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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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adjustable base. ends monday. prepared for the playoffs. today the questions about thetax after distracted headlines from foxboro. >> our next storm is setting up to move in by the time we get to saturday morning. i will have the hour by hour timing and let you know how long the abe will stick around and if -- the and i will steek around and if -- stick around and if it could affect the game. >> we have a live check on the markets. >> and two marine helicopterscollide off the coast of hawaii. what we are learning about the breaking situation. >> live from the channel 4
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noon starts right now. >> breaking news right now at noon, the sell off excel rates on wall street. good afternoon -- he can sell rates on wall street. -- excel rates on wall street. >> let's look at the big board the dow plunging more than 400 points right after the opening bell it has not recovered the steep drop triggered -- treeingered by weak economic news on track for the worst start to the year ever for wall street also oil dropped below $30 a barrel that hasn't happened in more that -- more than a decade. we will bring outlatest at a. today new questions about the patriots as they start their playoff run. >> we have learned rob gronkowski suffered a knee injury and is having problems with his back. he missed practice yesterday and multiple reports say he was
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treatment for his knee. earlier this week the tied enterwas -- tightend was spotted getting his armed wrapped but fans are not worried. susie sometimeel is live at gillette stadium. susie. >> reporter: pats fans are getting pumped up for the start of their playoff season. the big question is will the injured players have any impact. some fans are more confident than others. >> real girls love football. but smart girls love the patriots and that's the true story. >> reporter: across new england, it's impossible to deny the true love patriots fans have for their teams. >> die-hard fan. >> full out pats fan sense i into football. supporter. >> i used to go when it was 15 bucks a ticket any given sunday andstuff. i been going a long time. just jumped up. team. both team are well qualified to put on a great show.
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defending super bowl champs so the pressure is on a and the some star players battered. injury wise and everything else. >> i can't say whether they will win or not based off the injuries that are happening. >> reporter: but spirits are unbroken. >> pats are going to win. that's what i think. absolutely. always have. >> reporter: and the pats get the chance to prove themselves saturday. we will of course air it here on cbs. in foxboro susie steimle. >> and the tonight get a special preview of the game with patriots all access. see it here at 7:00. wbz is your home for the patriots and we have you covered saturday and starting with 90 minute addition of pay the rates game day at 2. pats and chiefs kick off at 4:35 and the game will be followed by the 5th quarter post gameshow right here on wbz. and the big question will it be a washout for game day?
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boston which is frozen over for people to enjoy skating. we are enjoying a gray day before the rain shows newspaper some people skating was a nice to be. >> shaping up to be great during the game prior to the soggy. heavy showers are moving our way by kick off drying off 38 degrees. and into the fourth 33 degrees and real feel temps in the 20s. a chilly forecast for you. but no big deal right? current temperatures right now in the 30s for most, 35 boston and 38 taunton and 31 in worcester and a little chill in the air but not bad. we have mostly cloudy skies out times. high temperatures will be in the upper 30s falling into the mid-30s once we get past this evening commute. and by the time we hit the evening commute, we do expect mostly cloudy skies. hour by hour forecast areas of drizzle developing after midnight showers moving in from the south and then heavy rain
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the chance for some freezing rain into worcester county and areas north and west of there. and snowflake action mixing in the wet giant snowflakes mixing with the rain. but more showers are expected. i will have the latest hour by hour timing through game day coming up in a bit. back to you. >> thanks very much. remember you can stay on top of any storm with our cbs boston weather app and get current conditions radar and forecast as well as weather alerts all for free search cbs boston in the google and apple app stores. breaking news now at noon. two marine health copters collided midair -- helicopters collided midair off the coast of hawaii off the island. 6 marines were in each helicopter. nicole jacobs is live with the latest. >> reporter: the u.s. marines tweeted 12 marines are unaccounted for. coast guard officials confirm that desperate search and rescue efforts for survivors
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marine corps of two military helicopters reportedly time. that's where the crash happened hugh. 6 people were on board each aircraft from the first marine aircraft wing. so far they have located a debris field about 2 1/2 miles north of what laya they believe they spotted a life raft and fire but at this point there's been no signs of survivors. they are dealing with 15 foot waves in really dark cloudyconditions. officials are searching for possibly 12 people who were on board the two helicopters that crashed and went down last night. >> thanks very much. developing this noon a. west boylston teach on administrative leave accused of sending enappropriate messages to a student. now police are getting involved with the investigation.
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>> reporter: good afternoon chris. that teacher has been interviewed twice in the last 48 hours according to the west boylston police chief. it's important to note he faces no criminal charges at this point so we are not using his from the classroom. no response at shrewsbury home where the special ed teacher lives with his in-laws. prosecutors are seeking a search warrant for his computer to pass judgment. >> until we know what's happening it's hard to pass judgments or anything it's a strange thing to hear and find out it's local it's odd. >> reporter: this began wednesday afternoon when a male student here at west boylston middle high told staffers that the male teacher had sent him an inappropriate message. no one is giving specifics. but the student his parents and the teacher were all interviewed by police and detectives with the da's office resulting in the teacher being pulled from the school and
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>> it's just amazing. seems you hear it more and more especially in the schools which is very bizarre it's unbelievable. my dad was teacher for 30, 40 years and it's a strange to hear this it's weird. >> reporter: we will be gathering parent reaction after school and we will have that for you tonight. live in west boylston ken macleod. >> a very close call for a mother and her 6-year-old son. they were nearly hit by stray bullets after a visit to they were driving out of the city tuesday night when a wrong turn led them to geneva avenue and three bullets tore through the car barely missing the mother and her son jackson in the back seat. >> the bullet went over a his head past my right ear and hit the windshield in front of my face. for me to close my eyes and open my eyes again, i felt hike god's hands were just -- like god's hands were just around me and pushed me to the side.
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was random and that the two were not targeted. in campaign 2016 endorsement for jeb bush. former presidential hopeful and south carolina senator lindsey graham throwing his political weight behind bush. the two made an appearance in charleston this morning for that announcement. this is on the heals of the republican debate which was heated at times. today ted cruz is under fire for going after donald trump for being from new york. >> everyone understands that the values in new york city are socially liberal pro abortion pro gay marriage. >> when the world trade center came down, i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully more humanely than new york. >> while donald trump and ted cruz dominated the debate chris christie and marco rubio clashed on ideology and jeb bush attacked the suggestion to ban muslims from entering the united states. we are getting new details
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stray into iranian waters. navigational error. defense secretary ash carter says the 10 sailors were not on a covert mission. now it's still not clear if the crew made a mistake or if the navigational equipment was to blame. more breaking news this noon, walmart announcing it will close 269 stores. more than half of those are in the united states. the closures mostly involve smaller walmart stores. this will not impact locations in massachusetts. noon. coming up, the support for a local police officer. how a small town community is making a big difference. >> parking problems. some mbta commuters charged double. how the agency plans to make good on it. >> i have terrible regrets. >> regrets. >> i have regrets. >> breaking his silence sean penn speaks to 60 minutes about his meeting with a drug lord on
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she's always stood strong... get the job done. hillary clinton. she stood up to china... ...and spoke out on women's rights... ...went toe to toe with russia on human rights. the drug and insurance companies spent millions against her... ...but hillary didn't quit until eight million children got health care. i've never been called a quitter and i won't quit on you. she's got what it takes to do the toughest job in the world. i'm hillary clinton and
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welcome backp park probable lls for the mbta passengers were charged two days instead of would. one day refund has been processed and it should appear on your card statement shon. -- soon a software update on the app caused the glitch. more than 8100 passengers were charged double yesterday. a phillipston police officer moved to tears by the generosity of the community he protects. >> canine officer bill chapman's house burned down wednesday morning. no one was home at the time. the community is donating clothing and toys and blankets for chapman and his wife and two young children. in addition, a resident tarted a -- started a gofundme page reaching more than 30,000 dollars in one day. >> i would just say thank you
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>> i think last time it's 30,000 dollars. >> yep. that's nice. thank you. >> emotional thank you there. chapman's father was the one who called 911 when he saw the flames. he was able to rescue officer chapman's working bloodhound tessie but another dog his son was training named dozer died in an outdoor kennel. turning to the weather this noon let's look at the incredible sight from the international space station. this is a rare january hurricane named alex in the atlantic. and this is really rare. >> it is. last time this happened 1938 when we had a hurricane forming in the atlantic and in january. so. >> you never think of hurricane in the winter weather. >> you think summer. >> amazing. >> at that time it was hurricane and now it's downgraded to a tropical storm with the late of the info. 70-mile-per-hour max winds moving through the azors and to the north and it's picking up a
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miles per hour and the track we continue to see it moving to the north and weakening in intensity. for us back home we are not dealing with rain but dealing with overcast skies and temperatures in the 30s. not a bad afternoon. very seasonable. degrees in boston and we will gain a couple more degrees before the day is all said and done. hour by hour forecast clicking up to 37 by 3 p.m., 5 p.m. 37 degrees and we will be close to 40 degrees for later on today with a high of 40 when we get to that high temp in boston. bedford 35 degrees. 39 taunton little south -- plymouth 35. lows tonight will be back in the 30s and upper 20s. but a lot of locations here fitchburg and lawrence and worcester around the freezing mark where we could see a wintry mix overnight into tomorrow morning. here's hour by hour timing. 11 p.m. tonight, notice areas of drizzle developing along the coastline.
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a.m. and initially this could be some freezing rain falling on around freezing and especially in northern and western parts of massachusetts up into southern parts of new hampshire that's where we expect maybe some slick spots on the roads. higher elevations have more potential to experience that wet and heavy snowfall versus us say in boston or areas to the south and east. temperatures playing a huge role in this and most of the snow will be located in the berkshires and worcester hills with the higher elevations. by saturday afternoon, the showers start to move out of boston and moving out of foxboro which is fantastic news for fans going out there to tailgate and by game time it's looking like we are going to dry out saturday. mainly rain for saturday storm as we sum this up. freezing rain initially and areas of wet snow once you get outside of 495. mainly snow for the ski lovers up there in the mountains which
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to 3 inches of snow for some in northern new hampshire and 3 to6 inch range into maine. for the rest of us in bostonplymouth and oak bluff we are experiencing the rain half ionch to ionch-- an inch and half. wire drying off into the fourth quarter 33 degrees. the wind picks up a bit from the west making it feel like the 20s. so you will want the hand warmers and all that stuff but not one of the worst games in terms of weather compared to years past. here's 7 the 7-day forecast-- here's the 7-day forecast. wet snow and mainly rain traditioning to a dry period saturday evening. sunday 35 and sunny and back to the 20s monday and tuesday but another chance for very light snow on monday. >> thanks very much. we are talking dessert. but this one will fit into your new year's diet. fresh grocer tony tantillo
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>> taste of the day is with beautiful dragon fruit. look at how beautiful it is. communities. as a matter of fact, you can find it in asian supermarkets but now it's making its way to mainstream and it's wonderful and looks intimidating like what do i do with this? let me tell you. you cut it in half, and then it looks like this. eat it. kidding. the texture is wonderful and sugar sweetness you will love but when you buy them make sure that the color is all the way around. very beautiful. heavy for the size when you bring them home tropical fruit so store it at room temperature not in the refrigerator. you're going to love this dragon fruit if you never had it mother nature's dessert in your hand. i am tony tantillo your fresh grocer eat fresh and stay
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fruit. >> i haven't it looks good especially if dipped in chocolate. >> anything dipped in chock lit. a power ball mystery. >> the new questions about those three lucky tickets. >> tony tantillo brought to you by... he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... and worked with liberal to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. he supported his
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penn is opening up about his interview with joaquin guzman known as el chapo. >> he come under fire for a secret meeting with cartel leader in october. it's been said penn's trip helped authorities capture him. he tell charlie rose that just isn't true. weeks earlier. >> on october 2nd. >> on october 2nd. and in a place nowhere near where he was captured. >> so as far as you know you had nothing to do and your his recapture. we know. we know that the mexican government they were clearly very humiliated by the notion they did. they did. smarter. >> he says he is not smarter than authorities you heard him. it was just he had a connection
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penn revealed that he believes his article has failed in the purpose. >> i regret the entire discussion about this article ignores its purpose which was to try to contribute to the discussion about the policy and the war on drugs. >> see more of charlie rose's interview with penn sunday on 60 minutes. today we are learning the claim a california woman may have been one of the power ball winners it was fake. >> it started yesterday when a nursing homeworker thought she won. her employer notified the media that caused a frenzy and lottery official say her ticket may not have even been real. massachusetts had two million dollar winners robert dole and his wife susie use anniversaries and birth days to hit the first five numbers for the million dollar prize and there they are and they plan to
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are keith. >> bring more people in i don't face. >> and the other lucky winners are keith bauer and his wife sara buying the ticket in charlestown and they plan to pay off student loans and help out their parents. still ahead a. puff on a -- pup on patrol. >> how man's best friend came to the rescue for another species. cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off.
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and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders,
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coming up at 5 we know animals can provide emotional support but are some taking advantage of the service animals? wait in until you see the support animal a airline passenger traveled with that's at 5 on the wbz news. it's a dog to the rescue. >> a giant new finland was walking on the beach in plymouth when she led the owners to a stranded sea torteled. without the discovery the turtle would have died within hours. the aquarrelium is treating the turtle. so dog to the rest -- aquarium is treating the turtle so dog to the rescue. >> nice work. eyes on the weather rain coming. >> late tonight into tomorrow morning. and all that rain moves out just in time for the patriots game. >> look at that.
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