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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> a nasty system getting its loinas. it will move to the coast andstrengthen and head up to nantucket and will run into a bit of cold air especially worcester county and southern midnight. might be cold enough for a brief window of freezing rain. we are good until midnight. traveling late, after that hour, could be a few icy spots. then we are into the rain and that's the way things start here. area of heavy rainfall around the morning. then we work in colder air and some areas flip over to snow especially inland. it's pouring buckets along the coastline from boston toward the cape continuing until about midday and than by early afternoon all the storm is pulling out to see. we are -- sea we are drying out through the afternoon and might get sunshine. where we see ment the within theory weather a coating to and ich outside of 128 and 1 to 3 in northern worcester and southern new hampshire. we are watching strong winds during the morning.
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the cape. for the patriots it's dry and 30s and breezy. we will look at the forecast coming up in a few minutes lisa. >> thanks eric. pay patriots fans wan to see julian edelman return to the field but now we worry about rob gronkowski who is listed as questionable. we start with dan roche at thecbs scene. >> reporter: this is what we know we are less than 24 hours away from kick off between the patriots and chiefs tomorrow in the divisional game. patriots held the walk through or practice here on a friday and rob gronkowski was present so that's the good news. injury report came out and he is officially listed as questionable for the game with a knee and back injury. everything is okay so far. as for the opponent patriots the chiefs lost to the vikings on october 18th to fall to 5-1 and haven't lost since. winners of 11 straight including a 30-0 win over texans in houston and wild card last week.
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bell check says they will -- belichick says they will get the same treatment the other teams face. >> we prepare to face the team we face we can't control their record, 15-0 and we don't have control over that. all we can control is the team we play and our performance again the team. so that's what we try to do. we prepare our team to play against our opponent. we don't worry about their record what it was or wasn't or how many yards they gained or didn't gain we try to prepare our team to play the opponent we are playing. it's the same way every other team we face. it's not that hard. >> reporter: back to that injury report so far only offensive lineman tray jackson out for the game tomorrow here at gillet ye -- gillette stadium jones and edelman and
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i don't know if -- who they are where they are health wise so a lot of questions heading into the kick off. now back to you. >> bill didn't seem that happy. appreciate it. thanks. tens of thousands of pats fans are making their last- minute tailgating menu changes. among those headed to gillette one very special little boy. louisa moller is live with the story. louisa. >> reporter: well, david his name is dorian murray and he is 8 years old and battling a tough diagnosis but despite that he is living his dream coming to see the pats tomorrow and inspiring others in the process. dorian murray has soared to superstar dom. 8-year-old from westerly rhode island hop knobbed with gronk and signs ought -- hobnobed with gronk and signs autograph and had a police escort while
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saturday, it will be dorian at the coveted patriots kansas city chiefs playoff game in the special box. all because the little man had a big dream. to be famous. >> what's it like being famous. >> it's re, very, very cool. >> reporter: he was not always behind his sweet eyes and shy demeanor dorian is suffering from a rare and terminal pediatric cancer. earlier this week he told his dad that his dying wish is to famous in china before going to heaven with a little help from social media and hashtag d strong a global movement was born. >> it's totally -- it has tote ll a-- totally snowed ball and he has become a internet sensation. >> reporter: enspiering athletes like becca pizzi who will run 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents. easy to forget it's an 8-year- old kid. >> how you feeling? >> fine but pooped.
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heart. >> he is a great beautiful boy. he really is. >> reporter: he really is such cute. when he told his dad he wanted to be fameous in chin' said -- famous he said he want -- din- -famous in chin' said he wanted to -- china, he said he wanted to be famous on that bridge the great wall of china. way. >> i have mine but mine is not signed i need it signed like he was signing in the story. >> reporter: no offense. i have the same signature -- ultimate celeb. phone. great story and dorian have a thanks so much. well tonight you can get a special preview of the game tomorrow with a special live edition of patriots all accessstart being tonight 579. and -- starting tonight 579 and -- starting tonight at 7. tomorrow a 09 minute addition
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and the fake kits kicks off at 4:35 and that's followed by the post game show all on channel 4. breaking news one after another threats against local schools forced evacuations from cape cod north of boston. kate joins us with details. >> reporter: threats causing concern and we don't know if they were connected but there were many called in by phone all forcing evacuations today. there were threats called in falmouth and a school in born and mashpee and and way mouth. students were taken to the nearest primary school as a precaution police tell us tonight they believe the calls were recordings and delivered through a automated call system. and late this afternoon there was a threat against st. agnes in arlington students were released early. and now arlington police are saying there was nothing harmfulfound in the school there.
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that any of the threats were credible and no evidence they are connected. but police are investigating that part of it. we will by you new information when it becomes available now back you. >> kate thanks. breaking news from wall street. another violent sell off wrapping up the worst two week start to a year in history. marlie hall is live and it seems like oil was a big part of this sell off. david. wall street sure took a beating and the two contributing factors are china and the price of oil. as you said. equities in china dropped overnight and investors are still concerned about the world's second largest economy. markets all over the world were down today as a result. the other issue is oil. crude is trading below $30 a barrel. and that is a is it year -- 12 year low if it keeps dropping more jobs in the sector will be lost and it will save the
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oil companies will suffer and maybe force to lay off employees as the stocks drop more. david. >> and even worse marlie analyst say today that there could be more trouble ahead. >> reporter: that's right. it's been a volatile start to the new year here and issues with china and oil have been affecting the market since last year. so a significant swing in the market in either direction doesn't surprise traders and many say the economic picture is weakening and things could get even uglier. >> and marlie analysts will always tell you leave your money alone don't panic quickly are they changing that tune or is it the same? >> reporter: still the same. in fact one trader today he said it's probably not a good idea to check your 401k because it will put you in a bad mood. he says check it at the end of the month for the long-term investor not changing the do anything. ride it out and wait for the market to rebound. david.
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investors in the background taking a woodworking class to relieve the stress. marlie hall live on wall street for us tonight thank you. lisa. developing news tonight the coast guard is searching for survivors after two helicopters collided last night off hawaii. 12 service members are missing and feared death. witness on the north shore said they heard a loud boom over the water last night around 10:30 and saw a big flare in the sky and today, search teams found a life raft but no one was on board. right now, central math teacher is under investigation accused of sending inappropriate messages to a student. the west boylston teacher is on leave and police are now involved in this case. >> reporter: as the school buses rolled in west boylston this afternoon the bus was all about a teacher's inappropriate message to a student. >> i am not sure but i can guess.
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>> reporter: it began wednesday afternoon when a male student here at the middle high school told staffers about a mess heage that was sent by a male special ed teacher. no one is giving specifics and some parents urged caution. >> my son adores the teacher and says he is one the best teachers he had so i just don't think there's enough facts to react right now. >> reporter: the police chief here says that teacher has been interviewed twice in the last 48 hours. but it's important to note he faces no criminal charges at this point. for that reason, we are not using his name. but the school superintendent has pulled him from the classroom and placed him on leave. no answer at the shrewsbury homeer with lives with his in- laws and neighbors shook their heads. >> until we know what's happening, i mean it's hard to make any judgments or anything like that. it's a strange thing to hear and find out it's locally here in shrewsbury which is odd. >> reporter: back at school some of the special ed students
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>> he was a good man. i had him as a teacher for two years i think. never any problem. >> reporter: the police chief says the detectives are seeking warrants to search the computer of the teacher and cell phone. in west boylston ken macleod. the first look at the new power ball winners john and lisa robinson claimed their share of the 1.6 billion dollar prize about 529 million dollars before taxes. tennessee couple will help out friends and give to a children's hospital and donate to their church but get this, they both plan to go back to work on monday. last. >> we will find out. campaign 2016 and republican presidential hopeful ted cruz is under fire for comments during last night's debate e attacked donald trump for being from new york. >> everyone understands that the values in new york city are socially liberal pro abortion
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>> when the world trade center came down, i saw something that no place on earth could have happenedeled more beautifully more humanely than new york. >> new yorkers are not happy about what ted cruz said. governor cuomo said cruz comments are disturbing for all americans because of their devisiveness and this was a cover of today's new york daily news drop dead ted with the statue of liberty expressing her feelings. still ahead this a story so wild you can't make it up. >> a new england city official off the job tonight after asking a man to pose as an elderly woman plus. >> this myth about the visit that we made my colleagues and i with el chapo. >> sean penn breaking silence talking exclusively to 60 minutes about the meeting with a fugitive drug lord. >> and saving the day. how a family's best friend
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saving a stranded sea turtle people didn't rescue the cree torr dog did after finding
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walk with her owners they are called hear sheero. >> jim smith shows us the aquarium workers say the turtle would have died within hours if not for veda. >> good girl. >> i think she is excited by the attention she is gotten and she is probably pretty proud prores leah -- proud. >> reporter: leah loves take her new foundland for a walk. veda found something on the sand a 40 pound loggerhead turtle in trouble stunned by the cold. >> she put her tail up and looked at the turtle and us and waited for us to catch up with her and to sort of figure out what to do. she laid by its side inform we made our way over to it. >> reporter: she called a friend who happened to be a marine biologist and the turtle was rescued. now recovering nicely at new england aquarium sea turtle hospital in quincy an annual problem sea turtle getting
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but this particular turtle was lucky. he had canine assistance. >> we might have a couple to a few hours before their body temperature will drop beyond a point where we can revive them. so in this particular case, this newfoundland seeing the sea turtle made a difference. >> reporter: here's a coindense leah is an artist and in a best selling print of is a loggerhead turtle as for veda she deserves a few extra dog business cyst. >> they are rescue dogs by nature and i think she was-- biscuits. >> they are rescue dogs by nature and i think she had the instinct rescuing something other than a person which is cool. >> reporter: jim smith wbz news. >> great story. >> she is soaking it up. veda did a good thing. >> that's the marine biologist. >> there's no object trucks to reach in and remove. >> right. you save the turtle. you have a lot to watch. >> we do. let's talk about this nor'easter heading up the coast
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for that reason the weather service issued winter weather advisories from 11 tonight through noon tomorrow. basically west of 128. and here's the ingredients. we have the storm developing right along the mid atlantic coast like line racing to the north and east a fast moving system running into colder air. low temps tonight a couple degrees cooler than now. and notice onester -- worcester around 32. it's here that we could see a little bit of freezing rain at the onset of all this when it moves in. i don't think it will last for long and it's after midnight. if you have to travel after midnight could be be a few of the icy areas. and then we will see the rain just increase from south to north into tomorrow morning. and that rain is really going to be coming down. boston area down toward the cape and islands and south coast. but at same time that heavy rainfall starts to drag down colder air up above our heads. and so i think there will be a flip over to wet snow in spots. especially the berkshires and worcester county and southern new hampshire. this is the best chance of seeing some of that wet snow.
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basically a thermal profile is bonder line giving you a wet snow on the cusp of melting with rain before it. when we turn over, it could be snowing like crazy outside but we don't get a lot of accumulation. so maybe a couple pretty wild hours tomorrow morning. as we head past lunch all this moving. moves towards the north and east and lingering precipitation on the north shore otherwise we are drying out and might get sunshine during the afternoon. we are looking at mainly rain along the water here and southeast massachusetts and a rain to wet snow across the interior and the main snow line is about from concord northward with the particular event. where we see some of the wet snow it's coating to a/y inch basically right around 128 and into essex county and sea coast and working towards worcester. worcester north and west at chance to have one to three inches of of wet snowfall and bigger totals from concord northward and we will track the winds eastern right now. but tomorrow morning, start to get strong gusts out of the northeast.
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the south shore cape and island and the peak gusts maybe a couple up to 50 most are 35 to 45 and should not cause damage and a breezy afternoon. but the winds not a big part of the storm and no coastal flooding. so most of the travel impact is focused on the morning. by noon, starting to go down and certainly no issues as we head through the afternoon. how about the patriots. if you are out there early we have heavy rainfall through the morning. and ends around noon or 1 p.m. and at 2 we are looking at drying conditions for the tailgate and we are in the 30s and it will be breezy outside but not windy enough to cause big issues and temps chilly outside 128 tomorrow. milder air toward the south and east and if you think of skiing or snow boarding more snow on monday and things are looking up for most areas to the north. here's the accu-weather seven- day on man a chance for more snow coming through. like doesn't look big but cold and wendy and snowflakes and most of next -- windy and snowflakes and most of next we cold and dry and mostly sunny.
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thanks. three sam's clubs stores in new england are closing. seekonk and fall river and warwick road eye -- road i'dland will close on january 28th. walmart just announced that its first mass closing more than 150 walmart stores in the u.s. are shutting down for good. none is in massachusetts. and don't panic just yet. we could be heading for chocolate shortage. demand is way up especially in asia. wall street journal blames rough weather and sick crops for production slow down and you may have noticed cocoa prices have jumped nearly 40% in just the past 3 years. some people will be more affected by that than wall street. >> that's true. children know please is the magic word. >> why schoolteachers in one area are banned from saying it. but. >> ear buds that will never fall out. we will look at the m.i.t. created technology that gives outperfect fit. >> and coming up new the -- you
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>> and coming up new doling out help a dime at a time how a boy is turning change into opportunity. clare marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015
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he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. people don't have access to healthcare because bernie sanders understands
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and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. . a nice little stroll in space today. two astronauts went on a 6 1* hour -- 6 1/2 space walk to do repair work replacing a a piece of equipment out of service sis last year. tonight -- since last year.
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company offering tailor-made ear buds. >> it cancels out the annoyance of falling out. dr. mallika marshall takes a look. >> relax and hold still. >> reporter: at first lance it looks like a doctor's appointment. >> this is outside of the ear place the scope down in your ear canal. >> reporter: but mike maguire is not getting his hearing check but getting custom fit ear buds during a trip to the burlington mall. >> there we go. >> i don't use ear buds because they don't fit. >> reporter: the company uce-- uvero wants to change that by using a scan tech -- scanning technique. >> our ears are as unique as our fingerprints no two are the same not even your left and right. >> reporter: lots of companies offer custom vit fit but the difference is the scanning technology which you don't have to put mold making materials into the ears. >> here's your ear on a our screen put it on a 3d print
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for the next -- printer and the the next day it's tailor-made. >> reporter: a safer one. >> it gives people opportunity lower levels. >> hearing loss in the united states is a problem. >> reporter: ed doctor-- the doctor says many cases of hearing loss is cause by listening to loud mismusicch the advantage of any custom ear piece is you can block out other noise and turn down the volume on the headphones. >> comparable to wearing sunglasses reducing the amount of exposure that gets to the inner ear. >> a rather thin and bendy ear canal. >> reporter: that one of a kind shape is likely the reason mike's ear buds fall out. a few days after the scan, mike returns ready to try out his new earphones. >> a it's awesome. >> reporter: and yes, he even turned down the volume. custom fit comes with a price. the uvero earphones cost 269 a
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use with the ear buds you own. i am dr. mallika marshall wbz news. >> i think i have a weird ear mine never stay in. >> that may be it. >> 269 dollars here i come. coming up behind the scenes of an exclusive interview. >> sean penn talking about his time with el chapo and find out why the actor says he didn't lead police to the fugitive. >> and then what happened investigators looking for answers after a drug trial wept wrong. >> and a bizarre photo op. a rhode island city officials
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