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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  January 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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. from the channel 4 studios in boston. this is wbz this morning. it is the patriots and the chiefs in a winner takes all. and for fans, it is now or never. a nice shot at gilette, a quiet gilette where all things will change at 4:35 this afternoon. good morning everybody. we'll be live at gilette shortly. first lets toss it over to pamela for a look at our forecast.
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picture here for you, some locations dealing with ice and slick spots on the road, others dealing with more rain. we want to zoom into foxboro to show you we're not showing any at this time it is just rain and the rain will pick up in intensity throughout the morning. temperatures around 32 degrees, where we have more of a sleet and rain mix, also areas of freezing rain and freezing drizzle the roads are slick, dairy, new hampshire, all of us in boston areas to the south and east the cape the islands, you'll experience all rain today. here is is the deal. we have a winter rain advisory because the rain will mix into snow until noon from areas
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to areas to the north in new hampshire. the dole with this storm we expect mostly rain from boston inside 128 areas south and east rain to a little bit of wet snow and again a little bit of sleet and freezing rain inside 128 mainly snow once we get the change over later this morning. 5 a.m., want to continue to 8:00 a.m. still a bit of a wintery mix to pittsburgh to worcester, 41. we keep it all rain here, notice the change over to snow by 11 a.m. once you get to the north, keen, 38 degrees in boston 11 a.m. afternoon today everything clears out just in time for the patriot games in foxboro. 4:35. your game day forecast is looking great actually cold temperatures but at least we won't be dealing with any snow or rain falling from the sky. end of the fourth quarter,
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and as the wind changes, we have a nor'easter from the northeast, change coming from the west during the game and at times gusting up to 25 miles per hour. coming up a little bit later. we'll go through when we could see snow and when we could see another arctic last in the seven day forecast, carrie? can hardly wait to hear pamela. well the weather isn't the only variable in today'patriots game we still don't know which players will play. these are some of the top players listed as question for today's game. as for the new england tight end, did take part of the walk through on a limited basis,
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and dante hightower, which says last year's run to the super bowl can only help. >> experience definitely helps, different year and a different team, it is going to come down to, we have a pretty good week of practice and definitely on the guys and all that other stuff, it is just going to have to come to executional saturday. chandler jones is listed as questionable and we don't know if bill belichick will punish the defensive end. but what caused jones to show station. and until game time today. meanwhile one local man celebrating a win he got a free ticket to today's game. in order to get it he had to pass the so-called boyfriend test.
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best pitch to a woman holding a ticket. jim armstrong was there when she picked the winner. >> reporter: i have a feeling i was just part of having very special. francesca loves her job, until recently she loved her boyfriend too. >> i didn't post the ad, my friends did. >> tology shy to talk on camera were plenty brave enough to post this ad announcing the newly single francesca had an extra ticket, they posted her cell phone and probably don't need to be told. >> after i deleted the 300. i have 124. >> the texts the pictures and the videos blew up her phone. i'm still getting them.
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>> one said i'll pick you up in my bmw with chocolate. >> creepy. >> they call me mario the italian stallion i just wanted to let you know i decided to bring you to the game. i swear. we tried to size him up. >> have you ever gotten a date from craigslist? >> i'm going to stay off the record. >> playing it respectful to this young lady? >> of course i am. this weekend all set first thing's first. how long until you change your phone number. >> probably tomorrow. as you probably notice we choose not to use her last name in that story after the day she's had a little bit of privacy will go a long way. she is coming here with a group of friends about 18 all together so she'll be on a blind date but still be in good company just in case. wbz news.
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of the guy make sure he's all right! here is why you won't have to change the channel all day long, we start with a 90 minute edition of patriots game day at 4:35, and keep it here for the firth quarter post game show the only thing we can't provide is a big bowl of nachos. up to you. we are following a developing story, crews are dealing with choppy waters as they search for 12 marines missing after two helicopters collide near hawaii. one is from the south shore his family has been surrounded by loved ones all night as they wait for word. katie has more. >> reporter: cruise are searching for any signs of marine helicopters and the dozen crew members on board. our goal is to find survivors. >> there were no passengers on board.
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each carries six marines including instructor pilots. the post guard was notified by civilian on the beach. >> around 11:30, i heard a big explosion, boom! then i heard another one shortly after, kind of spontaneous. >> rescue teams found an empty life raft and debris. >> we've seen debris consistent with a military aircraft, been in various shapes and sizes. the ch53s are the largest and strongest helicopters made for transport, waves up to 40 feet high and cloudy conditions are complicated the search. >> makes finding things incredibly difficult. the department of defense has not confirmed those involved we are not using the name or photo.
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investigating the cause of the accident. wbz this morningths we do have breaking news, the government in boso says a hotel siege is over. troops from the west african nation from militants, announcing 22 people have been killed in that siege already reporting 126 hostages have been freed at least 3 terrorists are dead. of course we'll continue to follow this story and bring you the latest tomorrow morning. new disturbing details in san bernardino. top fbi officials say the couple behind the attack also planned to set up a bomb in a room where they killed 14 people. investigators say they may never know when the bomb was supposed to go off. dzhokar tsarnaev will not get a new trial and now been ordered to pay restitution to
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families a judge ruled on both counts first to try to case again and ordering him to pay $100 million in restitution. he was sentenced to death for the attacks at the boston marathon. 5:09. let's toss it out to chris. best seat in the house, right? the stage is set here, the banners will be in place full report coming up about the distractions the pats have been playing, i don't have to tell you it is coming down hard, danielle niles will have a check of our forecast when we
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hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past. get fios. . good morning patriots fans, pats getting ready to take on the chiefs kickoff right here on wbz, during the game the four super bowl banners will be in clear sites as the pats take on the chiefs, pats are 11 and 3 here at gilette during the play offs so that is a pretty good thing going into today's game.
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coldst game on record here at gilette stadium, we were talking about last week with minnesota, gilette has that honor. danielle, we are dealing with the cold, this could be snow. >> reporter: it would be a lot of snow. but the good news, is the rain is going to be pushing out of here by the time we get to kickoff. take it slow if you're doing tailgating early. let's look at the pats forecast the hour by hour with a foxboro temperatures running in the upper 30s, okay, gradually cooling off a bit as we head into the end of the game especially. by the time we get to noontime, 1:00, the heaviest rain is tapering off and temperatures will gradually cool through game time. there will be a bit of a wind but 5 to 15 miles per hour. no impact on brady's throw or
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talking about real feel into the 20s. one of those things, we have the tarp on the field, everything is just fine, but when we head into the afternoon the race will be done which is great news. great news for tailgaters. >> noon, 1:00, tracking the rest of us pamela how is it looking out there. a little soggy, unfortunately it is going to be a deluge over foxboro, the good news is it will let up just in time for kickoff current radar, we have a little bit of everything on radar at this time all rain from boston to plymouth, and we have ice, where temperatures are around freezing, let's zoom into foxboro, it is still a steady shower heavier rain to come. current radar as we zoom into
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foxboro,fitchburg, gardner,, dairy, manchester new hampshire, and downtown boston thankfully not dealing with slick weather and the rain. hour by hour timing 5 a.m., 41 degrees in boston, temperatures in the upper 30s or lower 50s south eastern mass, but once we get into worcester county that's where you have that transition with the freezing line over southern new hampshire at 8 a.m. continuing through noon, still a few lingering showers around foxboro, taunton, all the rain starts to move out between noon and 2 p.m. completely out of here just prior to kickoff time 4:30, foxboro looking dry we might see areas of drizzle that's about it. be aware there could be slick spots because temperatures will be below freezing over night
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standing water from all of us as shower activity. this storm today mainly rain inside 128 areas south and east rain to wet snow a little bit of a mixed bag of presip. a little bit of snow in the mountains, and snowfall will be rather light. we have a coating to 1 inches potentially if we get wet snowflakes mixing in 1 to 3 inches rain into the worcester hills and 3 to 6 inches of snow that's the jackpot into new hampshire and maine. wind gusts will be the or big story we have the northeast wind first and changing coming from the northwest later this afternoon, wind gusts could be between 25 and 30 miles per hour the wind starts to slowly subside but that wind will be an issue during the patriots game making it feel much colder. 38 degrees as temperatures continue to fall over night low
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locations in the suburbs will be in the upper teens 7 day forecast once we get through today we're good to go for sunday dry 35 monday 26 degrees with a chance for some very, very light snow showers blustery, windy conditions, arctic air, back to the 30s, still looking good, dry by the end of the week, carry? still no complaints i don't want to say that because i don't want to jinx us. >> all right. thanks pamela. three sames club stores in new england are closing at the end of the month. the fall river and warick locations will shut down january 28th the parent company wal-mart announced its first ever mass closing more than 150 scores in the u.s. are closing for good, none are in massachusetts. much more ahead in our next half hour we'll update the
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including one from the south shore. how bilchik is using the loss in 2014 to prepare for today's rematch against kansas
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. a live look inside the stadium. the patriots will be hosting the chiefs, we checked stubhub, selling for 5,000 dollars, that will buy you a seat on the 50- yard line, we'll check back in with chris and danielle who are live for us this morning. you might not be willing to shell out that much for the game unless you are a lucky power ball jackpot winner, they walked into the lottery office with dog in hand cashed their ticket and walked out with a check more than $528 million. they must be psyched! they'll use the must be to payoff their mortgage and
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plan to return to work believe it or not on monday. we just wanted a little piece of the pie. i'm real grateful we got the big piece of the pie. going back to work! the other two winners from wednesday's $1.6 billion game have not yet come forward. do you think they'll quit on tuesday? at least by wednesday i'm sure of it. coming up a chance of a lifetime for one patriots fan why tickets to today's game aren't the biggest thing that's happened to him all week. and is today a big day for you is it your birthday? let's see who you share with it is the birthday of sha day, she is 57. model kate ross, joe flacco, 31, has plenty of time to celebrate. so joe have a good time celebrating your birthday. everybody else if it is your birthday happy birthday to you
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. good morning everybody! live at gilette stadium, where the pats are getting ready to kickoff. speaking of gilette this place has an awesome for the pats they have won 11 of 14 play off games here at the stadium the chiefs, one of the hottest teams in football shutting down the texans now won 11 straight. playing at home a huge factor, the crowds, the noise, everything they are looking for to boost the team on a win and
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of course the sound, the weather could be a huge factor as well we want to get over to danielle niles who is here with me this morning, this is tough. little soggy out here right now the good news is going to be gone by game time. we have the tarp on the field if you're coming out to tailgate. have the wet weather gear, the gates open a few hours before gale time. the rain will be wrapping up to deal with it a little this morning before it gets out of here. let's take a look at the hour by hour forecast after the break. uscle, back and joint pain. the medicine in advil is their #1 choice. nothing is stronger on tough pain than advil. relief doesn't get any better than this.
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. from the channel 4 studios in boston. this is wbz this morning. and good saturday morning everybody, thanks for being with us, i am live in the studio, my pal chris live at a rainy gilette, good morning to you, at least you didn't have to do your hair. >> you know what, always looking on the bright side of things, very cold rain out here, i know you are just as pumped as i am for the pats taking on the chiefs, 4:35 right here on wbz, obviously hot at home during the play offs winning 11 of 14. the chiefs are one of the hottest teams in football we just mentioned they have won 11 straight including a shutout in houston against the texans last weekend.
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fans are hoping boosts this team and we are also talking about the weather this morning. you could hear the rain coming down on the tent on top of us, danielle, at least we're not talking about snow today. did you notice in the 30 seconds it started coming down a little harder? >> the boston weather app, you can look and see what that back edge is coming in we'll get in these downpours but the good news it is out of here for game time. let's take a look at your game day forecast and by january standards let's be serious here, could be much colder. i mean temperatures are going to be running in the 30s for kickoff we're right around 40 degrees right now and the rain is going to be done pretty much by noontime, 1:00 in the afternoon, the winds won't be a huge factor if terms of the game. adds chill into the air the fourth quarter the real feel will be running in the 20s that's what you want to dress for at that point we'll
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clearing it it totally depends what we're doing today. this morning pamela gardner has the live radar at the hour by hour forecast. >> there are slick spots showing up right now and hopefully you guys can stay dry because the rain will continue for quite some time and that heavy rain picking up in foxboro right now with some sleet and freezing rain in northern and westernparts of massachusetts. in foxboro steady rain continues to spread from south to north we will also see more chances for sleet changing over to snow as we get into the later part. gardner, to princeton. where we have the freezing line temperatures around 32 degrees, and north various, salem, where
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new hampshire, steady rain in boston medford into the cape and islands. we're getting bigger radar returns, temperatures below 40 degrees in boston with areas again to the north and west around the freezing mark. we have with winter weather advisory, going until noon for us here in massachusetts once again to new hampshire that goes until 4 p.m., this is why we expect more of a wintery mix in those locations under that advisory, mainly rain inside 128 including foxboro into the south and east, rain to wet snow and a little bit of a wintery mix as well. mostly snow expected later today in the higher elevations to the north. hour by hour forecast 8 a.m. still some steady rain all across the board here. more of that transition and that freezing line moves just slightly to the north here, north of massachusetts, 11 a.m. still tracking that rain out of
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kickoff time it is looking nice and dry. good news there we'll continue to keep you posted on the forecast coming up in just a bit. carrie. all right pamela thank you very much. we do want to talk about some other questionable things with the forecast and timing rob gronkowski, yesterday he still officially listed as questionable for today's afternoon game against the chiefs. while the patriots are actually on a two-game losing streak the chiefs, they have not lost a game since the middle of october. and they are coming off a dominant 30-0 win over the texans bill belichick says the patriots have been getting ready for the chiefs not their winning streak. >> we can't control what the record was or wasn't o and 12, 12 and 0, 15 and 0, we don't have any control over that. all we can control is the team
5:28 am
we try to do, try to prepare our team, don't worry about their record what it was or wasn't, worry about how many yards they gained or didn't gain, this week in kansas city. it is the same way we do against any other team we face, it is really not that hard. only lineman tray jackson ruled out for today's game we'll take a look at some of the questionables. edleman, tom brady with that high ankle sprain it is probable underneath that jacket i have my brady jersey on. let's get those nachos fired up, let's get the grill going with the hot dogs, burgers, take a look at tv for the day all the action on wbz, you have a special edition at 2:00 this afternoon pats and chiefs kickoff 4:35 here on wbz when the game is over stick around
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coming up right after the game more from gilette stadium all morning long out here it is a cold hard rain out here this morning but at least we're not dealing with snow today. >> that would be the worst. now it is sort of warm out there chris thank you so much we'll see you again in a little while. our top stories begin with developing news debris has been spotted as crews search for 12marines missing after two helicopters crash off the host of hawaii, waves and cloudyconditions affect the search there were six on both choppers, one from hingham. the fbi is joining the investigation who called in numerous threats two schools were evacuated after a bomb threat was made against the chapman and adams middle schools they were released early after a threat was called
5:30 am
they were connected all of the threats were called in by phone. a teacher is under investigation, this special ed teacher accused of sending an student. the student reported the message to staff middle high school wednesday afternoon police have interviewed him twice in the last 48 hours, we are withholding his name because he is not officially been charged. and police are searching for a group of men who roughed up and robbed an elderly man walking to his car. wbz spoke to the victim who was too afraid to go on camera. never had any problems, ever. but a senior, really killed me she says she continue believe it when police came to her door and told her what had friends. years.
5:31 am
>> i feel bad because we've never had anybody attacked in here before. >> police say a 77-year-old man got out of his car in the parking lot when he was blindsided. >> he was kicked and punched including struck. >> the victim says he was attacked by as many as three men who rifled through his belongings but weren't able to get much. >> our concern is he is a desperate individual committing desperate acts. i walked and i walked, i said i'm not going to do that anymore. at 82 years old she says she tries her best to keep an eye out. but admits it is time to install cameras. >> how were you brought up? i don't know what else can you say to me? in my day you didn't do things like that, especially elderly. today they are looking for elderly, go after them. police say they have reason
5:32 am
gray honda civic seen peopling out of the parking lot may very likely be involved if you have any information give the police a call. wbz this morning. julie thank you. all eyes on the patriots today as they get ready to host the chiefs, chris is live at gilette, chris, good morning. a lot of people are putting bets on today's game including you. so here is the thing, governor baker had a little wager with the governor of missouri and basically said depending which team loses either kansas city barbecue will be coming up this way or boston cream pie cup cakes will be headed down to missouri. the good news with all of this, all of the donations will go to local food banks there is a little good in that our counterparts at kc tv, cbs station in kansas city missouri actually sent us a video
5:33 am
for yourself. >> good morning to the city of boston we are the morning team here in kansas city also the home of the chiefs and confidence they'll go in foxboro and we wanted to make a wager the morning team on wbz channel 4. here is the deal if the chiefs some how lose, we will wear patriots gear on live television and eat some of your precious baked beans. >> not sure if you eat bake beans. and eat some of our delicious kansas city barbecue. boom. >> see you saturday. all right. obviously danielle and i saw this video and we're like, no way are we going to be out done. take a hook at what we did. >> good morning kansas city, we are the morning team from wbz
5:34 am
station, we accept the challenge from your team. >> when the patriots win we look forward to seeing you in all this pats gear, instead of making you eat baked beans we'll send you a boston pie. >> if your chiefs win we'll wear the chief's gear on air, the newsroom is going to love it we'll see you on saturday. i think that we outdid they will right? >> hometown. >> there you go. >> i have full confidence, we have the gloves the hats the shirts. >> jerseys on underneath our gear, we are ready pats are
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. good morning from gilette stadium, chris live here in foxboro where the scene is set, kickoff 4:35 on wbz of course you can see behind me we are dealing with a lot of rain out here and it is a cold rain we want to bring in danielle niles, our meteorologist who is tracking this storm. there is a lot going on we were saying as we drove in this morning we encountered rain and dense fog, freezing rain from my drive in, it is good news as this is all going to be out of here by the time we get to kickoff. we have the tarp on the field everything is going to be a-ok.
5:37 am
by hour forecast, as we head through the course of the afternoon temperatures are right around 39 degrees, we may come up by a degree or two here between now and noontime with the winds and the cold rain coming down, does feel kind of chilly and raw, the good news by noon 1:00 the rain is wrapping up we may even get a couple of late daybreaks of sunshine, temperatures should be around 37 degrees, only cooling slightly into the mid- 30s by the end of the game, partial clearing comes in the winds should be a factor for the passing kiming game, it will create real feel temperatures by the end of the game coming out here to gilette. at least if you're bundled up, always take something off as opposed to being cold the entire game. i'm a big believer in that and hand warmers.
5:38 am
and we'll continue to keep track what's going on with the current radar, this is a little deceiving we have ice mixing into the radar. this is also heavy rain notice the pink more of a wintery mix we have a little bit of freezing rain as well as sleet reported here is foxboro, want to zoom in and show you that the heavy rain will continue quite some time as this pushes to the north, where we have ice mixing in, princeton to townsend this will cool temperatures just a little bit cooling a bit of a change over later onto more wet snowflakes mixing in. windham, salem, and all the way to manchester our friends in new hampshire dealing with more of the wintery mix more rain here in boston. we'll continue to see rain maybe a brief period of wet snowflakes at best no snow accumulation, the whole system
5:39 am
to the northeast and will get out of here by kickoff hour by hour timing 5 a.m., heavy rain continuing from boston to area south and more of a wintery mix. that transition a little bit to the north by 8:00 a.m. we get more snow in the higher elevation, also experiencing some wet and heavy snow flakes accumulation there, at noon, more rain in boston to taunton to plymouth, all of the precipitation moves out by 4:30 and kickoff time in foxboro. overcast conditions temperatures in the upper 30s not bad and a little bit of a breeze and clearing skies as temperatures fall below freezing we could be tracking icy spots tomorrow morning. the storm today mainly rain inside 495 and 128 mix to wet snow into the worcester hills,
5:40 am
mainly snow any snow accumulation minimal around 495 outside 128 no snow accumulation expected in the cape or boston, 3 to 6-inch that's the jackpot. we have a wind advisory for the cape in nantucket, here is the forecast wind gust we'll continue to keep it quite breezy this afternoon gusts between 20 and 25 miles per hour for some but subsiding over night tonight. 38 degrees rain coming to an end eventually and the wind direction changes from the northeast first then from the northwest allowing for colder air to funnel in and dryer conditions too with low 28 over night sunday, 35 and we have a dry forecast for you monday 26 degrees blustery chance for light snow. all right pamela thank you
5:41 am
admirer? >> and we are hours away from the saturday show down the patriots hosting the chiefs in the next round of the play offs wbz your official patriots you know it.
5:42 am
welcome back, the globe saysit best, kelly took over in the second quarter, first of three, just getting started with that. another three brings boston up 13 and then on the run marcus smart with the assist a career first triple-double for marcus, the celtics beat phoenix 117 to 103. the bruins played to a packed house in buffalo including rex and rob ryan when matt follows up ryan spooner shot with a goal tied going into the final period. the bruins dominated the final 20 minutes of action, with the long wrist shot made it 2-1 boston, would score twice more to beat buffalo 4-1.
5:43 am
morning a one-2 punch for animal lovers meet the dog who rescued a stranded turtle. . live at gilette stadium where the rain is coming down the stage is set for the big play off game we'll see you in
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story, she is a big pup saving a little life. she led her owners to a stranded sea turtle. camouflaged by the sand, officials say without the discovery the turtle would have died within hours. the aquarium is now treating the turtle. happy ending, i love that. lots more coming up breaking news on a hotel siege and the latest develops for the search of 12 marines, all eyes on gilette stadium, as the pats get ready for a show down with the chiefs we'll check back in withchris and danielle but we
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