out the door. gloves and hat and scarf et cetera you know the drill. 28 in your hour by hour forecast through 8 a.m. and then we will slowly click back into the 30s for 11 a.m. 33 degrees. 36 degrees by noon. and not stopping there. we have a high of 38 degrees here in boston for your forecast high. 36 degrees bedford. 40 for norwood. lower 40s once you get farther to the south and east. the cape island and more comfortable temperatures there. with mid and upper 40s. lows tonight back in the 30s and upper 20s. once you get farther to the north and west. temperatures playing a big role in what precipitation we will see in your hour by hour forecast. start og off tonight at 11 p.m. we are keeping it -- starting you off tonight at 11 p.m. we are keeping it dry. a lot of rain and a wintry mix moving our way. western parts of massachusetts and even northern parts of new england will see more of a wintry mix.
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by 5 a.m. for us here in boston, areas to the south, including foxboro the south coast more rain and heavy pockets of showers saturday. where we will see some slick spots on the roads and minor accumulation coating to maybe half an inch of wet heavy snow, we will be in the higher elevations here. the berkshires and worcester hills through 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. in the morning. by saturday afternoon, most of that rain starts to let up right around foxboro and getting out just in time for the patriots kick off. and the entire game looks to be dry but quite breezy and chilly. here's your 7-day forecast. high temp of 40 for saturday. feeling like low 30s and upper 20s. sunday 35 and mostly sunny a great end to the weekend. back to you. >> we appreciate it thanks very much. a consistent basis. this morning new technology is
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>> to achieve the customized experience, dr. mallika marshall is showing us the company breaking the mold. >> he relax and just hold still. >> reporter: at first glance this may look like a doctor's appointment. >> this is outside your ear and you will place the scope in your ear canal. >> reporter: but mike maguire not getting his hearing checked he is getting custom fit ear buds during a trip to the burlington mall. >> i don't use ear buds because they don't fit. >> reporter: the wakefield based company uvero wants to change that by using a m.i.t. based scanning technique to create digital map of the inner here. >> our -- ear. >> our ears are as unique as the fingerprints no two are the same not even the left or right. >> reporter: lots of companies offer cost op ear buds but the difference is scanning technology. you don't have to the put the mold making materials in their ears. >> here's your ear on our screen put it on a 3d printer and the next day we have an ear piece made for the customer. >> reporter: they claim a more comfortable listening
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>> it gives people an opportunity to listen at lower levels which is safer. >> hearing loss in the united states is a really big problem. >> reporter: the doctor says many cases of hearing loss are likely caused by listening to loud music. the advantage of any custom ear piece is that users can block out other noise and turn down the volume on the headphones. >> it's comparable to wearing sunglasses on a bright sunny day. you're reducing the amount of the exposure that gets to the inner ear. >> you have a rather thin and bendy ear canal. >> reporter: that one of a kind shape is likely the reason his ear buds fall out. a few days after the scan he returns ready to try out his new earphones. >> it's awesome. >> reporter: and yes, he even turned down the volume. custom fit comes with a price. the uvero earphones cast 269 and for $99 get custom fit
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you already own. i am dr. mallika marshall. >> that's great idea. >> it is because they can be painful when they are in a long time. >> people don't know we have the ear piece in but you know a good fit goes a long way. >> it does. all right. two local power ball winners coming forward to claim their prize. how they will spend the money. >> three big winners still a mystery after one winning claimed turn out to be a hoax. >> and a dog gets stuck in a dangerous spot. how a squirrel led to an icy situation and the heroes who came to the rescue.
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4:52. checking top stories despite a balm threat chelsea high school is opened today. they believe it's all a hoax but additional security will be in place throughout the day. the building and surrounding campus were searched last night by the state police bomb squad police and k-9 units. the school is having anyone about the threat to contact police. developing this morning a teacher accused of sending an inappropriate message to student at west boylston middle school. that teacher is on administrative leave. the student reported it wednesday to the school and police interviewed both student and teacher and investigators will ask for a warrant today to search that teach are's home. if you -- teacher's home. if you use the tay by -- pay by phone parking app you may have been overcharged. yesterday they why accidentally charged for two days and the t
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processed and should appear on your card statement soon. according to the globe a software update to the app caused the glitch. more than 8100 passengers were charged double. a huge celebration followed by a news conference but one lottery official says a california nurse is definitely not one of the power ball jackpot winners. officials say so farther real winners have not come forward yet. but a nursing homeworker at least thought she had won so the nursing home alerted the media a california lottery official says her winning ticket may not even be a real ticket. two couples from massachusetts have claimed their share of wednesday's power ball winnings. robert dole and his wife susan used a combination of birthdays and anniversaries to hit the first five numbers for a million dollar prize. they bought the winning ticket in east bridgewater and play to -- plan to buy a home and travel someplace warm. >> hopefully people will think it's lucky store and bring more
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>> the other lucky winners are keith bauer and his wife sarh buying the million dollar quick pick from the 777 convenience store in charlestown. they plan to pay off student loans and help out their parents. in other news pete frates who inspired the ice bucket challenged and raised millions for als is getting a boost from the community. the home in beverly uses massive amounts of electricity to power medical equipment and technology. the lem electric bill was topping a thousand dollars a month. hopefully that will change with the installation of solar panels which were donated by woburn based boston solar. >> we are looking at the meter and they said they never seen a household with a meter running that quick. >> with this system their bill dollars to zero. >> the solar panels are valued at 60,000 dollars. drama playing out on a
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chased a squirrel on thin ice. mya was off the look when she got into trouble at veterans memorial park. the ice broke and the owner called 911. he says he was ready to jump in but the firefighters arrived and pulled the pit bull rottweiler out and was checked out by a vet and is back home this morning. >> she is okay. sometimes the squirrels come out and dogs. >> they go. yeah. >> yeah. it's game on for the patriots and chiefs. >> and the state governor.
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welcome back. it's not just a shot at afc championship on the line this weekend. >> governor baker made a friendly bet with the governor of missouri. baker is wagering boston cream pie cupcakes if the chiefs lose. missouri governor will send barbeque. both agree the winnings will go to a local food pantry. by the way they are not the only ones wagering on game day. we made a friendly bet with the cbs morning team in kansas city and we will show you that coming up in 15 minutes. >> it's good. >> it's really good. top stories and traffic are straight ahead right here on wbz this morning. >> the news at 5 starts right now. >> right now at 5, new concerns this morning for patriots fans. another injury for rob gronkowski. y he was not on the -- yes wasn't on the practice field yesterday. >> i made a pretty stupid mistake this weekend. >> plus an apology from chandler jones. how the team is dealing with
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tomorrow's playoff shoown
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